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by Jeanie, published on January 22, 2018
What is,  what was, what can BE
Possibility. .
I have been sheltered and naive. I have paid attention and learned much on my way.
I have beliefs that have not been shared with those close to me. I hold those beliefs still because I know in my heart they are true.
I know that divine health is my birthright.  I am aware that my body has the ability to heal itself.  I know that I am a very powerul creator.  I see the evidence of my thoughts and feelings and know that I can create something more beautiful by LOVING MYSELF!
I have been through some intense drama and have not taken care of myself.  I got lost in the game of life and ACTED responsible.  I worked hard and did “the right things “. I’ve known in my heart that there is a better way,  but felt trapped in my circumstance. I lost faith in life. I experienced many disappointments in my dealings with “the real world “.
In my constant quest for truth I have found many things that I would like to  change.  I see abuses of all kinds.  I am sad to know that the trust I placed in the institutions of life has been violated. I have acted appropriately according to society but society is broken.  I am now broken.
I’m changing the way I am.  I still believe in my heart that miracles are possible. The difference now is that I know that I am the one who creates them. I have the power to think and feel.  I have the choice.  I am now working with the power of SOURCE ENERGY  to allow the highest best in my experience. I still believe that I can experience creative miracles.  I know the way to experience them is to FEEL THE BLISS OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!  The last time I experienced a creative miracle I was in the midst of others and we were all singing and focusing on the love of God.  I believe that we have the power to suffer or to thrive,  and that power is in the CHOOSING of our focus.  I’m choosing to focus on FEELING GOOD and knowing that all good things are flowing to me and through me now.  I’m aware that I have created things unwanted through observation and judgment.  I am now satisfied and knowing that all of my desires are fulfilled and I can experience them now.  I just have to observe how I feel and TRUST MY HEART.
I’ve read much over the years.  One thing that stands out about “eternal youth”  is what Deepak Chopra said about aging.  He said that aging is a  mistake of the intellect. I believe that we can experience youthful feeling and appearance well into our adult  lives. I’m aware that there are many factors working against that.   I’m not sure how all of the toxins will be removed from our environment,  but I know that it’s possible.  I know that the power to create is within each of us, and as we focus on loving ourselves and our planet,  we create the beauty we desire.
♡Jeanie ♡

4 Responses to “Jeanie: POSSIBILITY”

  1. Well said, I’m feeling it too. Thanks for putting yourself out there.

  2. Christie says : Reply

    Really resonates. Thank You, & I know all of us are supporting each other however we can.
    Shine on, you crazy diamond! ?

  3. Pixie Barker says : Reply

    Love it!

  4. Bryon says : Reply

    Well said thanks Jeanie like a diamond in the rough. Now it shines the light. Yes we bring on our own experiences with out the knowledge sometimes of how or why we got to that point. Yet the light gets through. Jeanie may you shine on too, bringing this to us.

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