Updated #HATJ : “the bear, the dragon, and the trump” card

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#HATJ : “the bear, the dragon, and the trump” card

Two Posts fron HATJ’s FB page 11.12.17


 BZ: I have updated this post adding two full length documents that go with the original ones posted.


# 2

Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf added 4 new photos.  3 hrs ·

to “China”: old man, i love you, and all your family placed at the Federal Reserve, US Treasury, CIA, FBI, DOJ, etc…it is time.

…ALL awoken by the kiss of consciousness…ALL, the new guard, lovingly introduced by the old guard…

“Trump”, “Putin”, and “XI”…thank you for using the “wash, rinse, and repeat” of the bear distracting for the dragon, from the 1920’s…of course, with the added “arabian spice” this time…so funnnnn!!!…

…the stage is NOW yours to make the formal introductions of ALL, the new guardians.

ALL ON!!! ~ hatj


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“the bear, the dragon, and the trump” card





full booklet




SIXTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS- An Act To amend section 51 of chapter 4 of the Judicial Code.
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Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf

4 hrs ·


hhhhmmmm…June 10, 2013?…i “wonder” what specific and particular documents the DOJ ordered to be “destroyed”…lol

…to all the brave men and women in the DOJ and DIA whom, in part, made this moment incoming…an actuality ~



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7 Responses to “Updated #HATJ : “the bear, the dragon, and the trump” card”

  1. Joey says : Reply

    Hi ALL

    Can someone help me understand this document? My head is spinning…

    Luv all Joey!

  2. Neil Wolfe says : Reply

    : )

  3. Rodney Griggs says : Reply

    Very interested I wonder if I can get this version for the US

  4. Daniel says : Reply

    Can somebody please help give some background on these docs?

    Thank you!

  5. Gerry says : Reply

    This sounds so positive and I am thankful. However, I do wonder how the State control will be affected? It would be nice if someone could speak to that issue.

  6. Gerry says : Reply

    I can guess that the documents filed by Heather were ordered destroyed? In the transcripts of the court case of Heather and Randy (date of Oct 18, 2017) it was stated by Heather that the UCC was closed – terminated on March 18, 2013. Heather states above that on June 10, 2013 the DOJ ordered documents destroyed. I am guessing it is all related. If anyone has not read that transcript, I would highly recommend it. Neil Wolfe suggested in one of his videos that we read it and I took his advice. Thank you Neil!

  7. Joey says : Reply

    I got it now…had to read it a couple of times

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