#HATJ & RKB: #UniversalCleanUp – Fillings made after Jury Verdict 2.1.18 – From Alleged Court Case Happening NOW 1.23.18

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#HATJ & RKB: Updates From Alleged Court Case Happening NOW 1.23.18

published on The I UV on January 23, 2018





BZ: I am publishing updates to this post as they come into me throughout the day. Newest updates will be at the top of the post. Do a hard refresh when you check back.

For Fillings made after Jury Verdict click here

For the minutes of Days in court and the documents filled during court session before “defendants” being remanded to custody click here


#HATJ & RKB Jury has returned its verdict 2.1.18



#HATJ The jury has completed deliberation- alleged case back in session


Sheila morning check in 2.1.18



#UniversalCleanUp : RKB Randall Keith Beane’s Closing Statement Form The Alleged Case 1.31.18 #HATJ

#UniversalCleanUp : RKB Randall Keith Beane’s Closing Statement Form The Alleged Case 1.31.18 #HATJ


#HATJ & RKB Day 7 Wrap Up of Alleged Case 1.31.18

This was recorded this evening at 6:15 pm EST. Part is a Zoom chat which after interference we continued as a conference call.

The jury is in deliberation and will return to that work tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM Est.



Jury Is in Deliberation as of 3:15 PM EST 1.31.18


Sheila FB live update




#HATJ & RKB Lunch Recess Day 7 brief update- alleged case 1.31.18

This phone conversation was recorded at 12:32 PM EST. There was much electronic interference on all Comms…

Randy gave his closing statement

HATJ will give her closing statement after lunch…


#HATJ & RKB: #UniversalCleanUp – Day 7 Morning Check-In



#HATJ # UniversalCleanUp – RKB Day 6 Wrap Up- Alleged Case 1.30.18

I was able to block the interference on my end, but the TN crew (Lisa, Sheila, Katie) had much interference on there end.

So you will need to be patient when watching the video in the gaps and robotic audio spots.





#HATJ #UniversalCleanUp – RKB Day 6 Lunch Recess 1.30.18

At 1:01 PM EST, I spoke by phone with Sheila Corona and Katie Hosso for a brief recap of the morning’s proceedings in THE Conversation (alleged court case)

more tonight…


Sheila Morning Check- In “Waking Up” !




#HATJ #UniversalCleanUp – RKB Day 5  Wrap up

You will find links to some of what was discussed in the call below-

Right hand nav has reference materials and post sections. Top nav has original OPPT fillings. Top subnav links are most recent.

Filling of the 1st praecipe click here

1649. Protection Of Government Property — Goods In Transit Source Link

When the United States as the seller is shipping property to a buyer or when the United States has property shipped to it for purchase, the status of the property in transit is determined by the contract and the application of the Uniform Commercial Code. Cf. Heath v. United States, 209 F.2d 318 (9th Cir. 1954); Clark v. United States, 258 F. 437 (3d Cir. 1919). It should be noted, however, that section 641 also protects property “made or being made under contract for the United States.” See this Manual at 1662. Therefore, theft of property made under contract for the United States is punishable under this section without regard to title or custody.

[cited in USAM 9-66.200]

Form 1099OID – Original Issue Discount click here to download the for directly




#HATJ #UniversalCleanUp – RKB Day 5 lunch recess summary

Sheila and Katie give a brief update and summary of the morning proceedings in the alleged case on day 5. RKB is a witness on the stand and HATJ is doing the cross examination.

more in depth conversation of Day 5 later this evening.


Sheila Morning Check in – IMAGINE! –




#HATJ & RKB #UniversalCleanUp- Energetic Frequency Envelop for conclusion of THE Conversation in Eastern district court TN1.29.18 (alleged case)

Today is an 11-11 portal the opening to a flow of energy and events unfolding this week that will free humanity and ALL in sources Universes.

With Executive Order 13818 the world as you knew it or thought you knew it ended. Now #AllBecomesTransparentNow as The energy frequency takes another quantum up-jump and Transparency unfolds in every area of everything and everyone.

