Important Information for this Harmonic Particle & Timeline Convergence – Nothing is REAL right now

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Important Information for this Harmonic Particle & Timeline Convergence – Nothing is REAL right now

Important Information for this Harmonic Particle & Timeline Convergence - Nothing is REAL right now














This an exciting time (vibration), as we move into a huge template wipe/reset, collectively/globally/Earthly/Galactically. There are certain things occurring to up-shift/converge all, and it’s important to shift our consciousness/expand our consciousness to a space of “nothingness”, to a space of “take care in what we create/re-create” by way of human mindsets and even what we can touch/hold… We are in a SPACE of Nothing is Real right now.

Let go of every perception you once had as to what reality was/is… Particle realignment, particle re-calibration, particle re-coding… means de-materialization/re-materialization of our physical realities like nothing we’ve experienced before. Un-attach from all that you considered REALity before, expand and stay wide open, beyond what your human mind can comprehend and if it’s not present in your immediate reality, question everything, even how you view/see reality shall/may quite substantially change. Those created mindsets, dissolve them, unless they represent the absolute highest timeline possible.

Play in alternate realities, every one that you can dream/see and the let those go to. Don’t affix to anything, unless you SEE inside to. Maintain your most expanded super conscious states, expect the unexpected (without expecting anything) and honor your body as it anchors/re-calibrates/re-codes and re-everything too. This StarGate alignment shows to send huge waves through our Earth and across all Space-time, that will ripple across all dimensions/timelines as old unconscious lower timelines dissolve/dissipate/fall away. This is a powerful Super Quantum Jump/Unification/Convergence, one that begins inside, radiates out and reflects back.

We are shown to intentionally tune into our highest consciousness state, hold this and intentionally project this out, without any human limits or perceptions of what it’s to look like, other than unity/love/exquisite/new… Heaven on Earth in your physical and for all of humankind here. Visit my website for a wealth of resources and information: As an Intentional Gatekeepers & NEW Earth Crystalline Gridkeeper, I am predominantly offline to anchor these highest timelines into the/our physical, work with these StarGate alignments, harmonics and integrating instantly, sharing that which is appropriate/important for all, without bringing anything else in… so it’s offline much for the rest of the month, other than to deliver information for those who utilize/share this for all too. I love you!


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  1. Arteestic says : Reply

    Thank you doesn’t even begin to express my gratitude and appreciation for this posting and video. So much information. So many tools offered. Supportive and loving and wise words. And even Words can’t describe the relief in knowing what I’ve been experiencing during this (these?) transition(s) is ‘normal’. I will listen to this again and again. A breath of relief and waterfalls of gratitude. Namaste.

  2. Wonders about everything says : Reply

    Thank you, I wondered why I have been sort of distracted and kind of felt as if parts of me were coming unglued 🙂 .. also experienced felt a now moment high reality of how our natural garden plants earth paradise responds to us when we are in our multi dimensional space when I was outside one day, it was real, it was surprising in that no physical action was required it was an energy exchange between me and nature which was responding to me it was intense enrichment a knowing of who we truly Be, this energy exchange created the growth and beauty, Dan WInter talks a bit about this, but then he gets into the math and I fuzz out lol. I have seen unusual glimpses of what looked like a double or glimpse of one of my tiny dogs, near a table, but he was under the covers sleeping. And in sleep a few weeks back, me, faced me and said “Its all a game”. Nice to hear it is not just me experiencing all these unusual oddities and re-calibrations. Also have felt like the neutral observer of so many scenarios. the harmonics re calibrations, changes are palpable everywhere. Did any one notice the path of the eclipse across the usa ?Reminded me of how a person would make a diagonal line across a promissory note, oddly the bank tellers were doing this with checks when I was in the bank last week as tee hee.. guess Heather and Randal are on my mind as well, so many are also looking to access their prosperity funds, (((heart))) to them and the many working this out, what a massive undertaking<no pun intended lol !!!! The eclipse, which I also assumed was the moon, was actually the black sun Rahu, I knew about this Vedic myth, but hadn't been paying attention to the passing, or even much to the eclipse, now I want to explore the significance of that zero point black sun or black hole? Or whatever it is, here is a video everyone might enjoy about this 10 minutes, packed with goodies. Thanks for being so candid in your video too 🙂 it was perfect

  3. Wonders about everything says : Reply

    More about the black sun, nodes of the moon, Vedic mythology and significance

  4. Avau says : Reply

    Thank you Lisa, so amazing and so wonderful listening to your encouragement and support as we progress forward. Always a pleasure to hear from you. And thanks BZ for posting Lisa Trascendence Brown’s post here for all us, appreciate you. Keep on keeping on, you are awesome! Sending Heather and Randy love, and you love and ALL, love love love!

  5. Rev. Enrique RUBIO says : Reply

    BZ, Heather, and I UV bolg

    I love you all so much, this community of “love, which binds them all together in perfect unity”. After three decades in Christian ministry has taught me I’ve still so very much to learn!
    ( Colossians 3:14 NIV)
    ¡ con la bendiciónes y gran poder!

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