Documents for Proof of Ownership for Funds

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Documents for Proof of Ownership for Funds

This page is where I will put the documents that you can use to show proof of ownership for your funds from your account(s).

I will update it again as soon as I can with the email templates and docs you would attach and instructions.



for now here are 3 documents- formats of the Factualized trust.

1. a word version with [directions] where you are to fill in your information. You can search the document for the [       ]   so you do not miss any.

In the [    ]   it will tell you what to type in.

Example: If the inside of the brackets says [xxxxxxxxx] you write xxxxxlast4 digits of your social sec #, If the inside of the brackets says [YOUR FULL NAME] you write it in all caps. If the inside of the brackets says [initials-birthdate] you write info all lower case. If the inside of the brackets says[Your Full Name] you write your name in upper and lower case … follow the specifics and details of what is between the brackets [    ]

2. a pdf version of the blank spaces document in word above. You can put it into a converter and convert from pdf to the program you use. There are free services online.

3. a pdf version of HATJ’s factualized trust you can use as a reference, so you visually see what she did in each space, where you are filling the blank spaces one.



1. when editing the document be careful to: keep commas, periods, punctuation that is after the ] when you remove the the [ ]

2. don’t change the colors on the doc, that is the way the original is

3. be careful with the formatting. Right now the way its supposed to be it is 7 pages. The “front” page so to speak– and the 1-6 of the rest of the factualized trust.

4. make sure to go in and change the footer and personalize that


Supplies you will need:

1. a purple ink pen for signing your name

2. a red ink pad for your “wet ink” signature

3. a good weight white paper

4. a notary who can notarize your factualized trust.


Steps to take for completing your factualized trust:

1. Have fun

2. Breather deep and remember Who You Really Are- I AM –

3. save the blank spaces document AS- your name factualized trust. That way you will have a master of the blank spaces one, just in case.

4. carefully insert all of your info in the correct places and remove the [  ] and leave existing punctuation.

5. look everything over and then print.

6. check again to make sure you have everything filled in correctly.

7. Read the factualized trust out loud and feel the energy signature the document carries and the energetic vibration that is created from your voice reading those words aloud.

8. Practice doing your wet ink signature with your thumb and the ink pad on scratch paper.

9. Bring your purple pen and your red ink pad with you and go to the notary.

10. Start by doing your wet ink signature on each page on each signature line. In the center of each line. There are 9 places to sign. (this is helpful and will let you get the ink part over with first.)

11. Using the purple pen, sign your name on each of the 9 lines right over your “wet ink” signature.

11. do your happy dance as you take your notarized factualized trust with you.

12. You will want to scan your notarized trust and turn it into an electronic version saved as a pdf. If you can’t do this at home, stop by staples or similar store get it scaned and put on a thumb drive to use.

Wet Ink Signature:  You are signing your documents with a “wet ink” signature. Used to be done with your blood, then thumb print, and pen signature on top of the blood. It is your unique energetic- bio-metric signature.

It can not be forged.

Your FT, is your proof of Original Deposit to you the Original Depository, the source of funds, You. You are the bank.

You can use the FT, as you feel moved to do.

Have you read the personalized FT document out loud? please do. This will help you to tune into what is really contained in this document and the power the FT and you have.

I will repeat what I have said many times already. The money from your Treasury Direct Deposit Accounts is just a few snow flakes on the tip of the ice burg of what is really going on. What the whole process of pulling back and tearing down the curtain really entails.

One possible thought for utilizing your FT.

Fill out Your Factualized trust, and send it to each institution, bank, utility, shopping place, you have an account with. Just send it to them, thank them for their great business and to have a nice day.

Again, millions of people all over the planet flooding this awareness of hidden accounts all over the planet will let the PTW, know the JIG is up and its time to end the False Construct.


More to come. Please be patient, I’m doing my best, in between my long workday/hours full time job.


Thank you, You all are doing an amazing job. I Love You, and I Appreciate You. BZ


Version 1

Blank Spaces-Factulized Trust




Version 2

Blank Spaces-Factulized Trust


Version 3



(f)  DOCUMENTATION AS EVIDENCE.–In any action involving a consumer, any documentation required by this section to be given to the consumer which indicates that an electronic fund transfer was made to another person shall be admissible as evidence of such transfer and shall constitute prima facie proof that such transfer was made.” from

(e)  TREBLE DAMAGES.–If in any action under section 915, the court finds that–
(1)  the financial institution did not provisionally recredit a consumer’s account within the ten-day period specified in subsection (c), and the financial institution (A) did not make a good faith investigation of the alleged error, or (B) did not have a reasonable basis for believing that the consumer’s account was not in error; or
(2)  the financial institution knowingly and willfully concluded that the consumer’s account was not in error when such conclusion could not reasonably have been drawn from the evidence available to the financial institution at the time of its investigation,
then the consumer shall be entitled to treble damages determined under section 915(a)(1).
(b)  BURDEN OF PROOF.–In any action which involves a consumer’s liability for an unauthorized electronic fund transfer, the burden of proof is upon the financial institution to show that the electronic fund transfer was authorized or, if the electronic fund transfer was unauthorized, then the burden of proof is upon the financial institution to establish that the conditions of liability set forth in subsection (a) have been met, and, if the transfer was initiated after the effective date of section 905, that the disclosures required to be made to the consumer under section 905(a)(1) and (2) were in fact made in accordance with such section.



