HATJ’s court case today….

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HATJ’s court case today….

by Olie, published on I Uvsweden, on August 4, 2017








Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf had her identity hearing today. I’m in no way any expert on any legal system but I’ve got some ideas about what went down today.

Apparently the Judge had already made up her mind at an early stage.

The judge did not allow Heather to represent her self and stalled the process all the way through. Heathers lawyer wanted to dismiss himself from the case several time but was not allowed to do so by the Judge?! Apparently the Judge did not even look at the evidence HATJ had brought forward. What does that tell you?

Heather never signed any documents and was not allowed to make her voice heard  the way she wanted. The Judge routinely ignored her cause she knew that Heather was very aware of her doings. The Judge also wanted Heather to waive her constitutional rights having her own defender in order to ‘protect’ HATJ since she was not knowing what she was doing. This is how the courts try to confuse people by throwing out such nonsense with their legalese!!!! When Heather did not cave in the Judge just shut her case down!

Despite Heather stating she was a human imbodied original aka a living being the Judged ruled her to be a ‘strawman’. The courts have no jurisdiction over human beings thus why the ‘strawman’ was put forth without Heathers consent. Heather was doing the same as the Montana Mountain man… below.. with the difference that his judge walked out on him so he could leave the court room. Cause his judge new she had no jurisdiction over his claim to be a living human being thus not a ‘strawman’.


The cases are totally different but the principles are the same meaning that both are arguing they are living beings and not the alleged overlay of a ‘strawman’.

Now that was the first kicker that means that HATJ will be extradited to TN and Knoxville. The Judge wanted to get rid of this case sooner then later and dropped it in the knee lap of another judge in TN.

Randys RV was paid for in full and Heather did not earn a dime from this purchase. This means that the accounts exist but still they want to frame both Randy and Heather with fraud??

The second kicker is that the REVELATION of the corrupt and confusing court system plays along for us to have even more momentum for the movement of freeing all humans.

Neil, Steve and Lisa covered the court case excellently today!! Much kudos to you guys and everyone else who was there with you (Bill, Youssef etc etc). Lisas input was brilliant at the end, she was thrown out of the court …. cause she could not hold her self back seeing the fraud being played out in front of her.. ! Here is the link to Neils periscope.. account with today’s coverage.

They might have bought themselves some time which is all good… but they also gave us more time to rally around this matter in a peaceful way. I’m sure more details will be brought forward in this matter…

… keep it up folks you did great today… we are the ones we’ve been waiting for and bless you all, this is how we the people take our planet back in peace.



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  1. Barbara says : Reply

    Well– after 10 minutes of “wallow time” it occurred to me how much I just can’t wait for the solar eclipse to occur!– then I realized, hey–we’re already in the Lion’s Gate Portal– just need to take FULL advantage of these cosmic waves of support offered up to us from the Source of All. It’s coming in all month — It’s soooo not over, so please don’t get discouraged. It’s a Process– a learning process for those who are choosing to let go of the old energies, and for those who are desperately hanging on in fear and loathing. We are teaching the unbudgeables a sad sorry lesson, Dear Hearts!! That is: We’re NOT going to give up, give out or give in. But we will Give All our Love– Yes? So– Keep High Vibe thoughts flowing minute by minute – visualizing and FEELING each other’s Vibrant Green Heaven on Earth Garden Goodness as we conciously stand up for each other and those Sisters and Brothers who are Doing the hard work- and bless those who will choose not to receive our Gifts– for they will fall away and disappear. It’s not to be borne much longer. Trust the Universe!!!!!
    We’ve already “won”– I know because I KNOW who I AM. And also BISS (because I said so)! LOL! (lot’s of Love).

  2. Tony says : Reply

    frustrated as hell, periscope not working for me, anyone else having problems,

  3. Barbara says : Reply

    I also meant to include Olie that your thoughts about today’s court event were right on. Thank you for all you said. I’m not a legal Beagle either, but the show was so revealing to the millions who are watching the unfoldment. Coo-coo-ka-choo Mrs. Robinson! Heaven has a Place for those who . . . LOL!

  4. DLNesara says : Reply

    Thank you all for keeping us posted. Sending Love And Light from Michigan.

  5. Tony says : Reply

    Just thinking that becuz the judge would only recognize heather as a strawman, will she still have to consent to be extradited and have to sign something to make that happen, thereby contracting as her strawman ? Anyone want to take a crack at this,

  6. Ken Hamel says : Reply

    Please use the judges names when you refer to them in the articles Deborah Robinson magistrate ,her name needs to be in mind so they automatically respond every time they hear the name..

  7. Ken Hamel says : Reply


    by Montgomery Blair Sibley, ©2013, from Amo Probos
    Magistrate Judge Deborah A. Robinson spent eight years as an assistant U.S. attorney for the District of Washington, DC, where she “prosecuted criminal actions”

    (Aug. 6, 2013) — In my last post, I described the curious case of USA v. Duke which resulted in the dismissal of the indictment by the Article I Magistrate Judge Deborah A. Robinson. (Pictured at right).

    In sum, I discovered that neither the law nor the facts granted Magistrate Judge Robinson the authority to dismiss the indictment against Elizabeth Duke. Accordingly, on July 26, 2013, I filed my Third Verified Motion for Reconsideration of Order Dismissing Indictment.