Absolute data is unfolding for all to see, integrate and choose how they want to create the New Earth.

whether you know it or not, whether you understand it or not, whether you believe it or not… This is a node point- A choice point for you to walk through.

Each being on the planet can handle all the information, revelations, Truth of what is So… that is being made visible now.



HATJ & RKB Day 4 Wrap Up

I recorded two conversations tonight I have put together. I was speaking by phone with Sheila Corona, Lisa Rush, Katie Hosso.

Together we go over things unfolding in the Alleged case. Highlights and specifics in THE Conversation were lit up for all to see.

Sheila gives a live FB just before lunch recess on camera update.



#HATJ & RKB: Backroom Knox’s Christian Alexander is covering the Alleged case

#HATJ & RKB: Update on Backroom Knox’s Christian Alexander is covering the Alleged case


Sheila Corona Morning check in

view live feed from her FB timeline  source link here



HATJ RKB DAY 3 Evening Wrap Up Alleged Case

On 1.25.18 I had a phone conversation with Katie, to go over her notes and to focus on the part of The conversation with The Federal Reserve.

Followed by a zoom conversation with Katie, Sheila, and Lisa were we discussed more of the Federal Reserve conversation today.

Notes on The Conversation with Federal Reserve Witness
Sean O’Malley Sr. VP Fraud Investigations Financial Intel and Law Enforcement Liaison


#HATJ & RKB End Day 3 Touch Base Alleged Court Case

At 5:31 PM EST I had a brief call with Sheila about things unfolding
in The conversation 😉

Much expansion with HATJ and The Federal Reserve

A big recap of day 3 later this evening in a Zoom chat.


#HATJ & RKB Lunch Recess Day 3 Alleged Court Case 1.25.18

Sheila Corona morning check in on FB timeline




#HATJ & RKB- Day 2 Wrap Up of Alleged Court Case

#HATJ & RKB: End Day 2 Alleged Court Case Brief Description



1.24.18   #HATJ: Bill’s Comment on IUV for ALL- Feeling Into The Unbinding Unwinding…

#HATJ: Bill’s Comment on IUV for ALL- Feeling Into The Unbinding Unwinding…


#HATJ & RKB Lunch Recess Update from Alleged Case Day Two 1.24.18

At 12:28 PM EST, Wednesday January 24, 2018, I spoke on the phone with Sheila about the morning portion of day two of the alleged court case.

This was a brief flow of what unfolded in the morning session.

We will be having a broader conversation this evening.
To see that and all other updates keep checking back this post

Until tonight much love, BZ





1.24.18  Local affiliate USA Today has picked up the story and filled a piece on Day 1 of the alleged trial- Full “Sovereign Citizen” campaign agenda in the lead…

#HATJ: Pair of ‘Sovereign Citizens’ stand trial in Knox; one sought meeting with Trump



1.24.18 Scene set from Sheila, Conscious Conversational Central just outside the courthouse before Day 2

watch the FB live stream at this link 



#HATJ & RKB Inside the Courtroom Day 1 at Alleged Trial 1.23.18     


Evening Recess of Day 1, brief phone conversation with Sheila. More will be recorded tonight

Recorded at 5:39 PM EST by phone




New Fillings that HATJ talked about at lunch recess https://i-uv.com/hatj-pacer-doc-101-hatj-rkb-standing-praecipe-01-23-18-and-docs-100-102/


Lunch Recess Phone conversation with Sheila, Judy, HATJ


Txt update by David, 11:32 AM EST

Stepped out to move my car. Fairly low key so far. Prosecutors present include Cynthia, Ann Marie, P. Still, J. Durand (w FBI?), plus 2 paralegals. Sheila will call u at lunch. Randy looks sharp in his suit. Interesting jury pool background re: legal, banking, loan officers, stepmom of 1 juror is retired IRS/CE, another works w federal agencies specifically w real estate titles TN Valley Title.


Sheila records a live FB video when they, Lisa, Katie, Sheila are still at the hotel room before they leave.



