Documents for Proof of Ownership for Funds

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Documents for Proof of Ownership for Funds

This page is where I will put the documents that you can use to show proof of ownership for your funds from your account(s).

I will update it again as soon as I can with the email templates and docs you would attach and instructions.



for now here are 3 documents- formats of the Factualized trust.

1. a word version with [directions] where you are to fill in your information. You can search the document for the [       ]   so you do not miss any.

In the [    ]   it will tell you what to type in.

Example: If the inside of the brackets says [xxxxxxxxx] you write xxxxxlast4 digits of your social sec #, If the inside of the brackets says [YOUR FULL NAME] you write it in all caps. If the inside of the brackets says [initials-birthdate] you write info all lower case. If the inside of the brackets says[Your Full Name] you write your name in upper and lower case … follow the specifics and details of what is between the brackets [    ]

2. a pdf version of the blank spaces document in word above. You can put it into a converter and convert from pdf to the program you use. There are free services online.

3. a pdf version of HATJ’s factualized trust you can use as a reference, so you visually see what she did in each space, where you are filling the blank spaces one.



1. when editing the document be careful to: keep commas, periods, punctuation that is after the ] when you remove the the [ ]

2. don’t change the colors on the doc, that is the way the original is

3. be careful with the formatting. Right now the way its supposed to be it is 7 pages. The “front” page so to speak– and the 1-6 of the rest of the factualized trust.

4. make sure to go in and change the footer and personalize that


Supplies you will need:

1. a purple ink pen for signing your name

2. a red ink pad for your “wet ink” signature

3. a good weight white paper

4. a notary who can notarize your factualized trust.


Steps to take for completing your factualized trust:

1. Have fun

2. Breather deep and remember Who You Really Are- I AM –

3. save the blank spaces document AS- your name factualized trust. That way you will have a master of the blank spaces one, just in case.

4. carefully insert all of your info in the correct places and remove the [  ] and leave existing punctuation.

5. look everything over and then print.

6. check again to make sure you have everything filled in correctly.

7. Read the factualized trust out loud and feel the energy signature the document carries and the energetic vibration that is created from your voice reading those words aloud.

8. Practice doing your wet ink signature with your thumb and the ink pad on scratch paper.

9. Bring your purple pen and your red ink pad with you and go to the notary.

10. Start by doing your wet ink signature on each page on each signature line. In the center of each line. There are 9 places to sign. (this is helpful and will let you get the ink part over with first.)

11. Using the purple pen, sign your name on each of the 9 lines right over your “wet ink” signature.

11. do your happy dance as you take your notarized factualized trust with you.

12. You will want to scan your notarized trust and turn it into an electronic version saved as a pdf. If you can’t do this at home, stop by staples or similar store get it scaned and put on a thumb drive to use.

Wet Ink Signature:  You are signing your documents with a “wet ink” signature. Used to be done with your blood, then thumb print, and pen signature on top of the blood. It is your unique energetic- bio-metric signature.

It can not be forged.

Your FT, is your proof of Original Deposit to you the Original Depository, the source of funds, You. You are the bank.

You can use the FT, as you feel moved to do.

Have you read the personalized FT document out loud? please do. This will help you to tune into what is really contained in this document and the power the FT and you have.

I will repeat what I have said many times already. The money from your Treasury Direct Deposit Accounts is just a few snow flakes on the tip of the ice burg of what is really going on. What the whole process of pulling back and tearing down the curtain really entails.

One possible thought for utilizing your FT.

Fill out Your Factualized trust, and send it to each institution, bank, utility, shopping place, you have an account with. Just send it to them, thank them for their great business and to have a nice day.

Again, millions of people all over the planet flooding this awareness of hidden accounts all over the planet will let the PTW, know the JIG is up and its time to end the False Construct.


More to come. Please be patient, I’m doing my best, in between my long workday/hours full time job.


Thank you, You all are doing an amazing job. I Love You, and I Appreciate You. BZ


Version 1

Blank Spaces-Factulized Trust




Version 2

Blank Spaces-Factulized Trust


Version 3



(f)  DOCUMENTATION AS EVIDENCE.–In any action involving a consumer, any documentation required by this section to be given to the consumer which indicates that an electronic fund transfer was made to another person shall be admissible as evidence of such transfer and shall constitute prima facie proof that such transfer was made.” from

(e)  TREBLE DAMAGES.–If in any action under section 915, the court finds that–
(1)  the financial institution did not provisionally recredit a consumer’s account within the ten-day period specified in subsection (c), and the financial institution (A) did not make a good faith investigation of the alleged error, or (B) did not have a reasonable basis for believing that the consumer’s account was not in error; or
(2)  the financial institution knowingly and willfully concluded that the consumer’s account was not in error when such conclusion could not reasonably have been drawn from the evidence available to the financial institution at the time of its investigation,
then the consumer shall be entitled to treble damages determined under section 915(a)(1).
(b)  BURDEN OF PROOF.–In any action which involves a consumer’s liability for an unauthorized electronic fund transfer, the burden of proof is upon the financial institution to show that the electronic fund transfer was authorized or, if the electronic fund transfer was unauthorized, then the burden of proof is upon the financial institution to establish that the conditions of liability set forth in subsection (a) have been met, and, if the transfer was initiated after the effective date of section 905, that the disclosures required to be made to the consumer under section 905(a)(1) and (2) were in fact made in accordance with such section.



756 Responses to “Documents for Proof of Ownership for Funds”

  1. Jay J says : Reply

    Hey, thank you all for what you are doing. With God as my witness, and all who see this, I will use my money for the betterment of mankind. We have an opportunity to make this world a wonderful place for everyone. Good luck to everyone.

    • Jules M says : Reply

      Well said, Jay J. Many thanks to Heather and all of those who are leading us on this wonderful journey.

    • right after the trip to Vegas and cabo

    • Ginger Snyder says : Reply

      Thank you so much Heather this will help everyone so much, God bless you. When I started reading some of this tears were rolling down my face, there are real answers.

    • Karen H. says : Reply

      Heh, I can not find how to blog my experiences as I am very new.
      I paid a bill 5 days ago and received a confirmation of payment and then the very next day received an email of reversal of the payment so I called the company and told them that I had spoke to my bank and that they had not reversed the payment so I needed an accounting of my account showing all payments an reversals for the past 30 days. They told me that the payment had not been reversed and that it still showed pending due to the large amount. It was only 1056.00. Point being that if you stand your ground and let them know who you are they change their position.
      Stand your ground in LOVE and keep marching forward. I hope this gives a word of encouragement.

      • carl says : Reply

        Great respond

        • Beth says : Reply

          I am totally new to this, am about to fill out trust documents and get notarized: my question is do I need this to use my account? Can I use the account before I set up the trust?

          • John woods says :

            I have heard about using this ssc account to get out of debt. Some reason I just can’t figure out how to do it. Help please

      • Dezette Lee says : Reply

        Hi Karen H.

        I just had the same experience, except they tried to call the bank them selves and could’t
        I told them it was a trust account. I told them they got paid cause the confirmation says it was approved
        so how where you not paid. she said they making sure that it doesn’t get reversed like the last one did.
        so what she be my next step?

      • Kymby says : Reply

        Nice! Can we pay bills for our families as well?

      • Anthony M. says : Reply

        Hi, just got off the phone with paypal. They cancel my paypal account because I payed a bill for $99.00 dollars with my Federal Reserve Trust account. Paypal want to see a bank statement. I am in the process of contacting FR bank. Should I send paypal an FR bank a copy of the Factualized Trust documents? Can you help me or direct me to someone who can. Also, Meijer credit card was payed the same way and they have took the payment and said I don’t owe them anything yet, but the funds was reverse. It been three weeks.

    • R KIng says : Reply

      Hi Jay J
      I have been doing some studying and listening on the matter that everyone on here is talking about.
      I took a look at my BC and it has a APOSTILLE attached to it. What does this mean? I have heard and read the word in this group and would like to know if anyone can give me a understanding to this. It has been attached to my BC from when i was married in Mexico when the one i had was sent out to the state it was issued.
      Thank you.
      R. King

      • debbi says : Reply

        this might be insightful…. seems ‘apostille’ would appear to facilitate a broad spectrum assault on BC’s? not sure, but i’m am certain, it’s NOT in any of our best interests!
        The Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents, the Apostille Convention, or the Apostille Treaty is an international treaty drafted by the Hague Conference on Private International Law. It specifies the modalities through which a document issued in one of the signatory countries can be certified for legal purposes in all the other signatory states. Such a certification is called an apostille.

      • Jay J says : Reply

        Hello R KIng! I wish I could help you on determining what APOSTILLE means on your BC, I haven’t the slightest clue. I do hope you find the answer and good luck to you!

        • Larry T says : Reply

          Could you help me with the step by step cause I am truly confused on how to find the bank code for my SSN

        • Rene says : Reply

          Jay J: Apostile is the “authentication” process of BCs for use in Hague Treaty countries. “Authentication” is the term used for essentially the same thing in NON-Hague Treaty countries.

      • blodane says : Reply

        well from my experience a APOSTILLE is only used on a document that will be used outside the US, it is a foreign authentication to give your bc validity in Mexico only or any country under the Hague agreement. there was a lot of people that thought that the apostille gave the docs power in the US but if you read the small print on the Apostille page it says it the doc has no validity in the US. And by the way your marriage is only valid in Mexico the US does not have to recognize it.

        • Rene says : Reply

          After a birth certificate has been authenticated by the state where you were born you can also send it to the office of the Secretary of State of the United States for authentication at that level.
          But do not remove the cover sheet applied by the state where you were born–send it in tact to the U.S. S.O.S.

          • Brandy says :

            Please do not send your original birth certificate to anyone. There are no government agencies that will ask you for your original documentations of any kind.

      • Jennifer says : Reply

        APOSTILLE-is a French word that means certification.1 It is the title given to the
        authentication certificate issued under the Hague Convention Abolishing the
        Requirement of Legalization ( for Foreign Public Documents
        An “apostille” is a “FORM” of authentication issued to documents for use in countries
        that participate in the 1961 Hague Convention.
        In other words, its a clever way for “authentications” to happen without, an authentication actually happening.
        Why? B/c if you are authenticated, its is like saying you are no longer a minor. Did you know that you are still considered a minor? Yes, this is why (If you pass the barrier in court and take responsibility for you corporation (the ALL CAPS NAME) then they get to punish you like they are your parents. But if you are the Attorney in fact for the corporation, and let the courts know that you are the PARENT for the ALL CAPS CORP, then that is a different story.
        So, the countries that participate in the hague convention, they all basically agreed to accept the APOSTILLE, (a step above a certification)

      • CryptoMissile says : Reply

        The Hague Apostille (or simply called endorsement, also in French: apostille: means certify, authenticate or complete.) Aims to simplify the legalization of documents to verify their authenticity, in order to be valid internationally, making unnecessary diplomatic or consular legalization or other certifications.

      • Alison Allen says : Reply

        u have to look up the proceeds of authenticiticing your BC. long story

    • Luke says : Reply

      hey I have filled out all forms tomorrow i get them notarized
      How do I then clear my mortgage
      I litteraly dont know what to do.. show them this?

    • Stephanie says : Reply

      I cannot agree more. This is an opportunity for us to be servant leaders for humanity. We were born for this. Thank God for your courage… everyone.

      Can anyone tell me what the reference # is in the first paragraph on the fist page?

    • Luke says : Reply

      do we use the same Logo and leave Factualized trust?
      or replace Factualized with a name you chose?
      And replace logo
      The instructions about footer have me confused

      • Telly says : Reply

        It took me 2 hours to get it the way i wanted. you just got to play with word a bit until you get it looking the way you want it to look. I edited every header and footer, changed the font size, took out the logo…. i FELT the energy coming out of me and into that document so that that document can do exactly what I need it to do.

        • Teresa says : Reply

          Hi Telly,
          Could you please e-mail me the steps you took to get the document as you wanted? I am not computer savvy. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

          Thanks in advance.
          Love and Light,

          • Shawn says :

            I can help you later tonight, just email me and we can skype together and do it. Blessings.

        • Wonders about everything says : Reply

          Telly, I am filling out my Factulized trust now. Do you know or anyone else please respond.. Thanks in advance (((heart)))
          At the very beginning under factualized trust logo;
          Reference name; ?
          My confusion is, my birth certificate (bad copy, not on bond paper) I have in my hand now has my Step Fathers name as my last name? (yes he adopted me).

          Then I got married, and never changed my last name at divorce, this married name is the name
          I have legal docs, bank accounts etc in. First Name, Middle, Last < last is ex-husbands

          So what name should I use as a reference name? Currently on the Fact Trust paperwork,I listed me as,
          FirstnameBetty, middlenameSue, AdoptednameonBirthCert, Exhusbandslastname <all my legal stuff bills, bank acct, is in ex-husbands last name, name currently sans the BC name.


          Because I believe when I finally get a birth certificate it will have the father that adopted me, last name on it.

          I ordered a Apostille BC with my true blood fathers name paid the 55.00 and got "did not find record in name of, my real fathers name".

          Hence I have not ordered another Birth Certificate yet. Have bills to pay.

          Is it necessary to have a BC or is the Factulized Trust enough?

          Also seems to be confusion, Apostille or regular long form Birth Certificate ? Or what type of BC?

          • Brandy says :

            Use the name you wear now. Put it in in the same manner as H did on her trust. Near the bottom or middle of the trust you will find a place where they ask for your other names, i.e. nick names, married names, name at birth or maiden name. Hope this helps.

      • Alison Allen says : Reply

        just put a small little if oration. like ur email

    • S.M.Rate says : Reply

      Hi there ,
      I have got 5 green ticks with bank sort cord with my NiNo +22. I am from UK . I really don’t know what to do next ..When I read all comments form USA. I add that account to Paypal cannot very they ask code for that ..But there is no Phone number to make a call. Please give me some guidence further more ..
      Than you .

    • sean says : Reply

      I also have filled out this information and got it notarized signed stamped in my thumbprint who do you send it to ?

    • Jennifer H says : Reply


      I have two questions.

      1: If I am currently married, will I be using this name on the trust and then adding my maiden name down at the bottom? (Does that mean that I have accounts in that name as well and can have access to them?)

      2: I have two children, is there anything I can do to make sure they’re trusts are there for them?

      Thank you for your time!

      • Wonders about everything says : Reply

        Jennifer H,
        I have almost the same question. Let me know if you get an answer and I will do the same for you. My **guess** is we do need the Birth Certificate name as well as married name or legal, but I am not sure where to insert it, there is a space at the bottom for all our names LOL.. however I am confused too, a bit. See my comment as soon as it gets moderated.

    • asalia says : Reply

      HI can you tell me where i can locate these forms that are not already pre filled

    • Barron golden says : Reply

      I have a question ,after we complete the documents who do I send them to?

    • Altwan Williams says : Reply

      I have finally got my factualized trust signed and notarized will i need any other documents.

    • Cynthia Conry says : Reply

      I am in the process of this form presently. But, I have a question regarding which documents are needed in conjunction, such as certificate of live birth. I’ve been getting mixed messages on the web. This is no doubt the troll factor and people just not understanding themselves.

    • Has anyone helped you with the trust account ?im lost still & looking for a lil help?

    • correct me if im wrong but my undestanding is that Heather alredy filed the ucc form for (everybody) along with the OPPT . If so does that mean we no longer need to fiil and file a ucc for ourselves ? appreciate any and all response replies one love to all .

      • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

        you do NOT need to file any UCC documents.

      • well i got a return from sdge today so samething is probably gonna happen wih my other bill so now three returns later i think i need to carefully think about my next moves very carefully that and ,gonna work on my CN tonight . hope that there wasnt alot of people un successful using their account to pay utility bills like myself . i love the fact that im not the only person world wide people are finally coming together with love for all i apperciate I UV and its followers who follow with love and concern for their fellow human .

  2. Caren says : Reply

    Pay Pal is requesting a bank statement with a upload function does this look like a great place to put this Doc.
    They are in a awkward position and have a way to make this right for everyone involved. My payment processor is through them including eBay and there are automatic payments set up through them for my doing business expense. Would this be great if PP cooperated?? Instead of putting our accounts under security ;???
    Or )do we change to a treasury direct acct #,or keep the same routing / acct prev used ?

    • Andy says : Reply

      I had the same thing happen, they said that they do not accept US Treasury Accounts

    • Caren says : Reply

      Pay pal has released my accounts. They do not wAnt to play with the FRB accounts and me. So that is a done deal no bank accounts for them
      The Credit union (minor) first American must have made a deal and some of my debts went through like State Farm and VS Cap one
      Well , until Mike Obrien made his call to them
      then some they reversed especially Sprint . I have no phone services and they have payments that have not been applied wtf? Ow they have put me in for collection. Really. ?unfettered depends on who
      I need some very reliable routings. I’m still playing❤️ being and doing
      I really would like the treasurydirect to release my bonds I am transferring to my bank acct. I have an entity account / trust
      so I can get important things like rent and health concerns covered
      any information on that much appreciated

  3. Crystal schwarz says : Reply

    Thank you for your helping all of mankind its hard for most to help from there hearts and not let the greediness take over and want money to help . I tp am wanting to better mankind and help in anyway I can to get the word out and expose the evils in this world. Thats what we are called to do love you all and have great respect for the TRUTH and all who shares id like to donate but right now I am tied down and waiting on my info in the mail. Much love when I can ill love to donate to all in need love you all my brother’s and sisters great job here keep it up. Thank you so much! 🙂

    • Carol says : Reply

      Im having the same problem with PayPal, Im wondering if we send the documents, through would things be different with these doings? Just a thought. I have not up loaded anything yet.

      • Caren says : Reply

        I sent in all my factualized documents plus my BC copy inc copies of SS and ID
        Pay Pal has re in stated my account but I cannot add a bank account they are not being very cooperative so no extra $ for them

  4. vanessa gutierrez says : Reply

    And we need to have these documents notarized, is that right?

  5. vanessa gutierrez says : Reply

    Also, are these documents ready to go? Can I start filling them now?

  6. Lindsay Hillegas says : Reply

    Thankyou so very much ❤️

  7. Mark247 says : Reply

    Thank you to whoever thanks is due to.
    I studied UCC for years to try to make progress on this, the work involved in this document is a lifetime achievement. I am so proud happy and excited for whoever did all this research and created this trust.
    After this document is signed with wet ink and notarized do we have to send an original to someone at the trust? Get it filed somewhere? Or do we just keep it, what’s the next step?

    • Jodie Byers says : Reply

      Yes Absolutely. This appears to be the living trust. This along with Authentication of the BC and the Perfection Of ownership Are the pieces Ive been looking for. I cannot tell you how grateful I am. HARVEY. EVERYONE. I really appreciate the efforts and dedication and information being shared here. I want you guys to know that I am thankful to be here and I appreciate the opportunity to be here. I have not been a member of this team and group and havent weathered through the trials and sacrifices. I know Ive seen video Harvey made expressing his distaste in those who impeded and insulted and Doubted him. I can absolutely relate. Thats been pretty much the experience Ive had across the board. I study redemption and sovereignty Financing government law and try to get the best understanding i can by sharing it with everyone I can . I would give anything to have gotten support and teamwork from my friends family and community. SO. PLEASE LET ME VOLUNTEER TO ASSISTING ANYWAY I CAN. THANK YOU ALL, EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US. MANY BLESSINGS

      • Kay says : Reply

        Love, Peace, and Light to you. I have a question about the BC. I have been stuck for days. I have to correct my bc, as well as get a certified copy. On my BC, my first and middle name are correct, my last name is in ALL CAPS. I know I have to get that corrected. My mother and father are both listed on my BC. They were also married at the time of my birth. There is a section where my mother’s maiden name is listed. She SIGNED the BC in her married name though….Okay here is my question. When i get the ALL CAPS LAST NAME corrected, do I have to have notarized signatures from my parents? Do I have to submit their marriage license along with the BC request? Do i have to do none of those things being that they were legally married, my father is listed, and I have his last name ? (JUST IN ALL CAPS) Georgia is the state. PLEASE HELP!! This unknown step is holding me back. Thanks !!

