Welcome to ‘I and UV Exchange’ (I-UV), a portal or window for humanity where you can discover a whole new way of BE’ing and DO’ing in accordance with the highest ideals.

In December of 2012, this new landscape for living was created by calling into question the standing and authority of the slavery system we had become accustomed to, and through legal filings, putting the world’s banks, corporations and governments on notice, that debt slavery was no longer valid or acceptable by We The People.

Due legal process gave these entities an opportunity to rebut the filings one by one, however, because the filings were based on the established and undeniable truth that no one person or entity can own you or your body, not surprisingly, none of the filings were challenged or rebutted.  Those original filings then became forever established as globally recognized UCC Rulings (rulings in law), giving each and every human BE’ing their freedom from debt slavery from that day forth.

The ‘I and the UV Exchange’ UCC filing that followed, established the additional fact that: “Abundance is manifested at the speed of our expanding imagination and DO’ing what we imagine”.   The I-UV tool is a “transparent eternal essence tool that recognizes and honors the value that IS eternal essence embodied” in each one of us.  And so was born the understanding of DO’ing and BE’ing, formally completing and reconciling the work of the original UCC rulings.

All that is left is to DO and BE.

Here at I-UV, you will find historical data, interactive opportunities to share information and stories, and global news and updates representing the One Peoples’ Voice – YOU.  We thank you for DO’ing and BE’ing with us on this Nova Earth site.



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  1. silvia says : Reply

    hi i was at work and approached by a guy who was telling me about how the world is bankrupt and why we should’nt be paying our morgages and i could’nt believe what i was being told.
    he told me about your website and said there is a form i can download to give to the bank. i cant see it anywhere but hay it cant do any damage if i ask?

    Many thanks on your website, interesting reading


  2. Michael in Boise says : Reply

    Our Personal Energy is currency in zero point, therefore OPPT was never about the money but the return of our stolen power and freedom to DO and BE. True freewill.

  3. Anoka Shiva says : Reply

    Thank you for bringing this into BE-ing !


  4. Steph says : Reply

    In absolute love and gratitude, eternally. It is DONE.

  5. Lisa Shannon says : Reply

    In Absolute Gratitude And Love – I, eternal essence embodied Absent Limits, NOW -together with All Source Eternal Essence’s Embodied as well as those without embodiment, IN Absolute LOVE IN ALL SOURCE’s Creation – Anywhere – experience ABSENT LIMITS and express ABSOLUTE GRATITUDE for ALL roles in the NOW COMPLETELY SATISFIED AND NOW RECONCILED experiment/play of Duality/Limited Consciousness. The after party IS NOW begun. The curtain NOW RISES for ALL TO SEE and APPLAUD the Absolute Perfect Per-form-ance and IN-VALUEable and IMpeccable service. NOW – the NEW STAGE IS SET for the NEW PLAY. All former stage pieces ARE NOW removed and the NEW SET IS NOW IN place. All ACTORS NOW remove MASKS and COSTUMES and SHARE in the FEAST ABSENT LIMITS – WELL DO-ne (heart) (Hugs) What NOW IS you PLEASURE? Coffee, tea, wine, cheese, IT IS ALL HERE NOW. EN -JOY!!

  6. only me says : Reply

    All most of us need right now is a concise, simple, accurate instructions on how to convert I-UV into FRN’s, I have tried manifesting food and coffee, and somewhere to live, but for some reason every trader still wants FRN’s, I hope this rolls out soon, we really need this system!

  7. Bobby Peck says : Reply

    <3 All Love, Peace and the full scope of my Eternal Heart ~ IS ~ ALL THAT IS <3 ONENESS <3

  8. Kelly Killian (Sutton) says : Reply

    From the first moment and on this has been Absolute within me. I DO and BE and look forward to An Eternal Essence Embodied with ALL as ONE. 😉

  9. Carlos Urbina says : Reply

    Absolute Love and Gratitud.

  10. Brian Dawson says : Reply

    I AM all in!

  11. Norah Tunnicliffe says : Reply

    Love and Light XXXXX

  12. ann says : Reply

    can i stop paying off the mortgage on all property

    • Scot says : Reply

      Yes Ann. But you need to make sure you fill yourself in with as much info as you can. There are tons of resources out there. I can also help you with information too. Let me know.