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    BZ, Thank you for the update! Thank you in advance for further updates!!!

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    From all of us on the Freedom Repossession USA team we want to thank all of you for your love and your hard work!
    We are all so excited and sending our love!

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    I believe in all of you Beautiful Souls.

    Special Love & Light to HATJ & Randy today, You got this.

    As always Bz much thanks


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    Love and light and expansion and FREEDOM for all. Thank you BZ for updating!!

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    I can’t thank Heather and all the team at i-uv for everything you have done for humanity. You all will go down in history as some exceptionally selfless loving human beings God Bless

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    I can feel the energy behind all of this. It’s such an exciting time! HATJ citing the Executive Order 13818 puts all these prosecutors on notice – the corruption ends here.

    In love and gratitude.

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    Gratitude BZ for the update! I’m ready to her ACT II

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    Maybe, so of those jurors need to be dismissed. Might be bias

  15. Justin says : Reply

    I had a crazy amount of energy last night and couldn’t get to sleep until about 6AM, Watched both your videos and that really amped me up more. There was definitely something in the “air” last night and especially today. It’s such an honor to be apart of busting this reality apart from the inside out. A true paradox! Finding unity within a system of disunity is the paradox and to be able to unravel that as a species, against all odds is the real magic! Probably why everyones fighting over this planet.

    Thanks for keeping track of all these docs and updating this site with the boundless energy you have, BZ. You’re like a machine! 😀 I appreciate it! Things are most definitely unraveling! It’s exciting and intense and trippy all at the same time. Cant wait for the long awaited party… This world needs one right now.

    – Justin

  16. james says : Reply

    South Dakota knows the truth and truth prevails.

  17. Cheech says : Reply

    This video has so much LOVE in it. The energy has me weeping happily.. It is so clear to me, I dont know how this has happened but has followed me since childhood.. The love energy that runs through my blood has over come me to the point of seclusion and the numbers keep pulling me back to this case.. I know my TRUTH and THE TRUTH has been kind to me and my TRUTH and still much to learn. LOVE is THE TRUTH so I have been focusing on LOVE.. No Assumptions, No Expectations and No Titles <<<part of LOVE… I can feel the LOVE that Trump transmits and is so blinding sometimes it hurts.. I feel the same in HATJ and all that surround her.. My son warns me of the love that I spread and I tell him "I LOVE everyone and will not bite my tongue when it comes to loving myself and everyone else" If I lie to protect someones interests or feelings then I do not love them.. TRUTH comes with no holds barred Love comes the same way..

    PS: In the music business I was nick named Cheech so it stuck but is not my real name..

    Peace Love Happiness Balance & Light


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    In INFINITE joy and gratitude to ALL that we exist!
    No words can express my eternal thanks BZ, to you and ALL.??

  19. Elane says : Reply

    LOVE/LIFE for this eternal moment of NOW!

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    as history unfolds .. thank US for this amazing connection and creation

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    Thank you for keeping us updated, as the ‘action’ unfolds. So many beautiful aspects of our Self lifting the planetary (nay, Universal) energies for All individualised personalities to benefit ….. regardless of any and all limited belief systems.
    Such an incredible transitional moment in our awareness of who we Be.
    Love and big hugs all round ?????

  22. 2nd video was particularly inspiring and touched me deeply, i understand more and more, thank you Beautiful Beings!
    I feel so honored to be a part of ALL of this unfolding!

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    Heather is writing history here…
    Let Love, abundance and justice rule!
    Thanks for the update, and i am looking forward for more.

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  27. Official Original says : Reply

    Greetings in the Light and Love of Our Infinite Creator. Everything that was…everything that is…and everything that will be is of One Original Thought. This case is destiny to expose those enslaving humanity and intentionally preventing mankind from learning who we are and why we are really here. The Debtors Colony known as USA, Inc. is but a leaf on the tree of debt slaves needing freedom from the evil banksters.

  28. Official Original says : Reply

    BZ, you ROCK!! HATJ is an Angel and AMAZING!!!