        • Richard Staly says : Reply

          Hi Kay: First of all, and anyone corrects me if I am an error: All birth certificates have the infant’s name ALL in capital letters, meaning the first middle and last name, to denote a legal fictitious character. ( that is how they make sure a CORPORATION is identified from a living breathing human being, but that is not what they advertise) If the first letter is capitalized and the rest are lower case, then that is identifying a natural person. The state only issues certificates for legal entities known by spelling the whole names all in capital letters on every government document. Now, should you need to have your birth certificate amended for some reason, most of your questions need to be answered by the registrar themselves since they are the ones that know exactly what needs to happen. I would call them and just ask your pertinent questions directly with them. Hope this helps.

        • Jodie Byers says : Reply

          Order a New BC. Certified Copy. From the Vital Statistics Office of your state or Country. I really Dont know anything about froiegn relations in regards to this. I honestly am for the first time in my life learning about my own. Research as much as you can ask questions. be thorough keep records and notes and network with communities such as this

        • Tony says : Reply

          I was told I was born in California in 1963. My certified copy of my birth certificate, which looks to be a direct copy of the original, printed out on bond paper, lists my name as a proper name, beginning letter of first, middle, and last name capitalized, the rest is lower case. MY BC however is in all caps and doesn’t have any numbers on the reverse. Why would mine be that way?

      • Elie L. says : Reply

        Love and Light to you . I have a question about us that are from foreign countries and now living in the United States as lawful residents or naturalized citizens . Are we entitled to the same benefits ? Do we go through the same process ? I have found 2 accounts under my name so far but the banks are actually blocking routing numbers, transactions through paypal , although account has been verified by Paypal.
        Please Share some of your knowledge . Thanks
        May your manifestation be more radiant daily .

        • Jodie Byers says : Reply

          Im still trying to work all this out. The account with pay pal may pay bills as a pass through institution. I think the issue is when we are making cash substitution payments. Like trying to pay a cc that cash was withdrawn or buying things ACH. The understanding i have is the transactions that are being reversed are the person who received it is the responsible party when they inform you of receiving it. There are a lot of complexities here. Its one thing to know about/of something. Entirely another to command a strategy and hold authority of a topic. i appreciate the Peek into the expertise and execution of that that these guys are allowing us. and truthfully its a good measuring stick to determine where you stand with this in your overall knowledge and preparedness. If you arent with it and a part of the conversation, if what youre reading watching doing sounds foreign and unfamiliar, then you are not prepared to act and need to continue learning the subject/topic until it is familiar and understood and debatable from hypothetical conditions or foreseeable as to the outcome. And thats the name of the game. Im sure we can all be involved and work toward empowering or efforts with dedication diligence and accountability. Its not worth anything if its not worth fighting for. Ever hand churned your own ice cream?

      • Victoria Thorne says : Reply

        i would love it if you help me– i am overwhelmed but i understand what this all does–i just need a roadmap and a little help

        • Jodie Byers says : Reply

          Start with the BC and get it authenticated and apostilled. Then you own yourself and are gonna wanna power of attorney as well as this trust trust doc being shared. I know there are some other things such as resending your signature with authorities and appointing a fiduciary copyrighting your name creating a security agreement and the Ucc filings. need a notary that will cooperate as well. Im sure there is a lot I dont know yet. I know the first step is changing our legal status from incompetent ward of the state to legally competent and of sound mind and legal owner of our selves. Harvys video explains it. Man I wonder who that cat asks questions. Real business is going on here. Historic stuff

        • Wendie says : Reply

          I’ve heard before that we want to stay away from the Apostle. Has anyone heard of this? I’ve Authenticated my certificate but not using the Apostle. Thank you! Love love how everyone is coming together for one another helping <3

      • Divinity says : Reply

        Love Light/Light Love & Gratitude for your post. I have a question.. I noticed that Heather mentioned her UCC documents on page 2, with her own filing numbers, ARE WE TO OMIT her numbers, since she didn’t place any brackets there for those of us who have completed our own UCC filing numbers … the legal language is sometimes
        perplexing, so I thought to inquire. And also, do you know if it is sufficient to provide only the first page.. or do all three (3) need to be provided to all inqiring parties, including PayPal?

        • Jodie Byers says : Reply

          I have the exact questions as you do here. Do we need to file our UCC documents to validate this trust? Surely we dont use her filing numbers.

        • Reuben Emmanual Bailey says : Reply

          No, keep the UCC filing numbers in. Those filing numbers refer to the filings done for the OPPT 4 years ago, and set up the underwriting for each and every individual.

          To really comprehend what these documents do, you need to comprehend the OPPT process and how that sets the stage for these documents. The OPPT was reconciled, and the result of that reconciliation was the individual factualized trusts that each being is. These documents point to that OPPT process and to your living being and essence to show the system something that it can understand and to give it a point of reference.

          There is no “separate” UCC (which has been foreclosed by the OPPT filings) filings/paperwork that needs to be done.

          As far as I understand it, your BC and every other legal document that has your given and/or legal name on it is a part of your trust and already belongs to you, without needing to file or perfect anything in any other way.

      • Archie Robinson says : Reply

        What can I do with my notarized trust specifically?

      • Theresa says : Reply

        Hi I am new here and I just filled out the ORIGINAL DUE DECLARATION AND NOTICE OF. What is the next step I need to take from here after I print it out sign it and notarize it where do I send it and with what other documents do I need to attach to send this? Thank you in advance.

      • oksana says : Reply

        HI, Where can I find Birth Certificate Bond to fill out. Thank you

      • Shawn says : Reply

        Let me know how your journey is going and I will let you know too, Send me an email, I am working on Authenticating my BC now and Notarizing My trust.

      • oksana says : Reply

        Hi Jodie, Where I can download Authentication of the BC and Perfection of ownership? Thank you

      • Diane says : Reply

        Hi Jodie,
        thank you for offering your help, I am learning as much as I can so that I may help other also.
        I watched the video Harvey did on authenticating our birth cert. but I didn’t take notes and now its gone.
        Would you be willing to help me with the steps to authenticate my bc? Thank you very much. I still have to order the full bc, but its kind of expensive.

      • Natacha says : Reply

        Hello Jodie! Thank you so much for taking the time to help those of us who need it. Please walk me though the steps of filing the Trust once it has been notarized. Who do I send it too? What additional documents do I need to attach? I have been working on breaking the chains of debt for many years now and have been lead by the Most High to you guys.Getting access to my account will give me a more positive outlook to the future I appreciate everything you guys are doing and will pay it forward as much as I can. I look forward to hearing back from you with the instructions. Thank you again.

      • Mary Ann says : Reply

        Once we fill this document ORIGINAL DUE DECLARATION AND NOTTICE OF Factualized Trust out what do we do with it. Who do we send it to. And you make a copy of our social security card and attack it to it.

      • Rene says : Reply

        Jodie, To your knowledge, would it possible to edit out the “new age” language in Heather’s version of the Factualized Trust and replace it with language that is also lawful, but reflects my Christian values WITHOUT invalidating MY iteration of this Factualized Trust?

        • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

          If you change anything in the FT, except where your specifics go, in personalizing it. The ones that are in the directions. You change the whole document. And The power the document has. It is standing Law- above all else. Directly from Source-Original.

      • Judi Castro says : Reply

        I need help. Don’t know anything of how to go do this. Would appreciate your help. TIA. Love, Light & Many Blessings

      • andrewbbbbbb says : Reply

        Jodie I may need some questions answered if available.

        I have done extensive research so am not uniformed while I am familiar.

  8. Alex says : Reply

    THANK YOU – Overwhelmed with gratitude and JOY IN-ONENESS

  9. Giovanni says : Reply

    I’m so overwhelmed with good vibes coming from this. Amen

  10. NikNik says : Reply

    My credit card payment was reversed. The r-transaction code was r34. What does this mean?? It’s not listed on SEPA

    • Rene in Texas says : Reply

      the reverse codes have been posted, just look for them, Harvey Dent, and Crazy lady youtube have been putting them out.

    • Sharon says : Reply

      R34, Limited Participation DFI

      I received this code today as well from Wells fargo. I could not find any good explanation as to what it really means, I did not call the bank. They are not denying that the account exists so that is a good thing.

      • I posted the codes from a web search link to all the ACH denial codes at Jade Anjoun my facebook page. In love and peace.

      • Brandy Martinez says : Reply

        R34 = Limited participation RDFI
        Which means RDFI participation has been limited by a federal or state supervisor. It means it was manually Cancelled. Not a system kick back from the ACH the Automated Clearing House.

    • LC says : Reply

      R34 Limited Participation DFI
      NACHA Definition:
      The RDFI’s participation has been limited by a federal or state supervisor.
      What it Means:
      Your customer’s bank is not able to process the ACH payment you initiated.
      What to Do:
      Ask your customer for authorization to charge a different bank account, or ask for an alternate form of payment.

      hope this helps! <3

    • limited participation is what it means

  11. Paula says : Reply

    Where would we file this document once we have it prepared, and how did you get a notary public to put a red thumbprint on her signature?

    • Vanessa says : Reply

      I went and bought a red pad. I’m going to take it with me and ask my bank Notary Representative to press and place next to signature.

    • Frances in France says : Reply

      I think the red thumb print is not the one by the notary by the same than all the others made by Heather!

      • Paula says : Reply

        Nope, if you see my comment below (in response to Josh), it looks as if they ARE different thumbprints, for each respective person signing. They do have similar thumbprints, but looking at them in Photoshop, they have a slightly different shape overall.

    • Rene says : Reply

      You can only ask the notary to do so; they have no duty to comply with such a request. Though it hardly matters in my opinion. The wet ink thumbprint is your seal and indicates you are the living flesh and blood man or woman. A notary, is an office created and recognized by the “de facto” “government. A notary is not an office of the organic United States of America. As such, it’s difficult to comprehend how a notary’s thumbprint, or lack thereof, would make any difference whatsoever. The notary need only witness your autograph and apply their stamp/seal.

      • Wonders about everything says : Reply

        Rene, hello..
        Re; “You can only ask the notary to do so; they have no duty to comply with such a request. Though it hardly matters in my opinion. The wet ink thumbprint is your seal and indicates you are the living flesh and blood man or woman.”
        I have been pouring over everyones ideas .. LOL and have followed OPPT since 2011 or so.
        Someone out there said, do an affidavit of life, ie, get 3 people who know you are alive and have them red ink thumb print and sign instead of a notary. I wonder, perhaps this would also work for the perfected trust? Or maybe in tandem with? But then those people have to prove they are alive as well ??? LOL hilarious, coming back from the dead….. hahaha maybe the zombie apocalypse was their nightmare of us coming back for our inheritance… just wondering.. lol

        Great our time has come ! I see our paradise growing expanding in love throughout and In the universe. Thanks to everyone Bz all friends involved, and dear Heather super woman, and Randal who took some hard knocks for us, all soon to be free, the after party looks delightful and delicious. 😉 soulful freedom and fun…

  12. Joseph Dean says : Reply

    I am learning so much and hope I can teach as many people as possible about this.

  13. Fernando Maldonado says : Reply

    Is therapy way you can help me prepare this document and how to execute it
    Thanking you in advance FM please let me know if you can help (much needed)

  14. Rodney says : Reply

    I noticed that you stated to write your name in all capitals except the areas that state initials/birthdate. But looking at your version 4 above, I see that the only thing you capitalized was the first letter in each name F,M,L. Is there a reason for this? I just want to make sure I do this correctly. Also, could somebody provide some insight in to things like UCC, DBA, Secured Creditor, or any other necessary paper work. I want to leave no doubt to the reader of my forms, along with the knowledge myself. I would love to discuss if somebody would be able to contact me at my email. If I get a response of somebody willing, I will post my email address.

    • I M Power says : Reply

      make sure to hard refresh the page so you see most current information. what is written in the [ ] on the blank space doc, is the instructions. so the data that goes in that set of [ ] is specified to you. and the format for writing it is specified to you by the way the instructions between the [ ] are written.

      read the page and it tells you I am working on the other parts to this, there are many. Once I have finished making the templates you will take all of it and format it as described in the specific emails and send in the specified order. This, as you treat all of them as one complete thought, can be sent to whomever you choose. Your bank, paypal, utilities… Those who are requesting proof of ownership, or are blocking you in some way… You just need to be clear who you are sending to and then you add that to the template and complete the process.

      • Jay G. says : Reply

        I have to say I am inspired. I am 47 broke! 4 children in home, girl friend is on social services. I’m working two jobs and I can’t even keep up with cable bill along with the most important bills, electric,rent, car note/insurance etc. I truly need this form of help, I thank God for all you good folks that keep hope alive. My question is; is this all that is necessary to send in to these collectors, or are there other steps to be taken?

      • Jodie Byers says : Reply

        Youre a jedi Samurai.

      • Ann L. says : Reply

        I M Power, can you give some advice and clarify what you mean by being clear about who you are? This is apparently such an important part of this process.

        • I M Power says : Reply

          advice, no. The whole point of the I UV, site is to help you tune in, tap in, turn on the light and that knowing with in you. You do that. You are the expert.

          You are magnificent. You are an amazing creator being. You are Source, I AM, Factualized 😉

    • I M Power says : Reply

      I’m glad you noticed this too. I had the corrected file improperly named so it did not upload. The page and site keeps getting knocked off line, so hopefully everything appears as it should and people can see it.

    • Anna says : Reply

      Try but it is not the only place you will find information on freedom… It is just a start.

    • vanessa gutierrez says : Reply


      If the inside of the brackets says [YOUR FULL NAME] you write it in all caps. If the inside of the brackets says [initials-birthdate] you write info all lower case. If the inside of the brackets says[Your Full Name] you write your name in upper and lower case …

  15. Cody says : Reply


    Can you use your treasury direct accounts to purchase things or withdraw funds?

    Are they only for paying debt?

  16. Mike M says : Reply

    Thank you so much for posting these documents. I noticed Heathers document is only 6 pages total. The formatting is more traditional on her version. The 10 page version seems to have some odd line formatting that makes it 10 pages (including the cover page). Which is correct? I see Heathers is actually signed and notarized.

    • Jim K says : Reply

      What 10 page version? Will the original 6 page version including the cover page not work? Or will it?

      Besides the Declaration, are there other documents required to send to vendors to validate the accounts are ours? When they are available, where can one find them?

      Thank you all! 🙂

  17. vanessa gutierrez says : Reply

    Okay, so what exavtly is this factualized trust? What does it mean what is it going to do? Beside proving its my account, i get that part but how is it going to do that? Can anyone elaborate?

    • I M Power says : Reply

      in reading it, you can “see” who you are and your Position to your value expressed in the 3d monetary system.

  18. Yanni says : Reply

    Hello i know this has probably been discussed but before going ahead with this part do i need to take the orher steps as in claim the name birth certificate steps, ucc1 ,and all the other steps 1st before i reach here, or does this document cover this? sorry if this sounds stupid question. i just want to be part of this movement i have told all my friends and family, and after losing our 30 year old restaurant business, our home in a hurricane then vandalized and robbed and living in a hotel room 5 people for a year, just now starting to get bk on our feet, renting a house now . I really want to help my family and others my father worked 6-7 days a week from 11-11 for 30 years only to get messed over, I worked along side him for 20 of those years, so i wanna be part of this movement very very much and i want to help thank you for your time, and any replys and help you guys can give. Thank you again

    • I M Power says : Reply


    • Anastasia says : Reply

      It’s not a movement. It’s you finally becoming who you came here to BE. And I’m sorry, but for those of you who don’t grasp that fact, it’s highly likely the results and remedies you seek will not fall into place. This is much, much bigger than some “movement”. This is the Absolute TRUTH.

      • Linda says : Reply

        Amen to that

      • Carol says : Reply

        I called the frb today, and spoke with someone saying that its a scam. Now what? Is it that they know my name now, to make it hard for me? When ever it comes to getting the funds, I’m thinking they will see my documents, and put them to the side, or use it for their information taking it away from me.

    • kiki says : Reply

      if you have a brth certificate and ssn card same applies

    • Kat says : Reply

      Check out Harvey Dent and Druanna on youtube. They will help you find your way. Much LuV

  19. Yo says : Reply


    If I was born in Japan and I was a greencard holder and become a naturalized US citizen, was my trust account created when I became a legal resident? or does this not matter and applies to everyone in the world?

    For this section of the document:
    “: This Factualized Trust is duly verifed as duly created, factualized, noticed, secured and ratified as being Original, in perpetuity; duly never rebutted. This ORIGINAL DUE DECLARATION AND NOTICE OF FACTUALIZED TRUST is duly effective as of ____, in perpetuity. ”
    it says to put my birthday but since I was born in Japan does this still apply? or do I put the date I became a legal resident?

    • I M Power says : Reply

      Borders and the purported governments, which are corporations are a legal fiction.

      You are the value, your account was created when you came to the planet. 🙂

    • Anna says : Reply

      You have (at least) one trust in Japan if you have a SSN there, which you must do, and you also have one in the USA for the same reason.
      I actually have (at least) one trust in three different countries and have already located two of them.
      You would have to have been born in the African bush or the Aussie Outback not to have a SNN number these days…

  20. Frances in France says : Reply

    Isn’t there an error on the first page, shouldn’t it be “idem sonans” with an ‘s’?

    • Anastasia says : Reply

      If there is, change in. It’s time to stop asking permission from others.

    • Frances in France says : Reply

      It is not a matter of permission, Anastasia, it is about everybody can see that there is an error and changes it. And maybe get an explanation if it is not an error as latin is not our mother language, not even in France, and as Heather stresses that it is important not to change anything, I think I do better verify twice “Doppelt genäht hält besser” says the German. (=Double sewn keeps better)

  21. Cyntia says : Reply

    I want to give my eternal gratitude to everyone that is working so hard to keep the momentum going for our Soul awakening to be who we truly are. Eternal, Abundant, Light Beings of Love ❤️

  22. Cyntia says : Reply

    Hi, I M Power, first and foremost I want to thank you so much for everything that you are accomplishing in our awakening of our TRUTH. I’m so filled with joy and excitement!!!
    I have a question. I’m currently living in Spain. Can I get my factualized trust documents notarized by a notary here in Spain or does it have to be in the US?
    Thank you

  23. Ronald Patterson says : Reply

    Thanks so much!

  24. Jerry D says : Reply

    Thanks BZ and Heather, and everyone else on this journey. We are part of the solution. So far all my BOPD – US Treasury payments have stayed posted. Day by day for now. Gonna start filling out the trust.

    • Me-Julia says : Reply

      I am wondering on how do we actually get the payments to actually stick? I have my documents filled out, thumb prints and all! Do I send it in and anticipate American Express to accept it then?

      What is the next step? Does anybody know? Please help. I am so grateful for all of you. Sending light and love.
      HELP: What is the definition of: BOPD – and how to get this done ? US Treasury payments have stayed posted.

