Investigating Momma

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Investigating Momma






Beginning the “Who, What, Where, When and How?” Puzzle Piece Collecting regarding the Sentient Being we currently have the SACRED PRIVILEGE of inhabiting. How DID she truly come to be and how and WHY are we here? To contact Gary Tallison, Bio Field Immersion Therapy (Life Coach) email.- Facebook – Join the Conversation! Join our Facebook Group… Contact Sheila Find the Lisa M Harrison interviews with JLL here:…… John Lamb Lash author of Not In His Image visit his site here:


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  1. Helen Walker says : Reply

    Thank you. I came looking for some calm conscious conversation. Its noisy out there. x ALL LOVE

  2. Kathy Larson says : Reply

    Thank you both for such an intelligent relaxed conversation! John Lamb Lash is indeed the foremost authority on our Mother Sophia. All his recorded interviews are priceless! Also check out his series on the Mandela Effect. And he has his own website, of course you are all intelligent enough to google his name and WaLa! I use my imagination to dream about what my world can be like with just mother. It’s lovely there, all of the natural world holds me in a gentle embrace.
    No angry white God Man. No white Jewish Jesus, yehwah etc. All that is a story. Every day your given your very breath from your mother, she is real she’s a fact. Not some made up control story. That may be to simple for some! Adult minds can grasp such elusive ideas and immediately resonate. Or not! Your so right on about our choosing to be here at this time! Thank you fir that! It is exciting and I can imagine the outcome I desire

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