  29. julio c says : Reply

    Victory of the light

  30. Barbara says : Reply

    Give it up Varlan! I’m all for Compassion, Conciliation and Forgiveness, but wouldn’t it be additionally effective for ALL right NOW to see, if POTUS sent in the Marines into the Court room with a Loving invitation by a POTUS-signed warrant to Varlan & Company as enforcement of the Executive Order 13818. The invitation ultimately to spend a few months vacay at Hotel GITMO? I hear the new concrete mattresses there are exceptional. Heather said she knew how this was all going to turn out. Just wondering with specificity and particularity if this is a possible scenario to the “mop up” time line? Your broadcast reportings are very much appreciated– Blessings and hugs to BZ, Lisa, Sheila, Katie, Bill and all on the support team, and of course to Heather and Randy.

    Deep Gratitude for you ALL


  31. Colin says : Reply

    Oh. So Circuit Court Judge Rosemarie Aquilina who just sentenced Larry Nassar, the disgraced long-time USA Gymnastics team doctor, to 175 years for his predation on more than 160 young victims should have her sentencing and his conviction overturned? It defies logic that you can have justice being served in one part of this construct (where all the legal officials are supposedly ‘corrupt’) and not in another. If that were true, who is to be the arbiter of what is right and what is wrong?

    • Reuben Emmanual Bailey says : Reply

      Who is the arbiter of right and wrong? Good question! What gives any individual more of a right to be such an arbiter than any other? Who gets to decide who the arbiters are?

      What Larry Nassar did caused tremendous harm to individuals. Pretty easy to see that what he did was unconscionable. When it comes to other supposed crimes, it is rather more difficult to see the harm, particularly if the harm done was actually to the purported “perpetrator” by the purported “victim”.

  32. Lori says : Reply

    Completely enjoying and appreciating the video updates. I find them UPlifting, entertaining, reassuring, inspiring, and full to the brim with LOVE and compassion, and nuggets assisting me to more consistent alignment with BIG LORI which radiates to the ALL. My heart is overflowing.
    Namaste’ to ALL!

  33. Anonymous says : Reply

    Colin, corruption extends beyond adjudication. The for-profit prisons and court systems are financially benefitting from nassars sentencing in that court case. Entities making profits from the 160 victims is not acceptable even if it appears that justice was administered. No human can currently experience 175 years of incarceration. See how we have been conditioned to believe that a sentencing longer than the human lifespan somehow equates to a harsher sentence; it does not. Look at Lawrence King who lost his case of abuse allegations and was ordered to pay a sum of money; of which none has been recompensed. It was all lies

    • Colin says : Reply

      In the Nassar case the judge did say that she was effectively handing him his death sentence, because he would never again know life outside of prison. I agree that there may be elements of corruption in the legal system, somewhere. But the vast majority of the tens of thousands of people who work within it are honest, dedicated and sincere in their faith in the justice system. I even know some of them – and they are great folk. However, the commercialisation of the current bail system, subject to possible exploitation, and which may eventually extend to probation and parole, remains controversial and will continue to be so. The number of stores that profit from lending bail money is enormous – visitors to the US can scarcely believe how widespread they are. So, I agree that no justice system is perfect, but the suggestion that all the strings are being pulled by some cabal of bankers and their government stooges – that’s just fantasy stuff.

      • wyndstorm says : Reply

        “So, I agree that no justice system is perfect, but the suggestion that all the strings are being pulled by some cabal of bankers and their government stooges – that’s just fantasy stuff.” ….

        Ok, now, you have to do your research, because that statement right there is entirely false. Here, let me refer you Benjamin Fulford, who is an american writer living in Japan who was a former editor-in-chief for Asian affairs at Forbes magazine. He’s just your regular guy….

        Ben calls the cabal “Khazarian Mafia”. Read some of his stuff, and get back to me and let me know if you still think it’s a fantasy.