  25. Bluey says : Reply

    On page 2 of the blank spaces.doc, your name is shown as the Reference Name: at the top. Just wanted to point that out, in case you have time to fix it. Thank you so much for all the doing!

    • I M Power says : Reply

      thank you for catching that. its fixed

      • Elie L. says : Reply

        Thank you so Much for all the work and dedication put into this . I get tears of joy just reading all these comments and sharing of knowledge to finally help Us all .
        Thank you .

    • Marie Reyes says : Reply

      Hi Jerry,
      I got a reversal from my electric company. What did you use for your account number? SSN without dashes (some said to add 32 or 33 at the end and some said ad zero in the front.

      I did not add 33 or 32 or zero just my SSN as account number and I did use the debt facility routing number.. some say to use the letter at the back of your SSN as a reference of your bank to find the routing number. and some says to use the first digit number as to reference your bank routing number. anyone here can give me some advice, please? thank you.

  26. Frances in France says : Reply

    Dear Heather,

    Thank you for all the wonderful job you do to facilitate our progress, as well as all the other participating in this wonderful journey.

    On Page 1 of the Factualized Trust, do you write
    Factualized: 8JULY1988 or 08JULY1988

    As you may know, the length of social security numbers are different in France and the USA. My fictitious woman being Charlotte T. Vance, her SS number is 2 57 05 67 482 112 78. What last digits do I take 1278? Or 7482 if the account number is 0257056748211278 or 4821 if the account number is 25705674821 or 4820 if the account is 25705674820?

    On the line Account Names
    Do you leave the brackets [YOUR MARIED NAME] if you were never maried, or do you just take it out?

    On page 3
    You have these 2 UCC registrations 2012094308 and 2012094309 under point 6, but on your original with your signatures, Heather, you have only the first one ending with 08. What is correct then?

    On Page 4, point III.A
    the paragraph is quite different, which one is the valid version, the original from Heather, or the one in the doc?

    Thanks for your help

    • I M Power says : Reply

      Heather has been updating the documents. The documents posted on this site are the most up to date taken directly from HATJ site, if there are new updates she emails to make me aware of it.

    • Anna says : Reply

      Hi Frances,
      It seems that the DAY of birth is missing from Charlotte’s SSN… when you correct it and rearrange the format of the number, you will EASILY find the last five digits.
      If you were never married, this means that you do not have a married name and that this, therefore, does not apply to you… Just take it out.

      • Frances in France says : Reply

        Hi Anna,

        The French SS number does not use the DAY of birth, there is nothing missing from Charlotte’s SS number.
        So I have so far one answer out of 5 questions, the marriage question. Does anybody know about the other questions?

      • Dar says : Reply

        On page 2 it asks for [your married name], I have been married several times but am currently unmarried and have been legally granted my maiden name which I have used for the last 30 years. In addition I have no nick name attached to my bank account. So my question is, what do I put in these spaces? Appreciate the help.

    • Reuben Emmanual Bailey says : Reply

      For the date of factualization, using the “08” will be completely unambiguous.

      For the account number, the number of “x”s should match the number of digits you are hiding, with the last 4 or 5 digits put on as numbers – what ever is common in your country.

      Having both filings under point 6 would be the way to go.

      Based on BZ’s comment, the paragraph in the editable doc would be the way to go for III.A

  27. Rene in Texas says : Reply

    We can do this people. Be gentle with yourselves. Stop and take the time to learn and educate yourselves. It is not too late, and we are all here to support one another. If you are just now waking up, you will be going through a barrage of feelings, fear, and almost a freak out to undo that which youve been taught ‘how to think, act and do’ is what actually is being REVERSED. You are now beginning to wake. Stay with this. There is a reason you have made it here to this site and others. Please stay focused. I gave up alcohol…an unthinkable thing two years ago. But because I did, I was able to expand my focus. All wine, beer, etc. (I know, that sounds crazy, but we’ve used it to anesthetize and now I feel better and sleep and think better.) Stand proud, and go gently with yourselves and others. We know right from wrong. Avengence is NOT the answer, at least not in the pitch fork and torch method. We can do this, ARE DOING this!! one person at a time. Stay with it, and slowly you will come out of the fog. If you are suffering in health, learn everything holistically and alternatively. IT BEGINS WITH DIET>>>junk in, junk out… Do not be over whelmed even though all of this CAN be overwhelming.
    We are and must unite in our efforts and understand there will be those, even closest to us who will not be able to grasp even a small part of this TRUTH, however, I have hopes this too will pass. Brace yourselves for retaliation from the ‘controllers’ further and in the near future. TRUST!! this too has been anticipated and now blocked. Have faith, love and peace in your heart. There are no Coincidences…period. Open your minds and EMBRACE the love!! We are all creators from the light, not meant to be SLAVES but FREE humans on this planet with Love in our hearts.

    Correct your status, read, read, read. Unplug from that black big screen box, unplug, your children, and family if at all possible. And that includes the radio and even some music stations, it is all programming! You can do it. There is plenty of work yet to do and this SHIFT is already in place, phase three implemented.
    THank you to all here…for your work, efforts to deliver the message and create a platform by which to communicate.
    God Speed, Rene’ Texas

    • Cyntia says : Reply

      Beautifully said and in Truth, Love and Light. Thank you Rene in Texas.

    • Carol says : Reply

      Many thanks for assisting all of us on this path. We are ONE. We are LIGHT. We are CREATORS. We are the LIGHTWORKERS!

    • Carol says : Reply

      Hi Renae,
      I agree with you in the mind altering. I am completely out of tune with alcohol drinking not on that level any more. Not knocking anyone else though for my part, I like keeping a level head. One thing for sure, I am looking forward to helping others to be healthy. Holistic is the way to go, in every area no smoking either; I quit 25 years ago, and stop drinking 6, and I feel great. That’s to say, I m with you on the healthy way. I am talking to others about healthy habits all the time.
      I am over joyed to be here in this day and time. I have been reading about uccs, and trusts. I filed a ucc in the state of Michigan, the thing is it’s not excepted here, so the question is to I AM Power, will this paper doc be handled the same way? That’s my fear. Gratitude: Grateful to you all, Iam happy to be on this journey. I plan to donate later.

    • Tama Gibson says : Reply

      lol I know what you mean about the alcohol. I do not drink alcohol, but honestly, right now, I am soooo ready to pop a bottle of bubbly!!!lol

    • Diane says : Reply

      Thank you Rene, You are correct, its time we live as the whole person we were created to be.

  28. Vanessa says : Reply

    So humbling to see everyone working together. Proverbs 11:1 A false balance is abomination to the Lord: but a just weight is his delight. God Bless Us All!!!

  29. Bill says : Reply

    On Heather’s copy, the reference number shown, FT-DODD-IAM-hatj-07301972, is supposed to be customized by us. I understand her initials and birthdate, but how was FT-DODD-IAM created, i.e., what does that represent (any legal importance?), and should we just change the initials and birthdate?

    (FWIW, I assume that FT represents Factualized Trust; IAM is self-explanatory, but I don’t know what DODD represents.)

  30. Oman says : Reply

    How do I determine my [Reference Number] on my ORIGINAL DUE DECLARATION OF ISSUE BY ORIGINAL DEPOSITORY?

  31. Yanni says : Reply

    Thank you and i just want to be clear i dont need to do anything with my birth certificate or ucc or any of that ,this document is enough?? or is the other stuff like birth certificate steps a must?
    i didn’t understand wich part in my other question you had said (nope) to thank you for your time

    • Tama Gibson says : Reply

      My understanding is we have to take care of the birth certificate. part. but we do not need to file ucc. Heather filed paperwork took care of that part for everyone.

  32. EliB33 says : Reply

    I am power-Dani 🙂 I was wondering about those who were not born in USA, but have SS and citizenship, how shall they proceed with docs?

    Thank you

    • I M Power says : Reply

      Dani(?), it would be the same way. There is another comment, I (bz), responded to with similar question please see that.

  33. Tish Pfau says : Reply

    Hello Family! I have my form ready to go, just need my red ink pad and purple pen and the notary is all lined up! So after this form is notarized, I use this when I want to prove ownership of reversed or issues with payments going through correct? Showing this is MY TRUST… Just trying to make sure all my duck are in line. I have not tried to set up a paypal yet, or get a debit card, I have paid some stuff that was in collections and so far so good! These are my baby steps for actual freedom from the Cabal PL&L Family <3

    • Citadel5 says : Reply

      Tish Pfau greetings. I wanted to know if you have a map of how you made your bill payments and are you in the US?

  34. Kim says : Reply

    For married women, do you type your last name as maiden name-married name? I wasn’t sure if this is what Heather did or if this is the way her last name is actually printed on her social security card. Thanks so much!!

    • Anna says : Reply

      The way I understand it, HATJ typed in all the names that were hers at a time in her life until now, and that she presumably used for her bank accounts and other things (car rental… what have you!).

      • CJ says : Reply

        So we just list all the names that we have used, right? For example, I don’t have a married name, and the name given at birth is the same as my full name. So I just list all my names, right? Or do I have to list the exact categories even if they are the same? For example: JOHN ADAM DOE, JOHN ADAM DOE, JOHN ADAM DOE. Or just “JOHN ADAM DOE?”

  35. SAMUEL SALCIDO says : Reply

    I can’t open the PDF files ti view and print anymore , and none of my venders will exact any routing numbers used in the pastv

  36. Monica says : Reply

    Hey y’all, this is so wonderful. Seeing everybody come together. Let’s keep it up! I have a question regarding the document regarding the married name. I haven’t officially changed my name so do I need to include my married name or just use my given names? Thanks!


  37. Chi Noden says : Reply

    Will I still have to do a power of attorney form along with this?

  38. Oscar B says : Reply

    Is there any way that I can transfer money from this account to my personal account or card

  39. Kim says : Reply

    Let me clarify that last question. Where it says [your full name]…is that the name that is on my social security card now?
    So if I’m married, its my married name and not my birth certificate name. Since there is a [YOUR NAME AT BIRTH]..I’m assuming that is the only time on this document that a married women would list her maiden name. Sorry not trying to be complicated…I hope I’m making sense. =)

  40. Aidan says : Reply

    thanks so much to all of you here for all this knowledge we will Win!! blesses hugs Aidan

  41. allison says : Reply

    On the Factulized T ust form, how do I remove the “original Depositors” line and on some pages, I can’t re-type that line?
    also, the first bracketed area for FULL NAME then Married Name,if they are the same, do you repeat it? Thanks!

  42. I M Power says : Reply

    7.17.17 HATJ Update via Skype

    HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .
    Randy update: Colorado “case”, with attempts to extradite on “FFJ” charge was dismissed on the basis it was an mistake.

    Now, there is purportedly a warrant, with issue date of July 13, 2017, for SC (yet was not showing in any systems) as of morning, July 14, 2017, and today was first any of us had heard of it.

    I am flying to Knox this evening to coordinate further with the locals and DOJ. Intending to get the last purported case dismissed tomorrow in the a.m.

    Following is a message regarding emails I received, starting at approximately 4:44 p.m. cst. It is also ties in with Anna Von Reitz’s flury regarding a purported bankruptcy/creditor and debtor status/position, etc…and it is also the beliefs that caused the unlawful, unauthorized, and non-consensual assault, abduction, and dentention of Randall Keith Beane….my response in regards to purported bankruptcy, etc. will follow that message:
    a woman, identifying herself as Nancy O’Shea, in federal law in forcement, wa d.c. (former fbi 28+yrs, now special agent with fed housing agency…google for cv) contacted me, approximately at 4:44pm cst on July 14, 2017, and offered help with key agencies in d.c.

    july 15, 2017, i wrote her that i would contact them after my arrival in d.c.

    this morning, July 16, 2017, she communicated a shared concern (shared with whom not stated) which I asked for one clarification, before i duly respond…and the communications can then flow.

    concern expressed: “I share a concern the process creates the legal presumption that one is subject to the bankruptcy and at the mercy of Secondary Creditors. I am certainly open to discussion.”

    clarification requested: “Nancy, Please identify “the process” you are referring to. There are infinite utilized in these moments. You have my attention. hatj”
    hatj response to all: “Original, being due sole owner, title-holder, and authority, did duly make, issue, secure, perfect, and notice the full performance and satisfaction, with order to reconcile, in existence, known and not known, inclusive of full performance and satisfaction of all positions, status, contracts, agreements, obligations, and all property, value, and currency, therein, thereof, therefrom, thereto, and thereby, inclusive of all bankruptcies, creditor and debtor positions, and obligations thereby, thereto, therefrom, and thereof, nunc pro tunc, praeterea preterea, Original Issue, restated, specially Article V.B., AFFIDAVIT OF FULL PERFORMANCE, DECLARATION OF CERTIFICATE OF SATISFACTION, AND DECLARATION OF ORDER, dated December 10, 2012, with UCC record number, 2012132883, and The Perpetuity, restated”
    there is no bankruptcy, no creditors, no debtors…never was, never will be…hence, the AFFIDAVIT OF FULL PERFORMANCE, DECLARATION OF CERTIFICATE OF SATISFACTION, AND DECLARATION OF ORDER, was duly factualized, issued, secured, and noticed…to duly closeout (gently, compassionately) all beliefs given to believe were truth that bankruptcy, creditors, debtors, etc., had existed.

    • Anastasia says : Reply

      I was compelled to read hatj’s response 3x and the 3x was a charm to allow the words to resonate deeper.

      Anna is fighting in another world where debtors and creditors exist. We’re playing in a world where they don’t! We are assisting in melting and dissolving the old false structures to herald in the new and the true. How very exciting! Keep up the wonderful doings everyone. I ❤️How we’re frazzling the systems.

      The AI is probably very fascinated by these doings as well having only dealt with cold structured sociopaths to date and is stunned with the new experience of being confronted with heart and emotion.

    • myaraine says : Reply

      blessings of love to you

  43. periklis says : Reply

    Is this international and applicable in Australia as such? If not is there a variation with instructions on an Australian equivalent?

    The SS#, called a CRN in Australia (Centrelink Reference Number) is 9 numeric digits followed by a letter so is it the last 4 including the letter (3 numbers + the letter) or just the last 4 numbers?

    Many thanks in advance!


    • I M Power says : Reply

      not one that has been identified yet. People all over the world are working on their country as well as other countries. When they see a “dot” that looks promising, and I see it, I publish on blog post

      • WILD LILY says : Reply

        I M POWER……haha! I JUST HAVE TO SAY THANK YOU AGAIN! I HAVEN’T EVEN ACCESSED ANY OF MY!! FUNDS…YET….BUT I HAVE TO SHARE MY LAUGHTER! AND SAY THANK YOU! FOR ALL OF IT! Downloading the “proof” documents now…and one question please…what about this option from JERRY? who provided the The Bureau of Public Debt bank that has been set up in Parkersburg, West Virginia. having the routing number which is 051736158 link: . How about I just go for it and try both methods, yours and his? You’ve worked so completely voluntarily, sincerely, hard on this, I am avoiding glitching anyone of us BEINGS through naive error. I intend ONLY FULL completion, compliance, cooperation and YES to accessibility and availability of OUR Treasury Direct, from the Truth of what we are, TO the Truth of what we are…Directly…and so it is. I appreciate what you are, and await your response. You have my email. YAAAAAAAAYY!

    • Shaun says : Reply

      Yes periklis, there are routing #’s for every Country basically.

  44. Josh says : Reply

    Is the thumb print required by the notary?

    • I M Power says : Reply

      You are signing your documents with a “wet ink” signature. Used to be done with your blood, then thumb print, and pen signature on top of the blood. It is your unique energetic- bio-metric signature.

      It can not be forged.

      • Josh says : Reply

        Thank you I get that part just wondering if your notary needs to also?

      • Paula says : Reply

        Hopefully a red ink pad will work instead of blood nowadays, however… Though blood would definitely make it impossible to forge! Josh, while they are very similar thumbprints, and there is a white blur through Heather’s, I’m going to hazard a guess that each person needs to do their own thumbprint to make the signature valid.

      • Anastasia says : Reply

        Gives a whole other reason why your thumbprint is taken at booking, doesn’t it?! And also why lots of the new security features tout using thumbprints. Deviant fucks…

  45. Antonio Brown says : Reply

    What do you do with this document once it is completed. I also have Treasury Direct Authorization form that gives you authorization over your treasury acct that gets mailed into Dept of Treasury, Bureau of the Public, P.O. Box 7015, Parkersburg, WV 26106-7015. I downloaded this document and filled it out. Do I send this with this as well? Is this the correct address to send this stuff too?

    • I M Power says : Reply

      see the directions on the page, I give you ideas.

      “Once I have finished making the templates you will take all of it and format it as described in the specific emails and send in the specified order. That is, you treat all of them as one complete thought. The email grouping can be sent to whomever you choose. Your bank, paypal, utilities… Those who are requesting proof of ownership, or are blocking you in some way… You just need to be clear who you are sending to and then you add that to the template and complete the process.”

      • Charles says : Reply

        Hello I M Power i was wondering if you can give my email adress over to heather because i have problems understanding what papers need to be filed and filled thank you and you guys do a wonderful job here on this site

        greetings Charles

      • Jasmine says : Reply

        wondered if anyone can email me back i really need some help regarding payment being returned, thanks in advance.

    • Cassandra says : Reply

      Once you get authorization over your treasury acct what do you do next? do you request the bond money to be paid to you? Have you done that?
      I’m thinking about printing out several of these for friends to fill out.

  46. Futuristic says : Reply

    It looks like the formating is off on these documents posted above. The IAM image is not in the correct place like it is shown in hatj’s document. There’s also quite a few lines that are not matching up with her document. Looks like the margins are different or something. The only doc I have found with the correct formatting is the highlighted version(think its from another post), except it’s only 3 pages and missing some stuff here and there.. So which one are we supposed to use?

    • I M Power says : Reply

      the high lighted one is an old version. missing the key important data revealed with randy’s case.

      • Futuristic says : Reply

        That is good to know, thank you. Would you possibly have a link to the original that hasn’t been edited with brackets?
        These aren’t formatted correctly and my attempts to fix them have been futile. The problem is, the page layout on these docs (margin/footer settings) are totally different then her original which I’m able to see in the old highlighted version. Once i make them the same the layout of the doc changes.


      • Futuristic says : Reply

        Actually scratch that! I got it off her site! Thanks you again!

  47. Futuristic says : Reply

    BTW – THANK YOU for these documents! It is much appreciated and I am in much gratitude!

  48. Joe Burrell says : Reply

    Hi all, I would like to know if my birth certificate has a suffix but my Social Security card does not, I am assuming that I would include my suffix with my name on the trust?
    Is the account # our Social Security #?
    Do we fill in the fields with our names exactly as the [ ] states or do we follow Heather’s example with the first letter being capital and the rest lower case of each part of the name? Thank you much!

  49. Oscar B says : Reply

    Can anyone help me i live in the U.S. im tryins to figure out how to west union from Ferderal reserve accoun or from the bureau of the public debt to my card or account or is there a way to do that and is the routing still active for both federal reseve and bureau of the public

  50. Joe Burrell says : Reply

    I do see my mistake on the name input. A question that I also have is… if never married, do we omit our name in that field or do we type our name as is in that space? Thanks!

  51. Oscar B says : Reply

    How to figure out the federal reserve 11 digit Account # for

  52. julio c says : Reply

    very happy for what is happening at this very moment I think this is only until the resistance goes away after that we will be using this account the same way we are using the one we have right now ,freedom is coming at last ,love to all

  53. Joe San Diego says : Reply

    So has the whole proccess changed in order to use the routing/ account number? For some reason I couldnt get heard on the call.

