Heather Tucci-Jarraf and the I UV INchange 7.1.13

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Heather Tucci-Jarraf and the INchange  7.1.13


An interview with D, Bob Wright and Lisa Harrison


Transcript The One People Show July 1, 2013 Click here

The awakening to our Universal Value is manifesting in perfect synchronicity as we learn in this latest video interview with Heather Tucci-Jarraf. Join D from Removing The Shackles blog as well as Bob Wright and Lisa Harrison, as they spend 90 minutes discussing the final pieces of the IUV INchange.

In the interview Heather makes reference to the slavery system you can click here to go down a few of those rabbit holes… and she references Your straw man, click here to find more about that.



Part one . Part two .

For the whole One People Radio show here is the audio file   .

The I UV INchange templates


24 Responses to “Heather Tucci-Jarraf and the I UV INchange 7.1.13”

  1. Thierry O. Harera says : Reply

    Awesome Sovereign Team! I know it’s real and yet it feels surreal….almost 🙂
    No bullies taking my lunch out of my mouth……..no more 🙂
    Here now begins my real learning journey by…. BEing and DOing 🙂
    Let’s the fun begin NOW! FREEDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!

    With Eternal Gratitude.

    I AM Sovereign Eternal Heart, im-bodied and Im-powered as Thierry O. Harera

  2. Max Tobin says : Reply

    Pre-sent Heart KNOWS its part!
    All praise to ALL for DOING what is called for by Mother (Earth n dna too) and Fathers (SUN + TIME?) embrace and loving intent.resonating thru all our wee self’s doing.
    TIME is SACRED NOW ALL together in the ZERO -POINT energtix.

  3. Manuela says : Reply


  4. Kenrick says : Reply

    When we talk about Freedom, we are talking about Freedom from private corporate Slavery. What Law specifically reversed the Legal control,that would be the evidence to show the bank when you request their service to utilize your value? According to my understanding what we called a Bank is really a (Debt Services). Now I believe they will be a Credit Services? Servicing the Creditors or I- eternal essences? Isn’t that appropriate? The document Heathers talking about, presumably illustrate the point where the reversal of our value by Fraud and Deception took place, turning us into debtor slave and the remedy that restored the system as it really was before the Fraud and Deception took place.
    Love and Light

    • Aaron says : Reply

      Kenrick is right here I feel.

      I found another comment from another thread on this site that I feel is relevant and ties in here also.

      From the comment thread under the Declaration document page:


      AL says : Reply
      June 28, 2013 at 1:25 pm

      Lisi McFenn. I can understand a mutual contract. This is a template But, there appears certain elements in it that it is set in authority under. That is
      Rec. No. 2013032035 PRE-PAID, PRE-AUTHORIZED, and PRE-APPROVE
      Universal and International Record No.2013032035, under perpetuity UCC Record No. 2000043135, all restated and incorporated in full by reference as if set forth in full.
      Ucc records ? Who filed these under what name ? See the problem ?
      Unrebutted UCC filings do not make law. Or foreclose on anything. Foreclosure is a process, part of that process is done in Court. For it to be effected, certain actions need to take place. Just because a claim is unanswered, doesn’t mean your claim is true. Govts or Banks wouldnt answer such a claim.OPPT or I-uv have never entered into a arrangement with them or have taken them to court. So nothing has happened at all.
      Logic of proof , is that if They have been foreclosed, Then the UCC would also be redundant , because it is their system they created. So these gleaming contradictions have rendered this as evidently redundant methodology.
      While i can appreciate that we all see apparent corruption within the system current, they arent powers that were. Nothing has been challenged, so nothing has been won. There are logical proceedings , but nothing logical has eventuated to prove these words of I-uv. In court or as an act of Justice. True law is established by its actions. The courts rule it through and the paramilitary behind it enact it. I-UV has no such backing.”

