HATJ: Trust ~ ALL ON!!!

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Trust ~ ALL ON!!!

by HATJ, Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf, published on Unidynomics, on July 12, 2017

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“The complexity has been seeing how simple all is, in reality.”

Simple? Yes, simple. Simply put: In Original, all is permitted.

To make a verrrrrrrrrrrry long story shorter:

Original duly creates all that is, by Original Issues. Each Original Issue is an Original Depository of Original Essence and Signature…Original, being in form and no form. Original Factualized Trusts were duly created (and “wrapped around” each Original Depository) as security and protection of Original, for a particular experience before “that experience” even began…and all Original Depositories have their own unique Original Factualized Trust…and operating as one, they are known as “The Big Trust”… the Original Network (“Source Fource”)… domiciled in Original.

These Original Factualized Trusts were part of the Original Key, covertly placed within “that experience”, in order to insure complete closure and termination of “that experience” when its purpose was completed.

What was “that experience?” The Universal Trust, domiciled within “The Big Trust”…domiciled within Original.

Throughin Original, a large majority of Original Factualized Trusts were bound and bonded into a large Trust, a Universal Trust, that spanned almost all of Original’s existence. Almost all of Original’s existence…

That Universal Trust consisted of so many compartmentalized branches, that there is no known number in existence to describe them. This Universal Trust and all its compartmentalized branches, were operated by a Universal Commercial Conversion (UCC) system, in order to uniformly utilize Original Currency and Value throughout the vastness of the Universal Trust. The purpose of this Universal Trust was to experience limits of all sorts that could be imagined, hence, all the branches. Once an Original Factualized Trust was placed in the Universal Trust, the Original Factualized Trust, and all Orignal Currency and Value flowinging through it, was assigned (for a period) to the Universal Trust. The Original Trustee designation of that Original Factualized Trust was delegated (for a period) to the Universal Trust. The Original Factualized Trust was then located (for a period) in a specific branch of the Universal Trust, and the appropriate branch overseer(s) were granted (for a period) a special limited power to manage (for a period) that Original Factualized Trust.

The not so funny part?… For those Original Factualized Trusts that experienced all of this, “for a period” was ingeniously subverted…by the Universal Trust controllers, branch overseers, and the “placed” Original Factualized Trusts alike…for they always have known that the Universal Trust was to be closed and terminated once its purpose had been completed. You may be familiar with one of the many former tools this was done with, “ETF’s”…”exchange time (trade) funds”, which dealt solely in “creation units”, and was further utilized as an inflationary/deflationary tool of planetary “local markets.” Well, “time ran out”, and never came back…in all sense of applications.

Earlier, it was stated that the Universal Trust spanned “almost all of Original’s existence.” The eventual subversion, within and by the Universal Trust, the branch overseers, and “placed” Original Factualized Trusts, was always foreknown, foreseen, and with every detail done, completely observed by the Original Network…for the Universal Trust was domiciled in Original. Thusly, all was prepared for and dealt with by the Original Network, utilizing means that give “strategy” and “tactic” whole new meanings.

Numerous Original Artifacts were strategically placed throughin the entire Universal Trust structure, in order to completely close and terminate the Universal Trust, and return all Original Factualized Trusts to Original state of being. One of those Original Artifacts had come to be known as “The One People’s Public Trust”, and as the former Universal Trust and branch overseers came to call it…”The Big Trust.” It was, in fact, the “Original Trust” that the Universal Trust was domiciled in, to insure that the Universal Trust was closed and terminated forevermore.

Soooooooo… the end of THAT story is, that through a series of Original Strategic Tactics, done by the entirety of the Original Network (“Source Fource”/”Universals”) …all Original Factualized Trusts were unbound and debonded within the Universal Trust. On December 10, 2012, all Original Factualized Trusts were duly removed from the Universal Trust, inclusive of all Original Currency and Value, with the Original Trustee designation duly returned to each Original Factualized Trust. On March 18, 2013, the Universal Trust was duly closed and terminated. Forevermore.

Simultaneously done with the end of THAT story, was the beginning of each formerly “placed” Original Factualized Trust, uniquely re-valuating and transitioning to Original state of being…Original.

However, complete awareness and transparency of Original cannot be done without complete context. Complete context of all is now incoming…all ways…and, now, transparently done by the entirety of the Original Network (“Source Fource”/”Universals”)

All are duly recognized and accepted, as all is…Original.

Recently (and not so recently,lol), I have received numerous requests and questions: “We completely understand all you have done. How are you going to enforce it?” (All the former Universal Trust controllers and branch overseers); “Why are our military operations not working?” (All the former Universal Trust controllers and branch overseers); “Why are our commercial systems (including banks) and operations not working?” (All former Universal Trust controllers and branch overseers…especially Bankers and Banking families, of a specific and particular branch); “Why can’t we re-evaluate the global currencies? Why can’t we release the global accounts?” (Former Universal Trust branch overseers…a specific and particular branch, lol); “Why are the global resets not done? Why are the global accounts not being released?” (Numerous people all over the world); “How can we take back our ‘governments’ and make them serve us?” (Numerous people all over the world); “How can we reincorporate and maintain control?” (Former Universal Trust controllers and branch overseers); “You have teams and tools that we didn’t know about. How do you do all you all you do?” (Former Universal Trust controllers and branch overseers…reduced now to only a specific and particular branch, lol); “Who authorized you to do …[insert any action I have done]?” (The former Universal Trust controllers, branch overseers, and numerous people from all over the world); “How can we access our value?” (Everybody on the planet!!!); “How can we be and do in complete awareness, transparency and context?” (Original Network…and the former Universal Trust controllers); etc…

By accepting all you be…Original…even if you can’t identify all the details during your unique transition…it cannot change the fact that you be…Original. Since March, 18, 2013, the wrapper of protection and security of all the Original Factualized Trusts has been lovingly and compassionately “unwrapped”… closed and transitioned…all ways… as each Original Depository accepts all they be…Original.


Below are the revised Factualiized Trust, with proof of ownership, title, authority,original depository (bank), Origin of Funds, History of Funds, underwriting, etc., (pdf and doc) making the Original Factualized Trusts, the Original Network, Original Currency and Value…all of Original…visible to all. Many are asking if it is necessary to fill one out and present it to…a specific and particular branch of the former Universal Trust…the answer is, “NO!…They are not required”…I was asked to make visible how all works “now” (which is actually how all has always “worked”)…do as you imagine and feeeeeel to do…and have fun in all you do!


All Original Operations and Network are “paperless.” However, all Original Factualized Trusts are now being completely “shed”, for their purpose has been completed. The entirety of the Original Network, and Original, are now being made completely transparent, in order to provide Original Context…and to swiftly and completely transition all to Original…for doing in, and with, Original Awareness, Context and Transparency. Forevermore.

“Yes, you did it! ALL did it! You rocked the Original ‘Popstand’, and factualized ALL beyond beautiful and perfect. Now the factualized ALL is seen, felt, and experienced by ALL, the Original Network.”


In joy

love all ways always

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

ft.hatj (PDF) Click Here to download directly

fthatj (ODT) Click Here to download directly

FTHATJ.signedandsealed (PDF) Click Here to download directly.


ft.hatj (PDF)





199 Responses to “HATJ: Trust ~ ALL ON!!!”

  1. derek says : Reply

    What exactly would one do with this?

  2. Oscar says : Reply

    Thank you for what you have done and what you are doing. I learned of everything from Harvey Dent’ s videos. I also enjoyed listening to you talk about the trust numbers. You also enlightening me further. Thank you once again. I tried the process and it worked for the first and second day. Then when I tried it again it wouldn’t work. The routing number was invalid. They have started to change them. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me. Maldonadooscar@yahoo.com.

  3. Arthur Sturges says : Reply

    Great! So the FED cannot tell you anything about how you cannot use your money in your trust.

    • Timothy Reed says : Reply

      Looks like Sharon needed your help. It also doesn’t seem like there’s not enough key questions being answered here.

  4. derek says : Reply

    These ucc codes are amazing! I especially like the 2012114776! Thank you ! Would you be so kind to upload a blank document to ” fill in the blank” for those of us without a normal computer? Thank you for this knowledge! Your light shimmers with awesomeness

    • mark says : Reply

      Why do you have 10 digits on your ucc code Derek? I thought you only had 9 with them? These are the routing numbers, right?

  5. Kathy says : Reply

    This is just justifying that it was ok that this all happened here.. and I do not consent to it … I withdraw and revoke my consent retro actively to all of this …Heather stop explaining it because you are justifying it whether you think you are or not at the same time drawing in the consent of all your followers and devotees.. I do feel you are obviously trying your hardest to fix the issue here … there is no justification for what happened or for it continuing.

    • Kathy says : Reply

      Heather why don’t you organize a CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT … against the FRB .. cause you know better than we do that they are not authorized to reverse payments once they are made .. 😀 .. there are several of us on here doing things and elsewhere who can all take part in this .. and it is totally safe in numbers .. when you get enough people together .. they do that for lots of things .. this is just a huge thing that needs to be addressed.