  54. Anna says : Reply

    I just want to say that since we are the POWER and AUTHORITY upon the land, we do not need a notary to sign our papers for us. I once asked a notary (note : I live in France) to witness a document for me and he nearly barked at me saying “we do not do this here! what do you mean? What do you want?” I was flabbergasted! So, if someone in France knows better, would they mind informing me about how things are going for them? Thank you. What I know for SURE on the other hand, is that when you put you AUTOGRAPH (not “signature”)[1] and THUMBPRINTS on a document, you do NOT need any other so-called “authority” to give it any more weight, as it has all the weight it needs. One can also “UPU” their documents (which is what I usually do when it is an important document). It takes two postal stamps and the know-how… easy as pie — and even judges cannot UNDO your document NOR hold it against you!

    [1] The autograph is that of the LIVING MAN/WOMAN, the signature is that of the DEAD ENTITY (strawman). The signature is curved and linked together (the letters are joined); the autograph is not curved and is separated (the letters don’t touch each other).

  55. Antonio Brown says : Reply


    The Department of the Treasury is also aware of several fraudulent schemes that involve what are claimed to be securities issued or backed by the Treasury Department or another part of the U.S. Government. These scams have been directed towards banks, charities, individuals, and companies which seek payment on the fraudulent securities. Many of the scams originate from persons attempting to avoid paying tax obligations: the Internal Revenue Service provides additional background and information on these scams here.
    Another scheme is a variation of a common fraud generally known as “redemption” or “acceptance for value” that incorrectly asserts the United States government has trust accounts linked to each citizen. The theory is not supported in fact or law and has been soundly rejected by the federal courts. Perpetrators will annotate or stamp invoices with “Accept for Value” or similar language, with various numbers purporting to be account numbers. Such annotations are without merit and establish no rights or privileges in any federal or state account or agency.

    Recently, Treasury OIG has become aware of a different variation of this scheme. Individuals are obtaining routing numbers from Treasury bureaus, specifically the Financial Management Service (FMS) and the Bureau of the Public Debt (BPD), or a Federal Reserve bank, and using these numbers to make the false notes appear genuine.

    Further, many of these fraudsters hold seminars throughout the United States, teaching attendees how to create these fictitious documents and how to use federal routing numbers. Individuals are now creating false checking accounts with the federal routing numbers, using their social security number as the checking account number, and listing the bank as either the FMS or the BPD. Be advised that Treasury bureaus and the Treasury Direct Program do NOT offer checking accounts for the public, and they will NOT honor any of these checks. Participating in these scams can result in serious criminal and civil penalties.

    It is also a violation of Federal Law to misuse the Treasury seal or the words, titles, symbols, or emblems of the Treasury Department, or any service, bureau, office or Treasury subdivision; see 31 U.S.C. 333.

  56. Antonio Brown says : Reply

    Also, just contacted Treasury Direct at (844)284-2676 to verify if there has been ever any accounts opened in my name and they are stating that they could not locate any accounts under the strawman ssn# and that they did not have hold any accounts listed for me under any of my information. Something doesn’t seem right here for some reason and I’m a bit confused as to is this all really factual.

  57. SoldierOfLight says : Reply

    First off Love, light and positive radiating galactic energy and blessings to all beings and special prayer of light and protection to all. Special thanks to HatJ, The One true RKB, I M Power and all that put in positive light and effort to shatter this low frequency vibrational suppression and fear feeding planetary slaughter of Mother Gaia, and all man, woman and animal kind. Since you stated that the UCC-1 is not necessary, then where in this document do we claim our children as we could in the Financing Statement Form please, thank you and God bless all.

    • SoldierOfLight says : Reply

      Also I M Power, What is the use of the documented UCC-1 numbers in our sample document and if we have a UCC-1, do we add it and where please?

      • I M Power says : Reply

        all the relevant UCC documents that are referenced in the factualized trust will be in the email template file for everyone in a zip file, organized as per directions. I have to put it together, then have HATJ check everything then it can go live. There are lots of things moving so priorities like Randy’s court hearing take precedence.

    • StarryOne says : Reply

      A couple of weeks ago I saw that Heather had done one for each of her children – that was the old version. Don’t know what the change means for our kids so I’m doing all of ours over again now with the latest version and will await further data! I have teenagers…

  58. Monica says : Reply

    Hi I M Power,
    Thank you for all the information. Regarding this form, I just wanted to understand this correctly. Once this form is completed, you would send it to whomever is trying to block payments right? So if I was to try my payment again after sending in this form, it should not be returned due to the fact that I have proved that this is my account correct? Just want to make sure I understand this process. Thank you!!


  59. MATTHEW HAYWOOD says : Reply

    God bless ya’ll for this.

  60. Alex Schmit says : Reply

    Thank you for everything! I am grateful for the opportunity to utilize correct grammar.

  61. Quentin says : Reply

    Hello, so these are actual documents that show that its legal to access the treasury direct accounts?

  62. Fiberglut says : Reply

    Should this document be posted in a public forum (to give notice) and or the recorders office?

    An undisputed public becomes truth

  63. Fiberglut says : Reply

    Public claim

  64. Sharon says : Reply

    Hi I M Power,

    I was wondering, is it recommended to get a treasury direct authorization form FS form 5444.
    And only your Bank or financial institution that you belong to can sign it, they need to medallion it and I have noticed that many people are having trouble getting their bank to do this. Can you explain why this is necessary and what the form is for, I understand it is giving you authorization to withdraw funds but I am missing a piece of this understanding.
    Also you can not have a notary do this.

    Thank you!

  65. SoldierOfLight says : Reply

    Hotep and Namaste to all. I M Power, is it safe to say that it would be best to wait to fill out anything until you have all of the need be created items in one folder, zipped and ready to share? Thank you again and positive love, light and high focused vibrational energy.

    Remember: Fear doesn’t help you and actually promotes reversals and well scripted kickbacks. They’re the ones in fear.

  66. Anasazi says : Reply

    I am unable to edit the brackets next to “Original Depository”, “[Your Full Name].” at the bottom of all the pages. Anyone else having this problem? I tried pdf with adobe and microsoft office under doc using my PC and at my local library. I notice on Heather’s document she had her name typed in.

    Suggestions BZ? I have to get this fixed in order for these documents to fly. It needs to be perfect, all t’s crossed and i’s dotted. A model of perfection. Once it’s perfect, I can breathe the energy into it and out into the universe at large.
    With sheer and utter confidence, knowing, knowing it already works and has worked. Stay open to this possibility and dream it alive into your senses.

    Thanx BZ and Heather and other’s here. Stay aligned to your higher power, sight alignment, sight picture. Perfection. We are an awareness here, a feeling within this physical body. We are energetic human beings. Being. That really means something. We are luminous beings and as luminous beings we seek power.

  67. StarryOne says : Reply

    I am also having trouble editing the footer – I have searched all throughout you tube tutorials and nothing seems to match the version this doc is in. I have yet to find or get the “text” to highlight so I can edit…anyone a wiz at this stuff? Please enlighten us!

    • Jim says : Reply

      Open the doc in WORD and place the cursor over the name and double left click.
      That opens the editing tool.
      Double left click to get out.

      • Anasazi says : Reply

        Thanx Jim. I took your advice and it worked on my 97-2003 word document. Now I just need to see how it prints out, ink my signature and thumb print. Any advice on how to preserve our color lovely signatures? Take a picture and upload into a pdf format? I came across something on this subject on how to best process this into electronic form for sending across email. I thought it was from BZ but I couldn’t find it again. Something about taking it to an office store and getting it done professionally. Thanks again everyone. Anyone need to email me, I’m open to suggestions. We are all in this together and it’s our responsibility to help others when we succeed. It’s the least we can do in gratitude for Heather and BZ. I did a lot of the old documents back in 2012, I found some success but I felt we lacked enforcement, and not to be forceful and coercive. I felt like I was bullying these same institutions and I was stooping to their levels they used on us. The energy didn’t sit right with me so I let it rest. Now I feel we have enforcement and my energy is of unyielding and unbending intent, intent, INTENT!

      • StarryOne says : Reply

        Hi Jim,
        I’m working on a Mac and not having success with this one part of the document. I literally can’t get the curser to stay on the “name” in the footer…also now I am seeing that it is “highlighted text” with a yellow highlight over the “name”. Any clue on that?

        Also have noticed that once I fill in areas that are in color, the color tends to go away so I have “re-colored” that text when needed.

        Any help out there for Mac users?


  68. StarryOne says : Reply

    Upon further study … it seems the footer may be “locked” from editing.

  69. Jim says : Reply

    All of my FRB tests proved failures.
    Everything including PP came back.
    I did receive the funds i withdrew through PP but now I have a negative balance.
    Were not all the accounts across the nation put into one bank Thursday last week ?
    The TRB in W. Va. ?

  70. Micheal says : Reply

    i just found out there is 76,944 dollars in one of my trusts that stopped paying interest in 2000 yet they have had my funds these past 17 year which could have really helped me save my ranch 9 years ago,,,now i have to go thru shit to get my funds that fuckin bullshit.. its tied to my social security number its fuckin mine, “its my money and I want it now” no seriously fuk those aholes gimmee my damn money
    blessings upon all who read this of freeedom abundance of propserity love light peace harmony health love light joys and happiness amen

    • Chad says : Reply

      Not sure where your getting that info from unless you see your name Attached to that account It is not accurate .Whatever site you are on just typing all zeroes Or 123456789. You will still see a account that will pull up With money in it. Just because you type in your ss# , Birth certificate number ,Drivers license number ,ID number .It means nothing unless you see your name attached to that account .Also please remove any hate that you have in your heart .You will only be granted the access and the knowledge through a conscious , peacefully ,Godly Mind .These doors will not open for everyone .Stand up and wake up . Love and peace always .

    • Tish Pfau says : Reply

      how did you locate your amounts? I have my forms ready to be notarized, first steps being taken. . . please advise PL&L to you <3

  71. Dutchhawg says : Reply

    Update on my Cox Payment. I received a phone call from Cox. I missed the call. Called them Back. My Cox Payment made on Saturday, July 15th, kicked back. I used the BOPD routing number. 05736158, with my ssn.. Came back as wrong routing number according to customer support. I used the automated system. Which customer support said, I must call in and give them payment in person over the phone. I asked why. They said it is policy. If I try to use same routing number again. It will be flagged as non usable. Which poses a question. If it’s been used by others successfully, then why did it kick back wrong routing number? I think it’s all tricks until this whole thing gets solved. Which I hope through our coordinated efforts, the correct recipe for everyone is known. I got them to give me another day to ‘look’ into it. I will use F 064000101/ssn in second attempt. Will add to spreadsheet and update when finalized.

    In looking at the real successes listed in the spreadsheet, I did not see one complete recipe for their success. Which I would like to see someone post a complete recipe that actually worked for them and did not get kicked back. If I missed something, please, someone open help with my myopia.

  72. Dutchhawg says : Reply

    I will also try to open a paypal acct. Never used it before. Will try both F routing numbers looking for right one, before moving to other letters. The right recipe is there, just have to find it.

  73. TimedPeacesTN says : Reply

    Much LOVE peace, and positive energy to you all! I’ve just recently awaken to the fact that we’ve ALL been lied to as to Who and What WE REALLY are and robbed blind…into the next few generations and if the cabal had their way, we stay in poverty! I don’t have a clue as to where to start.
    I humbly and gratefully ask for any and all assistance in retrieving that which was wickedly stolen from We The People!
    May The Most High Bless You All! 🙂

    • I M Power says : Reply

      The breadth and depth and scope of what, as you refer to as the cabal, have done, and planned would stagger you. Although, the cabal, as you you say, are really just middle management.

      The totality of all that has transpired for eons and what is wrapping up now. Is exponentially larger than just the infinitesimal piece you are seeing right now of the information related to this post.

      You are an amazing creator, go into your heart and tune into your “Knowings” then do as you are moved to do.

  74. Jim K says : Reply

    What is the significance of purple ink for our signatures? Researching the significance of color, “When it comes to choosing between blue or black ink, the consensus is that blue makes it easier to assume a document is a signed original as opposed to a black-and-white copy. Regardless, you should always read the document instructions regarding color preferences or research local procedures before signing a document that will be notarized or submitted to a court.” Just want to be fully aware of the difference between blue and purple when signing this document in front of a notary.

    • I M Power says : Reply

      purple transmits your divine power energy frequency. on this planet especially it has been usurped by the “elite”, “controllers”, “ptw”, etc, whatever moniker you give them. to cloak them in the royalty of the high frequency color to add to the masking of their service to self evil frequency.

      do as you feel moved to do.

    • StarryOne says : Reply

      The info I have is that Blue is for the Sovereign, and Purple is for Royalty…would be interesting to research further!

    • Rene says : Reply

      You can also autograph (never sign) in red, the color of the living, flesh and blood sovereign man or woman. I always autograph official documents in red ink on the far right hand side, using all lower case printed letters (never cursive) with punctuation, over a dotted line (never solid), and name typed same as autograph (with punctuation) below dotted line:

      [hand-printed autograph] first-middle: last [&thumbprint]
      by . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
      [typed] first-middle: last

      I also apply a red ink thumb print alongside my autograph above the typed name and dotted line (or no line at all).

      A solid line means you are DEAD as in “flatlined”; just like the ALL CAPS “legal fiction”
      the dotted line means you are alive–with a heartbeat!
      Anyone remember the old expression, “just sign on the dotted line”?

      Creditors are supposed to sign on the far right side of the page and debtors on the far left!
      All our lives we’ve been indoctrinated to sign as dead debtors on the far left!
      Time to take our rightful place, on the far right, as sovereign creditors!

  75. Jon B. says : Reply

    Any other color denotes that you are HUMAN and not Fictitious or Commercial.
    A gentlemen that has his LAW down quite well is located at

    Breaks all of this down quite well!


  76. Jon B. says : Reply

    Does anyone have an affidavit of truth and a jurat example filled out? I am greatly interested in this!


  77. Jon B. says : Reply

    I am interested in a template like the ones posted above in the threads herein. I am looking for one for the Birth Certificate 🙂 a PDF would be awesome!

  78. Tony says : Reply

    Hello and thank you for all the information I been reading. I am all new to this and I am very amazed by all of this. I am looking for more info on this cause this really makes me upset that we the American people are going broke losing there homes and no telling what else’s when we didn’t need to lose anything. I’m about to lose everything I thought I owned and haven’t found a way to keep what is mine. I am looking for step by step on how we pay our debt using this system that was created for us. Thank you

  79. Nala says : Reply

    What is your not married, no aliases. If my name has been spelled wrong on documents, what brackets do I replace that in?
    Thank you & God bless you all.

    • I M Power says : Reply

      [Your Full Maried Name] or any other example, just replace with your examples. You just mentioned a great one- name spelled wrong on a document. That is an alias 😉

      • oksana says : Reply

        I am an American citizen but was born in different country, can I fill out Birth Certificate Bond too, or this only for people who was born in America. Thank you

  80. Nala says : Reply

    Thank you @ I M POWER.

  81. Dory says : Reply

    Is this not fraud ?

  82. Cassandra says : Reply

    I’m having trouble with the font size. I’d like to reduce it one size down. Would that be a problem?

  83. Cassandra says : Reply

    I’m also not sure of the marriage entry, I just used my name that I use on the ss card, it is not a marriage name, but my legal name now.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  84. Caren says : Reply

    Thank you for those working on sorting out the confusion. I feel like Mercury is giving me a break !!;) strength

  85. Cassandra says : Reply

    sorry I re-read the comments and I think I got the answer

  86. Cassandra says : Reply

    I’m sorry for all my posts, I’m truly having brainlock. I want to have all my papers together. I have a SS card, certified copy of Certificate of Live Birth, and the ? Birth Certificate with the gold seal. I can’t find the 8 x 11 one that everyone talks about. On the Certificate of Live Birth are the numbers you talk about on there? There are some numbers in the top right – Local Registration District (4 numbers) and certificate #, (5 numbers).

    I’m just getting the Treasury Authorization form printed out soon. BTW – I called my bank they do it for free by appointment.

    Biggest question – If I take all these documents with me, or send them to the Treasury? I can’t give up the C of Live Birth, I just can’t. Something inside me nope don’t send it.

    You talk about sending them (e-mail?) paypal, electric co etc. or whoever you pay bills to? Scan and e-mail all the documents?
    Who do we specifically talk to at a company – head of billing? Account verification – they all have different names.

  87. Cassandra says : Reply

    is the above

    Declaration of Truth and
    Affidavit of Identity

  88. christy grayson says : Reply

    What other documents do I need? Which ones do I send in and where do I send them?

  89. Anasazi says : Reply

    Focus your attention, energy and actions on the two documents that Heather and BZ have provided as templates. Read, re-read, read, study, soak it in. If you don’t understand a word, look up the definition. ( These two documents, “Original Due Declaration And Notice of Factualized Trust & Original Due Declaration Of Issue By Original Depository” form the base. Start with this foundation. It may take days or even weeks. Once you feel you got it nailed down with confidence, doors will begin to open, you will stand in your power and you will KNOW what to do. The matter of how will disappear because it was only the framework. There is a very high frequency energy system tied to these documents. Source, Pristine, Original, Pure Essence. That’s You and I.

    Plant your feet in the grass of mother earth and look up into the sun, feel your energy as the human conduit of eternal source.

  90. Christopher says : Reply

    Question should I put in the HatJ for my email when I print out this document or my email address. Please i’d like to know that way I can send this in the next 2-3 days. The sooner the better.

    • SoldierOfLight says : Reply

      Namaste and hotep. Please include your own contact info. Follow the brackets and instructions God bless

  91. Pete D says : Reply

    In the .doc, there are a few different brackets containing ‘date of birth’.
    What format are we to use here?
    Mm/dd/yyyy ?
    Or Month, Day, Year (spelled out-no numerics)?

    There’s [initials-date of birth],
    Also [Your Date Of Birth].
    One’s uppercase, one lower.
    Are these different formats?

    • I M Power says : Reply

      both, the b day appears a few times in both formats. Look at HATJ’s complete factualized trust on this page and you can see. Also the [ ] on blanks copy will tell you 😉

  92. Bland says : Reply

    On page 3, near the bottom section B 1-3. What is that? How do I fill or change that being my name is different andI have no association with those people?

    • I M Power says : Reply

      you leave the sections with UCC and mentions oh Heather, Randall, Caleb. do not change anything there

  93. Bozena says : Reply

    I am from Poland please help I do not know English

    • I M Power says : Reply

      look up in right hand corner you can click the translate button to translate the blog post for you.

      Znajdź w prawym rogu możesz kliknąć przycisk tłumaczenia, aby przetłumaczyć wpis na blogu.

  94. I M Power says : Reply

    For those beautiful beings who emanate such a strong vibration of discord, doubt, negative energy…, it would be helpful for you to explore the source of that.

    The process of utilizing your TDA accounts is NOT, all about money, buying things or paying debts.

    It is MUCH, bigger than that.

    IT is about the Truth of Who YOU Really are-

    When you emanate such a strong vibration of discord, doubt, negative energy…, it is a wake up call that there is not balance within you.

    Because coming into balance and Knowing the Truth of Who YOU Really are, will attract to you and flow from you more amazing things than you have ever possibly Imagined even in your Wildest Dreams.

