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There are contextual/historical segments about the way the legal and financial landscape has changed, " OPPT Absolute Tabs", the rabbit holes of the Slavery system in the "Removing the Veil segment", "Now Tools" of the legal and financial landscape since the I and UV Exchange legal fillings, "I UV Tabs"

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There are segments about where we are in the present moment, the "I UV Blog", the "One People's Radio Show" and new sections unfolding about co-creating together to build nova earth.

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Hidden Secrets of Money

Oppt Tools

The One People’s Public Trust
On December 25, 2012, three public trustees disclosed groundbreaking legal documents filed on behalf of THE ONE PEOPLE. From this moment, a grassroots movement was born as the documents swept across the globe like wildfire.

Since these filings, hundreds of thousands of people across the world have been inspired to act on a common goal: Freedom from the old enslavement system and a choice to live their lives according to their own free will and free will choices. Click to read more ...

Read this document first. It will give you an overview of the new landscape that frees all peoples on this planet from the debt slavery imposed on each of us deliberately and gradually over the last few hundred years. Click to read more ...

The Courtesy Notice IS NOT A NOTICE OF DEMAND. To do so would be the equivalent of YOU operating a “slavery System” – which is exactly what the courtesy notice exposes as “foreclosed”.

The Courtesy Notice does “order” that the action against you (by the entity) be CEASED AND DESISTED, but also offers terms and conditions that will apply if the action is continued by the Respondent (individual).Click to read more ...

The ‘Paradigm Report’ came about as a result of many years of research and investigation into the globalized practice of using private money (the labor money for the world’s citizens, collected through taxes, bank fees, fines and a multitude of other methods) to fund the growth of the global banking system that is controlled by a handful of transnational elite families and groups. In essence, the reverse of ‘Robin Hood’.Click to read more ...

CN Public Notice Board


BEing and DOing

Now is The Time to Share Your Freedom Story

The sharing of our FREE-DO’m stories I’MPOWERs others to also DO and BE more. That DO’ing and BE’ing multiplies and expands the awareness and energy so others can also take courage. The Freedom Stories section includes stories of your Awakening and IMPowerment in addition to Freedom Stories involving CN's and OPPT Tools. click here

Nova Earth News

Keep up with the pulse of the "New Energy" as we all build Nova Earth together. The Nova Earth News magazine share stories, experiences and ideas of eternal essence all over the globe BEing and DOing in ways that support the new energies. click here

Our Friends In High Places

The astounding witness testimony recently revealed at the Citizen’s Hearing on Disclosure in Washington, D.C., laid bare the facts we are not alone in the Universe. The question of Galactic Beings is no longer if they exist but rather how and where they exist? These are just some of the insightful questions of a global and cosmic nature you’ll hear in discussions with Julien and company, including our Friends in High Places. click here

Keep Up with The Latest on The I UV Blog

People are BEing and DOing at the speed of Heart and there is new Data being revealed in each moment of Now. We have our finger on the pulse of the Energy in The Now. From your stories, projects you are PAYing your energy into, Data being published in the news and Contrast that is showing itself... look to the I UV Blog to keep you up on the latest. click here