Joyous Fun with a StarDOG

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Joyous Fun with a StarDOG









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  1. Kimmi says : Reply

    Happy day of your beautiful self Keegan!!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Angelic Wise Being Keegan!!!!

  3. Cynthia says : Reply

    Happy Birthday Keegan!!!! We love our little love buckets!!!!

  4. Barbara says : Reply

    Affidavit of Fact- 1/27/218
    RE:The Lieutenant Commander StarDOG Keegan Riger. (AKA The Lieutenant)

    On and for the record, sworn under penalty of perjury, I, Keegan’s Aunt Barbara and Affiant, with first hand knowledge do testify, without any bias whatsoever, the following to be the Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth, so help me Source of All:
    1. I have known The Lt. since he was 6 weeks old, at which time I became completely and pathetically spellbound by his cuteness. As All can see, his baby picture is unarguably adorable, absolutely accurate and to my knowledge has never been photoshopped.
    2. The white heart-shaped furry symbol located on the top of The Lt’s head is a Cosmic Portal, and CAUTION: when patted, stroked, or kissed connects directly to his Joyous Heart, which conducts Unconditional Love straight from the Creator of All. If you want to get giddy, just touch the magic heart icon on his Cosmic head. Curiously, touching this portal provokes laughter and goofy smiles immediately from anyone with a 5 foot E Field range. It also triggers for him a strange but endearing physical form of high frequency tail stub occupations, and a supination reflex which compels one to immediately perform dog massage to his underbelly, which then puts him into Cosmic Meditation and/or a Universal Bilocation trance. We’re not sure where he really bilocates to, but it seems to be clearly located in 5D or above. . . which so far is a positive Cosmic phenomenon.
    3. The Lieutenant Commander StarDOG, Keegan Riger, is exemplary in his Earth Mission duties and has never once to my knowledge brought anything but
    Complete joy and laughter to me personally and the planet with minor exception of agility class glitches, reported only as hearsay though, while as a young trainee (and okay, he’s been noted to levitate on rare once-a-week occasion a few cat food kibbles from an unattended dish–really his intention is only to help with kitchen kp so we won’t count that as any significant flaw in his character).
    4. The Lt. has highly honed empathic psi gifts, and reads energy as well as his Starship Commander does. They are a formidable team to behold– for holding positive energy and teaching 5D insights and navigation drills.
    5. Operation Joy at The Beach was a 3-day R&R first-hand exercise in which The Lt. was Chief Operations Commander for that project. His dazzling physical beauty, his take charge command, his ability to make 90-degree turns on sandy terraform without deceleration, to leap up, on and over driftwood and log obstacles at warp speed, all to then stop on a dime to meet and greet foreign Earth Ambassadors with politeness, kind acceptance, openness, and with true Ambassador-like diplomacy is truly worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize nomination. His uncanny Knowing to guard, chase and perform a decoy defense maneuver against possible toplett bomb-carrying seagulls, and then call in a small pod of grey whales for us all to observe from up close and personal is more than worthy of a Best Dog on the Planet Award nomination.
    6. Therefore, on this 4th year birthday anniversary, I nominate, The Lieutenant Commander StarDOG, Keegan Riger, as Best Dog on the Planet– no make that The Galaxy. No make that Best Dog in the Universe! Happy Birthday Keegie! My World is so much better now that you are Here on Earth.

    Thusly proclaimed and affirmed with purely unbiased first-hand knowledge, this 27th day, January, 2018.

    I AM Barbara, designated Aunt and Affiant. BISS. (Because I Said So)

  5. Lori says : Reply

    Oh my gosh! Thank you for sharing! StarDOG Keegan is a glorious sight to behold, and more importantly, an activator of indescribable yummy feelings when I get to see and feel him in videos or in these very photos!

  6. Good boy, Happy day

  7. Ren Odell says : Reply

    Happy Birthday Keegan! You are beautiful!

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