      • Bridgenit says : Reply

        I wanted to reply to this. Been at some form of special account access for at least 15 years. I have been pretty excited as of the last several months. had lots of things go through, bought items online, bills paid and i even opened a investment account at investment bank. i opened the account online, tranfered 500,000 into 3 month cd, tranfered another 500,000 for 9 month cd and 250,000 into their investment savings account. everything went through and was good. then that night i tried to get back in the red flaged my account and blocked me getting access. the said issue with my name. whatever, that is all you can toss at me? they said that the middle name showed up as lyn lyn instead of lyn. I gave them every document to prove that was my name and they kept asking for more. finally i just said taking legal action against you. done, going to make it really hard for your bank to participate in gcr and rv. as you will have some serious legal stuff pending. I could not file a complaint wiht anyone about my money being stolen.just on that basic info, keep getting passed from agnecy to agency. finally found a law firm who was interested just on basic facts. who knows how it will play out? everything i was doing was working until last night out of the blew, all bills were reverse, pay pal removed my fed account and everything went backwards..i was reading that the poopoo (pope) signed off on 95 percent of the countries in the world, they ownership, their debts, blah blah, but they want to keep the usa. for their own use, trying to wheel and deal. i think this has a lot do with reversals as well. my bank us bank just move to open their bank to external trasnfers something they have never done. i cannot utilze them as the are not offered to biz account i have corp sole with them. only personal accounts can do external transfers. this just happened last week. what did they get ready for? rv, gcr or use of fed accounts? the investment bank will not notify me whether they still have my funds or if i am still gaining interest on them. this is very important piece people. very important…i had to deal with higher level people in pay pal, they told me some very interesting things. after 7 calls in 2 days straigtening out ever glich. they worked hard for me, but in the end were forced to removed my fed account. i did use it through pay pal. Information i gleaned was 1) not deposits can be made to the fed account, it blocks all deposits of any kind, this means that you cannot reverse funds back into to. so banks or compnaies that say they have, many people in chat rooms are commenting on barclays telling them that they reversed their money back into fed account and closed their accounts for security reasons. MEANS they stole the money. no one can put money back into fed account. 2) the fed account always pays, everytime. It is the broker of the deal with the money that blocks it, steals it, lies…brokers are banks, companies like amazon, ach’s, they are the bad guys here, what i have learned over the last 6 months. 3) by opening these accounts and banks saying they are reveresed we may very well be paying cabal inadvertantly to stay afloat, who else would be stealing the funds that cannot be trasnfered back? like my 1.2 million…like everything went belly up. going to work on these bank documents to have bank sign and try to figure out the treasury direct thing. anyone interested in working together communicating maybe we can skype or if someone has already figure out the steps? would be greatful. Another thing that i found. Is that we could say that the feds have my money in an account..the truth is that there is no money. the truth is that as i worked with all of this..i unfolded on a energy plane. the more confidence i had, the more stress came off me, literally even now the elephant that was sitting on me is totally gone. i just have this i am so not worried anymore, who cares……as you use it, the energy opens and the more it works. for example paper money has creators, it is a creation but the kick of it is that the symbolic language on it your right brain understands, like a mind control, and this information is not transfered to your detail left side. disconnect of information between the 2. anyone who creates the money knows it, like a spell case onto the paper that right brain picks up..this process of not having paper spell money being involved with fed account access taught me that fed account is held in energy. fed account always pays, but the blockers are the creators of the mind control spell money that we are forced to use. plus using the fed account they only get one pay on everything, they usually get 2, one from your fed and one from you. 2 energys. 2 or more gathered in my name??? math here people. takes you away from the 1….lastly. i think that everything fell apart last night so that i would speak openly about my expereince. otherwise i would have kept quiet one hundred percent. people that talk openly everything usually gets reversed and blocked on them..yes, we need a class action lawsuit, i am in…join together energies, say 300 could be elevated faster to infinity, being 1 might take much longer to get there. peace out people……..peace out and in……do not give up every, use your will, elevate it to divine will for the good of all. a vid i did on more native ideas and hat i have learned… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSt4m5Tycdo

        • Marie says : Reply

          The disconnection between the two emispheres of our brain is the veill that will be lift soon and will connect us to God and we will understand it all. it is happening now. 😉

        • Grant says : Reply

          This is a little lengthy but I hope it clarifies a few things from our research over recent years.

          Here is the key phrase from the above post that people really need to pay attention to:

          “people that talk openly, everything usually gets reversed and blocked on them”

          This is called “commingling”. You are mixing “public” with “private”. This is a very bad idea and why things ‘go south’ soon after.

          The reasons many do not succeed with all this legal, lawful, sovereign and so on stuff is they do not understand some of the fundamental basics. Public is public and private is private and never the twain shall meet! Period!

          If you think back centuries ago (and today I might add) we normally resolve disputes and so on in the private. We MAY take things to court later after we reach an impasse on the private side, but even then, we are simply seeking wise counsel to help us resolve a dispute that we can’t sort out privately. As is the case these days, before we had courts, judges, kings/queens, etc we simply had good conscience, wisdom, love, honour, integrity, intelligence, logic, reason, facts, truth, etc. IOW, sort it out like a respectful, mature, responsible, intelligent, thinking adult. Take responsibility for your stuff, things, and affairs.

          Anyway, back to commingling…

          Blacks Law Dictionary 4th:
          COMMINGLE. To put together in one mass. Pfau v. State, 148 Ind. 539, 47 N.E. 927, 929.

          From here, with my comments in [square brackets] https://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/commingling:
          “The term commingling is most often applied to funds or assets. When a fiduciary, a person entrusted [the Trustee] with the management of funds other than his or her own in trust, mixes trust money with that of others, the fiduciary [Trustee] is commingling funds and thereby breaching his or her fiduciary duty [ie, breaching trust].”

          Did you catch that, “…mixes trust money with that of others…”. The key word is “trust”; ie, trust law! It is NOT commercial law (UCC). It is Trust Law!

          I observe so many in this field like to blame “them” – the Rothschilds, the Queen, the monarchs, the Americans, Germans, Romans, the Pope, God, the bankers, the school system, our parents, the ‘government’, the… [insert target of your scorn]. It is all ‘their’ fault, nothing to do with my ignorance, laziness or unwillingness to read books and learn. We all like to blame others; I’ve done it myself a few times. It might be ‘fun’ to give ‘the finger’ to ‘The Man’, and relieve some psychological pressure, but it does not ‘get remedy’. It does not fix things. It just vents steam.

          I agree that many of us have been ‘dumbed down’ thanks to service-to-self agendas corrupting the system for a while. That said, the “rule of law” and ‘maxims of equity’, are still alive and well and more and more people are getting a rapid education, thanks to the Internet, which has given us access to all legislation, books on law and equity, dictionaries, scientific studies and so on. And for that we should be thankful. Back to the topic at hand…

          There is nothing “wrong” with the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code). It is simply the “code” (ie, not “law”) of money, banking, commerce, etc. However, that applies to “persons” and other ‘legal fictions’, (corporations, banks, businesses, high level finance, and so on). It does NOT apply to “Man”.

          Although I’m not in any religion (but do have interest in spiritual philosophical, psychological and related subjects) there is wisdom in this sentence, “give unto God what is God’s, give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s”. “Caesar’s” is the non-living ‘commercial battle field’; “God’s” is the land of the living – plants, animals, people, planet. Both are fine, just don’t mix them up. IOW, don’t “commingle”.

          For example, if you wish to do business “in the public” (as opposed to ‘in the private’) you need a ‘portal’ or ‘transmitting utility’ of some kind – a registered business, a corporation, a trust, etc. Which is fine.

          This is why we have the STRAWMAN. It is our ‘portal’ into the non-living world of commerce and money. The ‘living’ can’t deal directly with the ‘dead’. Again, nothing “wrong” with the STRAWMAN. Just remember it is not us, the living man/woman.

          The thing with the STRAWMAN is that it is a Trust set up for us by the Government with us as the Beneficiaries so they can deal with us, the living.

          Everything the government gets comes from Man; thus we are the “Grantor”. They hold this stuff in Trust for our benefit, thus they are the “Trustee”. This is why we get ‘benefits’ from the system, therefore we are the “Beneficiary”. They are telling outright we are the Beneficiary and thus it revolves around Trust Law, but due to ignorance we do not ‘see it’. It is not the job or our servents, “public servants”, to tell us how to live our lives or teach us our rights, we are PRESUMED to be the Trustees, which is why we get the fees, fines, levies, charges, jail, etc. The truth is, WE are the Beneficiaries and THEY are the Trustees, and the Trustee holds the liability NOT the Beneficiary! Also, a Maxim of Equity clearly states, “the Beneficiary is regarded as the true owner”!

          Until we break this guardian/ward relationship and correct our status, things won’t (fully) change, regardless of how good our “legal” arguments are. We will have a few wins here and there but not the ‘freedom’ we seek.

          So the two ‘worlds’:

          * Being “born” (biological entity) vs being “birthed” (commercial entity).
          * ‘Live born record’ or ‘birth summary’ vs ‘Birth Certificate’.
          * Legal vs lawful.
          * Person vs Man (capital M as a proper noun for “Mankind”, the “race of Man”, which comprises equally of “man” and “women”; “woman” being Man with womb hence the conjunction of womb-Man or woman.)
          * Statute vs Law vs Equity. (Note, the so called “Common Law” actually came out of Equity. They were originally one and the same thing. Thus Equity is supreme, I’ll get back to this shortly).

          Perhaps 98% of what we are all taught since birth, or more accurately since ‘being born’, is to keep you in the public side – registration, compliance, conformance, obedience, and so on.

          People in this field of research keep asking, “if this is true, where is the proof. Post your results”, and so on. These are questions asked by newbies who do not yet understand “jurisdiction” and have not learnt the basics – public vs private. I.e., don’t commingle.

