#HATJ: TN: “Normal Course of Business” Rejection TAV 12.12.17 Fillings

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#HATJ: TN: “Normal Course of Business” Rejection TAV 12.12.17 Fillings

BZ: HATJ: note via email


Issued on 12-12-17
Caused to be delivered on 12-12-17
Delivered 12-13-17, with no certified copy obtainable

however…when Bill asked for a certified copy out…they said they could not give it to him…he said he asked why…and was given a vague “normal course of business” excuse…last time, it was a “no one on premise” excuse…lol

…couple that with the purported “fbi agents” that showed up at lisa shannon’s house on 12-12-17…




attached is the filing and the proof of filing


and now, comes the big picture…the complete picture…and it is revealed completely, not one piece of data missing, on the universal stage…






to download directly click here



 R_TAV_proof of filing.pdf

to download directly click here

R_TAV_proof of filing




From: Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf
Sent: Thursday, December 14, 2017 1:05 PM
To: fllloydjr@gmail.com; cynthia.davidson@usdoj.gov; anne-marie.svolto@usdoj.gov; lawyer.mcgrath@yahoo.com


TO: Francis Lloyd, Cynthia Davidson, Anne-Marie Svolto, and Stephen McGrath

Annexed Attachments:

  1. REJECTION_TAV_121217.pdf
  2. R_TAV_proof of filing.pdf

*Said annexed attachments restated and incorporated here as if set forth in full.

On 12-12-17, a due REJECTION was issued and caused to be delivered…a REJECTION of documents received by Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, that purported to be an Opinion and Order issued by Thomas A. Varlan.

Due to two incidents, you are receiving an independent electronic service of the above annexed attachments, the two incidents being specifically and particularly:

  1. On 12-12-17, two unidentified men appearing at the house of one of my known legal team on this alleged case in Houston, TX, alleging to be FBI agents, demanding if my said legal team member was home, demanding to speak with her, and refused to show due identification (other than reportedly stating their names were “Bob” and “Scott”, and that they were “FBI”)…and unable to produce official business cards when duly requested, reportedly stating that they “don’t get business cards, the bureau makes them pay for them”; and,
  2. On 12-13-17, alleged Clerk of Court’s failure to electronically process, deliver, and produce certified copy out, as per normal course of business done and experienced since August 2017.  The excuse given by an unidentified individual within the alleged Clerk of Court’s office for the inability to process and produce a certified copy out of the 12-12-17 REJECTION on December 13, 2017, was a vague comment of, “Normal Course of Business”…with no further explanation.  (Apparently, after numerous filings, and their immediate electronic entry, delivery, with certified copy out since August 2017, the “normal course of business” has been recently changed.  Terms yet to be defined.)


Please direct all questions, inclusive of any requests for clarification, to Francis Lloyd, for my review.  Thank you.

Warmest regards,
Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf

R_TAV_proof of filing




28 Responses to “#HATJ: TN: “Normal Course of Business” Rejection TAV 12.12.17 Fillings”

  1. Aidan says : Reply

    Merry Christmas to Heather, Randy & BZ

  2. james says : Reply

    Yup opinions so normal it is like reading a mystery book for the 23rd time, a frivolous opinion.

  3. Henry says : Reply

    According to Lufkin Trowbridge, Federal Courts are limited to the other side of the Potomac.

    According to Pope Francis, the GOLDEN RULE returned 07/11/2013.

  4. I flood every dark corner with continuous compassion. Many blessings to all

  5. Are Heather and Randy still in jail?

    • TRON says : Reply

      From what I know, Randy still is, and Heather still has a tracking device on.