      I stopped 3 attorneys so far with using courtesy notices.


      • noel says : Reply

        Hi Scot, I can’t seem to find any of your actions on the public notice board, could you please direct me to where I may find them. cheers

  13. Nick Kosonic says : Reply

    Dear Friends,,,We move at the speed of thought now and there is nothing but our own self-imposed barriers that can deflect us from our preordained finale.
    I’m so grateful and honoured to be in this circle, this ever widening circle,
    In Lak’ech, Nick

  14. Jeff C. says : Reply

    Have there been any success stories from individuals mailing Courtesy Notices to alleged judges who are/were involved in their alleged foreclosure lawsuits? I am contemplating doing so myself over the next few days. Thank you…

    • Scot says : Reply

      Hi Jeff,

      I sent a letter to a judge regarding a case against me. I haven’t heard back. If you join http://www.opptbook.com you can find me there and I’ll fill you in on the details. I haven’t heard back yet.


    • maryca says : Reply

      I have not heard of any success stories as far as the banks are concerned. I had a civil suit brought against me by a legal firm that bought a credit card debt from 2009. I sent them courtesy notices and haven’t heard a peep since. That’s a success NOW !

    • Oswald G. Nelson says : Reply

      Just on 08/01/2013 I had a Case against me in State court in Ohio and I addressed the clerk of courts with a courtesy notice informing the clerk of court which in turn notified all those involved,and judges etc… that any actions taken against me that effected my being in any way by a foreclosed entity would result in all involved in court procedure including the clerk being liable 3xs the amount o silver,f the schedule given by the courtesy notice. This was followed up with a special appearance to the court, thus pointing out the court had failed to follow rules of procedure and I had requested that whatever charges filed by complaintant be defaulted, and estoppel. Another words the court has set rules and if they fail to follow their own rules then the courts can’t gain jurisdiction over you. The Case has be DISPATCHED meaning like no complaint has ever been issued. It is so important to learn about the law because it is just as important to knowing how to proceed in a court matter, not knowing can become very ugly and costly. So your studies should also include knowing how to present your being to these ships of state [ administrative procedure, what they call court ] and the UCC it is nothing but a bunch of gangsters trying to steal your value without a gun. Being that you are a secured party now, you really don’t want to fight your battle on the enemies ship of state [ court ] our battles are won by being private this is your courtesy notice, we as secured party’s are the law, not the judges,attorney’s, and not the police. In the Constitution it clearly states WE THE PEOPLE. It is our VALUE that pays the DEBT of this country. How? well read HJR 192 The banks and Goverment, and states they used our labor as a means of trade thus making all people on the planet slaves to them. So it is your duty as being and doing person to responsible to learning how to proceed when the time arise for you to being. On this site there are many good articles to be read on peoples victories over the system take time to read and what your seeking has probably already been blogged on.

  15. Thierry says : Reply

    In Absolute gratitude toward the AWESOME TEAM for the so much compassion upon THE ONE PEOPLE. As we awaken, may we remember to also ” pay it forward” imitating your outstanding example. I look forward to this new journey with you beloved brothers and sisters. “Let freedom reign” NOW.- Martin Luther King.

  16. ann says : Reply

    thanks scot
    i am from ireland and people here are really suffering with banks and our courts which seem to fine in favour of banks all the time the are rumours going around that the euro is about to end any thoughts? one other question could i pay off the bank with my own promissory note under written by oppt thanks ann with love

    • Scot Rogers says : Reply

      I’ve heard how bad you have it in Ireland. I’m sorry to hear that you’re having a difficult time. As for what to do, only you can make that choice. My suggestion is to look into the details of what the OPPT did, then work from there. Paying the bank anything at this time is playing into the former slavery system. I can tell you that for sure.

      When it comes to making the right decisions, you’re going to have to trust yourself. But start by learning everything you can about what happened so that when you make your decision, you can move in an educated fashion.

  17. maryca says : Reply

    It is taking some time to soak up all of this information, to understand the gravity of what is happening but it is now my greatest desire. My “yearning for learning” is BIG. I want to take this message out to my world and help people KNOW that they are FREE.