  34. Tallison says : Reply

    The corruption and fraud being revealed is a mountain! Everyone is getting a real live education of the fraudulent activity of the so called judicial system. It seems as though the jury might be on it! (the truth)

  35. claudio says : Reply

    Let the truth be with heather

  36. Jeffrey says : Reply

    In neither of the updates have I heard what defense Heather intends to use. The only thing that matters in this case is whether the wire transfers out of the Federal Reserve account actually transferred funds. USAA has already provided evidence that those transfers failed so unless Heather has evidence that contradicts that, Randy and Heather are looking at spending a few months or years in jail.

  37. Bek says : Reply

    Mural “Evocation of the Smokies” was installed at the Howard H. Baker, Jr. Federal Courthouse in Knoxville in 2005.



    I can not point you to the image, it says “404” but I have a screen grab of it. Search Google images, “Evocation of the Smokies”.

  38. Danae says : Reply


    It is likely that Shelia’s microphone lacks low end response and that is why Katie and David were garbled last night.
    So people with deeper voices need to be closer/louder to be heard.

    Thanks for all you do/be…rockin/rock


    Ps. “Trojan Jarraf” what a hoot!!

  39. Bek says : Reply

    The Spirit of the Smokies is very important here BZ. That is why I sent you the Amazing Grace song in Cherokee a while ago. I believe you will find this heritage is in Randy if you ask him. A great massacre of Cherokee occured along the Tennessee River at present day location of Nickajack Lake, there is energy to be released there in that region, through these proceedings. Energy of forgiveness and energy of healing very old wounds is flowing.

    The Pink Light Ray


  40. Official Original says : Reply

    Howdy all! Bz, be sure to remind Shelia to stay fully hydrated to ensure maximum Vibrational Energy transmission from our DNA coil (Tesla Coil). This is key for maximum effectiveness for sending/receiving vibrational energy. God Speed to HATJ and RB. Thanks again for the updates. Shelia try to get some rest too.

  41. I AM says : Reply

    In Carlisle v. United States,’the United States Supreme Court held that a federal district court
    lacked the authority to grant a motion for judgment of acquittal filed one day after the
    expiration of the time period prescribed by Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 29 (c). Rule

  42. Kari Havir says : Reply

    Thank you so much for the many updates, videos, documents and links! Much Love and Light!

  43. Tallison says : Reply

    Wow! Ha Ha! I was in a deep sleep…i was awoken with the thought that BZ posted the next up date! I got up…made my wake up drink, turned on the computer and it wasn’t there yet! Then BZ posted it right then! MAGICAL!
    My deepest Gratitude for you BZ and the amazing wonderful ground crew there in Knoxville. Wonderful update! Love all of the data the was shared and sent out energetically.
    Day IV of the alleged trial! If and when this goes to the Jury for deliberation (it could end before that) I believe the jury can already see thru the BS veil of lies and deceit being displayed. Not – guilty verdict or better dismissed with prejudice.

  44. Hi BZ,
    Love what you all are doing for humanity and happy to be a part of it. You were reading off a paper last night, I have been searching on the site for it and cannot find it. Is there a direct link to this document you were reading?

  45. Official Original says : Reply

    Thanks again. Please try to focus more on sharing the questions posed by HATJ during her examination and cross examination of the witnesses.

  46. Frank says : Reply

    Does anyone know when transcripts for this case will be available.?

  47. matthew says : Reply

    have finally caught up with all the vids/posts/docs and what an INCREDIBLE unfolding it is to witness.
    love and light to US

  48. Miriam says : Reply

    Thank you BZ Katie Lisa Shelia. Sending ALL my love and light to #HATJ AND RANDY❤️❤️❤️❤️???????????? Such awesome conversation

  49. Barbara says : Reply

    Thank you everyone for the Day 4 wrap up discussion. I was completely moved to tears tonight on hearing recap about Randy’s “this is for you too” comment for the prosecution and jury’s edification. Wow– just beautiful! I was wrong. No need for the POTUS Marines today! Randy was there– dressed in full Uniform Brilliance and armed with the Truth. Absolutely gorgeous! Wish I could have been there in inbodiment– but then I would have been blubbering away in awe of his courageously teaching the Gov-mnt and World the truth of what really happened. Great job everyone! Heather will put the nail in this alleged case’s coffin on Monday. With specificity and particularity! LOL! I just love typing that!
    Much Love. And Rest up! Sending You All waves of rejuvenatingly energetic support– with all my Heart!
    And yes, Tallison–we see this as dismissed with prejudice. And So It Is.

