#HATJ- Sharing a Message from RKB- Randy 2.2.18 #UniversalCleanUp

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#HATJ- Sharing a Message from RKB- Randy 2.2.18 #UniversalCleanUp

by BZ Riger, published on The IUV, on February 2, 2018





“It feels like we’re Kickin Back having a chat and Coffee” that was Rand’s feeling part way through our second phone conversation today.

Randy asked me to let you know he would love to keep having a big flow of letters coming to him as the next part of all of this unfolds. He really appreciates receiving them and sure hopes you will send him more. He said one beautiful being sends him a letter every day, and He so appreciates it and is looking forward to hugging her and sharing a conversation and gratitude with her in the near future.

Randy enjoys Kyron, and even though not all messages are transcribed, I told him I would ask if any are moved to transcribe some of the short 10 minute channelings from Kryon on Youtube that would be a wonderful gift of love to Randy.

You can send letters to Randy at:

Rodger D Wilson Detention Facility
Randall Keith Beane  ID# 1363357
5001 Maloneyville Rd
Knoxville, TN 37918


Here is a message from Randy to me, I thought I would share. Those who feel moved to connect with this radio show or Scott on his website and let him know what is flowing with Randy,Heather and everyone in this piece of bringing down the lies and corruption. I know Randy would be thrilled to hear about it.

great news
2/2/2018 4:40:09 PM

hey bz and keegan!

i am listening to an am radio station here in knoxville and they are truth seekers and whistle blowers. its am 1490. shellgamewhistleblower.com they are discussing the truth about the memo. i think they need to know what is going on in their area that they prob have no idea about

just an idea

love you


Here is Scott’s website- http://armypsyop.wixsite.com/shellgame



14 Responses to “#HATJ- Sharing a Message from RKB- Randy 2.2.18 #UniversalCleanUp”

  1. Sheila Corona says : Reply

    Scott Bennett was also interviewed by Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot a couple of times.

  2. Jay J says : Reply

    This is not over. Much love to you Randy.

  3. Neil Wolfe says : Reply

    Hang in there Randall- all will be fine

  4. John Vallier says : Reply

    I faced the same Beast with high numbers thrown and survived with minimal.
    You have done an amzing service to Humanity and will be forever in our Hearts.Wiping away tears and ready to finish this and bring you back home.
    I love you both.

  5. Oceanno says : Reply

    I am getting postcards and will start sending them. Love too Randy and Heather!

  6. Marie Suzanne Wasilik says : Reply

    Scott Bennett rocks! Yes, Sheila, his “coming out” video was done by Kerry Cassidy in Oct 2014. But his “adventure” has lasted a lot longer. First he tried to go through the “proper channels” with his information uncovering all the accounts in the United Bank of Switzerland dedicated to terrorism. He wrote letters to all of Congress, to the Intelligence agencies and got NO response. What does THAT tell you about our lovely congress? You can look him up on youtube by typing “Scott Bennett Military Whistleblower.” Much love and Respect to Randy. His closing statement at court on Thursday Feb 1st was a tear jerker. Please write him– plus you can send him books, but it has to be by way of amazon… just replace your address with his at jail. That goes for Heather too. She has the same addy as Randy, except for the number next to her name, which is #1369008. <3

  7. Tallison says : Reply

    Gratitude for all of your BEing and DOing Randy!

  8. Jennifer says : Reply

    Love you Randy & Heather! All will be well!

    Can we still send phone cards? To be honest I haven’t does this yet. I just thought they would be out any second. Please tell me how to do this as I am from Canada? I got the address from above. For the postcards what are the stipullations again? Anyone know?


  9. One love and gratitude Randy. Strength, courage, compassion, love and guidance, Brother.
    Continued Blessing to you, your family, Heather and her family and ALL.


  10. Dee Ess Double Ewe says : Reply

    Simply another bump in the road. Look at the dynamics they’re confronting and causing the lid to blow off and expose the Truth about all this on a MASSIVE SCALE takes courage and sacrifice!
    I say these two brave souls are righteous and honorable people worth backing up!
    I mean, they’re only trying to free us of being unwilling victims of, up until now, insidious suppression of the masses for their own entertainment and profit!
    The layers of the Onion are being peeled back one by one and don’t be surprised if this all suddenly cuts to the chase and all at once our lives will have been changed for the better!
    That’s my postulate anyway 😉
    GodSpeed y’all!

  11. Joel says : Reply

    In loving spirit we are with you Randy, keep up that loving positive mindset. Thank you! Much love to you brotha. ✌?❤️?

  12. HowardMAppel says : Reply

    My sympathies

  13. Bryan says : Reply

    Hope all is well Randy + Heather, I check daily for updates. Love and light..

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