Higher Claim ~ Laura Marie Paul

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Hi BZ,
Thank you for all that you are Doing and Being – it’s such a wonderful time to all be working together in UNITY!

I offer up this poem that came through me in May of 2012 after engaging with what was being done at that time…Paradigm Report, UCC filings and all other amazing doings!

Share this if you feel moved or just enjoy and know that ALL are receiving the intent and beauty of these NOW moments in perfection.

Much Love,









Higher Claim                                                                                                                                                                        Laura Marie Paul – May 2012

perfected wings, newly formed amid chaos

cramped quarters yet sufficient for growth

evolutionary trajectory

darkness into light

silken luminosity shines forth, a beacon

alighting, trusting, free-fall

no fledgling flight this one,

master meeting master

a return to love, to home, to One

lightened load, no caravan, no knapsack

cast off all remnants of false possession

shattered, splintered thoughts befriended by folly

truth transparent, vaulting with wild abandon

freedom flings falsehood to the fire

ashes rise indignant, coaxed along in currents of value

beyond form, but not formless

timeless yet out of time

no longer tethered by representation elemental

eternal, such worth is expressed in essence and

need not be burden or sacrifice

lighter are we than helium even

to soar, to sail with spirit-matter as vessel

wholly our own, not owned

but rather, valued, remembered, re-imagined

repurposed, filled by filling, loved by loving, seen by seeing

and known by the unknowable

flight plan long forgone

a higher claim arises

for the experience of perfected wings

once and always

eternal (edit as of August 2017)…original!

Higher Claim - by Laura Marie Paul - Google Docs


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