  18. Barbara Pawlowski says : Reply

    I sent a Courtesy Notice to the Acting Commissioner of the “alleged” IRS, after receiving a threatening notice from an IRS agency, unsigned.
    He has since been fired because of the current scandal, but I will also send a Courtesy Notice to the current Acting Comissioner, if I receive another unsigned threat from the IRS.

    I am Absolutely Free, Absent Limitation,

  19. Bruce White says : Reply

    Can not wait to contribute me energy too servicing my brothers and sisters… Thank You Lord.

    Eternal Essence Embodied
    Absent Limits

  20. Max Tobin says : Reply

    Absolute Creator Expressed ALL THAT IS. This is our SOUL FAMILY awakening to the Absolute Empower -ment within the Creation.

    This is why we incarnated in these challenging times. Learn to discern and open the HEART. in in order to KNOW your unique and BEAUTIFUL PART to PLAY,. BE and DO, BUT not apart from life in anyway.

    This is the journey through the ZEROPOINT we came to play for REAL in this SACRED MOMENT of NOW.

    Blessed be ALL ONES
    Blessed BE the DEED as done.
    We awaken as ONE under the FATHER SUN & the REAL life has begun

  21. jason says : Reply

    Hi, I am about to sell my house (tomorrow) I have asked my solicitor to look at OPPT before making payment to my bank for the “mortage” as I said if this is accurate I would like the full balance of the sale of my property to come to me. Is this accurate? And if they say they have to pay the bank as per our “contract” is their anything else I can do?
    Jason and TY. I am IN.

  22. maximiliano says : Reply

    so we really dont have to fill out anything anymore?..we just send courtesy notices? were do i get a hold of more info? it cant be this ez

  23. Marinda de Gersigny says : Reply

    Hi Scot,
    My son in law has lost his home. After paying his mortgage for years, when he was in trouble financially and could not pay his monthly payment to the bank they auctioned his house for just enough to settle the outstanding bond and he has lost it all. This cannot be right. Is it too late for him to do anything about his dire situation? The IRS is also after him for money owing which earns interest for each month outstanding.
    Thanks to you all for all you DOing and for BEing there for all as an example.
    Love and light
    South AFrica

  24. Sheerien Carter says : Reply

    Awesome!!! <3

  25. noel says : Reply

    GUYS, It is to my understanding, that when you give NOTICE to anyone, you must also do it publicly such as on the I/uv.com PUBLIC NOTICE BOARD so that it is also recognised by the public. Keep up your good work, cheers.

  26. Looking for way to barter with my paiting v.s. I-UV
    .thank you

  27. Ron Murphy says : Reply

    hello everyone. I see on American Kabuki information regarding I-Announcement 1121 about absolute tech, yet I cannot find the copy of that on the i-uv site. Please can you make all documents directly downloadable in Word or PDF, it seems that very often we are sent to the scribd site for the docs and unfortunately not all of us are blessed with the ability to get a subscription for that site. Would appreciate your help with this..
    Blessings to all.

    • I M Power says : Reply

      Ron, The I announcement 1121 is right under the I UV tab with the other related information.

      Most all the documents have a direct download link on the page just before the Scribd doc display. Just an fyi for you and anyone else, there is no need to pay for any of these documents and when Scribd asks people to register it is for a free account. There are paid docs available on Scribd but that is not the case with any of the OPPT / I UV docs…

      Blessed Be

  28. azzending says : Reply

    This is how GOD the creator lets us know that he does love us, through as many outlets as possible to relate to us on THE ONE level …( spirit) To generate the desire to follow through and intuition to know that we are apart of the ….Soulution (heart) and how manifestation comes to life in this dimension (manifests) itself through ones thoughts and actions ….Spirit…. heart… mind …..body…… priceless

  29. Estee says : Reply

    We need assistance getting the December, 2012 foreclosure recognized.

    I’ve sent many courtesy notices mostly in 2014 and 2015. Interestingly now in 2017, collection agencies are surfacing around the debts that I sent original notices on. One of the largest is student loan, as my wages have just been garnished. It’s feels harsh trying to survive nowadays. Been looking forward to being FREE!!

    All assistance is welcomed.

    Much Love,

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