    You are unlimited.
    You are a Creator Being.
    Its Time to Act Like it. 🙂

    • derek says : Reply

      Exactly! Lol. Let’s revolutionize the past present and future together for the betterment of everyone. If you dream it then it is reality. The happenings are now. They happen within so let’s create here now, a wondrous life of beauty and love. Viva love revolution!! XD

  95. Anasazi says : Reply

    I finally converted documents into pdf for electronic transfer. I also did one for a filing I made in federal district court back in 2008 while living in Austin, TX. It came to mind especially today after I made two visits to some banks this morning. I had an appt. at Wells Fargo for the first one. The banker there told me, I didn’t need to get the papers notarized because I already put my finger prints on it. One reason I didn’t sign over the thumb and finger prints is because I wanted it to be clear. I know they can bio-metrically scan it. Feds, state, county and cities all have my prints on record. They know it’s me if they want to run it.

    The second visit was interesting but kind of boring. I was very polite and listened and attempted to extract as much information as I could. One banker felt I needed to get them notarized in order to deal with govt. and banking officials and to see the original. He stated, his banking buddy attorney’s would then review the documents for legality and would approve of any financial transactions. Really?

    Anyway, try to make it short as I can. I only sleep about 5 hours a night. My brain works at 1000 miles a minute. I process extreme amount of data and then integrate much of it. I drove home to think about the visits this morning and talked it over with my lady. We both agreed (Imagine that), I didn’t need to notarize it. My “Declaration of An American Sovereign Entity” was talking to me. I had a very powerful spiritual experience before signing the documents and finger printing it. BTW, I used royal blue ink on my signature. I couldn’t find a red ink pad and stamp at the local store so I bought nail polish. It was the closest to bright blood and the label read; “Sinful Colors, Bite Me.” The paperwork was very colorful. Gotta have some fun with it. I put all 5 fingers on that one. Looked like a cat’s paw.

    I just wanted to post a few excerpts from my law review. I was basically off the record so to speak (meaning without legal footnotes) on a few paragraphs and in my conclusion of the Declaration. I was speaking from the language of the heart. 90% of the filing was referenced with supreme court cases, federal judges, founding fathers and on and on. Much of it was based on the 9th amendment, which is tough to recover I found out. It made me dig even deeper back then. “They” don’t want to talk about the 9th or even the 10th. You might have too much freedom. Anyway, it really is about the energy and what we radiate. One of my suggestions is to hold the documents over your heart and breathe the energy, inward outward. Infinity is within, eternity is all around us. 🙂 Love you all.

    “”As a sovereign entity, my power and sovereign immunity does not require a conditional recognition or grant of authority from another person, private or public or any government entity.”” (That came to mind this a.m.)

    “In the absence of a theocracy, our courts uphold the moral judgments of society. Too exceed liminal logical reasoning, one may inspire and invite the inspiration of the divine. Unless there is an established higher power, the judges of our court system hold favor.

    No de jure sovereignty without de facto sovereignty.

    One cannot practice what they do not proclaim. With these words I pronounce my natural rights and exercise my personal sovereign power.

    Upon reading this Declaration, one may have the intended effect of a designated shift to a higher state of consciousness. The letter of the law coupled with the spirit of the law will give rise to a feeling of totality and complete independence. The rule of law distinguishes the path of moral virtue, right and wrong. In the absence of a theocracy, the courts serve their purpose in directing persons onto the right path that leads to a higher state of being. No other branch of government can discriminate the truth and uphold what is in the best interests of society as a whole. The structural permissiveness of the judicial system navigates our society to evolve incrementally as One. The evolvement is slow, deliberate and cumbersome. It is only the Sovereign Entity that can transform and cut across all platforms of a constructive belief system. It is the spark of the Sovereign Entity encompassed within the individual that gives loft to unfettered, unstructured, total and absolute freedom. Eternal freedom is without structure because the Sovereign Entity knows only the infinite and is boundless. This is the state of transformation and only the individual person can make that choice whether to evolve with society as a whole or transform as the One.

    With this petition, I preserve the evidence in this court.

    May the court and all who read this declaration, receive its blessing. Blessed be the One that is among us. Blessed is the divine One.

    In good faith, I express my deepest heart felt gratitude while voicing my highest truth.

    Anasazi James

    Filed in U.S. Western District Court under the supervision of Federal
    Marshall in law.
    Austin, Texas.
    May 14th, 2008
    Case number: MC-00386

    • Me-Julia says : Reply

      Would you be willing to call me Anaszi? I seek your wisdom and enlightenment into my situation.
      Or email me please?


    • ApexD says : Reply

      I laughed out loud, Anasazi, at the “sinful colors, bite me” nail polish you used for the red ink. 🙂 I also loved hearing how you are honoring your inner guidance for the steps along this journey. It’s really about each of us recognizing for ourselves that we are free, unfettered, creative beings.

  96. oksana says : Reply

    Where I can download the Birth Certificate Bond. Thank you

  97. Mark Gadsby says : Reply

    Are these factualized trust documents apply for the UK ?

  98. Kat says : Reply

    Much LoVe Everyone

  99. I M Power says : Reply


    1.22.17 Unfettered Access to Your TDA’s, Treasury Direct Accounts. Will begin and be announced, by “official” Government channels, for ALL Planet Wide, beginning of Next week.

    see blog post at

  100. DEONTE WAY says : Reply

    i downloaded the pdf but was unable to input my info in the lines labeled “oringinal depository [Your Name] Governed by Original. i couldn’t input info into th Your Name area, what should i do?

    • StarryOne says : Reply

      Deonte Way…I had trouble with that too and then finally figured it out and promptly forgot what I just did! I will go back and research a little again and comment here a bit later. I know others had success as well. I work on a MAC so if you are on a PC, check around in the comments – there were some that explained this for PC users as well. Hang in… we’re doing this together!

  101. I M Power says : Reply

    End of Old- Beginning of NEW-
    Send Them Love- Energy to Recharge and Clarity

  102. Tim Sutterby says : Reply

    What if you were adopted (10 yrs old ) and your S.S.# was used under both names ??

  103. Tony says : Reply

    I love you, ..Learned all this years ago, got my UCC-1 done back in 2002, I am filling out your ownership paperwork un clear about the sending documents in specific order part,..if said in specific emails I dont know where to find such emails could you clue me in, or send it to me, also curious thing I’d love your take on, 2002 when my UCC was done the states sent me a copy of my B.C. absolutely perfect except for the year of birth was wrong, i called the county n they could not explain it, baffles me how this could occur, then no record of the error,figured if it existed in error it would be there, BC had different cusip # , but wondered if anyone might think this was on purpose, mistake seems to impossible, all data exact but year wrong, sent to me with my UCC-1 filing

    • Tony says : Reply

      the year it said i was born 1949, wondering if thats a reset # of sorts, Checked no one with my name born same date and name in 1949, i was hatched in 1958 so not even close, just discovered the mistake, few days ago

  104. Angeline Coleman says : Reply

    Hi my last name change due to marriage, what name should I put on this documen????? Thanks

    • Tony says : Reply

      ANgeline, use your name like this in all but one place, see her document for where you use all CAPS, but like this all other places Anthony Smith,..

  105. Tony says : Reply

    Little help please, Went thru and filled out the 6 pages of course i put my Ucc # in instead of yours, was wondering however about the Caleb Skinner, n Hollis Hillner, should that be edited, ? and where it says STATES Of..leave it, that way or put in my state ? and some dates like July 4, 2002. is that the UCC filing date, or not sure if i should remove it and replace with something,..any help on filling out and then would help alot,..Love you more,..almost ready to print it but want some clarification,..please

  106. Tony says : Reply

    Direct question should my name appear above Caleb Skinner or that info stays with the document with her UCC # as well ?

    • I M Power says : Reply

      please don’t touch that section or the document will not work. Detailed instructions in the post and in answers to comments on this post.

  107. Tony says : Reply

    Page 2 paragraph 4 should those be my UCC numbers or leave that group of numbers, alone ?

    • I M Power says : Reply

      leave all data withing the UCC section alone. In that section leave anything referencing Heather, Randall, Caleb be. Look at the “blank spaces” version, it shows you exactly where you need to make changes and how, its all in the post, have a read of it, it will help you.

      • Jody says : Reply

        Please help me to understand why we leave it. It seems as though our own UCC number should be on it somewhere. Thank you 🙂

        • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

          you are not talking about a UCC number. You are talking about reference number. The directions help you with that. UCC numbers are very specific and do not get changed

  108. Del says : Reply

    Thanks for all the helpful info. This question is for anyone who can help. On the factualized trust form theres a spot for the REFERENCE NUMBER. I see Heather Anne entered FT-DODD-IAM-hajt-###. Do we duplicate this info in some way on our form?

    • I M Power says : Reply

      have a look at the post, it tells you how to put your info in and what to leave. FT-DODD-IAM- stays, the other part, your initials of full name, and birth date. But read the post, it helps you with what you need to know

  109. Rodney says : Reply

    Hey everybody. I just completed my Factualized trust, still have to sign in front of a notary. Is there anything I need to have in conjunction with this? I’m hoping Heather could answer specifically, but I know she is busy. I noticed that there are references to a UCC number. Does that number belong to everybody and remain in the factualized trust? Or, do I have to file a UCC and replace those UCC numbers with my personal UCC number?

    Also, who would have to be the notary. To my understanding, it cant be just a post office notory, but perhaps maybe a bank notary? Anybody having first hand knowledge of this, or has used this, or is perhaps a paralegal, please contact me at I am trying to straighten this out so I can legitimately help others.

  110. EliB33 says : Reply


    Is there a word doc of Fuctulized Trust? I don’t know how to make PDF to word…


    thank you

  111. EliB33 says : Reply

    Sorry another important question-I haven’ been successful so far to find an answer. I was born in Former USSR, and live in USA for 26 yrs, I have BC from my birth country, have my USA citizenship , SS#, Cert of Naturalization, Passport, etc. What is my first step .r.? Someone said, i need to translate my BC and then authenticate , another said to Authenticate my Cert of Naturalization. I am lost, I don’t what who to ask, where to go, completely lost. Do i also file the Fuctulized Trust?

    Please help anyone who is in the same situation?
    Thank you

    • Tony says : Reply

      Im gonna take a crack at your question, 20 plus years in this so at least I’m not a rookie, All you need IMO, is the Factualized Trust papers your SS # The trust is world wide relief, allowing you to claim whats yours, and all info you need on that form is, SS number, i was told the UCC was filed for everyone on their behalf so that i dont is needed, Your B.C. certainly was a bond but tracking it thru Russia maybe hard, dont know..but thankfully Heather was thinking of everyone when she did what she did, This is world wide relief,
      also Heather is in Washington, maybe meeting with ppl who can agree to cooperate, or she will have to bring out the legal facts,..Was told Heather was offered access to her account and her friends if she would help shut this down, she didnt take the offer, All will be Free she didnt sell us out,…God Love her !

  112. Arthur Gray says : Reply

    How can I get heathers factualized trust to line up right when I print the blank pages it is 7 instead of 6 like hers. I heard on the video someone give a guy for a converter but i can’t remeber what she said could someone give me some suggestions on how to do this. And I’m on a Mac by the way.

    • I M Power says : Reply

      on this page there are several versions, you can use depending on the software you have on your computer.
      There is a word version, a .odt version(which I think that’s what you are referring to that Bob mentioned to you) or a pdf, you can use with a free online converter software that will convert to the type of software you have. Its all in the post up there.

  113. Wendy says : Reply

    First of all… thank you all for being the pioneers in the journey! Like attracts like.

    I am fairly sure this question has been asked but I can’t seem to locate it in the thread…. but in regards to the Factualized Trust … what name(s) do you use throughout if you have been married twice but divorced now? I have maiden name, married, married…. would this be correct? I never changed my social security name back to my maiden name. Any help on this one would be appreciated.

    • I M Power says : Reply

      use the name on your up to date ss card. that is Your Full Name, then the other married’s and not are in the other spaces, and any aliases.

  114. Wendy says : Reply

    I M Power – thank you for compiling so much information. Props to you.

    So once we have this trust completed and notarized – then what? Do we make copies? Send it somewhere? What will this do for us?

    • I M Power says : Reply

      you can use it to send to a bank or business, institution who has returned the payment. It is your proof of ownership. The complete lawful and legal “bank statement” if you will.

      • Me-Julia says : Reply

        I AM Power- Do we need to know a who the particular people are to end it to? I am thinking of sending my “Heather” document to my Navy Federal account before I pay off my accounts, it a long drive away.

        I know it sounds funny, my question that is. Just trying to think through this. I have spent the past 2 days reading through this chats.

        To be clear, I should scan my docs and email or fax to the rejectors. Do you get my wonderings?

        PEACE AND LOVE AND JOY thank you for all you are doing. Looking forward to the email you are creating.

  115. Leo Vanderbyl says : Reply

    What are the account numbers for Canada? Is the Bank of Canada involved? Or do we just use the FRB Which is not mentioned in the Canadian Documentation. I’ve created the documents as show simply awaiting the number structure.
    Thank you.Leo

  116. Tama Gibson says : Reply

    OMG!!!! I am speechless! I chased these accounts off and on for years!!! Successfully discharged a student loan many years ago, but never anything else. I lost my home, lifes savings, and lifes work to the 2008 recession. I cannot believe I am about to fill out papers to give me what I worked for! I am going to help autistic children, my grandson is autistic, and try to start an UNBUNTU community!!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!!!

    One question. What routing number do we use. I hear so many different things. Some say use TDA and add 22 after. Some say use frb according to letter on back of SSC.

  117. bianca says : Reply

    Is this also for Netherlands?
    Thank you for your answer!

  118. DEONTE WAY says : Reply

    thanks for everything bro! i want to do everything correctly sinse you’re putting your time and effort to help us….now that my documents are signed and notarized what do i do now? email them to you or what?

  119. Tanara says : Reply

    Have a question: is authentication included in this paperwork?…perfection of ownership?

  120. Tony says : Reply

    Hello, everyone, getting excited yet ? CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHO SIGNS THE GOVERNED BY.. Original .LINE on the form,..Thanks

    • I M Power says : Reply


      • Thomasina Hinds /Mistee Love says : Reply

        I thought the bank officer who notarized it signs there like on Heather’s. They sign it and stamp it. We are to sign the left side in front of the notary I was told. If this isn’t correct please advise.

  121. Del says : Reply

    @IMPower so after completing my trust, spell check is flagging: idem sonan;, verifed, protunc, praeterea pereterea, Augutst 3, 2012. Should we change these to match other spellings of the same word/ auto correct or leave them as is?

    • I M Power says : Reply

      its best to leave them and just replace your specific information in the places mentioned.

      • Del says : Reply

        Copy that. Thanks again so much.
        And on a spiritual note you replied at 3:33pm.

        Angel Number 333 tells you that the Ascended Masters are near you. They have responded to your prayers and wish to help and assist you in your endeavours and with serving your life purpose and soul mission. #ashe #nameste

      • Anna says : Reply

        No, it is NOT best to keep SPELLING mistakes in. They have to be CORRECTED.

  122. Miguel Olid says : Reply

    Hi IMPower do I need to have UCC filed before hand? I would like to know more on the correct steps to take. You can email me back here I would appreciate it very much for your help.

    • I M Power says : Reply

      you do not need to file anything with the UCC, the fillings have been done. Please read the factualized trust and then move forward from there

  123. Muliaiga says : Reply

    GOD’s love is great. R13 Code. Please help on that. Payment sent thru but rejectected. Please collaborate if you did have such rejection. Thank you

    • Alex says : Reply

      R13 I think is the lack of participation error – try using a “secondary” bank with Citizen, America, Trust, or Federal in the name where the beginning of the bank’s routing number is 0x and x matches the first digit of your SSN (so if your ssn is 2xx-xx-xxxx then the routing should start 02 for the bank). The account # should be 0 + SSN. Full disclosure I HAVE NOT TRIED TO PAY ANYTHING but this is the method that seems to (at least temporarily) be accepted. My hubby and I are still waiting to see if this will work over 30 days.

  124. Waapake says : Reply

    It’s amazing to see a place with so much love being shared! Thank you to all who have risked a great deal to bring us these good tidings. I was led here yesterday and have been trying to comprehend the process. For now I want to focus on the basics and make sure I have my initial steps completed. I have listed my understanding below:

    1. Get your BC Apostille from Ohio.(my birthplace) Anything else need to be done with BC?
    2. Complete the above Factualized Trust form with specified instructions.
    3. Get Power of Attorney – My question here, I own a business entity (LLC) and am the sole member. Can I assign power of attorney to my LLC?
    4. Get everything notarized
    Anything else?

    • I M Power says : Reply

      you don’t need a power of attorney unless you feel moved to do so. Getting your FT notarized is important.

      • Waapake says : Reply

        Thank you! Any advice on selecting a notary for this?

        • Alex says : Reply

          Doesn’t matter who is the notary as long as their commission isn’t expired and the notarize “a jurat” which is where you swear the contents are true and they indicate as much (either through a stamp “duly sworn before me this date” or by hand writing this phrase as the notary did on HATJ’s document).

  125. Frank says : Reply


    In step 11 of “Steps to take for completing your factualized trust:”…it says “11. Using the purple pen, sign your name on each of the 9 lines right over your “wet ink” signature.”

    The 9 lines (for our signatures) do not appear in the above examples of Factualized Trust Declarations nor in the downloads provided. How can we remedy this? Thanks:):):)

    • John says : Reply

      I could not find the 9 lines either.

    • Taniqra says : Reply

      Could you or someone please show a example of where exactly to sign in purple? I don’t see where on page 1 and the last page where we should use a purple pen. Please help. I also would like to know if the UCC 1 form is needed before the FT or if it’s even needed at all. If the UCC 1 is needed, Is there an example on how it should be properly filled out?

  126. Rose Marie says : Reply

    Hi I’m trying to open it in word but for some reason don’t let me. Can any one send it to me in word so I can use it? Thank you!!!

  127. ChristinHerStand says : Reply

    “..if there were to ever be a class action lawsuit filed it would be the biggest case of fraud in human history…. but yet when someone finds out about what they are doing… as in committing all kinds of fraudulent financial gains using our identities…. they call us scammers and criminals for catching them in criminal activity! I find that to be insane but very typical of psychopathic corrupt corporations. They bound us into fraudulent contracts while we were infants and manufactured the consent of our parents that had no idea what they were doing by being manipulated into enslaving their children for generations to come…” JOIN A CLASS ACTION SUIT AND SEE WHO JUMPS….THESE REVERSALS ARE PSYCHOLOGICAL GAMES THEY ARE PLAYING WITH US .SICK OF THE TROLLS.

  128. ChristinHerStand says : Reply


  129. Cornlika says : Reply

    Can I wire transfer the funds from the account to my bank account? I payed a cable bill and it reversed and told me I needed permission from that institute to proceed if it’s my money can I transfer then pay and purchase what I really want and like? What should I do next?

  130. Cornlika says : Reply

    After I complete the factulize trust form and get it notarized what’s my next step?

  131. Kayla Fitts says : Reply


  132. Stacy says : Reply

    I did it! Thank you so much! After I thought I had completed all areas in the brackets I did a ctrl+F and searched for a single bracket to see if I had missed any spots and I had, so that’s a good way to double check. Mine is now fingerprinted, signed, notarized and scanned. 🙂

    • Diane says : Reply

      Great Stacy, I just got home from purchasing in ink and purple pen & paper!! I’m excited!! My next step is to fill out my form and go from there. You encouraged me!! Just one question, did the notary question any thing ?

