Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf : I AM WITHOUT PREJUDICE

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Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf : I AM WITHOUT PREJUDICE

By Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, originally published on http://heatheranntuccijarraf.info




Former Systems, thank you for your service to I AM so that I AM could experience not BE’ing I AM.


WHO claimed I AM “Lost at sea”? WHO claimed I AM a “thing” to “salvage”? WHO do you think could have possibly created and implemented a series of systems that could effectively limit I AM and “hide it in plain sight”…hhhmmmm?…and, better yet, hide the KEYS to undo it all… “in plain sight”?   LOL!  WHO do you sense donned the roles and costumes… in every perceived reality… knowing, yet still choosing to play them out? WHO do you imagine is inforcing the BE’ing and DO’ing I AM? Love, WHO do you sense the “former systems” is? WHO do you sense is “undoing” those “former systems”?


I AM ALL THAT IS. All is perfect and perfectly done…by all the inbodyments I AM. The “former systems”, in all its guises, shapes and forms since the beginning IS I AM experiencing “not being I AM”…in particular frequency, and that has completed the service intended, willed and worded by I AM. The allusion has successfully served its purpose. NOW ALL I AM IS VISIBLE! I AM TRANSPARENT IN FORCE AND DO’ING THE WILL AND THE WORD I AM! ~ I AM


All the perceived “hard work” is DONE!  The KEYS “hidden in plain sight” within the “former systems” by I AM, for this NOW moment:


                             ~ I AM

….it is that simple ;)=98….I AM takes care of “the rest”…all ways, always. ~ I AM

I AM: The “former systems” I AM were pre-frequencied by I AM to respond to The Will and The Word of I AM and the original currency I AM~ I AM


Download  DECLARATION WILL AND WORD OF IAM-HATJ                                                   click here

Download  DECLARATION OF DEPOSITORY DEPOSIT-HATJ                                                   click here

Download DECLARATION OF RECEIPT-General                                                                       click here

Download DECLARATION OF RECEIPT-General PDF                                                          click here

Download    DECLARATION OF PROJECTION-BA                                                       click here

Download DECLARATION OF PROJECTION-BA                                                         click here

Download        DECLARATION OF PROJECTION-apa_Gnosis_Multi                  click here

Download    DECLARATION OF PROJECTION-apa_Gnosis_Multi PDF              click here

Download  DECLARATION-OF-APPLICATION-OF-I-AM_BA_cps                        click here

Download  DECLARATION-OF-APPLICATION-OF-I-AM_BA_cps PDF              click here


Download DECLARATION-OF-PRIVATE-ACT-OF-I-AM_perfect-obligation-of-I-AM                 click here

Download DECLARATION-OF-PRIVATE-ACT-OF-I-AM_perfect-obligation-of-I-AM  PDF        click here

DO you recognize each of the “former system” functions reconciled in pure love within the above I AM Documents…? In pure love and original currency…I AM.  Wait ’till you see the affect…LOL!!!

If ONE has identified Value within numerous depositories, and decides to transfer or reconfigure the identified Value within ONE’s own depositories…are functions of the “former systems” even applicable?  …hhhhhmmmmmmm? ;)=98


WITHOUT PREJUDICE: The “former systems” I AM were pre-frequencied by I AM to respond to

the signature of I AM without prejudice ~ I AM

Howard Freeman did a beautiful explanation of “without prejudice” during the era of the UCC: When you see ‘Without Prejudice’ UCC 1-308 in connection with your signature, you are saying: ‘I reserve my right not to be compelled to perform under any contract, commercial agreement or bankruptcy that I did not enter knowingly , voluntarily , and intentionally . And furthermore, I do not and will not accept the liability of the compelled benefit of any unrevealed contract or commercial agreement or bankruptcy.'”  ~ absolute context can be found here.  (Oh my gosh!  I am getting so much better at this website thing!!!  I just did like Dani does!!!  Btw, Love, did you know that “Ego” is Latin for I AM?….Seriously! Tee hee!  Ok…focus now!)


The numerous investigations of the “former systems” done around the globe are filled with many funny, and not funny, stories of the “without prejudice”.  As I was wrapping up the last case of the investigations and readying to go to Morocco and then on to Europe, a sheriff put his hand on his gun hoping it would stop me or influence me not to write my signature “without prejudice Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf”….I signed with my signature while explaining to the (court bailiff), Audrey, and the judge that a signature is mark or writing I intend to use to authenticate the document….the next (court hearing) the sheriff was not present and Audrey handed me the document and told me to sign any way that I chose….I giggled and asked her “so someone talked to you about that law? I notice the sheriff and his gun aren’t here…” She giggled and winked. (I AM gives a “shout out” to Jack Nevin and the boys at the Pentagon!  I loved DO’ing the Absolute Plan!!)