          The hierarchy of law:

          * The ‘Creator’, “God”, Nature… whoever or whatever causes us to exist in ‘reality’. Avoid religious dogmas and focus on spiritual truths.
          * Man. Mankind, the race of Man.
          * Man’s creations – corporations, government, trade unions, trusts, foundations, etc.
          * Creations of Man’s creations. Company policy, government statutes, Trust charters, Articles of association, etc.

          The created is SUBORDINATE to the creator.
          Man is under ‘God’, Nature, i.e., Natural Law (physics, psychology, emotions, thermodynamics, biochemistry, gravity, etc). Government is under Man. This is why, with few exceptions, they use the STRAWMAN. As stated above, they can’t ‘see’ their creator, only their creations. We simply need to learn how to use the STRAWMAN for our “benefit”, ie, as Beneficiaries, not as presumed trustees or ‘wards of the State’.

          The hierarchy of law:
          * Equity (created by ‘God’, which is simply goood conscience, good reason and what is right, fair, decent and just. That’s Equity.)
          * Common Law (created by Man. Do not cause any harm, suffering, loss, damage or death to a man or woman or to their private property.)
          * Statute (created by government. These originally are extensions of the Common Law and simply clarified things. Statue is NOT “law”. Statue is given the force OF law but is NOT law in and of itself. “Law” is superior to Statute.)
          * Commercial rules (this is not “Law” but is governed BY “Law”)

          From the Judicature Act, Queensland (Australia), 1876 (same in all Commonwealth countries including America):

          “Generally in all matters not hereinbefore particularly mentioned in which there is any conflict or variance between the rules of equity and the rules of the common law with reference to the same matter the rules of equity shall prevail.”

          Equity is superior to Law! Law is superior to Statute. Three completely separate jurisdictions – Equity > Law > Statute.

          Note though. There is auxiliary Equity, concurrent Equity and exclusive Equity. We want to get into exclusive Equity as that deals only with Trusts! Remember, the STRAWMAN is a Trust.

          If government disappeared tomorrow, we would still have “law”.

          If “Law” disappeared tomorrow, we would NOT have chaos like the powers that were propogate, we would have Equity!

          “Law is nothing without equity, and equity is everything, even without law. Those who perceive what is just and what is unjust only through the eyes of the law, never see it as well as those who behold it with the eyes of equity. Law may be looked upon, in some manner, as an assistance for those who have a weak perception of right and wrong, in the same way that optical glasses are useful to those who are short sighted, or whose visual organs are deficient. Equity, in it’s true and genuine meaning, is the soul and spirit of the law; positive law is construed, and rational law is made by it.”
          John Bouvier (1787 – 1851), Institutes of American Law (1851) Pg. 100. https://archive.org/details/institutesameri00bouvgoog

          Further study:
          Start reading about Trust law and Equity jurisprudence.
          Find and start listening to the research of Christian Walters. Highly recommended!
          Start reading, A Treatise on Suits in Chancery but Henry Gibson (1907). https://archive.org/details/cu31924084259872
          Read: Gilbert Law Summaries, Trusts.
          Follow your intuition and intelligence from there.

          I will humbly say, there is more depth and truth in this post than some may yet see. I know because I did not ‘see’ it for a few months or so initially. I even experienced a little cognitive dissonance at first. I persevered and have a much better understanding of how the system works now.

          Hope this helps. 🙂

          Keep up the good work.

          • Ingrid Dreyer says :

            Grant, this is the best explanation I have heard so far!
            I will definitely study more! Thank you!

      • Bridgenit says : Reply

        Also for all of you out there i have live in my car for 11 years. Many attacks by the state and fed i fought off using common law paperwork. They came after my private practice over and over, tossing me out, discrediting me. murdering people i love and bizness partner in 2005, murdered my best friend in 2004…attempted kidnapping by nasa started when i was 19, i am now 48. i may be homeless, broke sometimes starving, but i am me. Do not be afraid everything you have is lies anyway. if you are thinking about holding back until their is solid ground in which you can use your fed account, you may be the block in it for all. The more we all move forward, feeling the way out in the dark by feeling our way down the wall until we reach the door and we can open it and there is the light..some of us just have to do it for all. i have had to do some serious healing work in the areana of others who have screwed me, threatened me, destroyed me and that they do not deserve to have anything, with hold from them any kind of freedom. That has to heal that entitlement has to heal. or non of us move forward..this planet cannot move forward. my native shoshone medicine man elder teacher dies last year in june. he taught me this. as each one of us heals our cancer, that cancer spot on earth is healed. when we heal the anger that expression on the earth is healed. for example yellow stone nation part grand father super volcano?? he is expressing and wanting to release all the bads things that have gone on in the middle east. his is on the see saw end of iraq. the opposite side and bulges like a zit with pressure, releasing in a good way of bad, he could destroy the whole planet and all life becasue we cannot deal with our anger, come together globally, let go of our needing to be right……..it is about each one right now and you doing our healing of what you contributing to somewhere on earth sickness as that sickness is in you.

      • Bridgenit says : Reply

        great legal docs for trust, getting mine done today. then get them to bank notary. then going to send a scanned copy to the investment back that stole my funds of 1.2 transfer from fed account to them…on man are they going to shit themselves, i pray that they shit themselves in a wonderful release of all their past confinments to free themselves to all potiental and possiblites! AHO

        • EliB33 says : Reply

          Bridgenit-please email me. I am in.

        • Heather Guerin says : Reply

          Hello Bridgenit, I’m Heather Guerin. I would like to communicate about your progress as I am filling out my factualized trust now. I had (may still have) plans to become a non adverse secure creditor and started filling out Ucc’s as I was instructed, as well as getting a state citizen passport. I have put that on hold to do this first. I am now watching your videos and appreciate you. I would love to be in contact. Be well, Heather G

        • Marie says : Reply

          Bridgenit please email me j413marie@mailcom I would like to be included in class action. I’m new to this I’ve been sending all my bills A4V to the 3 internal revenue offices specified. Nothing paid yet. Then I started researching online and found this site and I am so confused on how to do this right. I have noit attempted going to account thank you for your assistance I have literally been upo 2 days researching which is lie a full time job with overtime. I’m disabled and can’t work so I really need to figure out

      • james says : Reply

        Kathy, because one will never win a case like that in their court of the sea. The courts are part of the same system of slavery.

    • Anastasia says : Reply

      gee Kathy, with all due respect, we are the CREATORS of all that is. They would be no dark without our light. Hence, all that has happened would not have happened, had we, as the Creators, not allowed it. We created the soup in which to play. Yes, it got mucky and yucky, but, I for one, saw the dark and chose to head towards the light and it encouraged me to follow what I came here to accomplish and who I came here to be. Heather is not justifying anything. The truth is the truth no matter whether it resonates with your current belief structure or not.

    • Arthur Sturges says : Reply

      As evil of an enslavement scheme the trust has been HATJ’s “ORIGINAL DUE DECLARATION AND NOTICE OF FACTUALIZED TRUST” document reveals that the evil trust creators had a good streak in that they inserted a clause in the trust permitting the dissolution of the trust at some point later in time to give everyone back their trusts that has finally come into fruition, and that each trust is worth 5 Billion dollars in pre-1933 gold.

      • Kenneth Johnson says : Reply

        Arthur, where can I find frb accounts with the alphabet along side to indicate that is my district back to setup account with.

  6. Shawnna says : Reply

    Do I make my own trust or can I use yours as a template and change the names?

  7. Michael N Fernandez says : Reply

    Do I download and edit my own information?? I need to protect myself with this declaration.

  8. I’m very much interested in this. Believe me everyone wants to know but are scared to. It’s my time now. I want the knowledge to get out of Debt using this information.

  9. Daniel E says : Reply

    Thank you Heather for the Factualized Trust, are we to use this document to prove we are the original owners of this trust? And also should we spell our names in CAPITOL LETTERS? in order to match our SS#?

    • Arthur Sturges says : Reply

      The name is all caps as her name is at the bottom of page 2.

    • Anna says : Reply

      You would have to read this document carefully as some information is personal to HATJ (date of birth, doc #, address of her bank etc.), particularly her name is found in several places in the document…
      It is not just a case of changing the name at the bottom!

  10. Jeremiah Daniels says : Reply

    Heyyy… I have a couple of questions how can I find out what legal documents I need to show proof of my being the authorized holder of the trust? And if I wanna buy a rv what’s the process I need to do ? My mom and dad are captains in the police station I’m willing to risk my life for the cause to make a difference

  11. Shaniqua S. says : Reply

    Hello Heather, thank you for the useful information. I was looking at your documentation and I noticed that you had UCC codes in the documentation. Did you fill out a UCC 1 form before you started using your trust accounts. Can we set up a class action suit for all parties that want to be involved that we sue for our trust since their are so many reverses and problems.

    • Meme says : Reply

      Hello Shaniqua,
      Where did you get the information on Heather?
      And for what I know you would want to cover yourself with a UCC 1 financial Statement along with with other documents in your collateral UCC 3 . watch video Tex Mason he has lots of good video’s that will help assist you better.I have all my paper work ready to go but having to get my Cusip Number is holding me up. Have any question you may email me. and thanks if you can tell me how to get in contact with Heather.

  12. Wulf man says : Reply

    It’s been a long ride Heather. Are you any closer than when you started? What have we learned? People come and people go. Some get hurt along the way but that’s their problem I suspect…..said the scorpion to the frog.