  50. Tallison says : Reply

    I just listened to day 4 wrap up. What a trip! I fell asleep and was dreaming about the alleged trial and all of actors were portrayed as cartoon characters! Hilarious indeed! I was waiting for a nudge from the universe that the update had been posted. When it came I got up and remembered the dream about the cartoon characters. After listening just now I get it! What a comedy of happenings! Heather is brilliant…Sounds like Big Randy brought the house down! Big heart opening! Awesome job Randy!

  51. Oceanno says : Reply

    Den of Thieves (film)

  52. Bek says : Reply

    What happens to a vehicle Certificate of Origin after a State issues a Certificate of Title?

    What is the equivalent to “Certificate of Origin” in the case of land, where Deeds are written and filed upon sale and transfer of real property?

  53. Justice says : Reply

    Google has disabled the search function on this site. Firefox worked. FYI

  54. I AM says : Reply

    The Dept. If Treasury, Indeed commands the Fed, the Fed hold the reigns by “holders in possession” leverage. Treasury Direct or Master Accounts. We both know the both of that answer! I find interestingly enough the presumptions of the 12 circulars (minus the 2 nonexistent), but that these ten speak to the Settlers Agent as if we are incapable to understand. It’s like that scene where we say, “uh, excuse me I’m standing right here, I can hear you”. That is when you ask to you am I dead?. Well, I’m not and neither are you. We are embodied within this case, this suit, this finite limited body. I imagine this be possible with our ESSENCE, our Spirit,or Soul? Another topic! The Master accounts are real and their Security Procedures in way of dealing with Authorized or Unauthorized access to these accounts are designed for Two Reasons. First to balance what goes out comes back in or else it must be made up to come back in, why? Because it’s all fractualized and made up to begin, in You make A deposit, they take 9/10th of that and call it creating wealth. Meanwhile, charging interest and manipulating the world economy. Second, to conceal the material facts of the existence of these accounts. Herein, restated, and duly noticed, with due diligence in declaration, having been duly Factualized, do I restate that I AM the Holder in Possession, you are hearin , hereafter and forevermore as forever was FIRED in any and all capacity of my body, my energy, my sweat equity, my estate, my fortune to which you paid claims illegally as this predicated deceptive plot has come to the LIGHT. Your bones ha e matured, here is your exit strategy from this market, GO! NOW!

    A bearer instrument, or bearer bond, is a type of fixed-income security where no ownership information is recorded and the security is issued in physical form to the purchaser. The holder is presumed to be the owner, and whoever is in possession of the physical bond is entitled to the coupon payments.

    To receive coupon payments, the bondholder must clip the coupons attached to the bond and submit them for payment. This contrasts with book-entry, where ownership information is noted in a computer database and there are no physical bond certificates.

    Read more: Bearer Form https://www.investopedia.com/terms/b/bearerform.asp#ixzz55ZViwlRC
    Follow us: Investopedia on Facebook

  55. Bek says : Reply

    “Once more you open the door”


    The energy flows and resonates despite all interference.

  56. Janis says : Reply

    Thank you for “opening the energetic envelope! Wonderful share! I AM psyched . . . BRING IT ON! Love, love, love to ALL!

  57. Joey says : Reply

    Morning all

    Just chiming in. I have been seeing SOOO much again on Youtube and all over regarding this case. I have to voice my frustration here. Something usually I tend NOT to do, however in hopes that others read this comment, that are well ….as BZ would say ‘WAKE UP, IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP’ I am talking to those. You are hear on this page for a reason. Most that are putting out info on youtube, are STILL not entering in the ALL that data that is available to them on this very site! We ALL feel your frustration, your pain, your heartache, about what has been done. ALL is complete now. I know many of you do not understand this, however what this means is STOP IT, and look beyond your what you are limiting yourself to. I did. I also had TONS of reversals from the TDDA accounts. I just moved on and became aware that those types of funds are available,and soon ill get what was take from me in spades!… corruption was hiding it from us, you and I regardless if you thing HATJ and RKB are sipping Pepsi on a damn golden unicorn while reading Vogue!(funny huh) ITS ALL REAL! You will no longer be scammed, cohursted or obstructed from the TRUTH.