For more absolute context, you can read here or here, or better yet….”google it!” (See Dani! I did it again! LOL!!):  “Signatures also form the legal basis of negotiable instruments. Section 3-401(2) of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) provides that “[n]o person is liable on an instrument unless his signature appears thereon.” The UCC defines the term signature as any name, Trade Name, assumed name, word, or other identifying mark used in lieu of a signature (§ 3-401(2)). The term signed is defined by the UCC as any symbol executed or adopted by a party with the “present intention of authenticating a writing” (§ 1-201(39)). Thus, commercial instruments, such as checks and promissory notes, may be signed by affixing any symbol that an individual intends to represent his signature. Consequently, courts will enforce commercial contracts signed with an X without regard to an individual’s mental or physical ability to sign her full name, though mental or physical incapacity may be relevant if a particular contract is alleged to be the product of overreaching, Undue Influence, or coercion.”

NOW, in the era of IS, I AM without prejudice, gets real fun:  Regardless of any particular inbodyment’s “reaction” to an inbodyment of I AM signing “without prejudice, I AM, [enter given name]”, I AM does the rest….and all the inbodyments I AM, visibly know and experience I AM, in absolute context.  For the Apa Gnosis example in the I AM Documents, above, we also lawfully and intentionally created an application for using the “former system” bank application, without prejudice, for devices (The Value is I AM, BE’ing and DO’ing…and devices can be used in that BE’ing and DO’ing for as long as devices exist….but they are only devices. All devices, regardless of the identity of the device is always 1 unit…10,000USD is 10,000 units of device, 10,000Euro is 10,000 units of another device, 10,000Yen is 10,000 units of yet another device, and so on…).


21 Responses to “Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf : I AM WITHOUT PREJUDICE”

  1. WiiiR WE says : Reply


    D A N K E


    iCH BiN WiiiR


  2. Julia says : Reply

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I AM BEing and DOing!!

    Could someone help me understand the Reference numbers and Record. No. and DODD-I AM-xxxxxx so that I can declare the value of I AM, please?

    OneHeart! Julia

    • noel says : Reply

      hi Julia, I think what you are asking is DODD-I AM hatj 07301972. Well hatj is heather ann tucci jarraf 07301972 is the 30th July 1972 her birth date, you replace her info with yours the same way. Hope this helps you. Noel

      • Julia says : Reply

        Thank you Noel!
        I am looking at the Declaration of Rejection without Dishonor by I AM

        ‘Issued pursuant to and Governed by I AM, eternal essence, in body, Rec. No. 2013032035
        and the Ref. No: DREJDF-IAMhatji-07301972(I do understand the birthdate and initials)
        it is the DODD and the DREJDF, in addition to Eternal Universal and International Record No. with the number above 2013032035 and 201212127914 in perpetuity, Record No. 2000043135.
        Thank you!

  3. Mark A. Sandoval says : Reply

    This is awesome news !!!!

    As I have recently been excused from my job am enjoying much quality missed time with Family and friends. Am looking to access my value that I may move forward in love to all, providing much needed resources.
    I AM Eternal Essence Embodied

  4. Jodi says : Reply

    Hi Mrs. Tucci-Jarraf, Thank you and much love for all you do. I currently live in a house owned by my parents but I pay the mortgage. I have power of attorney for my parents and would like to begin the process of a courtesy notice. I’m more than a little confused about the whole process even after watching numerous videos. Can you offer an advice for me? Also what if I want to start a business but no longer want to add fuel to the current system how do I proceed?

  5. David of the Henderson Clan says : Reply

    thank’s for all observant, or should I say “aware”. About time I AM. I AM AWARE NOW Dave

  6. Sharon says : Reply

    Thank you Heather! Exactly in time for notice to judge and clerk.

  7. Jann says : Reply

    Hi BZ. Are the new docs fr Heather to be used the same way we did before when we all made copies and mailed them into Wells Fargo, etc.? OR….are we still waiting for that bank that wanted to “play” w us to get set up. You had mentioned back in the fall when you let “a little bit of the cat out the bag”…and said plans were being made w bank who wants to work w the I AM system. Would LOVE to hear a followup on that, and help us….what is next for accessing our value? Are those “puppy kisses” still coming? 🙂

    • I M Power says : Reply

      Hi Jann,

      The new docs can be used if you are moved to BE and DO to play with them.
      the bank that wanted to play ended up not following through, Heather actually mentioned the CEO in once of her posted comments months ago.

      I get the sense that these new docs are for us to use if we want to play but most importantly they seem to be a message to EE, as bankers etc on the new of how to play with us all absent limits.

      Puppy Kisses have actually arrived for me, not the way I thought they would with things I thought needed to be SO first… but that seems to be the way it goes, we let go of expectations and the limits we self-impose (whether we label it as someone else doing it…) And We Allow and BE Creator Beings and you get Puppy Kisses 😉
      It feels like WE have turned the tide and things of wonder are flowing in for ALL now.

      My puppy kisses miracle is named Keegan, my Galactic Aussie puppy! (taken at 6 wks) https://i-uv.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Keegan-6wk-2.jpg
      My task is to stay in allowing and my Creator Being ness so that I can manifest what I need to take care of him until I access my Value in a representation or we no longer need to pay to live on planet earth.