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  1. BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply


    Update 8.29.17 7:17 PM PDT

    Heather is Seeing the TN skies!!!!! headed to her safe, comfy, place now for the next steps of ALL


    • Tim says : Reply

      I really would like some help asap concerning the beginning stages of my account please help me.

    • Brett says : Reply

      After completing this and mailing it to these institutions, does that allow for us to use these funds? All that’s happening right now is that the funds keep getting returned.

    • Linda Leach says : Reply

      I have gotten my factualized Trust and new social security card and also got a letter that gives me the right to use fictualized name my name all caps. I have put this in the paper for 2 weeks and went so far as to get a pass port which I claimed myself as private person not citizen on my passport. I haven”t gotten thay back. The one document that I do not have is the MOto Proprio letter. Where is that document and how do I find it? If someone could help me with this last one I would really appreciate it. In Georgia they use a document called doing bussiness as, not fictual name. I used Floridas form and got it notorized and then had put in the paper. So I own the use of my fictualized name. The paper gave me lip but I just held my ground and said look all I want you to do is to publicly show I have claimed this name to belong to me. So they took my 40.00 and it is done. But please help me find the moto proprio letter. Thanks so much

    • Linda Leach says : Reply

      Heather I am so grateful to you for all your work in getting us the documents we needed plus the education and the sacrifice you are making by this court process plus being encarcerated and now under gag order, I am one of the people of the Republic of the UnitedStates. I very carefully do not claim citizenship. Citizenship puts one directly under their admiralty law juresdiction. Which I am sure you know so much more about than I do. I just want to tell you how much I appreciate all you have done and are doing for everyone. I pray the Lord Jesus Christ has His loving arms around you and protects you. sincerely Linda Leach

    • Tom says : Reply

      Hello BZ,
      I have my Factualized Trust notarized here in Canada. Is it possible to utilize this document in response to a civil claim. And if so, what would be the correct procedure?

    • Kimberly Lynelle Jones says : Reply

      I have completed the FT, so do I send this to all my creditors after I have completed the following:
      Certified Birth Certificate – completed
      SOS Authentication of Certified Birth Certificate – completed
      U.S. Department of State Office of Authentications – working on
      Filing UCC1 – not completed yet?
      I am trying to complete all of mine before I start on my husband and two children. Any input would be great.

  2. DICKY says : Reply


  3. Angel says : Reply

    Thanks for all the effort. I am looking forward to put all this knowledge into action in Puerto Rico.

  4. Jeff Chomin says : Reply

    So happy to hear this! Sending you positive vibes today and always! Looking forward to your finishing what you started and to our new, collective future of love, freedom and transparency! <3

  5. Taa says : Reply

    Hi I recently submitted or presented a factualized trust form and some other documents of f5511 form and a veiw others with Treasury direct .i also opened an account about a weak ago. I had received a response from treasury retail security with case numbers and customer number. It was looking like the ball was rolling. Until today i received an emai stating that after reviewing my request they determined it was some sort of “birthright scheme” and they closed my tdr account and mentioned that forwarding of my request to be investigated. All my information was true and by the guidelines. Its funny, when i emailed back with 31 CFR 363.27 (F) statue i got no response nor when i called no one answered the phone. I let ring for 20min straight.
    Any body else have this sort of issue? What do hou think about this. I came at them strong with proper procedure.

    • Austin says : Reply

      Yes, Heather who created the One Person People Trust is pending trial for the same thing. If you reference her UCC 2000043135 then it makes sense, i suppose, for the Treasury to wait until her case completely unfolds.

    • Caren says : Reply

      Yes that is what happened to me. I don’t think they got the memo. I even followed their explicit directions

    • Robb Smith says : Reply

      Hello Taa, I have my Packet almost complete, can you help me out with a printable copy of the Rules and Regulations for thw ACH???

  6. RICKY says : Reply

    Thank you Heather, You are our modern day Robin Hood.. I greatly appreciate you and all your hard work .. thank you

  7. Dee Ess Double Ewe says : Reply

    Thank you Heather and Randy and all others associated with this movement!
    You are WINNERS! You are GREAT!
    Thank you for all you have done and are doing and going to be doing!
    We are with you! You are with us! We can’t lose!