      This applies directly to the Strawman deception. But since this basic fundamental template and tool of the old system is based upon this, it ties directly into AL’s comment above in terms of not only explaining/showing the Law or acknowledged process that legitimizes the “unrebutted” claim of this, but makes it actionable, but also as a result of this, what law or acknowledgement informs the bank that this new way of doing things is credible and “Do-able”…. (you really don’t expect that bank officers, low or high level, will just sit back after hearing and reading our requests and say “ummmkay, we’ll do it”….?)

      Listening to this recording, I think Heather has brought up some very good points, and I DO see the validity and logic behind it as a useful tool under the old systems, BUT if there is no “IN-forcement” behind this with regards to PROVING that “unrebutted” = practical application, then I see uphill and impossibly resistant climb for this.

      For example: Heather mentions Gold & Silver as something “they” agreed to as settlement of debts. Well did anyone bother to tell the Fed Reserve that so when the bank that takes us up on the offer to “play” tries to get our FRN tools for use?

      Not intending to be a thorn in the side, but I feel this points above by both AL and Kenrick are valid.

      • noel says : Reply

        Hi Aaron, Sorry to prick your balloon but, you are wrong, an UNREBUTTED claim becomes Universal law, under UCC. A claim is on an affidavit it must be a fact. Courts only operate when there is a dispute, ie, such as if the claim was rebutted.
        Have you read all the documents ? if you did then you would know that the UCC was Foreclosed as well. Then there is the Strawman deception, Sorry your wrong again, it is not a deception and the Sovereign Movement pay their bills with their signature all the time. Maybe you should read Mary Crofts book you may learn a few things, you will find it on this site somewhere . cheers

  5. Lisi McFenn says : Reply

    Listening to the lawfulbank.com video noted above, the speaker indicates that the loans from lawful bank would BE different from current “system” bank loans in that lawful bank loans would BE interest free and require a fee. However, a loan is a loan. So wouldn’t a “loan” that had to BE paid back nonetheless BE the same thing as a loan from the current “system” which still has the people thinking they have to pay back the value to the bank, when the value should never have been the bank’s to give in the first place(??). Granted, the purpose of the lawful bank, per the speaker, is to keep the money in the hands of the people, but it would appear to still BE operating on the flawed principle that people are not their own value, but instead, that the bank has to “loan out” the value. Not to say that they might not be approachable for purposes of letting a person deposit his or her value into the lawful bank, except, isn’t the point of all this re-educating the banks to get them to realize the individuals ARE their own value? From what the speaker indicates, the lawful bank’s stance on “loans” would appear to BE no different from any other bank in the old paradigm banking system.

  6. Morgaine says : Reply

    Along the same line as what Kenrick has mentioned… My mind is stalling on the role of purported “banks” in the energetic depositing of value. I deeply felt the dissolution of these collective entities when the foreclosures happened (came into my conscious awareness), and now my mind is having to reconcile what it had dissolved and recreate a role for it if I choose to deposit value in exchange for funny-money. Brain bender for me. I’m now working on the transmutation and transition of these groups into service-based collectives. I believe that these documents serve as the initial energetic instrument of this transmutation (my mind is in the process of following where the energetic thread leads and how these collectives will transform and manifest into their new role). Re-purposing.

    Another mental stumbling block has been land “ownership”… and how to transition from an energetic of “ownership” to one of stewardship and co-creation. I am creating a center for Conscious Procreation, Parenting, and Childhood Education from pre-concenption through the process of lifelong parenting and co-education with our children. This will include a physical location for gathering, collecting wisdom threads, transformation, healing and education… and creating new models of community through our Conscious Parenting. This has been a dream for many years and now I’m following the synchronicity thread and so many connections are falling into place!

    In the development of this center I see one of the first steps as being how to co-create with Gaia a place in which to manifest this sacred space. I don’t see this as “owning” a piece of land and building a center in the previous paradigm model of “power-over”. Ownership of land was also dissolved by the former People’s Trust which resonated so completely for me. I’ve never “owned” any “property” and never want to… but I do want to co-create with Gaia a sacred space in which to manifest this dream. Back to DreamTime for me to follow the thread of transmutation of this land “ownership” frequency.