  13. Cynthia says : Reply

    Thank you so much Heather for everything you are doing to free humanity from enslavement! We are with you in Light and Love.
    I have a question. This Factualized Trust is under your name, sealed and signed. How do we get our name on this Factualized Trust so we may seal and sign it to prove Original Ownership?
    I downloaded and printed all 6 documents.
    We are with you Randy in Power and Love ❤️

    • Anastasia says : Reply

      lol, print it out, and start type, type, typing away. This will allow YOU to put your energy and your vibration and your essence into the documents. People, in general, this is a time to stand up in your own individual Power – not to copy and paste from others. We chose to incarnate here in this day and age to accomplish this and so much more. The time is now.

      And, yes, thank you so much Heather. I feel blessed and grateful to have found you this week. I have always know there was a cosmic level to the game and so appreciate you having mentioned that on Dani’s call yesterday. It helps me stay focused on the big, big picture. Not these dumb little games and tricks and traps here.

    • Richard Spratt says : Reply

      Unless you have bought software that allows you to modify PDF documents, typically we are only able to view them. For an editible version, download the ODT version which MS Word will open. Then you can modify the document.
      Here’s the link : fthatj (ODT) – https://i-uv.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/1bkskf1kt_152868.odt

  14. Happycat6256 says : Reply

    It was not this difficult for me. I ripped a standardized Declaration of Trust from a web pdf, got an heirloom birth certificate from vital stats, filed revocation of signature/not a united states citizen and beneficial ownership/holder in due course of my title all in one aff into public record and enclosed it, private security agreement ripped from web, uncitral promissory note ripped from web x3 (copies to treasury and fed reserve in dc included in promissory note papers for electronic conversion with copy of original note.), original promissory note with trust declaration papers, sent to treasury retail securities site in minnisota, they emailed me to say they received it and if they needed anything else they would let me know.

    • Wonders about everything says : Reply

      Happycat5256, once they notify you back please let us know how it worked out. The recipe, steps, for getting our funds.

    • DJ says : Reply

      can you email me with the addresses that you sent them to and why you sent them there? I am at a little lost but am already looking at a meeting with a Financial Crimes Division and I need to dot my i’s and cross my Ts.
      Thank you with anything and everything you can over the weekend so i can be loaded for bear.

    • Ava Teverbaugh says : Reply

      Hello I am interested in doing these steps as well. Can we communicate I can give you my email

    • mark says : Reply

      Can you send me a copy of the documents you used please I get the one Heather has posted but not all the ones you have done. Has this worked at all for you yet? I can’t get any thing to work not even getting a bank or bill site to take my account or routing number. have routing numbers changed? I’m an F on my SS card, any idea whats the best routing for that? Do you do anything besides the 9 digits for the account or routing number? And lastly, have you seen a step by step guide for all this? I’ve listened to the video meetings on utube but they jump all over the place a lot. Any help would be appreciated.

      my email is…. mhayos2002@gmail.com
      thank you…

  15. Happycat6256 says : Reply

    It was not this difficult for me. I ripped a standardized Declaration of Trust from a web pdf, got an heirloom birth certificate from vital stats, filed revocation of signature/not a united states citizen and beneficial ownership/holder in due course of my title all in one aff into public record and enclosed it, private security agreement ripped from web, uncitral promissory note ripped from web x3 (copies to treasury and fed reserve in dc included in promissory note papers for electronic conversion with copy of original note.), original promissory note with trust declaration papers, sent to treasury retail securities site in minnisota, they emailed me to say they received it and if they needed anything else they would let me know.

    Back dooring the trust with bc authentication. Texas sos form 2102 and it MUST BE THE NEW LONG FORM BC, seriously, it matters for some reason.

    I think the strength of your trust lies within your ucc filings and what you put in once it is established. UCC 3 is your friend.

    • Anastasia says : Reply

      Semi disagree – the strength of your trust depends on your vibration and your essence. A Master standing in his/her own power can put a chicken scratch symbol on one piece of paper that could say it all and make mountains move. Whereas, another can have 100 pages of tight legalese saying nothing with no weight behind it whatsoever. You should see the things I’ve accomplished during my entire professional career by churning out handwritten letters to CEOs in my signature purple pen with my heart and soul.

    • angelUAF says : Reply

      Happycat6256 …great shares. I made errors on my ucc filing. I’ve been told it doesn’t matter so much..just file a new one however I have read that it’s suggested you use ucc3 to make corrections. what are your thoughts?
      I’d like to be certain that everything is done properly .
      Your experience and knowledge would be greatly appreciated.

  16. Leah says : Reply

    How do you get your reference number and UCC numbers? I don’t know what those are either. Is there a place where it lists how many different variations of your name are associated with the account number or are we presuming?
    “For service on the trust”: is that my personal mailing address? I’m sure there are more questions…but will you create a tutorial for filling this in properly? I really could do some good for humanity with access to my account. =)

  17. Bright Idea says : Reply

    Do I carry these papers with me at all times?

    Will they stop the following…

    – Reversals?
    – Account freezes & suspensions?
    – A bunch of FBI gorillas jumping me in a parking lot?

  18. Nehemiah Salcido says : Reply

    My sweet friend , thank you so much for doing this first and the hours of research to get this done !!!! May God Bless You and Continue till the end of earth , may those fall blessings fall unto your off children s children , I hope you get a you seek , in all you do , thank you very much ,

  19. J.P. Bumby says : Reply

    I think everyone commenting is in a hurry to buy more ‘stuff’, pay bills, and continue living a life of servitude, the mind set isn’t right. She wrote in the 3rd to last paragraph that you don’t need to sign a paper, she’s doing what’s needed in the NOW, on our behalf, if I understand correctly (and I will say, it’s like it’s an incomprehensible dialect). You’ve got to have faith, and PATIENCE. Hang in there. Thanks

    • Anna says : Reply

      I do NOT think so. You have to ACT (Do’ing) to get things changed! Sitting on our bums waiting is not going to take us there…

  20. LadyA says : Reply

    What is the factualized date? Date of birth (regardless of country born in), or date of citizenship granted?

  21. Jaye says : Reply

    For those that need a blank copy, this is the link. God Bless you all!!


  22. V says : Reply

    Regarding the ORIGINAL DUE DECLARATION AND NOTICE OF FACTUALIZED TRUST, what reference number to we use? And who signs Governed by?

    • Anna says : Reply

      Use your OWN made-up number and sign adding your thumbprints. And before you ask any more questions about this document, I suggest YOU READ it because if you do, you will understand what to do.

      • mark says : Reply

        No reading is not cutting it for most everyone, and it has taken Heather and those with her many many years to get things to this point and it still isn’t working out for most. This isn’t easy stuff here. We need a list of DIY steps or a tutorial put together. This is obviously needed by many people still and those that have it down would be helping others and themselves if they started mentoring others like Heather and some others do. But it’s needed in a tutorial, step by step way, or as close to it as possible. Also including the needed reading for detailed comprehension.

  23. Lori says : Reply

    In regards to factualized date (what date would it be?), I received the following from PayPal:

    *[Dear Lori

    To confirm your bank account, we tried to make 2 deposits into your FEDERAL RESERVE BANK X-3053 account on Dec 31, 1969.
    The money was returned, however, because your bank does not recognize this bank account number.
    To fix this problem:
    Contact your bank to double-check the account number
    Log in to PayPal and click Link bank account.
    Enter your bank account number and follow the instructions.]

    Look at that date – unless someone went back in time – how could they deposit in 1969!?!! Was someone trying to “help” me with this PP email?
    I’m considering adding the FRB account again and using the Factualized Trust form from Heather as proof of who I am. When setting my PP account up, they requested proof of identity from me…I have not read anyone having this experience. Thoughts or suggestions?

  24. Caren says : Reply

    Glad to be part of this. I did use Pay Pal business and yesterday filled out a survey with them Expressing my dismay at their tactics to stop me from” doing” and it is a loss to them as well :). I am not sure if I want to continue doing business with them if I do decide is it advisable to send them these documents in louis of their request for bank statements?

    • Caren says : Reply

      I would like to know if I can use my factualized trust docs instead of a bank statement ??(requested by Pay Pal ). They are reviewing my account and I foolishly should not have jeopardized my business doings with this experiment since they froze it and I cannot accept appointment payment nor use my eBay or Pay Pal MC

      • I M Power says : Reply

        yes that would be the idea

      • Caren says : Reply

        PayPal reopened my business account. I do process payments from my biz I have not added a bank account at all and luckily I did not since someone used mypaypal mc in a Home Depot in Ohio tonight. What’s up Pay Pal.? I just jumped through a few more hoops and efaxed them a dispute. Fraud onus on them

  25. Caren says : Reply

    leui of bank statements sorry for that auto spell )

  26. Jim says : Reply

    I am having problems with reversals with my mortgage company. How do we enforce our ORIGINAL ownership with these entities ?

  27. V says : Reply

    Not sure why we are posting questions on this page, very few get answered, and toward the end of day. So I’m out of here.

  28. John says : Reply

    What kind of treasury type account do i open individual? Or sole proprietorship

  29. Chani says : Reply

    Heather thank you sooo much as I’am truly grateful for this info. Once this paper is filled out which whom do I send it to? It becomes legible to the courts as well? What do I use ad a reference number?