  8. Delois says : Reply

    Thanks Heather, really appreciated

  9. Frederick J. Nuzzo says : Reply

    F.Y.I. I sent a copy of my Factualized Trust to the Department of Treasury Bureau of Public Debt , Parkersburg WV, and to Acting Commissioner Berryhill of he Social Security Administration, Washington DC, please find the attached response letters from each organization respectively.

    I have also sent this to many merchants who reversed payments and they totally ignore it! What do we do from here?

    • Altwan Williams says : Reply

      Here is the address to send the following documents.

      Mail all documents to: Treasury Retail Securities Site, PO Box 214 Minneapolis, MN 55480-0214.

      1) Factualized Trust,

      2) Motu Proprio Letter,

      3) Copy of your Driver’s License,

      4) Copy of your SS Card,

      5) Copy of your Birth Certificate or Authenticated Birth Certificate,

      6) Rules and regulations for ACH

      • Michael says : Reply

        Greetings Altwan,
        I am wanting to do this but I want to make sure I do it correctly. Have you done this already? If so has it worked well for you?
        Thank You!

        • Altwan Williams says : Reply

          Yes I got an email confirmation back a week ago should anything come up they will notify me. Send it certified mail so that you will know they received it. They will send you an email to let you know it was received. I got a case number and confirmation number.

          • ines E says :

            Hello Altwan Williams

            Where do we find Info on where to send these notarized Documents?

          • Robb Smith says :

            i looked through the EFTA, but “Uneducated” me could not find just the Rules and regs for ACH, ok So i’m lost in knowing exactly what i need for item 6). Do you, or anyone here have a printable copy of “the Rules and Regulations For ACH”??

      • Sean says : Reply

        Altwan, I am brand new at this and I just filled out my Factualized trust paperwork. Can you show me how to properly fill out these documents I because this stuff is like Gibberish to me. The UCC-1 doesnt make any sense as it asks for a security officer and a creditor etc.. Do i even need that filed? Please advise. Thanks.


        • Altwan Williams says : Reply

          I suggest to you before you move forward you may have to do some studying to understanding what you are getting into. Please got to the group and download the redemption manual that will provide you with all the information you need. There reason I was able to move forward I was aware of TDA accounts for about 7 years. I got away from it but I somehow still kept up with the knowledge somehow this came up so I started back. but get an understanding and background before going forward.

          • Dave says :

            Hi Altwan, Which group? On this site, I am not seeing any reference to a redemption manual. Every place I have been researching gives some steps, but does not give an A to Z approach to get it done. It is not clear how to put it all together.

            Thanks for your help.

          • Neal Olin says :

            that is a good advice Altwan , if one isn’t knowledgeable one could be walking in the dark
            into the lions den, I been doing the research for 20 years then I stopped for 3 years I was trying to go the WHIFIT rout on the black card (Widely Held Fixed Investment Trust , 8 years ago you had a lot more paper work and you sent in all of it, then waited for a phone call then you had to fly to them for 4 days and a 36 hour interview few agents would badger you with question) then I found this method and knew soon as I seen the header of these documents that these were the right documents, after reading them I was 100% sure of it,For the simple fact, the person in over 800 audio’s that was 2 and 3 and 4 hours long only gave hints to make you research, I was told if I ever found them they would say between 2 words what God told Adam when Adam ask “What shall I call you ,,,God replied I am That I am. The words at the top “Factaulized” the other Word is “Trust” between the 2 words on the header in the circle symbol are: ” I am “.there is always something new and solid to learn

      • Bert Johnston says : Reply

        Hey Altwan,
        Which Motu Priprio letter do we need and where can you find it (I have seen diffrent ones)? Also, is ” Title 31 → Subtitle B → Chapter II → Subchapter A → Part 210″ the rules and regulations for the ACH?

        • Craig Campbell says : Reply

          Could you help me. With this. I see a battle between……. But i always. Knew something. I want to learn all this and ill work hard for it. 352-461-3309

      • I downloaded the 7 forms but form one first line i put whole name is all capital or first letters in each bame on second line do i just put intuals with a red thumb print then notarize

      • George Hunt says : Reply

        Hi Altwan, is this only for the USA, can this be done in another country, can this be done in a global scale or is this something applicable to your country only.

      • Nad says : Reply

        Hello my friend, does this apply to everyone in the world or only for Americans?

      • Natasha says : Reply

        Hi Altwan,
        Did you send a cover letter?


      • Karen Mattox says : Reply

        Can an hyena provide a link to ‘rules and regulations for ACH.’ What I find online is very lengthly. Does someone have the subset that applies to us?

