Julien Wells: Energy Update 11 July 2013

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Julien Wells: Energy  Update 11 July 2013




Hi Everybody,

This update is being posted rather late. It was recorded last Thursday (Oz time) when we also recorded the video streams and although we had every intention of making this the first video update, the way I recorded the streams meant post production work was required.

The universe then conspired to point us at other tasks so we are back to the audio file only for this update!

The next update will be a video recording but will be a raw “cinema verite” – no post production!

The update itself covers the usual gamut of discussion including an announcement of more official sessions with the Pleadian’s in their new “Oneness Place”. This is a room especially set aside for 2 way group discussion with Julien as mediator. I attended the first session late on Friday and it was extremely interesting!
[ click to listen to “A chat with our Cosmic Cousins 7.11.13” ]

By the time you listen to this at least one more session will have been held. If you aren’t yet aware of them and are interested  keep an ear our during this update and an eye on the cosmic room  for more details.

Julien also gives his view on the energetic meaning of the rare astral alignment at the end of this month. Another consciousness spike is coming.  .


Chris Hales



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  1. Hey I really like to get in touch with you please email me.

    Best Regards

  2. Monica says : Reply

    Would LOVE to join in future Oneness Space sessions! This is an intergalactic milestone for sure….wow!

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