    Beloved Friends,
    Thank you for Co-Dreaming with me.
    You have my deepest Gratitude.

  7. noel says : Reply

    If people want their questions answered then maybe it could be arranged by D or Lisa to take all questions and get Heather to answer them on a Q & A column. To many people are giving unqualified opinions about the UCC that know nothing about how it works according to what I have read. These people are only confusing others. My first question would be.
    Q. Dealing with the foreclosed bank, would it not continue enriching the powers that be or were?

  8. Kenrick says : Reply

    One of the crucial factors that is self evident, is that divide and rule goes deeper than we think. It goes deep within each one of us. The major tool is deception of the mind within each of us,and unless you have taken the red pill or BEing a critical thinker, we will not see that the obvious, which is really a simple truth revealing what seems to be complicated.
    The truth seems so bazaar, that the quote, that the truth is stranger that fiction is an understatement . In my observation.
    The conclusion that oppt came to, is that the whole Legal system is Absolutely corruption and criminal. Its has reversed our rights and status and given to Corporations. So we get corporation status and the corporation get human rights status
    The problem is, for those who are seeking remedy for many, what seems to be different problems, is really one problem, (the system) and our perception of it. Instead of cutting leaves and branches as most do oppt took it out at the root. I believe the law of commerce is used with the ucc. In commerce the court is us, and the process. An unrebutted statement stands as Truth in commerce law.. The party who cannot prove their (Presumptions) loses or defaulted. This commercial system was infused with deception and fraud and is based on Presumptions which puts the burden of proof on us. If we do not rebut the presumptions it called a tacit agreement on our part. By flipping the system 180 degrees every thing should be right side Up. Presumed debtor is now creditor restated officially by oppt. “What a MIND Job” Remember the Universe is MENTAL. Knowing who we are is Absolutely a must on a spiritual level from the inside, as everything manifested outside comes from within, as we are the co creators without blame and victimhood. When we understand this and take RESPONSIBILITY, we are FREE and in powered. Love and Light.

  9. Kenrick says : Reply

    According to my understanding we the people have Equity rights in the Substance or value of the planet.. The corporate/government Claimed or Presumed Title Ownership in Name only, of the Value or real substance as in the strawman (Fiction) what I believe that what oppt did was to collapse the presumed claim of Title Ownership of the Earth our bodies and the resources. Based on the Facts that they cannot prove that they can own us, render those claims invalid and unrebuttable, This exposes the facts that the corporate/governments and countries are running a Private corporate Slavery System. by Deception Fraud Cohesion Collusion Threats of Force and Violence (War) unrebutted and unrebuttable. We played our part in this game by possessing or paying into these these unholy practices knowingly or unknowingly . Over one hundred years this Deception has been growing and growing without any serious challenge. One of the misconceptions ,is that people believe that we are helpless because the Government have Power, Laws all the Guns and Force and therefore they live in fear, cutting off their true power to their creator by being divided within. In my observation Power has been Defined by the Corporate machine as to who has the greatest FORCE weapons to compel others to submit to their corporate will. This must be stopped with Absolute Truth. Love and Light.