  30. bernard garcia says : Reply

    Trying to fill out form and need to know about this reference number “reference number FT-DODD-IAM-hatj-07301972” what do we need with this reference number

    • I M Power says : Reply

      just a quick note on this, will have full details when finished creating recipe, mentioned in the update in this post I made tonight.
      The only information of HATJ, Randall, or Caleb you leave is the parts in the UCC section.

      The one you reference here in this comment- Leave this part as is- FT-DODD-IAM-
      hatj-this part replace with your full initials of Your name the one You use, not ALL Caps, all lower case. You are not the legal fiction which is represented in all caps.
      07301972 this section you replace the numbers with the month of your birth, the day of month of your birth, and the year of your birth.
      Do not change the format of the reference number- Just change the parts I mention to your info formatted the way I mention.

      • Chani says : Reply

        Thank You sooo much now I can start mines. Ty♥️

      • Angel says : Reply

        I am still confused on the UCC part. First, where should i get the UCC forms from and do I fill out UCC1 and UCC3, (as someone stated earlier)? Once I get the proper UCC forms, (there are several different ones, UCC1ad, ap, etc.), how exactly should i fill them out? Panicking kinda. I have been trying to understand and read up on UCC because I dont know anything about it. From what I understand, the most important part is getting the debtors name correct when filling out the form. Shit. Can someone help me pleeeease?!? I am pretty sure I’m able to fill out the factualized trust successfully. I just have one question on that, do we just assume all name combinations and list them, or is there an actual list i need to be looking for. Im guessing its just all possible names you could use or have used before. I just want to make sure I fill everything out correctly and have my ass covered. Thank you in advance to anyone who could help me a little.

        • Richard Spratt says : Reply

          UCC stands for ‘Uniform Commercial Codes’ and are the worldwide ‘laws’ that govern how corporations must operate around the world (so they all follow the same rules) (So they’re not forms! :). For us to fall under UCC Codes (governed by), we have to be classed as a corporation and that is done when our birth certificates are created and we gain our strawman, a dead version of us.
          Angel = living breathing human being who falls under the Laws of the Land (Angel does things lawfully/unlawfully).
          ANGEL (all in capitals) = dead corporation (corpse-ration) who falls under Laws of the Sea/Admiralty Law/Corporation Law/Contract Law/UCC Codes (all the same thing). (Angel does things legally/Illegally).
          Note : look at any document sent to you, loan agreement, driving license, etc and your name is always addressed to your strawman ANGEL (capitals).
          I could go on and on but if only to keep this comment short, if you send me an email, I’ll soon get you up to speed in a flash 🙂

      • Ava Teverbaugh says : Reply

        Thank you. There are a lot of UCC codes if we haven’t filed our UCC we should omitt those sections correct?

    • Richard Spratt says : Reply

      “In lieu de…”, and means ‘instead of…’Create your own, it’s YOUR reference on a document YOU created

    • Living Waters says : Reply

      Any reference number are related to other document Heather may have file in the past, such as UCC1, Security agreement and the likes. This is to ensured the has stabilised sovereignty, placing herself as self sufficient and as her own guardian, no longer a minor.
      Minority is one no yet conscious enough to conduct it’s own business without the necessity of any government to represent her. This term in their language does not mean what people think it does ( such as black know or hispanic, in fact anyone who has not yet claim their own authority is a minor, not ready to govern themselves.

      We have been played, is not about color, but finances. Get a hold of it and let’s act like men. ALL IN ONE AND IN ALL.

    • Lucky King says : Reply

      After IAM-“your intials”-“your birthday” in the same format

  31. Sharon says : Reply

    Please let us know what to put on service on the Trust, c/o _______________. Is this our address or is it the address of where your trust is held?

    One other question: do we use our Maiden name or our married name or both?

    Thank you so much
    I am pouring light and Love into this whole process 🙂

  32. Nala says : Reply

    Are the 6 pages needed ?

    • Anna says : Reply

      Good question. I was thinking that only the front page could be sent to Paypal in order to put our point across. That should be enough for them. But on the other hand, sending them the 6 pages would be INFORMATIVE for them… as they (the employees who receive and read them) might learn about the OPPT filings and what all this entails.

  33. Wildcat Carrie says : Reply

    The ORIGINAL DUE DECLARATION AND NOTICE OF FACTUALIZED TRUST, that you did for Randy can we use the same document as a proof of funds for large purchases such as car, house etc? Sometimes Real Estate Agents want show you a large ticketed house with out.

    I noticed that on the document there was a reference number, is that custom to Randy? Also, under Transfers: is that custom to Randy with the OD2OD? And last question, Do you have to use the same Logo that you used at the top and can we copy to bond paper for an official look? If you have a template that we can use or have other suggestions please advise.

    I would also like to perfect this and help the Indigenous people on Turtle Island, known as USA currently. They all were forced into the system at birth. I am one of the elders of the United Cherokee Nation. Please contact me so we can talk more about how I can assist in helping.
    Look forward in Hearing back from you soon.

    Wildcat Carrie
    Wilidikati Kawi (Cherokee Name)

  34. Wildcat Carrie says : Reply

    Ok I answered most of my own questions by looking through others postings. I now have clear understanding of what to do as well as the template to fill in. And I assume we can use this doc for what ever we need the declaration for such as proof of funds on purchase if needed.

    Thanks for all you do! As mentioned last posting, I am here to help others and the Indigenous people of Turtle Island.

    Wado (Cherokee for thank you)

    Wildcat Carrie

  35. Jasmine says : Reply

    First I’ll like to say thanks I started being away of this corruption two months ago and I feel free the more research I’m doing. I’ve always felt a sense of more and knew that we weren’t just meant for such harsh life as they make it seem. Second thank you for sharing this information to all blessings my love. Third I’ve had my car not and car insurance returned my payment when I ask them what was the reason they said the fed bank stopped the payment using code R34 (at first they said my account had insufficient money lol until I kept questioning them), they said I need to call the fed bank to find out why this happened, I’m thinking they got the money but are lying does any know how I can go about this? Also my light and gas payment was never returned. Lastly I’m in NY and I’ll be happy to join in a class action suit as well. For me I never cared about money I just like being free and my soul happy but which ever way I can help in any part I will gladly do. My email is hyltonjas38@gmail.com I love you all and blessings and peace

    Aware” typo note”

  36. EliB33 says : Reply

    Thank you Heather !!!! God bless…!

    So, its all good for those who were born in USA? I was born in Russia 43 yrs ago. but live in USA for 26 yrs, have my SS and Citizenship. Etc.

    Can i use those docs ?

    Thank you

  37. Alice Zamora says : Reply

    Can someone email the Factualized Trust Form? axzamora@yahoo.com. Thank you. Alice.

  38. Jim says : Reply

    Used PayPal through the FRB to send 200 to my stepdaughter and it cleared no problems.
    That was Wednesday last week.
    Must have cleared before all accounts went to the TRB.
    My first success story.

    • DJ says : Reply

      I really hate anagrams so help me out here please….
      what does TRB stand for? Thanks!

    • Shyii says : Reply

      Hi Jim…Sending you positive energy for more successes…May I ask what steps you took? Did you utilize the
      FRB routing # and your SS# for your paypal account? Your assistance would greatly be appreciated.


    • Robert says : Reply

      That’s awesome Jim , if I might ask how did they verify the account, did they send 2 deposits or what exactly as I am trying to see how you crossed that hurdle please thanks .

  39. fitz says : Reply

    Success on utility bill. Balance reflecting 0.00 with approval number. Auto payment still questionable. Not interested in using paypal and applied for secured cc and CD using TDA account info – online. I AM only throwing shit out there and will see what sticks. Having fun!

  40. D says : Reply

    Has anyone tried to get this info out to someone like Alex Jones who has a couple million subscribers?

    • aude says : Reply

      That is really not the point of doing this. Can you imagine the utter chaos? The deceit and lies? This is about us taking our birth right, standing as Original wo/man, not about money. It is the start of a path to freedom from money entirely whilst all live in full abundance. Do this for YOU, don’t worry about the others. Help them when you know how…

  41. Jim says : Reply

    Several bills reporting funds received from bank and attempting pay off of home loan.
    See what works.

  42. Lynsay says : Reply

    Thanks so much for this information:
    I paid my car insurance using the TD routing number and my social security number on 07/13. It has not been reversed, as of yet, and am not sure if I did it right. Could not find my SS card, and went to the website to order a new one. Hope it comes soon. I will be studying and trying new things as I want to pay my student loans, and clear up everything on my credit report.
    Can anyone comment on Judge Anna’s assertion that we are taking on the Corporation’s debt by accessing this money. She does not say it is fraud or a scam, but still discourages others from going forward.

  43. Jim says : Reply

    What do we do with the form once we notarize and thumb print it ?
    Is this the only authorization needed to declare ourselves Trustee of the accounts in our STRAWMAN identity ?

  44. EstherBe says : Reply

    A payment reversal from GA Natural Gas generated this letter received today.

    “Your recent payment has been returned to us by your banking institution. The amount of the payment $134.85 plus a $30 returned payment charge, has been applied to your account, for a total balance of $169.85. We want to protect your credit rating with us; therefore, we urge you to pay the full amount due immediately.

    Due to the returned payment, checking or savings account payments by internet, telephone and walk in location will not be accepted for the next 12 months. If your account was past due at the time of the payment, collection activity will resume immediately.”

    Based on my above experience and reason given, It appears that the PTW are still in control to some degree. It references the payment being returned by the banking institution. I used the letter “C” bank, with SS#.


