Ionospheric Heaters – How HAARP really works

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Ionospheric Heaters – How HAARP really works

Ionospheric Heaters - How HAARP really works










Ionospheric Heaters: How HAARP really works… HAARP and the Sky Heaters HAARP Timeline: HAARP Map:


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  1. Maggie says : Reply

    AWESOME! Great information, thank you. I followed the links to Jim’s YouTube videos. The latest one on the hurricanes, below in the comments section, has a comment about these storms are getting power from the plasma entity, Yaldoboath (hope the spelling is correct). Anyone following Cobra will be aware that he just said this entity has almost been removed, all but the head. Could the commenter be correct? Is it possible that this plasma entity (that has been holding earth hostage for a long time) is either being destroyed by or is worstening these storms? Anyone else have thoughts about this? Blessings

    • tenorsax999 says : Reply

      Hey Maggie – I also follow Cobra and it all seems completely reasonable. Sometimes we do not know how these events manifest or what fuels them… it’d seem that Yaldebeoth being a plasma entity certainly could work through the aether to influence if not directly create physical events. But more importantly, we see the desperation and the will to create as much havok as possible before its demise. Its is the chaos before the big transformation I believe. So it may serve us all to look toward the awakening we will ultimately experience when the obvious deceptions of man-made hurricanes, hidden tda accounts, true ancient history, etc. are finally undeniable to us. Through this awakening will be a dissipation of fear and elevation of our consciousness. How does it get any better than that?

  2. Maggie says : Reply

    I’m back with another brain twister, tee hee. A big ‘what if”. The new way to change the ionisphere is a combination of low and high waves that causes the Schuman resonance to skyrocket. Is it possible HAARP is being used to wake humanity up? Is this another case of everything not being what is first appears? Cheers

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