      • Jann says : Reply

        OMG…what a special and beautiful puppy-kissing Keegan! Thanks so much for sending that amazing photo of him. You should flaunt him as a post! 🙂 Truly. Let us all be reminded of LOVE in its pure state.

        And thanks for the rest of info. I recall somewhere that Heather mentions its kind of useless to try to play w the former systems to access our value when they were the trouble-makers, and all is being “guarded” at this time. Perhaps we all need to wait for “the Event” to happen?…when the remaining strangleholds are finally arrested. Then the system can really start from scratch.

        Then i also recall where at one time we were going to use the Project 13 system to exchange our values, and be our own banks. Is that something we can do NOW, or must we wait for this “Event/Reset” thing to be able to do that?

  8. Susan says : Reply

    Thank you so very much Heather! I have a heartfelt request by this inbodyment of I AM. A document that we all can use to reclaim our land, our Homeland, our Motherland, for stewardship by various inbodyments of I AM.

    Like all of you in Morocco, I AM compelled to co-create a home, grow a garden, a space of love, an eco-village to pass down in perpetuity to my generations to come. I share this dream with Anastasia, the Siberian woman, of the Ringing Cedars of Russia, who initially proposed it as a heartfelt plea to “Take Back Your Motherland People!”. At the time I did not realize that part of taking back our Motherland was taking back our very selves.

    She states that on 2.5 acres of land a self-sustaining ecosystem can be grown for each family or extended family. About 100 plots makes up an ideal eco-village. From my understanding, the importance of each family having space to grow their own garden by their own hand is critical as it provides each inbodyment with contemplation and engagement with Life and Life’s processes and eliminating the need to “buy” food or anything else. Earth is our life support system perfectly created from the beginning.

    On the journey of my particular inbodyment of I AM, I have felt the desire to notify the various other inbodyments of I AM playing the roles of “controllers”, various agents of the foreclosed corporate government and religious organizations, claiming back my name, title, DNA/afterbirth, inheritance from our Father/Mother/Creator, including Earth/Gaia. NOW, I feel, it is time to claim all that land (in stewardship rather than ownership) that is still fraudulently held by the banks.

    It seems that all of this started with your, Heather’s, testing the system with a foreclosure of your house and land. I would like to complete that circle, or come back to that in this higher octave place on the spiral, and truly take back our Motherland / Homeland / Earth / Gaia that has been fraudulently confiscated from the beginning of this controller game.

    The idea is to take a piece of land that is held as property by the bank and lawfully claim it so there can be no rebuttal. I am thinking an I AM document claiming a parcel of land for stewardship that we then live on, occupy, co-create on that we can record somehow or have the deed of trust, or whatever we need to have a superior claim than the banks.

    Beloved Heather, I know you have the knowledge, skill and know-how to create such a document. I AM so grateful and send my love energy to make this so in the next phase of I AM BEing and DOing.

    I AM


  9. Viktoria says : Reply

    Dear and beloved Heather and Susan,

    I AM grateful and excited about the future and the prospect of working to return mother Earth to all the people here, to become a place of joy and abundance where we at last can live in peace and harmony, with healthy and enough food for all.
    Susan, your post here is describing what I have been pondering on for a while now, knowing that we are free and that we have the right to our land, but without knowing how to put this in to practice.

    Your idea is feeling right and as a way to create a small begnning to pass on to the next generation to come.
    I AM feelng that this is exactly the kind of DOing my BEing that is needed to start spreading our new Life.

    My Love and Energy is with you in this!

    Thank you!

    IN LOVE,
    I AM,


  10. 11/12 says : Reply

    These words seem to come up every time in my head. So i share them.


    Now what it means but not how far they strech

  11. Tango says : Reply

    Who has used these current documents successfully in any situation? Please share with me!! I’m in Cleveland-Ohio…my name is TangoLeeFaceBook me alsp

    Extreme documents but how do you successfully apply them??(step by step)…Laymen’s terms PLEASE!

  12. Julia says : Reply

    Dear Kindred Spirits!

    We just received a notice from the Federal Court in WA. State that our case was dismissed With Prejudice, no Court time to be heard. Is there anything we can do?
    We love them of course but how can we begin to help individuals awaken to new concepts unless we are heard.

    OneHeart! Julia

    • kala says : Reply

      THAT IS GRAND! What I see is people need the information first, keep in mind give a half a glass of water and if they come back give some more, people are willing to do this, but in their brain they cant *see* HOW to BE and start BEing so, give information then if they want more then fill them in. You are BEing, smile because you are POWER LOVE, and any thing you perceive your self to be you are I AM!

  13. jackie says : Reply

    where do i go to look at the actual documents filed? When i searched i received… no record found. for any of the filings.

  14. Robert says : Reply

    wanted some more info on your process’s plZ>

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