      • Neal Olin says : Reply

        okay where do we download these documents you mention
        I notice some I can edit, here above these comments PDF 1 thru 7
        and PDF 1 thru 6.
        are those the only documents we have to fill in, let me know
        Thank you

        2) Motu Proprio Letter, <————-

        6) Rules and regulations for ACH <———

      • KayCee says : Reply

        Altwan, thanks for the address for mailing. I am having a problem locating the ACH regulations that quote…”all transactions are immediate, final, and irrevocable…”, using Ginger’s directions. I managed to find that quote for FedWire regulations, under Fedwire services. Can you enlighten me as to where the ACH regs can be found.

      • Ricardo says : Reply

        Hi Brother Altwan,
        Is this the same address to send the documents when living in Australia?
        Much Love

    • Doug says : Reply

      I don’t see the reply from the Dept of Public Debt or Social Security Administration. Can you send that to me?


  10. Sue Hnilicka says : Reply

    Thank you all for the experience of this journey together. I am confused about my full name. Is it my birth name and a hyphen and then my married name? Or is it just my married name and then in areas where it only calls for birth name use birth name only? I see the alias’s also. What if we accidentally leave off an alias?

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      use your full legal name as it is now, as your full name. Use your full birth name where that would go in the examples. If you leave off an alias that is your choice. Do the best you can given how you feel moved to do.

  11. Is this information for real

  12. Zach says : Reply

    Has anyone had a experience with the Treasury department regarding sending them your FT when opening an account with them?

    • Altwan Williams says : Reply

      I sent my FT a week ago it was received Thursday because I got an email confirmation looks like they are going to contact me once they look over my documents.

    • Caren says : Reply

      Treasury has all my docs ,I sent copies of the Notarized FT and copies of SS ,BC I also created a account for the trust and used the bond finder. I even had my signature medallioned. Since the trust would be linked to ML/BofA Made copies of that. Sent it all to Minneapolis. Followed their instructions. Even their form to transfer the bonds to my ML account. Their response was not positive they issued me a warning that I was not using this properly and not contact them again. I got with ML and even talked with them on the phone. This was early in Aug. I am sure they had not gotten the Memo” instead the rep I talked to (who would not give her name) claimed it was a scam and that search for bonds was not specific !
      I am still shaking my head hopefully this will all be disclosed

  13. kristina says : Reply

    i’m trying to make sense of this factualized trust, but have a few things that don’t make sense in the template.
    1. “original” is used over and over again, but has no definition in black’s law dictionary or trust law (that i can find anyway)
    2. due to the above, it doesn’t specify what type of trust it/they is/are
    3. there is no expiration date; something required in order to establish a trust… or am i missing something here?
    4. can’t for the life of me figure out what the reference number FY-DODD-IAM-[initials]-[dob] is or how it connects my trust to…whatever the hell this is.
    5. the creator/trustor cannot be the same entity as the beneficiary or the trust will collapse. so… wth? there’s nowhere else to name the creator in their template. i’m confused.

    • Bryan says : Reply

      Very good question. Did you get a reply?

    • Cynthia says : Reply

      I will attempt to help. This whole world is like learning a foreign language. 1.”Original” comes from UCC code. Original Jurisdiction. 2.The Trust is unique it is a Factualized Trust. 3. It is also in perpetuity, which makes it unique. It appears it is built off UCC contract language, which apparently is different. This link may help understand “Original” 4. DODD-IAM is identifying the document Declaration Original Depository add your initials a day your Birthdate. 5. UCC code I believe. Hope that helps a little

    • Cynthia says : Reply

      DODD-Document Original Due Declaration

    • Joey says : Reply

      Hi Kristina

      I am going to try to answer…try…hahaha

      1. Original or Prime is you, that’s it. It’s not in any law written by man(ie.Blacks Law) this is prime code above all. You are original you are the originator you are , is ,am, be
      2. It’s our trust or more specific YOUR trust, you own it, no specific word or words fit here in any current language
      3. You are correct no expire date, this trust continues as you move from wind to wind(birth, life, death) constant continuing, never ending always growing…thus no end date(end dates are linear time) think in circular time…(thats as hard one im still trying to understand as well)
      4. Still working this one as well…more to come
      5. Yes it can, remember you are the creator/trustor/trustee you own it and benefit from it, thus no collapse

      **The way I understand this Krisitina, is what I call listening to your gut, the vibration of soul. No language that we currently understand or law is going to give you the answer, because WE you and I and all the beings on this planet helped create the prime law…Universal law…which became UNIFORM in every universe, multiverse,

      I hope this may help or you may have more questions….I have questions all the time and when I have these questions…I ask myself “why am I asking this question”? where is it coming from….

