Imagine today everything you thought was not the way it is

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Imagine today everything you thought was not the way it is

Imagine today everything you thought was not the way it is









Time as we know it is speeding up, the pace of change is unprecedented, and on many levels life and the seeming chaos is overwhelming. Imagine if this morning you woke up and learned everything was not the way you thought it was. That you could see through the illusion of what you are experiencing. With disclosure and the Truths you learn you won’t need to imagine simply open your heart and your mind and catch up with the Truth of who you are and experience Reality for the first time.


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  1. Rita R. says : Reply

    How beautiful. How wonderful. When can we start? How does it work? I know I am supposed to be doing something, but don’t know what it is that I am supposed to be doing. Any ideas????

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      what do you feel like doing?
      What was it about this video that I made, that prompted you to think “when can we start?”
      Tune into that sense of Imagining that which the video calls attention to, then state You do have a Knowing of what you are nudged to do, and without jumping to the mind state it. Or draw it, or write it…
      then go be and do with love and the same feeling that prompted you to say “How beautiful. How wonderful.” after watching the video

    • Marty says : Reply

      We need to live the way we wish it to be, without fear, with love and forgiveness for all, with gratitude for all things in all ways, always, and starting yesterday would have been good. This has always been the message, when we walk the way of Jesus we are saved from the trespass of our crimes. “And he answered, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself.” I am so thankful for this message, it is so simple, so be it. There is much in our history that is ugly, but that is how it had to be.

  2. Barbara says : Reply

    Well Done!!!! Excellent message to remind us who we are and what has happened. Thank you for this Gift and tool to pass on to others–I am forwarding this grand nudge to many of my friends and family who are now ready to receive this information. What a great succinct video. So much said in under 3 minutes. Perfect!

  3. EstherBe says : Reply

    This is one of the most Amazingly Beautiful Videos Ever! I absolutely Love it. “You Learn” so many acccuracies: spoken in a short period of time. This fills my Soul and Makes my Heart Smile. Thank You For Sharing #peaceand love

  4. Tina Mason says : Reply

    Thank you BZ yes God is inside us in our Soul. Which is next to our hearts in the middle of our chest. The Mother is there waiting for us to go inside and expand into the Universe which is our birth right. Then we will be able to turn water into wine lol. Were suppose to be having fun here creating! I cant wait for the future .

  5. Neil says : Reply


    Real nice video and a big THANK YOU to you and Heather for all that you have done for humanity. Can’t wait to hear the news!

  6. james says : Reply

    rule is not law, the rule of law is what the United States Goverbank can defend law is what it cannot defend, law is the truth and nothing but the truth so be it justice [just it is]

  7. Lisa says : Reply

    Beautiful BZ (Heart)
    Thank you

  8. Irina Greer says : Reply

    Well, just before I open this video, I was listening the conversation with Randy ….. about slavery mentality we (or many of us) developed living life after life in the system. We adjusted ourselves to the box and we need readjusting to unlimitness. We need to squeeze the slaves out of ourselves drop by drop, starting right now. I know I need. Through the mindfulness to the heart.
    Thank you for such a beautiful video BZ, very moving and powerful. Love you all.

  9. Wonders about everything says : Reply

    Beautifully done ! Thank you for this, sometimes I feel so alone in knowing this, many near me physically are still sleeping. This video soothed me, made me feel like, no we aren’t alone, and yes people all over the world are humans just like us. I live in a city in the Southeast which has many cultures, and I am grateful, when I shop at an East Indian, Chinese, Turkish, Mexican, Korean or any other different peoples cultures store, able to buy their incredible foods and spices. I am so thankful for different cultures high art of cuisine and natural medicines. I am grateful and delighted by the different peoples creativity and understanding of natural plants, natural medicines, ways of living, that I explore. My prayers and thank you go out to the hands that grew, picked and hand rolled the green tea leaves, that I drink daily, the turkish product, pomegranite molasses which I mix in my tea, the cold pressed black seed oil at 3.99 and fresh turmeric root I am able to buy at the Indian market. Everyone of these places the people are very polite, albeit perhaps curious about me the alien, in their store with a cart full of goodies from their world. I confess when meeting other cultures if we are talking, I first say, I do not agree or condone any wars done by the USA, and I add most people here do not either. Once that is out of the way, on many occasions we become friends or acquaintances, I can tell you many of them know the truth of our world, many I became friends with said we don’t blame the ordinary people, they know. Wouldn’t it be nice if all the wars and manipulations would stop, peace at last I can imagine a World Party with freedom and prosperity for all, a world where we all know we are safe, we respect and honor each others lives, knowledge and culture, what a world of fun and discovery we could have… Thank Bz for the beautiful video (((hugs))) and all you do

  10. Oh! How simply yet profoundly expressed…. Thank you Bz xxxxxxxxx

  11. Arteestic says : Reply

    Beautifully portrayed, Bz. I never post on Facebook, but I am going to share this. Poignant message(s) with perfect timing enough to hold someone’s attention, and maybe get through to some to help pierce the veil of illusion for the light to touch their hearts. COMPASSION. UNITY. LOVE. Hugs to you and Heather for all you are doing to expand the light on Mother Earth and to everyone.

  12. Richard Enrique Ulloa says : Reply

    So wonderful.

  13. Janis says : Reply

    This is beautiful, BZ. I AM profoundly grateful for all you DO. XOX

  14. Avau says : Reply

    Thank you BZ! Thank you.

  15. Carol says : Reply

    Dear BZ, I’m so grateful for your calm presence in the eye of the perceived storm. This is a video I will watch many times for my own sanity! Love I AM

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