  133. Alliswithin says : Reply

    Good morning light beings.Positive affirmations are a panacea for self development. We will overcome!!! To come out of the shadows: Re-access your sensitivity by healing your inner child. Lighten up, speak your truth directly. Accept life’s disruptions with good humor. Be spontaneous and open. The best is yet to come!! I am sending all my love energy to the whole family as you fill out your factualized trusts. Trust and believe as All is Within You, within Us

  134. John says : Reply

    Whew, caught up on all the questions! I do still have a new question… The FT docs reference UCC filings but do not state – what state these UCC filings were made in? Since these are Heather’s FT Docs, maybe they were all filed in MA? Anyway, I would like to add a line that says “All UCC Filings were filed in MA” if they were all actually filed there. Thanks!

  135. Juan says : Reply

    HI..Im new here..I been following the freedom movement for some time..Since 08..I recently used my ss acct to purchase cd at Barclays..July 4 to be exact..The acct was flagged as fraud..I was asked by the security team to produce proof of identity (i.d.,social and utility bill)..Which I did..I don’t have anything to hide.Its my TRUST..4 days later I was emailed from Barclays that my acct was active but not funded..That same day I received a CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT for the amount of the cd..Barclay wants no business with me ..But now my cd stands for 6 month at Barclays..My acct restricted..So the million dollar question What do I do now..? Please if Heather or BZ can answer, my contact is ..Thanks..

  136. Me-Julia says : Reply

    What is the secret weapon letter for credit reports? Could anyone share please?

  137. Alliswithin says : Reply

    All the UCC filings that Heather did are here for you to see and download. I suggest you do not change the docs in areas where you are not supposed to.

    In the midst of chaos. Stand Still and Exude Good Energy!!!

  138. Chris says : Reply

    How do i close the account and get everything or most everthing cause i couldnt access my count it said there was a problem

  139. Kathi says : Reply

    What happens now that Heather has been arrested??
    This was the worst news I’ve heard in weeks…..Does anyone know the truth?

  140. Jose says : Reply

    What if you were born in Puerto Rico? Since it’s a part of the USA… do I still have to have it notarize? And may have to go down there ? Because I am living in the states…. can’t I do it from here and I have the original Birth Certificate….

  141. Rudy says : Reply

    I have a question re the documents for proof of ownership of funds…(I realize comments are moderated, so I will have to be patient)…

    The documents ask for full name at birth. What if my legal name is no longer my birth name? Will that pose any problems? All of my current financial and legal records (inc SSN) are in my current name.


    JUMP- Re Paypal, has anyone tried using Square as an alternative?

    • I M Power says : Reply

      you still had your full name at birth, and now the full legal name you use. [ ] the examples of that will help you fill in what is yours

  142. Janice says : Reply

    Question regarding the factualized trust documents. The version of Heather’s completed FT document is 6 pages. The sample provided (yellow highlights) is only 3 pages, there are Articles that are not included on the document (yellow highlights) we were provided to use. Should all of those other Articles be included in our FT document?

    • I M Power says : Reply

      the word and pdf version on this page are 6, the .odt is from her site , could be the one not updated. I will take the .odt version down. If someone wants to send me an .odt version of the word or pdf blank spaces version I will put that up.

  143. Awakened says : Reply

    First Day..Doing a lot of reading..If we are following Heathers doc..should we now or does it make a difference? This is an amazing amount of info, but I am getting it! Guess it was time.. Thanks to everyone that is posting the steps by listing. works best for me..FBR # needs to b e acquired before filling out FT form? and one more question..I am with Navy Federal..Can you purchase or make a payment on something with your existing bank account or I need to open a new acct with all new info?
    Thank you! Any extra info would be

  144. Kevin says : Reply

    I Knew I wasn’t the only one awake. may God have mercy on all of us this is Big we can change the world. I’m new here and trying to find out al I can about my bank account information and whatever else you can tell me. I have the actualize trust but that is all can any tell is there any thing else that I need would appreciate it. Thank you all for the hard you all put in and forswearing it with us all much love.

  145. BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply


    1.27.18 “I would like to ask the moderator of this forum to rally all our brothers and sisters tonight @ 10PM EST to release our synchronized energy wave to Heather and Randy.
    Love is a Divine Currency. Let’s exchange it freely toward another another for the deliverance of humanity. And don’t leave home without it.”

  146. Jan says : Reply

    Original Depository
    Is this where I put the name that is on my SS card?
    The reason I ask is I have my 1st name, my maiden name and my married name on my SS card.
    My middle name at birth is not on my updated SS card from when I got married.
    Original Depository
    Should I use my 1st name, middle name, maiden name & married name
    Or just
    1st, maiden name & married name?
    Thanks for any kind assistance…. maybe I am overthinking.

  147. JOHNNY MARTINEZ says : Reply

    I had a question do i have to fill out and send the TD form 5446 before trying to access my TDA

    • Sharon says : Reply

      You can try paying small bills like utilities first to see if they go through, take notes and see what happens, it is not against the law however if your funds do get reversed you may have to pay a penalty through your bank. I paid a credit card and it was reversed and wellsfargo charged me $21 dollars, just so you know.

  148. ANTHONY says : Reply

    Hello were can I find this link Treasury Direct Account : document for proof of ownership of the Funds

    • Sharon says : Reply

      Google FS Form 5444, Treasury Direct and you should get the form, however there are other forms FS form 5446 in which I was also told to fill out, 21 pages which need to be signed by a certifying officer from a bank.

  149. jake says : Reply

    I have all the paperwork and the notary. Where do I file?

  150. Sherryann says : Reply

    is the reference number your initials and birth date?

  151. Joe says : Reply

    I did the OPPT thing. I followed through, even Liened a bunch of folks, no remedy. This looks like more of the same. I keep reading different ways to access the account. Who knows what is right? Who has posted proof, the ordered item in hand, with additional time after the purchase was made. People have been doing this, This time (2017) but they never tell the outcome. I read at first that we are suppose to look up the Federal Reserve Bank routing number which is associated with the Red Letter on the back of our SS card. Your Treasury Account number at the Federal Reserve Bank is your SSN. Then i read some “Update” which said we are all suppose to use routing # 051736158 and the routing number goes to the Bureau of Public Debt, not the FED RES. Your Treasury Account number is the Red number on the back of your SSC, not your SSN. So who knows for sure? where is the proof? I also heard people called either the FED RES or the Bureau of PD, but not sure which, they said they called and confirmed the account number, but didnt say if it was the SSN or the number on the back of the SSC. So, does anyone know the correct method?

  152. Great question Joe – I’ve tried both aforementioned methods, even a third with instructions to use a specified account number with my SSN+22 at the end. The one using 0517* worked along side the latter I just mentioned adding 22 at the end of my SSN. However, after receiving proof of successful payments everything was reversed by days 3-5. Not sure what the right method is but reading inbetween the lines I would say the fact that I only received error msgs and the payments reversed says a lot. Moreover, I used those same methods (0517* + SSN) on the same bills (phone, credit card) following the reversals and they went through again. That said, clearly the money is there and it’s ours; however persistence and firmness is key. Call them, stand up, voice loudly that the funds used belong to you, provide your FT documentation- don’t ever give up or lose purposeful sight. To live is to fight and to fight is to live, just be mindful of the side for which you choose to exort your energy.

  153. Fred Thomas says : Reply

    After I get my trust document notarized, who do I show it to?

  154. Kaisara says : Reply

    Can this be done in NZ?

    • Peter. says : Reply

      Hi Kaisara, Any one who has a Birth Certificate/ National insurance Number, some times called Social Security Number has one of these Trust Accounts / Treasury Direct Accounts. So the answer is Most Definitely Yes this can be done in NZ.

  155. Keim says : Reply

    Hello everyone,

    Please tell me where there are XXXXX1111 i.e., with the last four digits of our Social Security numbers… Do we leave it in this format or do we input all the digits to our SS?

    Thank you.

    God bless.

  156. Steve says : Reply

    My BC has the name as Steven Robert Brooks, and my SS card has no numbers on the back. Does this mean I am already a real person and I have no account?

  157. John Dziegiel says : Reply

    What state were Heather’s UCC Filings done in? I have tried searching MA, MD, MN, & WA. with no success. I also tried DC but there didn’t seem to be a way to do a number search. Any help or link would be appreciated. Thanks.

  158. Bridget says : Reply


    Thank you for all that you have done and all you do! Your efforts and your labor are greatly appreciated!! Thank you for your sacrifice!! May you be abundantly blessed and reap a great harvest for all the seed you have planted!!!

  159. shannon says : Reply

    Does anyone know what this is about: Pope Francis makes a law..destroys every Corporation in the world

    The Vatican created a world trust using the birth certificate to capture the value of each individual’s future productive energy. Each state, province, and country in the fiat monetary system contributes their people’s productive energy value to this world trust identified by the SS, SIN or EIN numbers (for example) maintained in the Vatican registry.
    Corporations worldwide (all individuals became corporate fictions through their birth certificate) are connected to the Vatican through law (Vatican, to Crown, to BAR, to laws, to judges, to people) and through money (Vatican birth accounts value to IMF, to Treasury (Federal Reserve), to banks, to people (loans), to judges (administration), and sheriffs (confiscation).
    Judges administer the birth trust account in court matters favoring the court and the banks, acting as the presumed “beneficiary” since they have not properly advised the “true beneficiary” of their own trust.
    Judges, attorneys, bankers, lawmakers, law enforcement, and all public officials (public servants), are now held personally liable for their confiscation of the true beneficiary’s homes, cars, money and assets; false imprisonment, deception, harassment, and conversion of the true beneficiary’s trust funds.
    The Importance of Motu Proprio by Pope Francis
    According to the New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia, Motu Proprio in Latin stands for “of his own accord” and is the name given to an official decree by a Pope personally in his capacity and office as supreme sovereign pontiff and not in his capacity as the apostolic leader and teacher of the Universal Church.
    To put it more bluntly, a Motu Proprio is the highest form of legal instrument on the planet in accordance with its provenance, influence, and structure to the Western-Roman world, overriding anything that could be issued by the United Nations, the Inner and Middle Temple, the Crown of Great Britain, or any other Monarch, and indeed by any head of state or body politic.
    If you are a member of the United Nations, or are recognized by the United States or the United Kingdom, or have a bank account anywhere on the planet, then a Motu Proprio is the highest legal instrument, no question.
    The Motu Proprio issued by Pope Francis on July 11th, 2013, is an instrument of several functions and layers.
    In the first instance, it may be legally construed to apply to the local matters of the administration of the Holy See.
    In the second instance, the document relates to the fact that the Holy See is the underpinning of the whole global system of law, therefore anyone holding an office anywhere in the world is also subject to these limits, where immunity no longer applies.
    Thirdly, we see the Holy See and the Universal Church clearly separating itself from the nihilist world of the professional elite who continue to be proven time and time again to be criminally insane, stark raving mad, and with no desire to do anything honorable until they are torn from power by anyone, anybody, who cares for the law.
    The age of the Roman Cult, as first formed in the 11th Century, that hijacked the Catholic Church first formed by the Carolingians in the 8th Century, then the Holy Christian Empire or Byzantine Church by the 13th Century, and the world at large by the 16th Century, ceased to exist upon the election of Pope Francis, circa March 14th 2013.
    This document issued by Pope Francis is historic on multiple levels, but most significant above all others in that it recognizes the supremacy of the Golden Rule, the same teaching ascribed to Jesus Christ and the intimate connection to the Rule of Law, that all are subject to the rule of law, no one is above the law.
    thanks to Intrigued for the link.
    well..did he?
    and if he did..why have we not heard more of it?
    understand this:
    “The Holy See is the underpinning of the whole global system of law, therefore anyone holding an office anywhere in the world is also subject to these limits, where immunity no longer applies.”
    and here:
    “it recognizes the supremacy of the Golden Rule, the same teaching ascribed to Jesus Christ and the intimate connection to the Rule of Law, that all are subject to the rule of law, no one is above the law.”
    we are all under Roman Catholic law..and you didn’t even know it.
    “Motu Proprio is the highest form of legal instrument on the planet in accordance with its provenance, influence, and structure to the Western-Roman world, overriding anything that could be issued by the United Nations, the Inner and Middle Temple, the Crown of Great Britain or any other Monarch and indeed by any head of state or body politic.”

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      yes and all roads lead to Rome, as the seat (on planet) of the deception and tyranny you are seeing unmasked

  160. Benjamin ODonnell says : Reply

    I am having trouble with the formatting. The default document opened up in google docs and even open office is 8 pg. the pdf looks right but i cant edit pdfs. Does anyone have the margin/header/footer spacing? Thanks

    • shannon says : Reply

      There are multiple free PDF editing programs available online.

    • Jeff says : Reply

      I had trouble too. I do not know why the documents provided have lost all of there indenting/formatting. It took me several hours to format in windows and it still don’t line up correctly, and I am not a windows word pro.

  161. Bridget says : Reply

    Hello, Thank You Sooooo Much and Bless You!

    I noticed that the 3-page Factualized Trust document has the words “without prejudice” before the signature line on the 1st and 3rd pages, yet Heather’s 6-page document and the 7-page with [ ] documents don’t have those words. Are those words necessary?

    Thank you for clarifying that all red thumb prints are ours and that the notary doesn’t have to place red thumb prints on the document.

    • Del says : Reply

      I also am looking for an answer to this question. Seeing as thougb WITH PREJUDICE has an alternate legalise meaning. Thanks for posing this question.

    • Jeff says : Reply

      All my signatures always contain All rights reserved, [UCC1-308]
      UCC is copyrighted so by using it as reference in a box, the [ ] , you cant be held liable or in contract for using it.

  162. Bridget says : Reply

    Additionally, does the notary have to date the form? I ask because the Factualized Trust document that we got notarized yesterday wasn’t dated with the current date.

  163. Benjamin says : Reply

    If using a method that requires you to add digits to your SS# (0/00/22), is that the account number you put on the Factual?

  164. Nad says : Reply

    Salut à tous les francophones!

    Est-ce que le Factualized Trust est également valable pour la France
    ou le processus est-il différent?

    Merci pour vos infos !

    • Lumi123 says : Reply

      Salut Nad,
      C’est exactement ce que je cherche depuis hier.
      Execute une recherche sur la page avec le terme “France”, tu vas trouver une dame vivant en France, c’est la seule francophone que j’ai trouvé

  165. Zephyr says : Reply

    When you get reversals in emails Reply in all caps; NO REVERSALS AVAILABLE,PLEASE APPLY MY FUNDS TO MY ACCOUNT.

  166. Joey says : Reply


    This may be US citizens only…not sure

    On the back of your SS card you will have a # that will correlate with the reserve bank that holds your TDA
    If this is not correct please let me know.

    Published on May 30, 2014

    • A Boston (1st District) 0110-0001-5
    • B New York (2nd District) 0210-0120-8
    • C Philadelphia (3rd District) 0310-0004-0
    • D Cleveland (4th District) 0410-0001-4
    • E Richmond (5th District) 0510-0003-3
    • F Atlanta (6th District) 0610-0014-6
    • G Chicago (7th District) 0710-0030-1
    • H St. Louis (8th District) 0810-0004-5
    • I Minneapolis (9th District) 0910-0008-0
    • J Kansas City (10th District) 1010-0004-8
    • K Dallas (11th District) 1110-0003-8
    • L San Francisco (12th District) 1210-0037-4

  167. Joey says : Reply

    BZ Please when you can as soon as possible, get those emails up that we need after the factual trust is notarized, so we can all start notifying banks, paypal, amazon etc…thanks so much BZ!!!!

    With love and light!

  168. John B. says : Reply

    When writing the initials part of the document would I put jrb or jrbII, as I am the second

  169. CJ says : Reply

    The instructions (number 10) say there are 12 places to sign, but I only see 8, what am I missing? 2 on the first page, then one on each of the next 4 pages, and then 2 on the last page. Also, it says (number 11) to sign 9 times over the wet ink thumbprints. But again, I only see 8.

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      (number 10) was a mistake I just corrected, thanks.

      (number 11) is correct. The FT, has 7 pages total. 1 single page and the 6 pages numbered 1-6. 2 lines on the single page, 1 line on pages 1-5 = 5, 2 lines on page 6 0f 6 = 9 lines

  170. Rose Marie Hernandez says : Reply

    Hi Family, I have a question, can I print out the UCC that Heather did for The People and used as if me with the Factulized Trust? I’m asking because I have a day in court with the Banks that want to foreclosure on my house on September in Providence, RI and I have no money to pay a lawyer. I opened a gofundme account but seems that now one can help. And I understand everyone is in need. But I don’t know what else to do.

    Second question, can I use the A4V on my bills du to Heather UCC? How can I take money out from the trust?
    Is there anything else I can do that I don’t know?

    Thank you in advance!!!!!!

  171. Anastasia says : Reply

    Rose, I faced the same thing back in 2007 / 2008 when I had ‘no money’. Where there is a will, there is a way. Seek out pro bono attorneys and state aid or simply teach yourself what to do and say and show up at the hearing. That’s the first step in most anything – SHOW UP. No offense, but why would anyone gofundyou – you have the tools to do it yourself. There is also Bankruptcy protection to explore. If you can’t stand up for yourself and save your own house, then why do you possibly think you are in the energetic frequency to take money from the trust? This whole financial maze is much much deeper and wider than one can even possibly fathom. It’s all a game. Oh, and btw, I succeeded in saving multiple houses with no money and no knowledge at that time. It was my pure will that led me to success.

  172. Shirley Z says : Reply

    Rose Marie Hernandez: Your Factualized Trust has all ucc filing numbers already on them, proving that those who are already foreclosed on has no authority to foreclose on U. Your Factualized Trust gives you the authority as the only Lawful Bank to stand or make decisions about U and what is yours from birth. As far as the money goes it is over, the dollar is worth 10cents right now but your Factualized trust is worth lawful pre-1933 Silver and Gold. (interpretation) Many zero’s of credit. In essence eternally U are the Creditor, not the debtor. <3 <3

  173. Rose Marie Hernandez says : Reply

    Thank you Anastasia for your advice.

    Thank you Shirley for that clarification I really need it!!!!!!

  174. Ilene Lopez says : Reply

    Hi there-

    I am very new to this. I am trying to research on my own but I really don’t know where to start.

    I found a website that suggested a person must have legal assistance to draft the paperwork? I am getting involved
    to finally be a part of something that stands up to the corrupt system but I am needing a place to start.

  175. John B. says : Reply

    Hello guys,

    I was wondering, is the Factualized trust document all that we need?

    • Joey says : Reply

      Hi John

      I believe BZ is working on providing us the rest of the pieces(ie proper) verbiage, to what I say ‘put those institutions’ on notice properly and peacefully. Its above in BZ info regarding that will put it together for us. I am waiting on this to let my bank and Amazon etc know!

  176. Robert says : Reply

    How do I remove the words so that I could put my name and stuff in the documents? And who would I get it notarized?

    • Joey says : Reply

      Hi Robert,

      Use MicroSoft Word, or any type of word application that you may have to edit the doc. You can get it notarized anywhere. I took mine to UPS. They did it without any issue.

  177. Josh Clemmons says : Reply

    In the paragraph(s) about the “THUMB PRINT” and “WET INK” signatures, it states there are 12 places to sign. Then, the next paragraph gives instruction to sign all 9 places. Is the “12” a typo? Or are there 3 other places to sign other than the 9 that I have found?


