JFK Assassination Records – 2017 Additional Documents Release

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JFK Assassination Records – 2017 Additional Documents Release

published October 26,2017                                                        at https://www.archives.gov/research/jfk/2017-release

The National Archives is releasing documents previously withheld in accordance with the JFK Assassination Records Collection Act.  The vast majority of the Collection (88%) has been open in full and released to the public since the late 1990s. The records at issue are documents previously identified as assassination records, but withheld in full or withheld in part. Learn more

These releases include FBI, CIA, and other agency documents (both formerly withheld in part and formerly withheld in full) identified by the Assassination Records Review Board as assassination records. The releases to date are as follows:

Accessing the Release Files

To view or download a released file, follow the link in the “File Number” column. You can also download the full spreadsheet with metadata about all the documents. The files are sorted by NARA Release Date, with the most recent files appearing first. The previous withholding status (i.e., formerly withheld in part or formerly withheld in full) is identified in the “Formerly Withheld Status” column.

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  1. No one with two brain cells to run together would waste precious time sifting through heavily redacted files by the very .gov orgs. That Killed JFK, RFK, MLK and countless other great good people. Forget about it.

  2. Buck says : Reply

    Ok…just to put to put this to rest, here is the certified official verified story of what happened to jfk.

    1. JFK vowed to destroy the cia after a botched false flag related to Cuba and the missile crisis. Jfk then fired cia director allen dulles.
    2. JFK started printing US currency notes, snubbing the fed reserve and giving clear indication to restoring money creation to congress.
    3. Cia killed jfk with multiple shooters and the Warren commision covered it up. Who headed the Warren commision? Allen Dulles
    4. Lyndon johnson pulled all new US currency notes out of circulation within 18 months of being sworn in to presidency.

    Case closed

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