  10. Lisi McFenn says : Reply

    In response to noel: that was my trepidation about actually putting through a declaration for value deposit with a currently functioning bank, b/c who’s to say they’re not monetizing one’s signature in spite of having signed an agreement to the contrary? Informing bank employees’ awareness is one thing, but unless the individual eternal essence depositing his or her value then immediately withdrew it so as not to leave any of it sitting there in the bank, how could anyone possibly know what the heck the bank actually does with that deposited “money”, or with the signature(s) on any document(s)? Would that we could start our own system of banks, somewhat like the idea set out in Manuela’s post above (her link there), BUT with the clear understanding that all such “banks”, or “service centers” more like, ALREADY come from the intention of only servicing the individual’s value rather than trying to acquire any part of that individual’s value (other than agreed-on fees). Seems to me we need to start our own value servicing system, even in conjunction with re-educating banks, because old habits die hard, and those in charge, sorry to say, I just don’t trust… I would not want to take the chance of aiding & abetting the old paradigm, which would prove sizeable with enough value being put into old banks. Of course there’s the currency issue, but lots of folks are utilizing other modes of currency, and have been for some time. We’ve always been able to print our own local money. Look @ Ithaca, NY, for one example. Many towns and regions have their own local currency and have for years, based on individuals’ time exchange. I would like to see more local efforts to exchange value for value, which could get a huge boost with the i-uv exchange, and fan out into communities by spreading the word. Does it all just boil down to a currency issue? Is that why we’re so focused on banks? Somehow I just see a lot of value being siphoned off by the “banks that still be” once individuals start convincing these banks to accept their declarations. Although I definitely agree with a massive educational campaign to let these banks know how banking has reversed the value issue and that the banking industry worldwide needs to straighten that out (forthwith if not sooner). Banking employees & professionals need to hear us say that in any case. I get that those in the old banking paradigm need to be awakened and put onto how value should actually be regarded and treated, rather than how they’ve been doing it for so long, but why can’t we just start our own local systems for value on the side anyway?? Since the representation shouldn’t matter anyway. It almost seems as though by currently having to rely on the old paradigm banks in order to “deposit any value”, we’re possibly creating another waiting game wherein we can’t know for a fact that what we do deposit isn’t bolstering an old system, which to me, seems counterproductive. My understanding is that in Ithaca, one can trade the local currency in lots of businesses there, rather than relying solely on FRN’s. So I have to assume that the reason we’re relying on the old paradigm banks for accessing our value is the immediacy issue of doing so. So my point is that perhaps we could look at other options as well, and not focus on just one thing in terms of currency and value. I understand that IUV Exchange is good for that, but my point is, consider what can also be done locally. Any ideas/feedback welcome. Thx!

  11. SamNoelPearce says : Reply

    Hi Heather & Crew
    Around the camp fire under the starred sky of Nth NSW Australia my friends & I made a plan.
    MY STAGE 1. . .We would bail out those friends and Community Groups [we will call them Group A for convenience, that are in dire straits with burdensome debt, {almost like being suffocated with debt really}]….. which will give them the time/space to re-coup some energy and look at OPT seriously that then allows them to DIRECTLY access their own STAGE 1 [of OPT via MY STAGE 2 help with training & more training].
    The training & understanding of the process of VALUE, is for themselves and help others in the same process. So Group A has been relieved of crippling debt, and are able to “BE” some relaxed space, which allows time/space to “BE” & “DO”.
    MY STAGE 2 is to create a situation whereby the training can facilitate itself.

    So the process is very simple where “I” will access my own VALUE, and help the Community around me to be debt free, either with some cash money value backed by me, or training in the use of CNs, or both, SO THAT THEY CAN see how the process works, and have an understanding deep enough whereby they can train others into the same simple process.

    So the simple process is to train the trainer to train the trainer to train the trainer. .. I help you to help someone else who helps someone else…..

    The beginning is enough of us to self-educate to STAGE 1…. which is happening right now… 🙂

  12. Dear Heather I’m launching a new webcast July 13 on a new independent network and would urgently like to discuss scheduling you as a guest. Would you please email me at your earliest convenience? Thank you.

  13. Thierry O. Harera says : Reply

    In terms of resources optimization ( excellent stewardship) I wish to submit for your consideration a model created by Mr. Jaque Fresco ( The Venus Project, Future by Design). You may check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zn8MRKOskw

  14. SamNoelPearce says : Reply

    Dear CREW
    I also thought of another way to get the word out about OPT as there are very few who actually believe what is happening. . . they just have a blank look of disbelief,. . . and a small handfull (like 4%) have said they will wait & see. . .and in sending out 100 emails to friends 1 has responded?????Hmmmmm. . . this will take forever I thought. . . so I figured I approach it from the hip pocket. . .