      In love Joey!

    • Vel says : Reply

      Just keep in mind that a lot of things things posted, I have found is in a category of laws beyond secrecy, which in fact the black law dictionary itself has so much about uniform commercial code, but does not reveal a key section called “Seek but you may not find”. This and bank secrecy laws,codes, acts etc., opened my eyes to how deep they hold secrets which also lead me to find out that you cannot pay someone else’s debt with your account unless otherwise altered secret

  14. Frank Harris says : Reply

    Hi…Thank You (x10) Heather for all your sacrifice in bringing us to this moment. Should copies of the Declaration of Factualized Trust, Birth Cert, SSCard be sent to “my” main Fed Res (G) or to either one of its branch locations.


  15. First and fore most thank you Heather and Randy for all you have done!!!!!
    Hello out there can anyone please take the time to help me with what other forms may need to be filled out and sent to with the trust I had notarized…I’m doing my best to look for all the info out there but I keep getting different info in which conflicts with what others have told me…
    Will someone please help me out on what I exactly need to do here please….
    Thank you for your time as I know its valuable..
    THK, Kirby

    • Mr C says : Reply

      hey Richard Kirby, Try this link…it literally walks you through via baby steps. Pretty easy to follow…although you must be willing to learn and do some research on your own. It took me at least the time of a double night class in college, id say maybe 5 hours or research maybe more, but im just following along and getting more and more info as i go…think of this., why spend time watching tv when you can sped a couple hours for a free lifetime supply of funds………….exactly…get to it!!!

  16. William J says : Reply


  17. A. Williams

    Did you submit a Ucc1 document on your own cause if you used Tucci”s it’s a document that is part of a legal proceedings which are still pending. Let me know how it works out I’m doing my own applicationstuff, ie: UCC1

    • Joey says : Reply

      Hi Louise

      Your UCC was already done by heather and Team. Regardless, of the outcome of Heathers and Randalls case, a UCC can only be challenged within the first 20 day of being filed. The filing was in 2012 and 2013, which was never challenged.

      Hope this helps!

  18. CEC says : Reply

    Is there anyone qualified to answer Kristina’s question? Sounds like a valid question, but I am not a financial professional by any means. Thanks to everyone for participating. Lets all remain positive. I still believe Jesus loves us enough to make it all real enough to love one another : )

  19. CEC says : Reply

    Also I wanted everyone to know that Donations to St Jude’s Children’s Hospital for cancer research have went through with no hitches. It has worked every time. Also Wounded Warrior Donations, Donations for Homeless Children, Holocaust survivors, and several other outreach organizations. I have a friend who paid off Student loans (20k), paid off bad credit from cars that were repossessed, and he also paid electric bill & had cable/ internet hooked up. I have seen reversals with Amazon, and credit cards when people tried to pay them, but every one I know has had good results with charity. I filed my trust with Social Security Administration but I had to argue with them about 45 minutes, and had I not been a vet I am sure they would not have taken it. I was unable to pay anything through state sponsored websites, and decided I had to take a break, but I am back here for moral support so somebody share some good news with the rest of us!!!

    • Benjamin says : Reply

      when you wrote
      “I filed my trust with Social Security Administration but I had to argue with them about 45 minutes, and had I not been a vet I am sure they would not have taken it”
      please explain what you did and why with SS. I AM also a Veteran retired and 100% disabled and really struggling with food and necessities. its crazy imake just enough to pay house and utilties and nothing else . it sucks i was a green beret for christs sakes i gave my best and now am screwed. thanks ahead of time

      • Neal Olin says : Reply

        I have a friend that was in special forces he did a very long tour in desert storm he was in the military
        for 20 years 100% disabled, he use to help others get their benefits, email me and I will give you his phone number
        nlolin52@gmail he might go thru some stuff you may not know about and not being told

    • Robb Smith says : Reply

      Hello CEC, thank you for the good and positive news, my FT is complete, ready to send, can you verify the Primary institution and address to whom and to where I send all my documents

  20. CEC says : Reply

    BZ, what do you think is causing all this crazy weather? These storms have been Historic in the Southeast, and the fires in the northwest have been pretty crazy too….Anybody out there wonder about that?

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      I feel that what you are seeing in all this “crazy weather” is a combination of:
      Gaia releasing and shifting energy that allows her to evolve and up level the planet and all of the life that live on her as everything shifts/expands/ascends.These are as gently done as she can make them, given the magnitude of the density of old energy and the expansion that must take place.
      Geoengineering and HAARP, and other technologies that are intentionally focused at/piggy backing on/distorting and magnifying “natural” occurrences for specific purposes and outcomes. These are orchestrated by what some refer to as, the PTW, the Cabal, the Illuminati, The Families…

  21. Ferdinand Sanchez Montes says : Reply

    Greetings n thank you, an 11 year search is finally coming to fruition, thank you, thank you, thank you… all the heartache, n hell I’ve gone through with the masses criticism, harassment is finally about to pay off… words cannot define the feeling of exctassy Imy feeling… very great full to all… thank you Jesus! !!!