    • I M Power says : Reply

      if you are moved to do so, they have given you a clear direction for next steps with them. with the proof of ownership of funds and that the money was “returned”. the person on the logistics team for the ptw, messed up on the script that went out to all these institutions/businesses. when it told them to say the funds were returned.Return, means its unwanted. You did not authorize the return of your payment to the account that you are the sole decision maker on. You did not feel the funds are unwanted. they are providing a service and want those funds, so they are not going to return them. they were hoping people would not listen, with active listening to their communications to you. that you would not be paying attention. that you would bow, to their purported authority…

  45. Chris says : Reply


    I want everyone to read the wording on this news article. The Public Media System is trying to convince people that this is a scam and that they should not attempt this.

    PLEASE NOTE: in the second paragraph they state that the scam is that people may receive correspondence which “asks them to pay a fee to use their social security number and a Federal Reserve Bank Routing number to pay bills from a trust. ” THEY ARE ADMITTING THAT YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY ANY FEE OR AMOUNT TO ACCESS YOUR TRUST.

    In the second to last paragraph, last sentence they state, “Anyone trying to use one of these scam trusts to pay bills may end up with unpaid notices and late fees.” NOW I ALSO WANT TO REITERATE, ANY TIME THAT YOU DON’T PAY BILLS ON TIME YOU GET LATE FEES AND UNPAID NOTICES. …… Notice that they say nothing about legal action and or fines.

    Just wanted to point out their awe inspiring attempt at confusing the already confused. Sad that this is the best they can do.

    Love to all. KEEP FIGHTING

  46. Benny says : Reply

    in the documents by Haether at some point there is “account nr. xxxxx1682” what does it means? is it an Heather’s bank account or what? What number should we put in?
    I have a ss not valid for employment, because I had it when I was living in the States, is it useful or not?
    thanks for answering and love to all

  47. Benny says : Reply

    one more question: on the back of my ss card it’s written “improper use of this card and/or number by the number holder or any other person is punishable by fine, imprisonment or both. This card is the property of the Social Security Administration and must be returned upon request”.
    Is this written on every ss card or only on that not valid for employment? and the number they mention is the number on the front side or the one on the back side? or both of them?

  48. What a BEautifully worded explanation of the process we are in! Back to our Original… our Original state of BEing!
    And in the meantime playing and toppling the old control grid 🙂 Brilliant.

  49. Ethel says : Reply

    Good Evening Heather and I M Power: I would like to know when you submit this document to your bank, and you receive SSA will it be affected? Also, I’ve tried the TDA and was rejected by COX Communication with reason code R34 limited participation. I really appreciate all you are doing. I would love to leave a legacy to my great grand children. My email is esmith2798@gmail.com. Please with all your expertise, can you help a grandmother out. Thanks and God Bless.

    • priva1 says : Reply

      This is just a headzup remedy to people who have had PayPal accounts limited after adding the Bureau of Public Debt
      as a bank option.

      I called them a few min ago to request that that bank be removed by them, since I couldn’t remove it online due to my acct being limited.

      It took less than 30 sec. and poof!…bank account removed.

      It takes 1-2 business days to reflect account changes, and hopefully the limitation will be lifted then.

  50. Janet D says : Reply

    I have been submitting payments on my car and they are coming back with a code R34. The reason stated as limited participation.

    Please Advise,

    Janet D

  51. D says : Reply

    Got this e-mail today

    Dear Consumer Internet Customer,

    User is restricted from internet access

    Access to your account has been restricted.
    Please contact Sheffield Financial to have your account
    unrestricted. Please be ready to provide personal
    identification to verify your identity.

    Thank you,

    Sheffield Financial

    The information in this transmission may contain proprietary and non-public information of BB&T or its affiliates and may be subject to protection under the law. The message is intended for the sole use of the individual or entity to which it is addressed. If you are not the intended recipient, you are notified that any use, distribution or copying of the message is strictly prohibited. If you received this message in error, please delete the material from your system without reading the content and notify the sender immediately of the inadvertent transmission.

  52. Janet D says : Reply

    This is the information that I received when I googled the return code R34.
    A federal or state regulator has ordered that the RDFI cannot participate in the ACH network, or the RDFI’s participation has been limited in some capacity. You need to contact the RDFI for more details…ask for their ACH operations group. The RDFI is the institution receiving the ACH transaction. It could be either the debit side or credit side. It is not the institution originating the ACH transaction, which is the ODFI.

    The entire RDFI institution might be restricted for an extremely poor audit, or rampant suspect money laundering or terrorist funding.

    Specific accounts at the RDFI might be limited for a variety of reasons, including freezing the account for suspicious activity (money laundering or terrorist funding), court order for impending legal proceedings, IRS levies for nonpayment of taxes, or perhaps child support delinquency. I am making an educated guess on the reasons.

    Is this when I should call the Federal Reserve Bank an demand that my items be paid?

    Waiting on a response. Thanking you in advance,

    Janet D

  53. Chad says : Reply

    People don’t go a pay Someone to Prepare your documents Unless they are a legal certified and conscious lawyer .

    Not calling Anyone out in particular. But most of them are getting their information from your Trial-and-error they Have the same access as you . And There are plenty of people here that are willing to help you .

    However some people are asking the same questions that have already been answered . Read the post .

    I feel every time this is done we become still and it slows us down. It is urgent to move Forward at a Steady pase . Because they are Trying Stay ahead and keep up daily. So every time you ask a question energy is being use to answer it ,New questions brings new energy . Please keep this in mind.

    Thats why some wILL not be Granted access Clear your mind Read And read it again And read it again . You are the key unlock yourself and you WILL UNLOCK your ACCOUNTS I would never Charge my people to free them … ….. I need help aswell I haven’t asked for help from anyone nor has anyone offered. But what Im not Going to do is waste Positive energy .on something that has been ask 1000 times and Answered.

    Something Brought you this far It doesn’t stop here You’re almost there what’s taking you so long . Unlock yourself and you will unlock your accounts .

    AS always love and peace .

  54. Jim says : Reply

    I have been banned from PayPal.
    They say it is against the law to access Federal Banks and I am permanetly removed from that service.

  55. Valerie Giroux says : Reply

    Thank you so much for all the info! Is the ft (PDF) is also valid for Canada? I mean, is it an international document or only for USA citizen?

  56. Jim says : Reply

    Now PayPal has reversed their decision to ban me and put my account back to good standing.
    I’m guessing it was their Corporate decision reversed by their lawyers.
    Something going on behind the scenes in our favor.

    • Jacqueline says : Reply

      Yes, I got my account back too.

    • Shyii says : Reply

      Hey Jim…Can you share with me if you sent in your factualized trust to Paypal before you attempted payment? or did you just use the routing# and your SS? All of this shall pass with us being the Victors…


  57. Joan Farley says : Reply

    Thank you, Heather and all those who have commented.You guys are so helpful. I love you all. Thank you!!!

  58. Don says : Reply

    Hello everyone, I have just recently discovered this, but I cannot locate any info on where to input my number for Canada!
    Does anyone know the Canadian version of these procedures ? Thank you

  59. There are a couple things that I question with these forms. If anyone happens to know the answers, please do tell! First of all, I downloaded the blank copy of this Factualized Trust Declaration and it is all of 3 pages long. Her sample copy(above) is 6 pages. What is missing and is that going to screw you if you try to turn it in? Also, one of the first things to fill out in the first paragraph is reference number. What are we referencing and where would we get the number for it? I’ve been trying to figure this out and researching this like crazy. I can’t seem to get any solid answers though. I don’t want to end up in prison like this other guy but all other payments I have tried to make have been reversed and now they are all frozen accounts. I want to fight this because there are not many things that we can actually fight and have a chance of winning in some way, shape or form. We can’t win against Agenda 21, Agenda 30, chem-trails, GMO’s, flouride, etc. etc. etc. If we can all get SOMETHING out of this, why not try? They screw us all over enough, why not reach for something?

  60. Charles Edwin Cooper says : Reply

    Thank you Heather, and everyone else who has worked so hard to bring the truth into the light. May you always be highly favored and richly blessed. I pray that soon everyone will realize that we are all in this together. It is our responsibility, our privilege, to edify one another. We must speak our freedom into being. We have been set free. Don’t be afraid. Perfect love cast out fear. For those who would say anything negative, please find a way to express yourself with love and kindness. We are all in this together. I had a success on paying a past due balance of over eleven hundred dollars. Some recipients will even populate the bank information field. Also, for anyone wanting to purchase a vehicle, it is definitely available. Can we please think about helping others. Love one another : )

    • Diane says : Reply

      I agree Charles Cooper, you said it well! Who the Son sets Free is Free Indeed!
      How would I purchase a vehicle?
      Thank you

  61. SciBott says : Reply

    Greetings! I have a question about which name is the one used as the reference, is that the one from SS? I ask because my birth (and BC) name is spelt out: First Middle Last Name, while SS is FIRST MIDDLE LASTNAME. Do I use the merged Lastname for all [Your Full Name] as that is not my birth name and yet not my CORPORATION? Thank you.

  62. Me-Julia says : Reply

    I am wondering on how do we actually get the payments to actually stick? I have my documents filled out, thumb prints and all! Do I send it in and anticipate American Express to accept it then?

    What is the next step? Does anybody know? Please help. I am so grateful for all of you. Sending light and love.