    1]…To generate excitement immediately, and around here everyone is poor in $ terms.. $s cash & units in gold would suffice to generate that excitement. . ..
    2]…And the thought was to give every ‘free-bodied living ‘be’-ing’ 5000 units of value in gold/silver/& some FRNs as part of a 4 week training & role play in the OPT and the freedom aspect entailed.. . .
    3]…To enrich Community IMMEDIATELY (with clear concise inforrnation & VALUE) and then they realise that the OPT is for REAL, . . .[I mean r e a l l y . . . who would give away 5000 units of VALUE to each person if it was not real….]
    4]… Train THE Trainer to Train THE Trainer is the goal here, so that very quickly OPT will change the immediate society around the meeting site & that change will spread as they share this with small & large groups as they themselves may “BE’ Inpowered to “DO” so. .

    Sharing Group 1]. .. Buddy up with a group around you when each attendee is given a workshop manual+$1000 cash value, and then we discuss what OPT is about in detail enough to show them how it works… with mention of follow up sharings that explain VALUE and how to access same in all shape manner & form. . including how to access the other ($)4000 units initially spoken about (and as we know that is not really that relevant, but as a carrot in front of the donkey it will work to get people into OPT and all that it entails…).

    Sharing Group 2-5] Allows a printed booklet to affirm all the needed paper-work to utilise the OPT . they form ‘pods’ of 3-9 people in which we role-play the varied aspects involved and discuss this to its clarity in all aspects available. . . . . and at the end of which we give them another 4000 units of VALUE if they want it… and they can come to the next sharing groups where the same process unfolds….


  15. Jesse says : Reply

    Heather D and ground crew

    We love you and are behind 1000% delays sometimes happen and we must understand that everything has a time and place We have forever to get this right but hopefully sooner than later keep on keepin on !

    Love and Peace

  16. Reen says : Reply

    I understand the desire to “TRAIN” others about the UCC Filings to put a fire under those who don’t receive it with enthusiasm. This isn’t about education in the way that we usually consider it. This is about giving time to allow our programing to be gently dismantled. If it were about education only, it would be said and done with by now. It has to be understood on a mental, heart, and soul level, and that takes time and consideration on every beings part. This has to be done within the being and know one can teach it or speed it up.

    The ego loves this aspect of tricking us to think we can go out there and teach or train under the disguise of “HELPING”. Consider it may be you who has the need to learn something on another level of knowing. The ego would love to put a stopper on that.

    The best teacher is the one that says “oh shit”! when asked to impart knowledge, the worst one beams with absolute glee.

    • SamNoelPearce says : Reply

      Share the tools and use them oneself, then all we do is lead by example. . . There is no ‘we’, or ‘ego’ (even though there is a concept OF. . .), or if there is an ego it is one of so-called Spirit demonstratively allowing Life to arise ‘as’ ‘us’. . . thru & ‘as’ this amazing manifestation of so-called life. . . and this part of it here is typing/sharing this with no “Oh shit”, or “absolute glee”. . . and there is no disagreement with what you say as well, as you are where you see Life arising & thats undeniably perfectly fine. . . as what is said is ‘actually as it is’ (regardless of how we see this manifestation life appears to be). . . the best teacher is LIFE itself, in ‘actuality’ of here-now, simply ‘as it is’. . and this find-ability, ‘as’ ‘actuality’ [when ‘we’ simply ‘rest’ ‘as’ ‘life’ ‘is’, as it appears for us]. . . cannot be taught at all. . . as its YOUR re-sponse-ability to ‘be’ your own ‘doing’. . . as part of this herein so-called ego Spirit simply ‘is’ that. . . 🙂 . . and sure we can share tools & experience to facilitate that evolving up-liftment of Humanity as a whole. . . many blessings 🙂 unedited

  17. debbie martz says : Reply

    love all of this its unfolding in perfect time!

  18. SHAVON says : Reply

    How is Heather? Is she ok?

  19. Hello Heather my name is ANTHONY RAMIREZ that’s my business name the corporation is using in there corporation I was watching a video of your the way you were talking as if this money war was won, so if that’s the case then can you help me out because I’m accessing the my value but I can’t get them to release the money it seem like I ain’t got all the right remedy down or something

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