  178. Barbara Jean says : Reply

    Hey Joey and everyone,
    Thank you for the list from May of 30th 2014 on FRB #’s

    My letter is E and the number listed did not work. I used 015099992. I am starting with little bills. My progressive has not been returned yet and it has been 7 days. Cox, Verizon was returned and buying time till I get the Trust, UCC1 and Affidavit of Identity-fictitious business name statement (we are the sole owners) notarized and filed on Monday. Check your state for the correct forms. Some states forms are different. I have researched and the UCC1 should be filed with the birth state or UCC Regional Office, Sec. of Treasury and the state of residence to have them in place for the redemption process. I am also requesting a state birth certificate. I only have my county birth register.

    We are working with Wells Fargo. The number worked that we used to make a payment to the credit card, it was posted to the account but a hold has been put on the card account for 4 days. That is what I don’t understand. Posted payment, confirmation # but still a hold. If it was not the correct account how did the payment get applied.???? Plan to submit the packet to them on Monday to the bank and all the companies that have returned.

    Will let everyone know how we make out next week. Have a great weekend all and the universe is supplying the knowledge to set us free. Thank you Heather!

    • Joey says : Reply


      I would take a hold back on this. I did the same thing about 30 days ago, ,I did everything you did I have my UCC and other packages completed as well…this all prior to diving into Heather info, OPPT and TDA. In a nut shell, you do not need to file any UCC. HEATHER and Team already did this 5 years ago completed what was started in Mid 2000 by a Charles something(ugh cannot remember is last name) Heather filed for the PEOPLE of the earth. 2nd get your factualized trust notarized. Super easy…just follow BZ directions I did mine this past week. The next steps are stated above BZ will provide us the correct documentation in order how to put such organizations on notice that we will be using our TDA to pay bills etc…BIGGER than anything…The litigation that Heather and Randall are in right now…needs to stay the course the end of the road, follow the updates here—>

      Just hold off we are almost there!!! With Love and Light Joey

  179. Skydiamond says : Reply

    Hi there. Filling out FT forms today and I’m reading as I fill in the blanks.I noticed a few file numbers were added, dates were added, etc. particularly in Part III; A, B and C. Those changes “Debtor duly added, BIS…” etc. should be left how they were automatically downloaded or should we delete that to reflect hatj’s form? Thanks!

  180. Jose says : Reply

    Do all signatures have to be notarized or just the ones that are blue on the first and last page? Also if i have never been married do i just enter my full name or delete that part of the document. I have been following and working on this for 2 weeks and just got notorized but not certain of i did it the corect way, can anyone help? Thank you

  181. Suzi says : Reply

    I followed the PayPal recipe, connected the accounts, tried two deposits over two days (555 and 55). Both failed and a few days later my debit card was deactivated and my account access limited.

    A couple weeks pass and I get an email from PayPal advising me of my cash baxk for using my debit card thing…in the amount of $4.44.

    So the next morning I spent about an hour on hold with PP before a nice man came on. I explained that I tried accessing a trust account and went through my steps, including the sending my notarized docs to the special link. He put me on hold and then came back to say ~

    Many people are trying to access these accounts that “were not meant to be public”, and their policy is to disconnect the accounts an restore my full access and debit card.

    No harm, no foul…AND I now have proof that this is real. It just isn’t ready to go yet.

    But it will be.

    Many thanks for everything you folks have put in place and all the work you’ve done.

    May angels bless and protect us all. And I mean ALL.

    Lots of LOVE!

    • Joey says : Reply

      Please read my response above to Barbara,

      WE ARE close, lets just hold off until this case with Heather is dissolved. Once the “cat is out of the bag’ fully BZ will show us what we do next with our FT

      Love and Light!

      • Suzi says : Reply

        Not to worry, my friend. I am an observer now and when it’s time for me to participate once again, I trust the way will be clear and laid out before me.

        • sergei vanderwiel says : Reply

          I think the working people have to be informed and, before things work out they are getting there so relax for a while have fun , do what you know does`t cause any stress ,my thoughts

    • Joey says : Reply

      On a great note Suzi, thank you for sharing that huge organizations such as PayPal are truly aware of what is happening. Something that Heather stated in her last video prior to the arrest was that they were working on getting people to stop touching hands off…manual process…. This is what she was taking about.

      SUPER CLOSE …LETS DO THIS EVERYONE Co creation in the Works!

  182. Jeaneen D. says : Reply

    Hi guys,

    It shows that we need to state a reference number on the Factulized Trust. How do we find our reference number?

  183. Rick says : Reply

    I have a legit question; I’m a twin, and we found when we were 18 that our ss#’s were switched. On the original cards that you would tear the wallet sized card off of, on the big card it had my name and ss number, however on the tear-out wallet sized card was my name and my twins ss number, and vice versa on his. When this was brought to our attention by an armed forces recruiter, his suggestion was to file for new ss numbers, of which we did and received. My question is; do I reference this when filing the factualized trust paperwork, do I use my new or original number?

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      all questions are legit. 🙂
      Use the new number you have, and no need to put story on paperwork. Just the last four of you number

  184. Joey says : Reply

    BZ can you let everyone know again on the site, that you will post the final directions on the FT and how to..after Heather and Randals case is done? I see people trying right now to use the TDA and getting reversals etc…

    Thanks SO much! Joey

  185. April says : Reply

    Are you going to post the UCC filings we need including 1 and 3 and whatever amendments we need along with examples how to fill them out? I believe we need these documents also before attempting to access our accounts. Correct? I’d like to have all my paperwork in order. Thanks for all your hard work. We just got our Factualized Trusts notarized yesterday at the bank for free. The woman looked really confused but because I’m a Notary too, she shut her mouth and just did her job. Now I can help others since I’ve got the red ink pad and purple pens in my Notary bag. But as I say, we want to make sure all papers are in order. Thanks again!

    • Joey says : Reply

      Hi April

      BZ can chime in however my understanding is you will not need any of the UCC filings as the the actual UCC doc numbers are on the Factual Trust. …..I love how they noterizied yours for free without asking about it. That is awesome. I had mine done at UPS, they didn’t even blink, but did think it was weird that I wanted to use red ink for my finger print and purple ink for my signature, but they were very nice.

      BZ can chime in if I am missing anything.

    • Tommy V says : Reply

      YES! I highly recommend ; 1ST. COUNTY FILINGS – 2ND. UCC-1 Filings 3RD. Attach these documents after you Notary to the COUNTY AND UCC-1 Filings!!! – For questions–> Reply to : GIT –

    • NOEL says : Reply

      HI APRIL, There is no need to do any filings with the UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE…..Heather did it for all of us when OPPT../..ONE PEOPLES PUBLIC TRUST…FORECLOSED all Banks, Corporations and Corporate Governments back in 2012. All the Documents are accessible at the top of this page under OPPT ABSOLUTE… click on Initial Investigation if you have not read them yet. Cheers

  186. chris says : Reply

    is the factualized trust the only thing i need for access to this trust

  187. Tina Mason says : Reply

    BZ you are a gem Thank You sooo MUch you saved us from a lot of work. Your dedication and work is the best thing no one else has done as much as you, you make it easy . i love you.

  188. Judy says : Reply

    Thank you for doing this for us. Having a notary witness our signature requires a section for that. Do we just type our own add a separate page? I didn’t see a place for the notary stamp and signature in this document .

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      yes, it would be different for each location on the planet that you are in. When I did mine. The notary photocopied a blank example of what her lines etc looked like. We reduced the size of it. I cut the text to a size and shape I could fit in around what was printed on the document. Then did a color photo copy of it and signed, wet ink etc.

  189. Clint says : Reply

    Who signs where it says governed by?
    Last sig.

  190. Skydiamond says : Reply

    Thanks for response earlier, BZ. Getting notarized today. Should there be two stamps from Notary or can I just get one? One at the very end or one at the very beginning of the document?

    Side note: Having a toooon of fun with this! So much fun. Literally laugh and smile every time I think about taking the next step. So excited for this new wave. BTW, thanks for sharing update with hatj yesterday 🙂

  191. Jimmy A says : Reply

    Hi everyone, does anyone here have Ginger Snyder email? She did a interesting talk show that says that it’s all working now, just that we jumped the gun, started to soon. Name of video: Successfully Accessing Your TDA Account* – Reallucky1/Ginger.
    Thank you – my email is:

  192. Joey says : Reply

    Hey BZ when Heather is released today…which she will be…can we get the info updated so I can send out my FT to my bank and credit union? I would love to get my car paid off….very soon.

    I dont want to send my FT without all the context needed to alter these institutions.

    Thanks BZ

  193. GLORIA says : Reply

    I saw your video but would need your assistance.
    I called telecheck. Would love to discuss this with you
    My email is:

  194. Rick M says : Reply

    Ginger, or anyone that knows, what this email stuff is all about, There is a comment above from BZ that I need some help on. Here is the actual quote: “Once I have finished making the templates you will take all of it and format ___it as described in the specific emails and send in the specified order.___That is, you treat all of them as one complete thought. ___The email grouping can be sent to whomever you choose.___ Your bank, paypal, utilities… Those who are requesting proof of ownership, or are blocking you in some way… You just need to be clear who you are sending to and then you add that to the template and complete the process.

    Where do I find the emails referred to in the quote above and what is the email grouping that is mentioned. I simply have no idea what they are talking about. I sure could use some help on this email issue.

  195. Kathy says : Reply

    No matter which download I have tried I can see the document of the trust but can’t edit and put in info. Everyone says to get a word doc but I have tried all ways and it will not convert from this website or any people have sent. Does someone have an editable copy of the trust in word? I am very frustrated that it will not open on my mac or pc that I tried. Thanks for anyone’s help

    • Janis says : Reply

      Kathy, I have had the same problem, using iMac at home. I have downloaded it so many times and have not been able to fill anything in. It immediately says that it does not have the same font so the forms come out a little different. BUT tonight I downloaded a form link below a Factualized Trust Video by Dan Lutz (#3) and tried again, and it worked!!!! I had tried so many times, even going to FedEx Office to try the PC with no luck. Try this. It is a piece of cake really – the hard part is making it work 😀 All is well!

  196. Charissa says : Reply

    Would be great if someone had a video in detail, slowly ….how to fill out these forms.. nice and eaSy… just dummy it down a bit for us commoners … thnx

  197. George says : Reply

    Hopefully someone can answer this question:
    My birth certificate has Jorge as the given name at birth, but my SS# has the name George. Which name should I use when filling out the Factualized Trust?

  198. George says : Reply

    Thanks so much.

  199. JAHNNAOMI says : Reply

    I am filling out these forms and my problem is I have so many different names that it is creating the page to continue onto the next page. Is there a problem with that or should I drop some of my former alias names other married names? What should I do about that because it is running into the next page? So the document will not be correct page by page as she is showing it will be about a paragraph off and onto the next page.

    • Anna says : Reply

      Why don’t you use ONLY the names you do business with? The ones that are found on your bank documents.

      After all, what your mother called you when you were a babe or what she and your neighbours call you now does not really matter 😀 😀 !!

  200. Anna says : Reply

    Dan Lutz is giving some help with the Factualized Trust for those who need. Great initiative! Steps to Access your TDA:

    Part 1 – Reading of HATJ’s Factualized IAM Trust

    Part 2 – Making of your Factualized IAM Trust

    Part 3 – Making of your Certificate of Authority SSN

  201. Cindy says : Reply

    Thank you so much for the Fracturalized Trust formats. I went through everything 4 times until I understood and then found them very clear and easy to fill-in. Lots of work on your part. Thanks so much.

  202. casey says : Reply

    once we have the Fracturalized Trust do we need to file it with someone to make it official or whats the next move?

    thanks and great work here.
    high vibes

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      one possibility for you
      Fill out Your Factualized trust, and send it to each institution, bank, utility, shopping place, you have an account with. Just send it to them, thank them for their great business and to have a nice day.

      Again, millions of people all over the planet flooding this awareness of hidden accounts all over the planet will let the PTW, know the JIG is up and its time to end the False Construct.

      • Joey says : Reply

        Hey BZ

        This is great news however, I have been hearing and reading that some institutions are giving people hard time and not accepting the FT (ie wells fargo, BofA etc) I want to send this to my bank Wells Fargo, however what type of verbiage should I use when sending this to them thus to avoid any negative response? Would it be best that we wait until H and R are fully released and the cases dismissed?

        Thanks so much BZ Joey!

      • Darcie says : Reply

        Hi BZ! I have looked all over, so not to bother anyone with this silly question…but…I can’t find anywhere what “PTW” means! Can you help me? Thank you very much!

  203. Joey says : Reply


    I am also doing a verify on Google Wallet just to see. This is a verification type where they push something less than a buck to verify the account.

  204. Allison says : Reply

    Can someone post a link for the EFT act document, thanks!

  205. CEC says : Reply

    Hello Everyone,
    I just heard something really sad occur. There was a very nice man who made a huge donation to a charity that desperately needed the funds. When the funds arrived ACH the small bank said they would need a paper check because the amount was so large. How can this be?? Any suggestions I can relay for the donor?

  206. Kaisara says : Reply

    Is this only for American citizens? What other countries have this?

  207. Wayne says : Reply

    I noted there is someone here from Australia whom has successfully used this process, If you read this could you please contact me – I need a hand understanding the whole process.

    Wayne Rosa

  208. Darrel says : Reply

    I see at the top of the trust, that I would be the “Original/Trustee”. There are three legal parties to a trust, but I can’t find who they are or where they are listed in the trust. Can anyone tell me who the other parties are here?

  209. Trena says : Reply

    Hi Everyone,

    Thank you and much appreciation for the love in this endeavor.

    Question: I have a SS with my maiden name and another SS with my married name; of course, each have different numbers on the back. Should I use my 1st SS card?

    Thank you so much :o}


  210. Trena says : Reply

    I tried to make my own smiley face, and it produced the weird little emoticon face. haha

  211. fred says : Reply

    Hi Everyone,

    I need help with the 2 pages heather was talking about ACH payments that says All payments are immediate, final and irrevocable. Can some one help me with this.

  212. Lindsey says : Reply

    Random question that may or may not be related or capable of being answered. I have two separate BCs. I was adopted at birth and my name was changed just short of a year after I was born. I have both copies however they both look completely different. The one with my name at given at birth is simply a little rectangular piece of paper with the name I was given, DOB, issue date, and my biological mother’s name. The other one with the name I was given (my current legal name I suppose you could say) looks like a typical BC. How does this affect my process and will I need to take additional steps throughout my filling process?

  213. Lindsey says : Reply

    Oh, I also had a question about the factualized trust forms. When I download the blank forms there are some spaces and line placements that don’t match up to Heater’s example. Should I be concerned? Or just fill my information out accordingly?

    • Lindsey says : Reply

      Okay I figured this one out lol. Now it’s just the two BC’s/two names thing I need to figure out.

    • Joey says : Reply

      Hi Lindsey

      you should be good. As long as all the info is on the FT and not missing anything you are good to go. Mine didn’t line up correctly either, however I got it notarized without any issue.

  214. JBishop says : Reply

    I really, really want to believe this but as I’m reading the papers you’re supposed to sign & send in, I can’t help but notice that it reads more like a conjuration from a grimoire than an actual legal document. Where did the language for the document come from & is there an original source that you drew from?

  215. Lindsey says : Reply

    I found a copy of the FT that lines up perfectly. Is there someone I can email it to so they can share it? Also, since I was given one name at birth and it was changed about a year later, I have to put that on the FT where it says name given at birth right? It sounds like such a stupid question but I just want to make sure I’m doing everything right.

    Also, for the BC authentication do I need to authenticate both or just the my primary BC the one with my adoptive parents on it and everything.

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      is the FT that you are talking about the correct version?
      You write you birth name, and then the new one given a year later as an alias.
      If you have the long form version of your birth certificate, the one that has the filed on date stamped on it, usually a day or two after your birth date, when you arrived on the planet. By their own certificate type classification, as the Birth Vault. that is all the authentication you need.

    • Lori says : Reply

      I would like a link to FT form you found. Please and Thank you.

  216. awaked!being says : Reply

    I have a question about the Factualized Trust section of the address, Do I use my home address or my PO Box address?

  217. Confused Creator says : Reply

    I see all these re-posts about filing a UCC-1 and applying for a CUSIP number in groups I’m in, but BZ, if you have a moment, could you please clarify: according to this site, all we need is the factualized trust. Heather already filed the UCC-1 for us. UCC record number 2000043135 dated May 4, 2000 with receipt number 36090. We already have CUSIP numbers on the back of our social security cards. Why are people thinking we need to redo these two steps and make more work for ourselves, or DO we need to redo these two steps? If we already have everything from Heather in the Factualuzed Trust, don’t we just keep it simple and keep moving forward? People go to jail for incorrectly filling out and filing a UCC-1. If it has already been done, why do it again ourselves and risk making an error when Heather, an attorney, has already filed it properly? I have already sent in my Factualized Trust and documents to Minnesota to: Treasury Retail Securities, Inc.
    P.O. Box 214
    Minneapolis, MN 55480-0214
    I would assume I am waiting for my green card at this point to be returned in the self-addressed, stamped envelope I included, because I do not see what else I need to do. Thanks in advance for your response. I am wondering if I also need to authenticate the birth certificate, or if that’s also covered by the trust.

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      You do not need to do any of that. Don’t need to file any UCC docs. Or any others.
      If you choose fill out your FT as per instructions I’ve outlined. Then you can present that to banks/institutions/entities. As proof of origination of funds and original Depository, aka, a bank- which is you.
      You can make a copy of your ss card front so it is proof of your name and account number together. Resist the urge to make it complicated. It’s not

      • JOSE says : Reply

        Hi BZ , I AM Sure that you’re very busy and I thank you for everything that you are doing. I haave have no other way to ask but to beg gor your help with some questions I have. I keep praying that I would be able to talk to you or Ginger for guidance. I wish it were as easy as a phone call to help calm some feelings and fear and confusion. If this reaches you please consider with all your heart to reach out to me. I know the accounts are the snow flakes on top of the iceberg but I’m drowning beneath the foot of the iceberg. My email
        Phone 3238071065.
        With all love, admiration and respect.

  218. Zen says : Reply

    Has anyone created any checks and how did the banks respond?

    • Chris says : Reply

      Zen, I tried to create checks from STYLED CHECKS, which I normally use. I used my SSN as the account number and the Philadelphia routing number. They emailed me back saying the routing number looked suspicious and did I want to continue with my order which I said yes. I put it on my credit card and waited. That was two weeks ago so I checked on the status and found out they cancelled my order. No email notice, or reason why. i guess I’m not using them again. I suspect they might be in cahoots with the banks.

  219. Queen says : Reply

    If anyone here knows where I can find the instructions for completed page 3 of Form 5446, please post it. I’ve searched and searched. Can’t fine it. Thanks.

  220. Joey says : Reply

    Hey BZ

    Can you provide some direction for me/us. I want to send the FT to my bank and credit union.

    1. Who should I send it to?(teller, bank president?)
    2.How should I present the FT. (ie. just email it and then say what?) I am not sure how to proceed …


    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      Send it by fax or by registered return receipt USPS Mail.
      If you already have a relationship with someone at the credit union, send it to them and to the head of corporate security.

      Have you tried to add the Treasury Direct Deposit Account to this credit union?
      If so have you gotten reversals or other success feedback from their systems?

      That will dictate a bit how you send to them.

      You can write a simple declaration of facts/ give them notice about your FT and your Original standing, Original ownership of funds as Original Depository.

      • Joey says : Reply

        Thank you BZ

        I have not tried Tried yet to add a Treasury DDA yet.

        I have tried Google Wallet, and that verification was failed because of the R34 ACH code.

        Thanks again.

      • Joey says : Reply

        Hi BZ

        I sent this off to my credit union. Lets see what they come back with. HAHAH

        Exciting either way….