    • Jasmine says : Reply

      I would like to know as well where we bring these documents. I have it filled out and ready. Thanks as well

  63. mark says : Reply

    Hello, all! I’m Mark.
    I’m reaching out to anyone that’s completed all needed paperwork and gotten some bills or anything else paid with their trust accounts. Does anyone have any proof they can show of this working? I and many other people need help from those that have it down and would be willing to help others or start mentoring others like Heather and some others do sometimes. Put links together of everything and help build a DIY of getting trust access.
    I can’t get anything to work not even getting a bank or bill site to take my account or routing number. Have the routing numbers changed? I’m an F on my SS card, any idea whats the best routing for that? Do you do anything besides the 9 digits for the account or routing number? Who do you mail your paper work to? Whats the ramifications legal wise to filing this, is there anything to read on this? Does this action stop you from getting Social Security Benefits if you file it? What does it do to your vehicle license? or registration? Your identity changes, how much? What about taxes afterward? Do you still file or stop? What happens if you go to court, is it still binding you as you have claimed your identity now? Is it revoked if you give your id over or sign anything from the government?
    See I’ve listened to the video meetings on youtube and any other videos I could find, but they kinda jump all over the place, a lot. They do help some but are more for the people who are mostly doing it or close. There’s so much information that’s not in them and maybe you need to be Heather or a lawyer to understand it all, but WE ALL NEED the answers to those important questions I listed above before signing and filing this life changing paper work. This is an important and powerful action we are doing for ourselves and helping others with.
    Please, Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks, mark.

    • Peppy says : Reply

      Great questions, Mark. There are many of us having the same problems.

      For those who boarded this train earlier on, it would be beneficial to all if information could be explained to us newbies in layman’s terms.

      * A page should be dedicated to a step-by-step process and FAQ (including answers to the questions listed above)
      * Acronym Definitions
      * YouTube Demonstration(s)
      * Which Routing Numbers are known to be valid or disabled and how can we find out which rn’s will work for us
      * Trust VS Bond seeking / information
      * Does marriage, name change or alias effect Corporation Name
      * Etc

      It may be time consuming to put together, but worth the effort.
      I, too, would be happy to volunteer my time to helping with such a project.

      • Sabine says : Reply

        I totally agree. it seems the more i read and watch videos the more confused i get. I read that we shouldn’t use the letter from the back of the SSN card, but go by the first number of our social, then find a bank with America, National etc. in it’s name that is serviced by that Fed Reserve division. FRA does not do ACH.
        i read this on one of the I-Uv pages

      • Del says : Reply

        i cosign this too.

  64. Robert says : Reply

    Were can I see how much money I have please help

  65. Moni says : Reply

    Thank you Heather for what you did, are doing, and about to do for humanity. You and Randy are my heroes. Heather I consider you as the modern Gandhi. Sending abundant love, light, and protection to both of you.

  66. Moni says : Reply

    Brothers and Sisters. It is time to regroup. We need to go back to the basics. The enemy of the Light and Truth is Darkness (Evil). The evil one has one fear: Exposure. We can capitalize on this fear. We have to shine the light brighter and brighter everyday.
    What we need to do is to have everyone ask each congressman/congresswoman, each senator, our current president, each governor, and other people of authority over us this question: What is a TDA account?
    We all know what a Checking or a Saving Account is but most of us are ignorant about the TDA account. For those of us who know about the TDA account, it is our duty to educate others. This is how we can help Heather and Randy. We should utilize all social networks at our disposal. A simple question like” what is a TDA account?” on Twitter would be a start. Or have a bumper sticker that reads: “Do you know your TDA account?”
    Yes Brothers and Sisters, it is time to act and get off the Entertainment Life Support.

    • Aisha says : Reply


    • Janis says : Reply

      Moni, I completely agree with you. I cannot wait until I have a good understanding of this so I can go out and help other individuals, or even small groups, to get them up and running. I often write my Senators and Congresswo/men about issues. I DO feel that we must be competent in our knowledge and approach, which I am not feeling currently. I have my FT notarized but have run into much conflicting information about what to do next. Do I send a batch of Identity confirmation forms to every business I intend to pay or do I send them to my bank, the FRB, to whom? Heather has indicated that we do not need all of the extra forms and I try to listen closely to what she and BZ say. Since you feel comfortable with this, could you advise me? I appreciate anything you could share! XOX

  67. Robert says : Reply

    How am I suppose to fill out the 6 documents from the download you gave us? Do I have to go to a website to get them documents? If so could you post me a link to it?

  68. Caren says : Reply

    I think is best to go back and study
    if you are a Utuber this has been going on a long time and be careful of dis-info
    I can just tell you that those that scurried to just get the money
    need to continue to figure out what we are dealing with ?? and some of the banks -yes may have kept your money and told you it was refused -returned.
    I think there is a clue in the # for depositing verses withdrawal
    like in ACH it has something to do with identification of the account
    I am going back to the original thought pay your debts and remember this was still in the experimental stages here -it just went viral
    (I can imagine why)

  69. John B. says : Reply

    Hello everyone!! I have already filled out my Factualized trust documents. I keep hearing about the ucc1 form, is this something I need to fill out as well?

  70. John Ramos says : Reply

    Got a question on Factualized trust, editing it…how do you handle this? Is this a document and should the BD be changed? Details make a perfect document….

    reference number FT-DODD-IAM-hatj-07301972 ,<– her birthdate, change or is this a document name?

    ORIGINAL DUE VERIFICATION: Original, duly being, with full due responsibility, accountability, and liability, without prejudice, nunc pro tunc praeterea preterea, ORIGINAL DUE DECLARATION OF ISSUE BY ORIGINAL
    DEPOSITORY, reference number FT-DODD-IAM-hatj-07301972, restated and incorporated by reference as if set forth in full. This Factualized Trust is duly verified and secured, with reference name Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf,
    inclusive of specific and particular due verification of being, in perpetuity:

    Also, there is this, mistakes or ? 2 different "praeterea preterea" and "praeterea pereterea"

    There are mistakes and I just want to clear them up…??

    Thanks, all

    • John Ramos says : Reply

      Actually, it should be clarified what should be changed by editors of new info and what shouldn’t. on the first page

  71. Allen says : Reply

    On one or two calls I have heard reference made to either and “Certificate of Authority” or “Certification Letter’ that would accompany the Factualized Trust, birth cert, SS card, passport, etc. Where would one find a sample of either and what would it accomplish?

  72. Claire says : Reply

    Does anyone know where are the templates for the emails mentioned in this post? After having my factualized trust doc done, now I need to send it to my utilities company but I can’t find the email template to use. Thank you!

  73. Alice says : Reply

    I’m hoping someone here can help me with a few questions I have. I’ve gotten information from so many different sorces and I have the gist of it, but still could use clarification on a few things.
    My husband and I want to get divorced, but we want to do it before we go through the process of filing for sovereignty. Can we do this by filing a rescission due to non disclosure?
    Do I still have to file UCC1 after I get my birth certificate authenticated? Or, do I just need to fill out the Factualized Trust? I was also told that I should endorse & send my birth certificate to the Treasury and have them setup my TDA with a tracking number from a numeric number that’s on a postage barcode. Is this correct?
    I really appreciate any info or advice you could give me and I thank you in advance ( :


  74. Barbara Jean says : Reply

    Just wanted to contribute and hope Heather and Randy are well.

    I have researched the SS Credit Union with the routing # 262085863. I did not know SS had a credit union. I have used this routing number with my SS and waiting on results. I also have my documents in line and ready to file with the Sec. of state of my birth state and the State Treasury. I will keep you updated. I have found something new distrubing info through some sources. Check out GMEIUTILITY.com. I have been researching the company and a LEI #. I did not know until today that my SS # was associated with 456 companies world wide. What is this?

    • Shyii says : Reply

      Hey Barbra, any update with that routing #…I went to the site and apparently my SS# has been doing some traveling as well….

  75. mary ann says : Reply

    can I ask that so one would send me a copy of the forms I can’T GET THE( YOUR FILL NAME) or ( Your birth date) OUT OF THE SPACE TO PRINT MY NAME IN.

  76. Hector says : Reply

    What’s up with that big to do list just to get what’s rightfully mine? I thought that all I needed was to notarize the Factulized trust. Do I need to file a ucc in my state and go through that to do list Ginger put out. So confusing..

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      Update 8.21.17 10:01 PM PDT from BZ
      I am so happy with everyone’s inspired BEing and DOing. All the different creative things with all different focuses and directions. Its great Unity with Individual Creativeness. :- ) Beautiful.
      I wanted to make a NOTE- for clarity.
      That for Factualized Updates on HATJ and that area of Flow, the I UV is where you will find those Updates.

      If you see something/hear something/read something… unless you can see them showing you a screen shot/ a video pan of this I UV update page/ reading from the updates/conversations with specificity and particularity, then that information is their perception and perspective of things unfolding.
      I do connect directly with Neil Wolf with his Light Reports some times, so if that beautiful being is saying, “I just got a txt” “or” BZ just called me” That is Factualized Data/conversation/connection

      There is/are videos out there that purport BZ and or Heather “told…” “said…” “endorse…” -me , which are NOT Factualized information.
      You have amazing powers of Discernment/Resonance Tools, Use them, trust them. YOU are the Expert for you.

      I Love the Brilliance shinning out of Everyone/ All, no one left out! as all are catalysts and catalyzers in the last steps along the One consciousness flow as we ALL pull back the curtain and rip it down.
      (heart) BZ

  77. Heather Guerin says : Reply

    Hello, friends! I have a question that I’m hopeful one of you can knowingly answer! I was married once, now divorced, and I never legally changed my name to his. Would I still put a married name on the factualized trust even though I never changed it legally? Thank you!