  22. Janis says : Reply

    Dear BZ,
    Thank you for the updates on Randy and Heather. And thank you for the suggestions regarding reflecting on our perceptions, investments (not money but intentions, spirit, energy, etc.), and participation in this colossal new world that will soon manifest, for the benefit of ALL. Thank you, BZ, for being the inspiration that you are, and that grounding soul that reminds us to BE, to reach higher, to imagine, to expect, to create, to integrate. Love, Love, Love to ALL of you participating in this to move US forward. Bless everyONE. XOX

  23. Christopher Paul Dandrea says : Reply

    So do we send all these docs to the fed?

    Also, is anyone else getting the limited participation error code. I had over 130k returned. Please help. Thank you

  24. Karen Mattox says : Reply

    After getting the document completed, do we make a copy and keep the original? Or do we send in the original (with return receipt). If sending a copy, do we have to certify that it is a true copy? How? Thank you so much. I LOVE the filled in example you gave us. I would love filled in examples of more documents, such as TDA DECLARATION OF FACTS, CERTIFICATE OF AUTHORITY, AFFIDAVIT OF STATUS AS SECURED PARTY AND CREDITOR, POA In Fact, and treasury form 5446. Also, the form for requesting authentication of our BC. I know this is a lot to ask, If you or any commenter would be so kind to send me an example that would be fabulous. Thanks so much.

  25. guard1an says : Reply

    I am in the beginning stages of taking control of my TDA account. I have done the following:
    -Linked up my account to my
    -Linked my account and had it verified with PayPal

    I have done nothing else. I need to pay off all my debts and from what I gather, I need the proof of ownership docs. I will fill out that notice of factualized trust. I have my SS card and my birth certificate. I have a blank UCC paper and am clueless as to how I am supposed to fill it out. Please help me with some guidance . Please email me directly at Thank you all so much.


    • GodFirstLove7 says : Reply

      HI Guardian…How did you link up your Account to your and how did you link up your account to have it verified with Paypal..Please email me at Thanks and be blessed…Peace and blessings..

  26. Dena says : Reply

    Hi everyone and happy Sunday! I have been researching this relentlessly but would love to email or talk to anyone who has a clue about all this. Please contact me to discuss as I am currently unemployed and working to build a non profit vegetable hydroponic garden year round for the community. Much luck and hope to hear from you !!! If we all put our heads together we can make it thru the confusion, seek and you will find…. send me an email thank you. Dena

  27. Gay says : Reply

    Re: signatures on the FT – it mentions signing in purple over your signature – is this on top of or over the original blue ink signature. Looking at Heather’s I don’t see a “double” signature. Thanks for any help on this.

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      Wet ink thumb, then sign over that. So the notary could witness all I told her I would wet ink each place, wipe hands and then use pen signature. This also gave more time for wet ink signature to dry.

      • Gay says : Reply

        Just reading this the 13th – thanks so much BZ and for clarifying the wet ink. I had assumed this was pen also, so now I am clear.

        Gay 🙂

  28. Bryant says : Reply

    My question, concerns formatting…I’ve been trying to print out my FT documents, in the same format that is on this page(each page separately), onto 8.5″ X 14″ legal paper, but one page runs onto the next, giving me up to 8 separate pages that really doesn’t look too professional. If any can tell me the exact procedure for printing each individual page, as in the original pdf format, I’d be extremely grateful!

  29. Stephan says : Reply

    So I called citizens trust bank to verify account number and they have no record of my account number? It was a lesser bank

  30. I have tried everything but do you have to have your actual social security card to get it to work I don’t have one let me know

  31. Bryant says : Reply

    Does anyone ever answer anyone else’s questions, here???

    • larry says : Reply

      i guess not. iv been waiting and no response from any one with true knowledge for the question iv have asked with needing help as well.wish us luck my brother.