      I hope they are both richly rewarded for the abrogation of their free will that has been imposed on them by the “not so just” system. It will be awesome to see most all current inmates freed, most people now in prison are not sociopaths/pyscos…

      I wish all the state sanctioned thugs magically turned into peace creators and peaceful conflict resolution specialists. I wish all the murderers masquerading as cops get taken away…put in the same general area with those not so nice ‘judges’…

      On a more positive note, the world wide changes in power structures is awesomely altering in favor of light and love !!! “Normal course of business” is changing, and WE are part of the new creation…

  6. Jeffrey says : Reply

    These issues were already addressed by judge Varlan. There is no additional “verification” required by law other than a digital signature. Heather has no “cause” for rejecting the order. If this is her strategy then both her and Randy are looking at spending a large chunk of time in jail.

  7. Joey says : Reply

    Hi BZ

    I finally had a light finally go on…last night…something I feel I should have figure out a while ago because H did present info about it I believe on several discussions..or at least 1 or 2 of her discussions.

    I had this question and I answered it let me know if i am on the right track.

    Q:When H or R reject an alleged legal docs, and then get it recorded by the alleged court registry who receives this rejection if not the alleged Judges in this case or that matter any case?

    A: The federal reserve,thus stated on the record YOU meaning the foreclosed entity cannot monetize this or any other documents such that pertain to this case or any case.

    Is this correct BZ?

    Luv Joey!

  8. Paul says : Reply

    Sounding more like a myriad of offenders … none of which seem to be the accused.

    I’m brand new to this, but I’ve really got to ask. Why haven’t the Assistant Attorney Generals and any complicit FBI agents / US Marshalls had criminal complaints filed against them? 18 U.S.C. 241 and 242; 18 U.S.C. 1001(a)(1),(2), and (3); 18 U.S.C. 1519, 18 U.S.C. 1028, 1028A, 18 U.S.C. 1341 and / or18 U.S.C. 1346 come to mind just for starters; and there’s always the mailing of multaple written criminal complaints to the Federal Grand Jury Foremen, in multiple federal jurisdictions, asking for a Grand Jury investigation under the authority of 42 U.S.C. 1988 (private prosecutorial authority) and 18 U.S.C. 3332 … by those knowledgeable of the facts … assuming the related facts heretofore explained in prior videos are accurate and provable.

    And, a couple of other questions are, “Why didn’t either, or both, of the accused demand their federal jurisdictional right to address the indicting Grand Jury on the issue of the government’s probable cause issue, and why hasn’t there been filed a Petition for a Writ of Habeas Corpus on the “actual innocense” pleading standard?

    Just askin’. And, if any Injustice Department employees want my email address, let ’em have it, but also inform them that if they feel an overpowering need to pay me a visit, be sure they know the requirements of Gerstein v. Pugh.

    • Michael says : Reply

      My friends and I tried to get to the Grand Jury several times and each time were blocked and harassed by marshals and other private security contractors. They all sent us back to US attorney to file complaints and placed us on ‘terrorist alert lists.’ We explained that we want to see jury anonymously and it is our legal right. My female friend was even assaulted and injured inside the hall of court. Now they are trying to prosecute her for assaulting federal employee.

      All our mail packages that were mailed to foremen did not get any reply. US Attorneys are as corrupt as all attorneys (BAR members) and running these courts.

  9. Bill T. says : Reply

    I don’t understand this. If I am reading these documents right, Heather and Randy received an order from the judge saying that writing “rejected” on the indictment doesn’t do anything. It certainly didn’t get the charges dismissed, and it didn’t get them to even let Randy out on bail while he’s awaiting trial.

    So if that didn’t work, why is writing “rejected” on the order from the court denying her last attempt to reject the documents going to work any better? I can’t believe the court is going to let Heather tie up the proceedings forever by writing “rejected” on everything… I bet that just makes them mad and then they’ll do whatever they can to make sure that Heather and Randy are convicted.

    Isn’t there something else Heather could be trying that has a better chance of success? If there is, then why isn’t she doing it? And why is she not focusing on the most important thing for all of us: preparing the evidence that the secret treasury accounts are real, which not only means that Randy committed no crime, but that we can all access them. That’s why this trial could be a once in a lifetime event, because it affects the lives of each one of us. But she doesn’t appear to be either filing anything about that or even talking here about what she’s doing.

