James Shares his Freedom Story: CN BEing and DOing

by / Monday, 29 April 2013 / Published in Freedom Stories
Hi, this not so much of a success story but an addition to the ideas for our combined DOING
1. I have started handing out FC Flyers at the local markets.
2. I want to put the FC Flyer under the doors of businesses if they are closed
3. I want to start putting the FC Flyer under the wiper blades on cars in car parks
4. I am going to start putting the FC Flyers in letter boxes
5.I cant find the email lists of banks...
6. I cant find the email lists for the registrars in the alleged courts, i have sent
a doozy package to all of the courts on Australia already... Needing the registrars
I am going to send a package to all the assistant police commissioners on Queensland
soon if anyone wants to join me?

Now, this could go in the success basket.  I was told today that the Queensland
police have been discussing information about the foreclosures, possibly stemming
from CN's and an assumption on my part, just recently, 6 invoices, emailed to
individuals including the alleged commissioner.. Ian Stewart. They are concerned
because they are putting their necks on the line..... I have CNed the QLD police
minister (Jack Dempsey) as well
Here is the list so far of individuals I have CNed
1 Ian Stewart CN with invoice
2 Jack Dempsey
3 Erin Ayears no Cn with invoice Principle Agent Doctrine
4 Nigel Fillipelli with invoice
5. Adrian Venz no CN with invoice Principle Agent Doctrine
6. Anthony Stacey CN  with invoice
7. Ian Wright CN with invoice
8. Paul Taylor CN
9. Steve Bakss CN

To email this info to the former police, it seems that steve.bakss@police.qld.gov.au
works... none have bounced back.
I am going to do some experimenting later with the court registrars and police
assistant commissioners. Should work the same
Here is the list for QLD
1. Kathy Rynders
2. Alan Davey
3. Andy Henderson
4. Les Hopkins
5. Ann Lewis
6.Clem O'Regan
7. Graham Rynders
8. Colin McCullum
9. Paul Wilson

I have another list of ministers on the other computer... 

I DO hope this info will help and maybe inspire more DOING.

With Absolute Peace and Gratitude,

James, as eternal essence embodied, DOing

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  1. Rene K says : Reply

    NICE! 🙂

    LOVE your DOING!

  2. Bronny NZ says : Reply

    James, you’re fantastic. I hope others rally with you to do this work. Why do people so easily remain spectators and end up leaving this work to other people to do ?? : ( It’s a group effort. Step up folks and connect with James and BE and DO together : )

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