  32. Patpat040 says : Reply

    I’ve completed my FT form, had that notarized, got my birth certificate authenticated on a State level where I was born, choosing my Hague Convention country and mailed the two off so they can be authenticated on the Federal level to the Dept of State using the DS-4194 form. I don’t know what to do after I get it back because I’m not sure which Atlanta FRB routing # is mine. Atlanta has 5 routing numbers. I’ve tried the 1st, 2 and the Public Debt universal #. Each time I made a payment to a creditor they went thru but then days later they were kicked back. I checked with TelChek to see if my account was right and there was no record of any of those transactions. Was I suppose to add a ‘0’ before my SS or a ’22’ at the end of it. Now my creditors won’t take any more payments by ACH then charged me a fee for return payment. Do I mail a copy of my FT and all of my birth certificate paperwork along with a copy of the Papal Decree Motu Proprio letter to all of my creditors even if I don’t have or know my correct FRB routing number? And once I get all of my documents back from the U.S. Dept. of State. And what is the process to access my money from the bonds that are being used against my birth certificate? I also heard that on this Friday Sept. 15 that Same Day ACH it will be much easier to make payments to our creditors. Thank you so much for all of your help. It is greatly appreciated!

  33. Caren says : Reply

    I think the one day ACH will be great. paid. Since it’s not reversible !!!
    I have a phone session scheduled on my calendar for Friday. My agent and I are going to put this through. I have a secondary bank in the E area
    Let’s hope this is it with the return /reversal games. I want to be done ✅ this is unfettered time!!!!;). Sprint is so incompatible. I am not sure if they are keeping the monies I had auto payment and now they have sent me to collections adding fees etc It’s bad when you know they were already paid and they still cut of services What to do. ?

  34. larry says : Reply

    yes would one have to change there name back to original birth name to match B C .before submitting proper forms. It was changed through courts per my request .or does one just keep changed name . then put your original birth name where alias and AKA names location would be. and keep my changed name i have now. for i don’t want to file by wrongdoing . any help would be greatfully appreciated in advance. sincerely. larry

  35. FC says : Reply

    I signed the FT document & had it notarized. Is wet ink signature absolutely necessary? Also how do I know for sure that I won’t be punished for using the account? If the feds monitor these are they only reversing charges or have they been arresting people as well?

  36. Jeff says : Reply

    Has anyone been able to get their funds? Sounds like these documents cause a whole slew of problems with these institutions when you submit the forms.

    I tried using the New York Branch (F), using the same # listed on “Anonymus’ video, to pay my truck payment and the routing number came back invalid.

    Upon googling the FedRes Bank of New York, a link came up warning this to be a scam. I’m kind of at a loss.

  37. KAWE says : Reply

    So much LOVE to this comUNITY. Today found this petition whit PURE INTENTION to creat our NEW EARTH for all HUmans. A worldwide agreement to restore our home.
    Please share and enjoy.
    In eternal JOY and GRATITUDE.
    Karin Wendorff

  38. Christina Harrison says : Reply

    I had my Factualized Trust notarized back in July or August does it have to be recorded or put in the paper. I’m not sure what to do with it?

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      Your FT is a proof of ownership of funds with you as the Original depositor and Original Depository. People are sending them different places. Some have sent it to their banks, to the cc companies, to institutions that put through transfers from their TDA and then gave a story about reversals… Some are using it as a conversation launching point when going in to talk in person to their bank or other institutions.
      You choose what intent you hold after reading it a loud and knowing who you are, then what you are moved to do in connecting and delivering it into the different systems.
      Never give out your original FT. Always give a copy or fax it, or attach a scanned copy of the original in an email.

      • Gordon says : Reply

        BZ the local post office does not deliver mail to my home may I use my po box when filling out the FT , should I include physical address as well ? Thank you

  39. jacop criitchlow says : Reply

    hi im still new to all of this maybe im blind and dont see it ,as to where i send the noterized and signed Trust docs. i know it says to banks,groce,etc but i dont see like if to a goverment intity etc. please help , and thank you Heather and everyone else from the core for paving the way in starting this new endevor may the Lord Jesus christ BLess You ALL TRULY!!!!!!


  40. Bert Johnston says : Reply

    Has anyone bought any gold or silver with their FT? If so, contact me at

    Thanks and Much Love

  41. justin says : Reply

    see alot of questions about the FT but no actual conformation on usage of funds,transfer of funds,lose of citizenship and rights…i would like too read something on the conformation process…has anybody made it to the end game and what happens at that point?

    • Joey says : Reply

      Same! Seems a lot of people have sent their packets off within the last 2 weeks and are waiting reply

      • Altwan Williams says : Reply

        The treasury denied me said it is fraud said the tda accounts don’t exist.

        • shawn says : Reply

          in the youtube search bar/field – use the name “eeon 2” He has everything (the information and access) to the research. Them telling you that you DO NOT have an account, is standard procedure. When they admit you have an account, they are admitting to the fraud- which they never will.

  42. Jerry Ridge says : Reply

    I took a class once where they talked about two laws. One is Admiralty Law. When you see the American Flag in the court, where it has gold fringe around the outside of the flag it is Admiralty Law. This is based on the States and zip codes of the United States were based on zero degree Longitude being Portsmouth New Hampshire. When 0 degree Longitude was changed to the UK, it essentially moved the U.S. into the center of the Atlantic Ocean. I don’t know how true this is but the class I took was pretty intense about things like words that are embedded in the signature line of your checks, in a check book, and they were there,,, but you need a magnifying glass to see them.

