# HATJ: Visual for meditation 8.4.17 10 AM EST

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 # HATJ: Visual for meditation 8.4.17 10 AM EST

by Sophia Love, published on August 3, 2017








A visual for tomorrow’s global freedom meditation, care of Jack Sturgeon:

We are accessing the Quantum Field; adding to it our vision and knowing of what takes place.  We all FEEL into this love, freedom, abundance and sovereignty as if it is happening NOW.


Add to it Heather’s freedom, the case thrown out and we the people basking in abundance.

Just before 10 AM EST on Friday, August 4, 2017, see this as already having been manifested. See Heather coming out of the court room, she is thrilled, jumping up and down, people surrounding her. The press is all over her, she is crying, can’t catch her breath, smiling from ear to ear, hugging everybody, going down the line hugging everyone…. You get the Picture!!!

Then enter the meditation with the above images and at that moment, “FEEL” from the images in the scene, that wonderful joy as it rises up and gets intense.  Flash more images of the above, the FEELINGS continue, you repeat this process, holding the FEELINGS as long as you can, ……..then comes a time when you can’t hold the FEELINGS any longer…. now offer THANKFULNESS AND GRATITUDE FOR THE CREATION THAT YOU’VE PARTICIPATED IN.


See you at 10 AM EST tomorrow!

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for ~ let’s do this.

With so much love,


21 Responses to “# HATJ: Visual for meditation 8.4.17 10 AM EST”

  1. Anna says : Reply

    I will be in the GCI care room and will FEEL there. At my end, the Meeting of Hearts will be at 3 pm (GMT). Too bad it will not be possible to assess how many people “switched on” at that time for Heather and for the New Paradigm…

    • John S says : Reply

      Heather we are right behind you in every way.Stay strong as you have the real fighting spirit to crunch the monsters.

  2. CASEY says : Reply

    HATJ, our spirits are with you! May you channel it like a courtroom rockstar!!! We are all sending love and positivity for you and everyone around or involved. Good luck to the entire team!

  3. kendra says : Reply

    Thank you so much Heather and team, I love you! ♡♡♡♡

  4. Darcie says : Reply

    Even though I can’t be there to support you HATJ, I WILL be with you in spirit! Thank you for the beautiful image! (Who is the artist?) We are strong, we are one, we are. As above, yes, YOU are the star! Go team!

  5. Teresa says : Reply

    Zorra/Father God’s Conference Call with update information about Heather’s situation, being protected by the Galactic Federation, Prime Creator in female form, right there in court! Zorra said her case will be dismissed! https://youtu.be/V_PiE9TeOHQ

  6. Kevin Leaper says : Reply

    I love you all so much and Heather I will be sending you my prayers and energy at 9:57am and my family as well we are all with you and are sending you our love and strength we are as one.❤️

  7. Michael K says : Reply

    I will be there in spirit as well, visualizing the outcome we all want. Success!

  8. Eddie says : Reply

    When will an update be posted in regards to this. Best love and wishes people. Manifest our vision.

  9. UmanMike says : Reply


  10. kristy says : Reply

    sending love your way! thank you for fighting for people you dont even know…this my friends is what the world should be doing helping each other

  11. Danielle says : Reply

    You/we are all so incredibly powerful when we unite. My love and profound gratitude to all who are participating in helping the rest of our beautiful family to wake up! To Heather and team/family, you are being held in the truest light and love. Stay strong beautiful people! ❤️

  12. Divinity says : Reply

    HEART-felt Prayer:
    We all FEEL into this Love, Freedom, Abundance and Sovereignty as if it is happening NOW!!! THE “FEELINGS” YOU MANIFEST WITHIN YOURSELF ~ THAT IS THE DRIVING FORCE OF THE QUANTUM FIELD……THAT IS, MY, OUR, YOUR PRAYER!
    And so it is!

  13. Charles Edwin Cooper says : Reply

    Giving thanks and praise to God the Father for his miracles, signs, and wonders on behalf of , in defense.of, and for the welfare of Heather Ann. I stand on God’s word He has plans for our welfare and not for our calamity, to give us a future and a hope. I am asking God to give her divine wisdom, and I bind and cast down, confound and Co fuse every evil plot, plan , or scheme of the enemy that would try anand separate us from the eternal truth that is the love of God. I speak wisdom, understanding, power, authority, peace, confidence, boldness , and supernatural strength into Heather. She is more than a conqueror. Thank You Father for sending a myriad of warrior angels to confront and destroy the enemy and all the opposition. We love you Heather.. We love you Team. Sendin love to the judge for standing in truth. Sending love to those who k ow the truth so that they have the grace to let it shine .

  14. Charles Edwin Cooper says : Reply

    We have won! Heather prevails! I declare it and decree it in Jesus name,. Heather will always be free to live, love, and smile. She is a child of the MOST HIGH. Let a thing be established out of the mouth of two or more witnesses, I declare HEATHER IS FREE

  15. Tony says : Reply

    Can someone tell me if i have to LOG ON in order to see Neils Periscope, all i get is a black screen, thanks

  16. Anne says : Reply

    Will the live stream be posted afterwards? Is there any other video explaining what happened? Thank you !

  17. Mitchell says : Reply

    What’s going on, people? I can’t find any updates on Hatj

  18. Tracie Philhower says : Reply

    Heather we are all aligning ourselves in your honor, love to you and all you habe done this system is over!!!

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