  78. I am in Australia – my concern is also for New Zealand, Fiji Islands, Philippine Archipeligo – how do I get started with this ? I was not born here (Australia) like a lot of others of course, so which country do I start with ? I was born in England, raised in New Zealand and matured here in Australia. Hold Nationality for all three. We do not have a Social Security Number like your USA system has. Only Birth Certificate, Gov’t Medicare number, Tax File Number. For those on Gov’t benefits there is a different 9 digit plus 1 letter code for that ? United we stand, divided we fall – Cheers

  79. Zach says : Reply

    Any updates on Heather? I’d love to hear another conversation with her and everyone!

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      Update: 9.1.17 AM PDT on HATJ
      Heather is settling in and sharpening her BEing and DOing.
      Heather will now be focusing all of her attention and energy into the commitments she made to her terms of release, and doing what needs to be done to complete the Pending court case and portion of the ALL that needs to be revealed.

      Heather is preparing a public statement. This will be a written and a video of her giving the same statement. She will post them on her website.
      Once they are released, I will re-post on the I UV.

  80. Law DeSchilde says : Reply

    Please be sure Heather sees this video Please! The Grand Jury decision can be abated and case dismissed.


  81. Hi folks. I came across all this randomly and started to look into it. I admit at first it sounded like a crock, but after reading more and seeing that many of you are intelligent loving people and not some coo coo crazies I decided to keep exploring. I work for the State of California and this could probably get me fired but if this is actually true and the government has used us like chattel I am more then a bit disgusted. There are sick and homeless people that I walk past everyday. I don’t have a lot, actually nothing but I give what I can, which is usually no more then eye contact and a smile. To see how much they appreciate being seen brings tears to my eyes as I write this. To think that they have millions, perhaps billions of dollars in their “corporations” name and that our law makers who know about these funds have not used them to help them is pure evil. I have never been very good at seeing another being suffer. My whole life has been spent in service of others for this reason. I don’t expect a reward or payment, but I had hoped to be decently treatment and thanked once and a while. Unfortunately this has not been the case for a majority of the time. You help a person and show them how to do something and 75% of those people will look to you to do it the next time they need help. I am sure most of you can sympathize. I read these blogs and you all help each other even though most of you are confused. I was reaching a point in my life where I was considering options which I would never have thought I would. It’s easy to be “good” or “Do the right thing” when you can pay your bills and have all the opportunity. It’s easy to laugh and talk how humanity is beautiful between your trips to Cabo with your family. Most of us will never live that way. Most of us live day to day and pay check to pay check. We still manage to smile and laugh, but each of knows that something is just not right. I’m glad that there is a group of people like you who have each other. I have submitted payments to all my past due credit cards and loans after my identity was stolen in June 2017 and all my money and savings were stolen. No bank helped me. They and me fill out forms and wait on hold and then sent me bills and closed my account after ravaging my credit score. I have completed the Factualized Trust and I am a notary and know others so that won’t be a problem. If any of you need a notary and are in California I will notarize yours at no cost. I too found the directions about how to access your account confusing. It seems the banks and government are hell bent to prevent it, but after reading your stories I am seeing that their barks are much worse then their bites. Smoke and Mirrors is the oldest form of illusion but it still works. Keep your eye open and your wills strong and you will see through the lies. BTW…I used the first bank with a 05 I found here http://bankinfos.org/fedach_participants/search. I just searched for America and after finding none, searched for Citizen and that is when I found 05 routing numbers. My ssn starts with a five so I used the routing number from that bank and my ssn with a 0 in front. I was able to add and process a payment for the entire balance of the accounts I could access. I will let you know what happens. If we all stick together like you all have been doing we will find a way. I would like to know how much money they have made using my strawman. If anyone knows how to check the balance I would appreciate some help at jmilestriano@gmail.com Thank you all for coming together and Heather thank you for being brave enough to make the hard choice.

  82. Carmen Figueroa says : Reply

    I just want to know… My birth name has two last names because in Puerto Rico we use two for everything…but here we only use one last name. Should I put on “reference name” my birth certificate name which is with the two last name, or the one that is on my ss# card with only my first last name?
    Thanks so much…

  83. Citadel5 says : Reply

    I tried the information given and got a confirmation. Waiting for a delivery before elaborating.

  84. Cassandra says : Reply

    Sorry to ask probably for the hundredth time – Do we keep the first page of the Factualized Trust?

  85. Cassandra says : Reply

    My bank wouldn’t notarize the FT papers without a standard notary form on the last page. I’ll find one suitable, from some where else, and and fix the font to match.

    I’m slowed down every day by the CREATOR, my boyfriend says to respect this, honor it. *****************

    • Cassandra,
      I don’t know what state you are in but you need either a jurat or a acknowledgement and you sign either in front of a Notary. Blank forms are with the Secretary of the State of the state you live in. I am including California’s.

      jurat – http://notary.cdn.sos.ca.gov/forms/notary-jurat.pdf
      acknowledgement – http://notary.cdn.sos.ca.gov/forms/notary-ack.pdf

      I don’t know what forms you are completing and mailing. I didn’t know we had to complete forms. There is so much information and no one really seems to know what they are doing or if this is even real which would be exactly what the Federal Reserve Banks would want. I was going to complete the forms on the Federal Reserves page requesting to gain access to my account and to manage it, but I am curious as to what the people on this website say to do. All of my payments were returned except for one I did to Progressive. Granted, I paid credit card debt and to be honest the federal reserve bank number gave me a error message saying it was restricted from use.

      I set up a Treasury Reserve account and used the routing number for The Bank of New York w/ my social to buy some bonds and bills and the first bond actually was credited to my account $10,000.00 but before it was finalized my account was locked. When I called them they seemed more ignorant each time, but that in itself doesn’t mean there is a conspiracy . The first one told me I had to call the department of treasury and told me what prompts to push. When i did what she said I got to a menu asking me if I wanted to report fraud of a financial institution. I found this curious. If any bank is holding accounts associated with my birth if either the government or the private banking agencies have been trading them on the open market since I have been born, i would like to thank them and ask them to please give me access. I am not greedy. i would just pay my current debt which is piddling and mostly to high interest credit card and loans from those evil companies with a 23% interest rate. I would like to buy a modest house close to my mom so I can take care of her as she gets older and be able to get my bachelors and masters degree’s at the best school I could get into and have it be paid for. I don’t mind working. I don’t want billions of dollars. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. I am no saint, so I can’t say that I don’t want it, but I don’t want to be one of those people who pays $5,000.00 for a tie. No tie is worth that and nothing I could ever do makes me think i deserve that kind of indulgence.

      Wow, I need to stop, cause when I get started I just keep going. Cassandra I hope you keep us updated.

  86. Cassandra says : Reply

    Anyone – can you recommend a last notary page that the wording would be appropriate for Heather’s Factualized Trust document? I’ve been looking around but can’t seem to come up with one?

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      Ask a notary in your state for the blank form with what theirs is required to say. Then just reduce that in size a little, may have to cut away some of the paper, photocopy it in color onto your created document and you have what they need and it fits on your document.

    • Caren says : Reply

      I am in Calif. notarizing is done at UPS store. They give you a complete form that fill out with notary stamp. I just attached it to documents. It was stapled on they said don’t remove it. So ok I went wit it. I even created my own ink pad with lip pigments . Looks like my real blood. Very creative hope that helps

  87. Cassandra says : Reply

    BZ found one and made it inclusive of 2 types

    I found these videos. We’ve seen them before but he lays it out really well.
    Start with 1 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liIwP-mwmTU

  88. Carmen Figueroa says : Reply

    I just wanted to comment…I went today to print my factualized trust document and when I went over the papers, my name was on top of the document instead at the bottom. So I went back home to fix it on my computer, but it was fine. Maybe it wasn’t comparable I changed the format on the document and went back to have it print. After, I went to a notary very exited. The lady was super nice and she founded funny that I brought red ink lol. I did my happy dance! and I was more exited when I noticed that her stamp expiration date is on my birthday! I believe on numbers sequences… 🙂 🙂 :)…just sharing…

  89. Ronald Patterson says : Reply


  90. Tyler says : Reply

    I need some help with the factualized trust account i fully believe in this cause and support it with everything i have. I need some information ive actually just got my original due declaration and notice of factualized trust notarized and i also had a document of certification of ownership, title, and authority over my social security account notarized as well. Im at the point i need a little information about a few things.

    1. What other documents, if any, do i need to access this with legal proof of ownership of funds?

    2. If they try to file charges against me or build a criminal case against me like they have tried with multiple people already what paperwork/documents do i need to have to be acquitted of all charges since this is legal?

    3. Do i need a treasury direct account to transfer assets to before i can get them to my personal bank or write checks to purchase items or goods?

    4. If my federal reserve routing number is the chicago location (071000301) how do i access my account? Through the direct routing number here or through a lesser bank?

    5. If the lesser banks need accessed how do i find the right lesser bank? Im confused on the start of my ssn helping find the right routing number. Please help my ssn starts with 2.

    6. Are you still utilizing your trust and accounts even after your battle with the courts?

    • michael stevens says : Reply

      i have the same questions as you do and wonder if you have resolved them. also, i would love to have a real conversation w/ someone who, like you, have notarized certain paper work to get my own ball rolling. so if have some time sometime please let me know. i am eager as anyone else that is onto this. please and thank you. michael.

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