  221. Chris says : Reply

    I checked the first block ‘Redemption of EE or I savings bonds held in Treasury Direct’. That’s the type of bonds I hold. I was born in 1954 so that applies to me. If you are younger it may different.
    Check out page 17 on the instruction part of the form.

  222. Valerie says : Reply

    Are waiting now? Is this still a go? Has it worked for anyone?

    • Joey says : Reply

      Hi Valerie

      As far as I know from my own testing no, it has not worked yet. I received reversals(last month in July). I had to stop because the companies(utilites,cell, banks) after calling all of them, stated what many had stated above there is still blocks on the ACH accounts R34 code. This code has to be removed, once that happens, everything will work. Now getting the old energies to change this is another road block, however, send your FT out put them on notice as BZ has stated above.

      We need to keep moving forward…and push for the end result and keep your minds eye on the bigger picture and the overall result not just this piece of the TDA…

      If you are watching the fake news, you will see they created the False Flag at Charlotte this past weekend. NOW it’s not to say that some humans probably lost there life(which is freekin horrible) however this is a diversion to TAKE US AWAY FROM THIS…WE are SO close and they are SO scared. If you are questioning the false flag go do some research, many of us have posted very detailed context videos of the incident and its so ridiculous a plant to move our energy to a fear based thought instead of love and light… PULSE THE LOVE AND LIGHT and DO NOT STOP!

      Love Joey!

    • Chris says : Reply

      Valerie, I filed the FS Form 5446 on the 2nd of August. Had all the correct information, Medallion Seal stamp from the bank (Wells Fargo), the routing numbers and my account number. The bank manager looked it over, made copies for the bank and was OK with everything including the sign-off on his part. I showed him a copy of the Treasury Direct amount of the bonds which was over $80K. I am still waiting. I’ll give them until next week the I start writing letters and calling.

    • Caren says : Reply

      E bonds. Where my listing. On the search
      I was born in 56. I created a account with Treasury direct for my all caps entity I did it in a Trust format. Filled out the forms had my signature medalioned. Followed all their directions took a screen shot of the bonds they had on record. Sent packet to
      Minn just follow directions and be diligent. This is a lot of reading.also sent notarized copy of my FT

  223. Cate says : Reply

    Hello, just started researching, I am from canada, has this worked for anyone here? And I am very lost with where to start. Can anyone help me? This is all very overwhelming.

  224. Byron Gashler says : Reply

    Ginger Snyder said that the universal routing number for everyone is # 262083881 at America 1st Federal Credit Union in Alabama. I called their number: 205-320-4000 to see if I had an account there, and was told it was all a scam, so I called the Salt lake City office of America 1st Fed. Credit Union and asked if I ever had an account there or even a closed account there, and the representative checked all their records back to 1990 and said that they have no record of an account being there in my name ever, and could not even find any closed account either.

  225. Stuart says : Reply

    Has anyone from Australia been successful in putting this together? We have 2 types of numbers i.e. Tax File Number (TFN) and Centrelink (Social Security) has Customer Reference Numbers (CRN) . The TFN has 9 digits and no letter and the CRN has 9 numbers and 1 letter.
    We use a different date format too dd/mm/yyyy so our written birthrate would be e.g. 1 July 1970 or 01/07/1970.
    If you could supply a step format that would be great:
    Step 1 – Fill out the Fact Trust Doc
    Step 2 – Send to ???
    Blessings to all
    Stuart –

    • Stuart says : Reply

      Sorry email is (zero eight)

    • Anna says : Reply

      Someone in the forum (some place on this website! 😉 ) mentioned that for Australia the TDDA accounts are held at the FRB. They did not specify whether it was in America or Australia. Is there a US FRB in Australia?

      • Stuart says : Reply

        Hi Anna, I searched for any link between the US FRB and Australia but came up with nothing. We only have the RBA, Reserve Bank of Australia. I searched through their constitution and found nothing either. Searching TDDA Accounts in Aust produced an unexpected result and no help.

        • Mamma G says : Reply

          Hi Stuart and Anna.

          When you consider the Commonwealth of Australia is actually a corporation registered in Washington D.C. with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, it’s quite possible that Australian TDDA accounts are also held in the U.S. Or our ‘Reserve bank of Australia’ may be the Australian ‘branch’ of the Fed Reserve? Just my thoughts.

          • Stuart says :

            Hi Mamma G,

            Thank you for the reply and link. How far does this rabbit hole really go?
            I will keep monitoring this website for updates as to when it is appropriate for Australians to access their TDDA accounts. Hopefully I will be able to offer then the same level of assistance and advice.
            Keep sharing the light …

  226. Joey says : Reply

    I love everyone here all over the world…peeps…(people) my friends humans….you don’t have to jump through these hoops…HATJ has already done that for us years ago…STAY the course pulse the white light….get your FT noterized and start putting these institutions on notice

  227. Joey says : Reply

    BZ and everyone

    So yesterday I sent my FT to my credit union. They asked if someone requested me to send this and if I wanted to change my account to a trust account.

    I of course said no on both accounts, this was sent as a notice. Love it…

    I sent off to amazon today. Via there secured fax. Lets see what they say in return…

  228. Arthur says : Reply

    Has anyone created a check from a check software program with our FED routing and account # and deposited it in your normal bank account?

  229. Kenneth Blanchette says : Reply

    I have filled out the Factualized Trust paperwork and am excited to get it notarized! MUCH LOVE, LIGHT, AND GRATITUDE TO ALL WHO HAVE FOUGHT AND SACRIFICED TIME, EFFORT, AND HARDSHIPS TO MAKE THIS POSSIBLE AND GRANTING ME MY FREEDOM!! I have one question. I was born in the USA in 1967 and neither my birth certificate nor my SSC card have numbers on them. What do I do? How can I access my TDA without those numbers? Please help by responding to with TDA TRUST in subject line. I promise before all and before my Divine Creator that I will use my funds to not only improve my life, but also to improve my community and the lives of all other beings around me. May all that is pure in LOVE and LIGHT, shine down upon you all today, and each day, illuminating your paths to personal growth, peace, and enlightenment, GRANTING YOU EQUANIMITY !!! Namaste

  230. James and Cherie says : Reply

    Just read your comment to Joey asking him if he added his Treasury Direct Deposit Account to his credit union. I would like to add that to my Chase account. I have my Factualized Trust and copy of my SS#, do I need anything else? I don’t know anyone in particular at Chase, so who would I send it to? Thank you ahead of time for all your assistance past, present and future.

    Love and Light!


  231. Daniel says : Reply

    Hello BZ,
    I am new to this and want to start this correctly. I want to know who do I submit my FT paper work to and how to I see what account i have and where? How do i get that listed information. I know that my account number is my SSN and that the routing number is associated with the letter on the back of my SSN. But how do I see all the accounts? Do I mail that FT completed letter to that Federal Reserve Bank? Please email me at

    Thank you!

  232. Ken says : Reply

    Hello in all graciousness in Love & Light. I just downloaded and filled out my FT today. I just wanted to let you know that I found several mis-spellings of the Phrase praeterea preterea. I don’t even know what it means but it is spelt two different ways. Praeterea preterea seems to be the predominant spelling but it is also spelled praeterea pereterea several times on page two sections 5. & 6. I have corrected it on my form because I don’t know if the mis-spelling would invalidate the clauses. Please take a look at the document and correct it for all. If I was incorrect in changing the spelling of the two instances on page two sections 5 & 6 please let me know so that I can un-fix what i fixed before getting it notarized. 🙂 May all the blessings of our ONE Divine Creator shine down upon you!

    • Diane says : Reply

      the spelling on the orginal doc is correct – do not change – it is not a mistake – you can read what it means somewhere on this website….

      • Anna says : Reply

        Ken is RIGHT!!! There is a mistake on the fill-out document on page 3 of 9, and it occurs TWICE. Please CORRECT that mistake as “praeterea pereterea” does not mean anything.

  233. Joey says : Reply

    6pm PDT Conference call 8/18/17 with BZ

    You can call in at


    BZ you can correct me if this is not correct.



  234. JOSE says : Reply

    What is “the footer”? What DO I DO with this notarized document? DOes the praetera preterea spelling need to be corrected? How DOes this help us gain access to our accounts? DO we have to submit this to a court? Ginger I AM sure the you’re slammed with requests for answers but if you or anyone else that can help me can get ahold of me I would greatly appreciate it. 323-807-1065

  235. Lindsey says : Reply

    This is where I found the FT form

    If it’s not correct someone please tell me but if I’m not mistaken it is accurate

    Scroll down when you get to the website and click on where it says: fthatj(odt)

    It should automatically start downloading the form.

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      this is not the newest version. H made some updates to it, and sent me to post on I UV, she did not get to updating her site before she was taken to the ” Fed hotel”

      • Lindsey says : Reply

        Well crapola lol okay guess I have to redo all the ones I’ve done. What’s different about them? Could I possibly just add what’s different the ones I already have? If not I can start over I supposed 🙁 haha whatever it takes!

        • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

          the correct ones are longer, than what she had originally done. H added, things as right before Randy went to dealership. His is the correct version too.
          you can compare what you are working with to the one signed by randy and the one signed by Heather.

          • Lindsey says :

            So when I put my information in, it’s okay if the page numbers don’t line up right? Like half way down the it says page 3 of 6, instead of being at the top of the page.

          • BZ ⒾAM Riger says :

            Carefully play with it to be on top of page. May have to adjust your screen view. Or did you change margins when opening ?

          • Lindsey says :

            No I didn’t change the margins at all. I can tho. But if I do it’ll be exactly the same as the document I have and it will be 6 pages instead of 7 including the top page

          • BZ ⒾAM Riger says :

            that’s ok, as long as you have everything there and you have your info in footer, so all pages are connected. A complete thought…

          • Lindsey says :

            Can I send it to you just to make sure it’s accurate? I didn’t change any information or wording. Just the margins and I made the page numbers make sense. I’m sorry to be asking so many questions I’m just nervous, I don’t want to make any mistakes

          • BZ ⒾAM Riger says :

            sure. I am not sure when I will get a chance to look in the next 36 hours. but go ahead and send. You are a brilliant being. All is perfect and perfectly done!

  236. Lindsey says : Reply

    Oh, and how do we know which bank holds our account? I heard the RN would start with a 0 and the first number of our social but I can’t find any banks in my region with RNs that start with 05 (5 being my first number). Any advice?

  237. Joey says : Reply

    HI BZ and everyone.

    I wanted to share this with everyone. In the past couple of months I have become unemployed for the first time..EVER…been working since I was 14 and at 44…life took this shift. I moved from Los Angeles where I lived for 15 years ..and transitioned to Phoenix AZ just a little over 60 day ago. It’s been a great transition a bit hard for sure….and I am still working through this transition….. Ok more context on what I wanted to share.

    I currently have fallen behind on my car loan payments with my credit union. I advised them of my situation and that I was receiving unemployment however, I needed to apply for a deferral extension until such time I could resume my normal payments. ALL done in love and light and peace. I was denied.

    In lue of that decision, I sat down and sent this response to the Credit Union, attached a copy of my notarized factual trust as well as the freedom flyer.

    I wanted to send this to everyone to show, I am BEING and DOING….I am taking back the authority of myself. Could I have wrote the email better? Oh yes I am sure I could have provided more context, however I wanted to let the credit union know, that I am not bound by any contact unless of my own making.

    Here is a copy of the email I sent.

    Copy of email below:

    Hello Henry

    I received the response to my request for an extension, and I have overruled the denial.

    The circumstances under which the original contract was made (Income,Credit Score) have changed, therefore the contact must also change.

    I have every intention of resolving this peacefully,and once gainfully employed I will resume payments as originally agreed. For now I can only make payments that I can currently afford, as I am still on unemployment insurance.

    Please review the attached documents, so that you understand the power and authority of my being.
    Also for your review please read the attached documents showing that the banking system has been foreclosed on.

    I am interviewing for work, however things in Arizona move much slower than they do in California, unfortunately.

    I have provided a link for you here, so that you can review the documents that were filed with the Office Of Tax and Revenue Recorder of Deeds.


    The One People’s Public Trust (OPPT) announced the foreclosure of the world’s banks and “governments” on
    December 25th 2012 stemming from prior investigation into massive fraud across the entire system:


    With much love and respect, XXX(My Full Name is here)

  238. Daniel says : Reply

    Hello i need some help. I attempted to add mt TDA account to my chase bank account and they close my account. I called them to ask why and they said they didn’t have to tell me because when I first opened the account which was a very long time ago i signed some paper work that says they have the write to close the account with no problem. Also i try to use it on amazon but they cancelled my orders and didn’t explain why. I have fill out my very own Factualized Trust account but don’t understand how to use this document. DO I mail copies to my bank such as chase bank and amazon to prove i am the owner of the account? I need help. someone please email me at Thanks

    • Twt says : Reply

      Have you had any luck? Where do I mail the FT and promissory notes to? Debt collector & or IRS? And if IRS, which branch?

  239. BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply


    UPDATE: Donations for HATJ and RKB

    For the avoidance of any doubt, the Current and Only PayPal email address for any and all Donations to assist Randall Keith Beane with his expenses is :- Managed by Patricia, Randy’s cousin

    Donations for the assistance of Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf with her expenses may be sent via PayPal to the following email address :-

    Please put a note in the Paypal message box ‘for Heather’

    Can you all please update any links, web pages or contacts that you may have accordingly. Very much appreciated. (heart)


  240. Ann says : Reply

    I somehow cannot opens these docs. Can you send them to me in an email please?

  241. ET says : Reply

    Hello everyone! Thank you Heather, Randy, and BZ for everything you guys are doing! I am filling out the FT form and I have a silly question but I must ask it anyway so I can get it over with, where it ask for account number on the form, do you put the whole number or the X’s before the last for numbers? XXXXX[last 4 ssn] or 123456789. Thank you for your help and it beautiful how we all are sticking together! Love and light to you all!

  242. Twt says : Reply

    Does anyone know who to mail the FT and promissory note to? Once you have the FT, do you need to get a ucc-1? I’ve heard of talk of also getting a tax ID. Do you need to have the FT and or ucc-1 and or tax ID before you can off set your debts with returning the bills as promissory notes? Or can you just do that now? I paid a car payment and a Verizon bill that was accepted. Then returned 2 days later. I heard you can call them and call them out on the fact because your payment came through the fed wire from the TDA you can’t revers it via Fedwire rules and guidelines. Is this true? I’ve been digging, studying, researching, and am ready to jump down the rabbit hole. I’ve known of the elite and corrupted shadow gov for a very very long time. Learning about this whole thing has put a whole new light on the value of the being. And depresses me to see all those I care and love that are asleep. I see those now as businesses and the slaves they have been turned into. All pretending to be happy yet all shinning a dismal light. Reminds me of the trolls movie. When the trolls are grey because of disbeleaf then come to full color as they awaken. I want to share this with everyone. Wake people up. Make a difference. I just need to know these steps in order. I’ve watched hours and hours and hours of videos. Read pages and pages and pages of research. But very few claiming success but no clear direction. And last question. A father of 3 children and husband to a wife. I work hard to provide and have obeyed the rules. But am a slave to the system as I live paycheck to paycheck. Robbing peter to pay Paul. How this can change my family’s lives, it’s not worth any damage that could destroy our lives. So, question is, am I going to go to jail for doing this?

    • Joey says : Reply

      Hi Twt

      You do not need to file any UCC…that was done on our behalf 4 years ago by Heather and Team. BZ or this site has all the filings..I cannot remember the exact page on IUV

      You only need to notarized FT no promissory note needed. (BZ) Jump in if I am providing wrong information or miss information.

      BZ also says DO and FEEL what you believe you should be doing. I have only used the FT thus far as a notice.

      **Remember with these type of changes it’s going to take time for ALL institutions to catch up to prime(ie. banks, amazon, paypal, ATT, Verizion, Utilities…..etc…..) these are massive organizations who have to rewrite code to prime…reversals will happen, wins will happen…however…as time moves faster, and we all DO and BE….these companies move faster as well…and each time becomes a WIN…each time you DO…you change your thoughts from Slave to Freedom!

      Nothing is going to destroy your life or families life……this is why it’s SOOO critical we put the energy around Heather and Randall….

      I see it like this everyday. I see Randall walking out a free man…and Heather by his side. I then see the media (CNN,FOX, CBS) RUNNING to who will cover this first…(fake news, now becomes REAL, LIFE REALITY NEWS) UNFETTERED…UNREBUTED UNREFUTED…(SORRY about the typos)

      Put this in your thoughts and speak and do what feels correct at the moment…I have felt the same way…when it’s time for anyone then you move to whatever your next step is…and when you do…it feel DAMN GOOD and DAMN POSITIVE

      Love Joey

  243. DAN says : Reply

    I am French, is it the same for us? I have filled the FT but I have to translate everything, I know that everything is linked in this financial system, but in France is the galley nobody believe !! I’m being treated as a terrorist but I’m happy because I know who I am since I know you Heather!
    Thank you infinitely, from the bottom of my heart

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      If you are inbodyment on Planet Earth , then is is so for you.

      As far as translation/previous- look on the I UV, under OPPT Absolute, in the translations section much of the former documents are already translated with the approved, by HATJ, correct translations.

      • DAN says : Reply

        Thank you but it concerns only the courtesy, for the factualized trust it is another story, translate it perfectly for the French administration / bank / and others it is not won, it would require similar translations for those of the ‘Courtesy notice, (I’m unfortunately not an expert in translation) this also restricted access to a lot of motivated people but not understanding English, it’s a shame!
        Good to you all

        • Anna says : Reply

          There were quite a few mistakes of all kinds as well as anglicisms in the French Courtesy Notices, but then it was up to every one using them to correct them for themselves, the greater part of the job having already been done by charitable, loving BE’ings… 🙂 😉
          I keep observing over and over again that people use documents without READING them…

  244. BZ, if you see this, 🙂 please email me. I have a few questions. Ill try to locate an email for you through YouTube.
    If anyone else is reading this. Email me at
    I can help you as much as i can, shareing all the information i have also information on people who “Are not as they seem”.
    IUV,(this website) is where to go for updates & information.

  245. Erica says : Reply

    I love this as it enables us to be freed from slavery of any form. How do I go about not being arrested for speaking the truth?

  246. James E Guy says : Reply

    Will you email me the form, I’m having issues getting it to download and open in word.

  247. Jake Robertson says : Reply

    Please email me as i would love to ask a few questions .

  248. AlTruistic says : Reply

    Food for thought … … …

    Perhaps in front of the Notary you should draw a drop of blood as not only can’t it be copied but with today’s technology it’s also DNA evidence that cannot be copied.

    This is … … … WHOA!

    Here’s a thought. Does anyone in the US whose been successful look in their communities for a family of a child with cancer and teach them how to do it for themselves.

    Speaking from experience but living in Canada with Universal Healthcare unlike the US the biggest toll besides the emotional and physical toll a childhood cancer diagnosis takes on the family the other is financial.

    if anyone wants to contact me …


    They could use the help.

    I just started this today, Aug 27 and already had altruistic plans in the works. These will now be coming to fruition with help from this community!

  249. Chris Moolman says : Reply

    I love this. Set us all free. I live in South Africa. How will I go about it from here?

  250. Justin Lobdell says : Reply

    Hello,I think Im going to begin the process of taking back my freedom today but before I do can anyone send me the link for the correct forms?As I was scrolling to the bottom of this page I noticed someone was saying something about diff things in the incorrect spots on the forms.I just dont wanna fail before I even

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