    In response, Magistrate Judge Robinson entered an order denying my Third Verified Motion. What the order says, the public cannot know as she has sealed it from the public. Here is the docket entry in USA v. Duke:
    07/30/2013 9 LEAVE TO FILE DENIED – Third Verified Motion for Reconsideration of Order Dismissing Indictment and Motion to Intervene or to Appear as Amicus Curiae as to ELIZABETH DUKE. Signed by Magistrate Judge Deborah A. Robinson on 7/30/2013. This document is unavailable as the Court denied its filing. (dr) (Entered: 07/31/2013)

    Wait a minute: I demonstrate that Magistrate Judge Robinson was without authority to dismiss this Indictment charging Elizabeth Duke with bombing the Capitol and that she plainly lied in her Order dismissing that Indictment and her reaction is to seal her Order denying my Third Motion for Reconsideration? What has she to hide?

    And what of her supervisors, the thirteen (13) Article III Judges to whom I wrote a letter detailing that Article I Magistrate Judge Robinson exceeded her jurisdiction and lied in her Order dismissing the Indictment. I know they received the letter yet not a single one has responded.

    Thus I feel it is particular apt to quote the United States Supreme Court opinion in Communist Party v. Subversive Activities Control Board, 351 U.S. 115, 124 (1956):

    The untainted administration of justice is certainly one of the most cherished aspects of our institutions. Its observance is one of our proudest boasts. . . . Therefore, fastidious regard for the honor of the administration of justice requires the Court to make certain that the doing of justice be made so manifest that only irrational or perverse claims of its disregard can be asserted.

    Make no mistake: Article I Magistrate Judge Robinson has “tainted” the “administration of justice.” My claims of malfeasance by Article I Judge Magistrate Robinson are neither “irrational” nor “perverse” and hence I have only one locale to discharge my duty to see that “the Government be administered according to law.” Fairchild v. Hughes, 258 U.S. 126, 130 (1922).

    • Avau says : Reply

      Thank you Ken Hamel, will you help out with BZ, Lisa, Jossef, Bill, Terran in helping Heather? They surely need more like minded people that are familiar with the law, and reading thru you post, you are there, will you? I know they appreciate your help especially Heather, indeed. Thank you.

    • The 13th Warrior says : Reply

      You the man Ken. Now what can we do as supporters to further shine the light of scrutiny and ultimately have this trick of a Judge arrested? At a minimum flood her ass with phone calls or something.

  8. Andrew says : Reply

    Fair play is not a noted attribute of the old system. Early supreme court opinions are typically ignored, they originate from substantive law; when the money became colorable, the legal (colorable) systems were created to follow suit. Substance cannot deal in fiction, and vise-versa. There are many of us out there whom have learned the hard way regarding these issues, the distinct lack of honor often visible when engaging these now defunct systems, and what it looks like from inside the cage many of us have been locked up in as a result off our efforts to stand in honor and uphold the actual law.
    Viewed from a purely energetic level, I feel a great deal of sorrow for those who continue to uphold the old systems, the repercussions of maintaining such a position appear rather uncomfortable as all that is continues to become fully visible.

    • Chrstine says : Reply

      Well said Andrew. I’ve learnt the hard way. This case is very important to me as it is exposing the true face of the judicial system, the very system that was put in place to protect us. This case confirms everything I believed during my 6 year experience. I felt during and at the end despite the HARD EVIDENCE the judge acted with prejudice as the other party did not have to comply with court orders, or comply with judges directions re: timing to present. She acted to favour one part over another that was made very clear. If at the end of this there is remedy I will belong gladly join such class actions.

  9. sergei vanderwiel says : Reply

    We do know why, at least thats where I am today 8/5/17 The khazarian mafia has taken over our legal system, and a lot more things, like google and youtube ETC. Plain and simple and, they don’t follow the rules they make us follow, they never have. They assume other peoples identification ….they USE us beasts, as they call us for whatever they want People in law enforcement, used to be peace officers, are in a very bad place…..just think, you join the organization to help people from the bad guys and unknowingly, are working for them, for peanuts , when, in fact, they too are the beneficiary of millions of dollars same old tricks that have been going on for ever theft of others hard earnings I guess it not so plain and simple but, it has worked for them for thousands of years thats where my head is this morning I love all you folks who love humanity and Heather ? shes awesome no if`s and`s or but`s

  10. FRANZ says : Reply

    It will come all out
    Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf and all others stay strong
    our prayers r with u and our ever lasting LOVE and Gratitude as well with infinite LOVE … donna divina

  11. Charlie says : Reply

    Anyone willing to take a wager?

    I wager that the transcripts of this court action will either “mysteriously” disappear, or be sealed in such a way that the awakened peoples of this world will never see them.

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      well there are not any transcripts until we can fork up the pretty penny to pay to have them made for us. And then we have to figure out how to know if the transcriber and the transcription is clean and not tainted. we will set the intent and get it done 🙂

  12. Kennyboy says : Reply

    Perhaps its about time for Heather and ALL the supporters to start thinking about “Working on this fraud systems support base” by helping THEM understand WHY this system WILL even betray THEM…IF they continue to ENFORCE their corruption. That would be ALL the enforcement folks such :Bailiffs/ Police/ Sheriffs/lower level Lawyers/ LOWER Level EVERYONE involved with enforcements!
    By doing THIS, we will pull the legs out from under this vile system…Remember the actual “Controllers” are a VERY small group…Its base numbers into BILLIONS!!!
    IT GREAT to see all the support comments here!!!

  13. Avau says : Reply

    Gordon Leroy Hall “identity trial” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiakoJ532sA

  14. Cyntia says : Reply

    WOW! What we are witnessing with Heather and Randy, has been happening behind the curtain for millennium to millions of individuals across this Planet. We have been stripped from our Freedom, Human Rights and Abundance.
    Everything now is in perfect planetary and Divine alignment for us to take back our Gaia, our Lives, our Divine Birth Right and to share our Lives together through Love, Acceptance, and Diversity

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