    It sounds like all the Military you are talking about this court was Admiralty Law?

  43. Paul D says : Reply

    Have anyone successfully used the FT to settle or to link Federal Reserve Account to yours or to pay bills yet? Please share your story. Thanks.

  44. Lori Anthony says : Reply

    Does anyone have any updates ??? on anything? I have been researching this for a few months now. I am a retired paralegal and worked for various attorneys, most areas of law. I have been researching the consequences of our actions here and have found that we are within our civil rights to do this. That being said, I am moving along with my “packet” at a slower pace than most, but I am finding that the only people willing to help in this area, (that seem to be legitimately on our side) are, Fidelity. I know of one person, personally, who has successfully completed this process. The only difference between that person and us is that he hired and attorney. If there are people out there who have completed (successfully) this process, how about letting the rest of us know your experience, forms used, etc – you know, PASS IT ON! God bless all of you. I am sending much Love.

  45. Lori Anthony says : Reply

    Don’t give up people. Re-energize, Re-group. Don’t get discouraged. Stay focused, and keep positive. It was not intended for us to get things handed to us. Life is about trial and error, learning and growing . If everything was easy, life wouldn’t be worth living. Challenges and obstacles are made to overcome. If you take the time to learn about what you whatever it is you want to do, it will become you. Keep faith, and put your trust in God.. Don’t let them win! Love you guys!

  46. coach2640220 says : Reply

    [Declaration of Independence]
    For the volition of our communications is with the volition of our freedoms.

    For the course of the human-history is with this one-people of the one-volition with the want of the voidance with their political-bands. For the separate-balance-station of the natural-law are with the mankind, the country, and the God. For the cause of the separation is with this respect-claim-communication.

  47. Where can I get the documents to fill out to apply for this on SS#?

  48. Robb Smith says : Reply

    Altwan, I have 1-5, For mt FT packet, can you help me find 6) Rules an Regulations for ACH, can’t find anything but tutorial!!!

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      Have a look directly at their rules- in the EFTA- Electronic Funds Transfer Act

    • Altwan Williams says : Reply

      You can find it on Facebook.under files are you sending it to the treasury they said I was committing fraud and that the accounts don’t exist. I kinda figured they would send that response.

      • Ingrid Dreyer says : Reply

        Altwan, It’s only fraud on their side. They won’t and can’t admit that they have betrayed us all our lives! I put in my SS# and what came up for the E – EE- I – Bonds are stagering. That money is ours and there is nothing they can tell you otherwise. Getting it is another question! I Googled GMEI or .com don’t remember, a company in the Netherlands. 15 pages at 25 names ea invested with my SS. This has to stop and I believe we are getting close!
        The big money will be in the Birth certificate!
        Don’t give up! There is a way!

  49. Mary says : Reply


  50. Donna says : Reply

    Does this effect any of the work here that you have done?
    If so how? If not why? Thanks for the help..

  51. Gee Ollie says : Reply

    does moving forward with this effect ones monthly Social Security check?

  52. Randolph says : Reply

    Hi Ya all, Happy Thanksgiving! I do have one general question. When I get my file # back from the secretary of state with my file number stamped on my UCC-1 document. How do I create my bond with my UCC trust account?

    Thank you

  53. Caren says : Reply

    Oh happy day !!It would be a great birthday present today to hear that the funds we have already paid to the debts have been applied and that our accounts are unfettered. Yeah!!!

  54. Janae says : Reply

    Has anyone from Australia completed the process here and been successful??

  55. Alfie says : Reply

    Think have i to start filing the UCC1 document. But does not look like a lot of people here are succesful getting their money, but that the transaction is succesful. What make it appear like if there is fraud it is the Bank and Government who are doing it against their own people big time! I am in Denmark so the process is not complete clear to me yet, hope somebody can help. If this is our accounts and the Government and banks are trying to manipulate and cheat us, then we should not agree with an reverse, but make that reverse payment about 4000-8000 times. So when we get in court, there is going to be a war!

  56. Brad says : Reply

    I have recently filed out all of the UCC Forms and Factualized Trust forms completely. I know it’s been said before, I just need a little confirmation on where to send the files. For the FT forms, I simply just fax or mail in a copy of the forms to my designated locations (i.e. I have accounts with First National Bank and Veridian Credit Union, I would just take a copy, fax/mail it to them, and after that everything is then completed?

  57. Mike van Velzen says : Reply

    Is this only for Americans? Any Canadians here? I need assistance. I’m new and waking up

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