Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf: I UV Exchange “All Launch May” !

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Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf: I UV Exchange “All Launch May” !


Skype message from Heather to Linda for all to See Monday April 29, 2013

[4/29/13 6:40:29 AM] Heather : On 4/29/13, at 6:36 AM, Linda (Rays of Sunshine) wrote:

D, Brian, whoever wants to answer……I have to ask something that has been on my mind. Back at the end of March it was said that “replacements of past harvesting tools begin to be implemented next week” and that was a month ago. Can anyone in the ‘know’ address this?


I/UV lawful and legal structure was implemented that next week…BE’ing and DO’ing ARE the I/UV Exchange Absolute Tech….we just amped it up and Caleb made a bridge NOW technology to assist all to see, know and experience what IS that Absolute Tech….

Project XIII is launching as the I/UV tools of assistance….it combines and changes the functions formerly provided by harvesting tools such as Facebook, UCC, purported Departments of Licensing, purported banks, etc….

All in one and operates transparently and universally, not just globally, internationally or nationally….

The biggest recalibration tool of I/UV Exchange IS that each embodiment is solely responsible for their BE’ing, Value and DO’ing…all that they BE, DO, all their value, etc. is controlled solely by their Self on their IPage, transparently for all to know, engage with, and deliver by free will choice….

And, yes, their 10 Billion in gold and silver will be in their UV Ixchange account that will BE accessible through their IPage….an official announcement for the official launch is BE’ing prepared now…all launch May.

[3:14:15 AM] Heather: The gold and silver are co-partner/operators with every embodiment that respectfully chooses to co-partner/operate with the gold and silver….those who abuse it will find that the gold silver doesn’t stick around very long to play with them.

(heart) and to answer your next question that I can already hear…yes, please repost as you choose to.

I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate


absolutely true…


9 Responses to “Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf: I UV Exchange “All Launch May” !”

  1. UmanMike says : Reply

    ***HEUREKA*!*!*!* ….and she DOES move indeed!!!

    In Absolute *Gratitude* and *Appreciation* – eternal *Love* and *Harmony*!

  2. Hi Heather and Linda,

    Thanx for the update…

    I’m Eternal Essence Embodied and FREE
    Oliver Troll

  3. so you built a system which relies on gold being able to choose who uses it? well considering the abuses its allowed so far all i can say is, good luck with that! you will need it.

    you have considered the wishes of the people at all that you are supposed to represent and then you wonder why people take issue with you.

    • Gary,

      There will always be people out there with issues no matter how you spin things. People have to do their own research and understand the concept in their own pace.

      Either you understand the concept or you don’t.


      • gary says : Reply

        why not just explain it. as trustee’s (former) surely they have a duty to explain. why write everything is supposed 5d legalese. 3s legalese is what we was all trying to get rid of in our life. and least that made sense. there is no description in here at all how the exchange or economy will work. you can have trade without exchange. simply saying we are worth 10 billion isnt enough we actually have to be worth that by possesing that as hard assets. not some digits on a screen. thats as bad as the federal reserave. i like oppt and the filings but this is just nuts.

  4. Ana says : Reply

    I want to understand this, you create a page on a site guess could compare to a fb profile system were there will be numbers typed into a computer to represent Gold and Silver bit like money, and all will have access to your information entered on that page bit like a NWO, You say in a world where equality is absolute we only get access to this cyber monetary system if we co-partner so in contract with all of the OPPT. ( so if not part of the OPPT not worthy of any benefit) oh and if their choice to use this cyber money is not done respectfully it will disappear, (now this I don’t even understand). I am sorry before I truly comment did I understand any of this correctly????

  5. Ann says : Reply

    Thank you with all my heart Heather, Caleb, Randal, and the countless others who have stretched me to the limit of my understanding, way beyond the bounds of my education and conditioning, into a place of knowing that I don’t need to know.

    Lol: I haven’t a clue how all this will work and the wonder is that I don’t care, I don’t have to have proof or understanding or anything really.

    I love you all and thank you again.


  6. Geri says : Reply

    Love and blessings to one and all. I am a little similar to Ann in that I don’t really understand how things are going to work when all is said and DOne, but I have faith and in my unknowingness, I feel happy as there is no fear remaining, just love, peace, joy and complete trust in the ONEness that is now here.

    Peace n love to every ONE!!


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