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 BZ: How this piece unfolded for Jeannie to share with you.


Email from Jeannie:

Hi there  🙂
I heard you on the recent call say that we should share our talent or story for the benefit of others. I write a lot, but haven’t put anything out there.  I’m sitting in bed on my cell phone FEELING  moved to put this out.  Could you please copy and paste the following on i-uv, or should I type it out in a word document and send it again tomorrow? Please let me know what you think.
Thank you!




CommUNITY is the pulse of life. I’ve been very blessed in my experience.  There are many thriving communities that I am a part of, in flesh and Spirit. My first community,  my family is a very loving, caring, thoughtful, fun and intelligent community. From there I have church  (Catholic,  then non-denominational Christian), school  (2 years Catholic, then public), and neighborhood, etc…

As a first born,  female,  born to a couple of high school sweethearts who HAD to get married,  I experienced some drama. We were fed, clothed and sheltered,  but struggled. My dad worked very hard,  held more than one job at a time, and provided for us. ( Dad became a successful business owner before he passed) Mom worked at home caring for us (what turned out to be 4 kids). She is a wonderful homemaker!  She gardened cooked and sewed from scratch. She could do anything (painting, wallpaper,  and so on) I am blessed to be so much like her.  She read to us and took us to the library. To this day, I LOVE to read.

Years later  (Conceived on my 18th birthday) I found myself in the same situation. (Only he was nearly 9 years older than me)  Of  course I felt obligated to do the same. (even though I wanted to break up with him) Being a “good Catholic ” I married him. I did it out of fear.  What a wonderful way to start a life together –NOT!

My name means Grace.I was born on the 5th day of September.  The number 5 means grace as well.  I have always been very loving and obedient  I wanted, more than anything, to be pleasing.  I wanted to keep the peace. I feel like, being like that has saved me. Even though being “obedient ” has nearly killed me, I ultimately live in and through my heart. In living a loving, forgiving life, I have survived the control and abuse of my experience. I allow grace and love to flow to me and through me. I know that I have been a co-creator in my experience.  For a long time I had no idea that was true. I felt like a victim.  I suppose you could say that I was. After all, the beliefs I grew up with were a contributor.

I have been very open-minded and have actively ,continually, learned, through reading, watching, listening, and engaging. I have followed my heart. At times I questioned my beliefs. I opened my eyes, and took responsibility for my own actions. I  have the courage to see the reality of what is,  and embrace it. I see the paradox,  the irony, the way I created my life through my thoughts and FEELINGS. That was a tough one at first,  because I played the role of victim  (and eventually the survivor). I know from experience that when I stay in a place of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE FOR ALL OF LIFE , I AM in HEAVEN.

In my  heart, all are ONE.



BZ: Email sent the next morning


Good morning BZ,
After I sent that email to you last night I went to sleep and had the most amazing, awesome, colorful, artistic, lucent dreams!
Life is GOOD!
Butterfly kisses and Rainbow Light & Love,



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  1. Jeanne Marie says : Reply

    Good morning Jeanie. What a loving message and beautiful experience you have shared with the community. That is wonderful in itself.

    I too have an remarkable experience, not that I AM setting up to tell my story, I though have been led to believe “our” namesake is that of Joan; ie. Joan d Arc. and that meaning is said to be – “messenger of God”, I have received some gift cards over the years that may have referenced “grace”. It is grace that I seek to align with, I am new to some of this discipline stuff.

    I experience frustration, for seconds and pull my energy away from it, look at it , and move on in joy/ several times an hour… or not. Moments are not as defined as in the past. Seems the growth comes in waves, and different departments or areas of physical and non physical reality/belief systems.

    WOW, I am really experiencing this, sharing it and I AM GOOD! Life is exciting and wonderful! All is well.

  2. Jeanie says : Reply

    Hello Jeanne Marie.
    Were you on the 12/12 call?
    Thank you for your comments. I had not heard the messenger meaning, but have been compared to Joan of Arc before. 🙂
    Life is good and getting better, and even better when I allow myself to have FUN!

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