    Is there some legal understanding going on here that I simply don’t understand, and if that’s the case, where can I learn how to understand it?

    • Joey says : Reply

      Hi Bill

      Take a look above at what I wrote it will help peace together all of this.

      The rejections go directly to the Fed Reserve..NOT the alleged courts

      • So the rejections go to the fed, but if the court reject her rejection… then what happens nothing? So the rejection of all these documents is so it won’t go to the fed & be monetized? Is there a way to explain how the rejection documents go to the Fed? I am some what familiar with the illegal courts process…. but not overly confident on my understandings all the time. If you could help me understand i would be greatly thankful. ☺️

    • Michael says : Reply

      My take is this: if they start arguing merits of this case, the judge would silently presume that they voluntarily submitted to jurisdiction of the fed. Then fed will use puppet, brainwashed jury to convict them and create ‘appearance’ of due process. That’s why prisons are full of innocent people and BAR members are rich and having a lavish lifestyles.

  10. Frances in France says : Reply

    Hi everyone,

    I wish Heather and her family and all supporters a merry Christmas.
    Does she have an idea about when we are going to have the first CVAC?
    Does anybody know of the existence of a register for new companies created according to Common Law?

  11. Dee Ess Double Ewe says : Reply

    As with all things that play out over time – as they play out in their own time, just gotta stay the course, see what happens!
    This we ALL shall see!

  12. Tallison says : Reply

    As far as I know the court/judge still haven’t proven that hey have jurisdiction. This is what I think Heather is rejecting. If she accepts this she is saying they have jurisdiction.Until jurisdiction is proven I think it’s stalemate. What do you think BZ?

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      You are correct Tallison. Neither of the alleged judges have proven jurisdiction. Look how they dance around their own “legal/judicial system” words/rules/letter/spirit of purported law.
      There are many levels and layers to all that is unfolding. Heather is rejecting these purported documents on all of those level and layers with specificity and particularity, as she is cancelling them and what issuing means in the court banking system too ;- )

      Most important perspective shift to keep in view. This is not happening in isolation. This is not just a case in the regular manner cases run/ran through the judicialbank teller system masquerading as a court…

      There could be foot dragging from the old system but to characterize as a stalemate is inaccurate. : -)

  13. Tallison says : Reply

    Thanks BZ for the clarification. I see what you mean how stalemate is in inaccurate. There is so much going on that isn’t visible. I am visualizing a dismissal of this court case very soon. This apparently what is happening in the Bundy trial in Vegas.

  14. Chris says : Reply

    “It is not wisdom but Authority that makes a law” (Thomas Hobbes). I haven’t seen any equivalent to the storming of the Bastille to free Mr Beane, so suspect that the revolutionary zeal necessary to overturn the current system – however flawed it may be – is wholly lacking in the populace at large. Nor are the scribblings of Mrs Tucci-Jarraf going to be of the slightest consequence to the outcome.

  15. Im behind you everyone. Trying to catch up. Is there an upload of the R&R ??

  16. Kimberly says : Reply

    Hi, I’m in TN ,, If I can do anything… I’m here, willing , ready. 🙂

  17. james-osbourne says : Reply

    Laws are not made by man. Law exists in-universe; like gravity.
    Characterizing Heather’s writing as “scribblings” identifies you.

  18. Bobby says : Reply

    The problem is and always will be (THE OATH OF OFFICE) these “officers of the court must take an oath!!!! and that is what is and will be the END of this bullshit

    THEY ARE VIOLATING THEIR OATHS!!!! OATHS!!!! GETIT!!!! They swear an OATH to uphold and DEFEND the organic Constitution of America the REPUBLIC!!! when you violate your OATH it you are charged with sedition, treason, perjury!!!!!!!! does anybody GET IT ???????? somebody pass it on to Heather PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Mustang 1 says : Reply

    Glad to hear this update and the informed comments. I look for this case to be dismissed in everyone’s favor very soon. Hopefully before the end of the year !!

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