FREEdom Flyer


Translations of the Freedom Flyer as they are completed can be found here

Direct download link to the Freedom Flyer can be accessed here

FREEdom Flyer


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  1. Angela Cope says : Reply

    This Public Notice document is FANTASTIC! It is exactly what I have been looking for, all in one doc on these three pages. Thank you in kind to those who worked on this and made it possible. Very appreciated.

  2. evolove says : Reply

    Fantastic. Succinct. Thanks you VERY VERY much.

  3. Jonathan says : Reply

    This link (in the above Freedom Flyer) needs to be improved!:

    This is a world wide PUBLIC NOTICE (freedom flyer), why have only a statement about Australia (as in link)? Better to have this statement broader and link on the i-uv site ?

    This is all it says:

    Thank you! You guys have a great (and growing) site here !

  4. Jonathan says : Reply

    PS I like the WORDING in this version (freedom flyer) better ! It just keeps getting better !!!

  5. Jonathan says : Reply

    How about a video link re “UCC Resources” above?:

    (History of the UCC )

  6. Antonia says : Reply

    Awesome!! Thanks for all your great work! <3

  7. Jax says : Reply

    Just wanted to express a heartfelt big thank you to you all for the amount of time and effort that has gone into creating the courtesy notices and flyers and to all the embodiments who are sending them out worldwide. We are one and its a beautiful peaceful tool.
    much love and gratitude

  8. John says : Reply

    wow what can I say but wow if only ppl realize this the first step in disabling the world bank and federal reserve
    great job everyone that worked on this

  9. Tricia says : Reply

    Posted this at courthouse (where foreclosure sales continue), & on interior Notice board; also on door of city hall(s),(which were quickly removed); admitted into evidence on current court cases, with demand for common law venue, trial by jury of peers as judges of both fact and law (negating their “judge”); also issued Courtesy Notices to atty, judge, county treas., sheriff, & others (with attitude of love & grace); ran short ad with title & links to this site. AM also mailing it when I mail out checks to clients with other enlightening & encouraging Truth & news, & have emailed it to my short list.& continue periodic updates. As questions are asked, I answer & give more info as led. Seems to be not much response, but I’m only to be the messenger with Good News & Truth; each responds as they choose. 🙂 Blessings 2 ALL!

  10. Pete says : Reply

    Can someone please clarify this for me??? I get the concept that because the ill-intent of money lending institutions to subvert continual debt over their borrowers, is a scheme to keep them in debt. And to that end, it seems the international community is calling it unfair, and so, the debt becomes wiped clean??

    do i get this right? and if so, where in a legal situation has this been used and up-stood in a trial? I don’t have much debt, except my mortgage, but i want to understand what this is better, as i fully understand the tactics of the powerful to subvert control over us, and keep us fighting to survive.

  11. Paul Toro says : Reply

    Fantastic, finally have this so pass along to friends, I myself now have a problem with a mortgage co, who purchased the loan and want to charge more money…!!

  12. jcblessed says : Reply

    this people needs to be put in jail first ,out of the way ,they ignore this information ,they think they are doing the right job and we are lunatics ,as was written this people call right what is wrong and call wrong what it is right .they are so blind by money .it is ridiculous peace and love

  13. Brian says : Reply

    Pete, as I understand common law doctrine. Any contract obtained by fraud is void. Or voidable. So, the “debt” “contracts” with the “banks” being fraudulently obtained are void.

  14. Paul Gonzales says : Reply

    Does this mean we don’t have to file a UCC 1 to become sovereign. what do we have to do to announce our rights as being free and free of debt. I have been worried about losing my home does this mean I can keep my home.

  15. […] van de OPPT van 4 Februari 2013 . Nederlandse vertaling van : FREEdom Flyer , link naar origineel : Zie evt. ook: Het doel en ontstaan van de website http://opptnederland. […]

    • Sonia J. Fath says : Reply

      Hello, I am looking for OPPT people in France. I live in Strasbourg on the border to Germany.
      By the way, to you have the flyer in French and German and can you send it to me, also in English, as your link leads to 404 error and I cannot get the version on scribd as I am not a member and I do not want to become a member.
      I also tried the Meetup pages indicated on the worldwide contact page and noticed that they do not exist anymore or do I need to be a member to see the pages?
      I did not want to publish my e-mail, but there is no contact e-mail on your site.

      • Mia says : Reply

        Hi Sonia
        I don’t know whether you use Facebook but here is a page which may help.
        There aren’t many recent posts, i’m afraid, but you may find something there to help.
        Mia <3

        • Sonia J. Fath says : Reply

          Hi Mia,
          I knew the group on Facebook, but they are not up to date. From Germany I received the I-UV Flyer in 3 columns on each side. I thought that after several years passed since the change of paradigm the flyer would exist in the main languages of the world. Not the information notice, but that German flyer.

        • Lyn says : Reply

          Hi, Mia, u r always so helpful. Pls call 949.878.7100 to get acquainted. thks, lyn

  16. Peter Kondogonis says : Reply

    There is Also A study page with 12 lessons and templates . UCC OPPT Contract law study page

    This is a Self Study Course.. Do not use a COUTESY NOTICE until you have mastered the lessons and have the skills to administer the Entire COURTESY NOTICE process from Start to Finish.

    The one people – Global

  17. CEC says : Reply


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