    We are ALL in this together, focus that intent on the end goal which ever goal that is, and get ready because I and many others are going to help you cross that bridge to whichever consciousnesses you want to DO and BE in!

    Love Joey

  58. Mike says : Reply

    Additional relevant information from: The Critical Post Chicago Published on Jan 29, 2018.
    “This report is an announcement about a $25,000 Trillion Theft by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York upon Indonesian Royal, Mr. Yohannes Riyadi. Please send this broadcast to everyone you know along with the hashtag #ArrestTheFed.” Documentation from White Hats Report to follow within the next few days. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBpMjCKFR_E

  59. Gerry says : Reply

    I just watched the Facebook post from Shelia and friends. I so understand how Shelia was moved when John Lennon’s song “Imagine” played. I have always loved that song and I played it this morning myself as I know it sends a powerful message to us all. Hugs to everyone……..

  60. Joey says : Reply

    This is what I have been signing since I awoke this morning..

    For you H and R and everyone… BRAVE be Brave!


  61. Bek says : Reply

    The timeline is KEY here. When did FBI become involved? Before or after the transfer of funds? Who called the FBI in? USAA? Federal Reserve? RV dealer? Who?

    If FBI was involved before the funds transfer ever happened, was the transfer allowed to proceed in order to “catch Randy in the act” of committing fraud? In which case the transfer of funds was bogus and artificial.

    If the funds transfer occurred before FBI was called in, it was a legitimate transfer as far as the banking software was concerned. The impression I got last summer was FBI was called in later and was scrambling from the start to reconstruct what had happened, as if they had not been involved until someone issued a complaint after the fact.

    What was the date the FBI warrant was issued, that enabled them through court approval to access various telecommunications, and monitor phone calls etc. in this case? WHEN did that start? Was it a FISA warrant?

    I am very surprised to hear facebook posts are considered admissible evidence in court, given their dates can be altered as described. However, the true metadata of the posts can not be altered and should still be associated with the files and discoverable through computer forensics.

    Just some thoughts.

    Let freedom ring and Truth prevail.

  62. Eddie Gaddis says : Reply

    I have saved all my payment i made to light bill,IRS.And other bills.That i made on line.

  63. Mike says : Reply

    Here it is! White Hats Report #63 – #ARRESTtheFED
    “The releases coming over the next few weeks will expose the details of the methods by which the cabal rules the world through the control of money by showing you trading contracts with proceeds as high as $3 Trillion and $25,000 Trillion. Enough to fund every TRUE humanitarian project on Earth in addition to advanced technology, free energy, the exploration of our universe, housing, hydroelectric projects for undeveloped countries, turning deserts green and other infrastructure projects all over the world. Instead, the money is used to subvert the production of the people to a select few bloodline families. This is how these people control Planet Earth.”
    http://whitehatsreport.com/ https://twitter.com/hashtag/arresttheFED?src=hash

    https://twitter.com/laurabusse/status/957353200859992065 “Everyone here’s the link for the interview w Paladin i just tweeted about…i only know how to post a link in a new tweet and not a reply, darn it. Excellent interview…release fr debt slavery is on its way.”

  64. My heart overflows with love and gratitude for all you are ALL BEING AND DOING!!!!!

  65. Barbara says : Reply

    Great job everybody! Just excellent under these tiring circumstances! Please ask Shiela, Lisa and Katie how the jury is responding. What’s the look on their faces, are they bored, are they paying attention? We suspect HATJ is connecting to them but what might that look like? The result lies in their decision, so it would be interesting to know how the girls observe jury’s body language. Good to know about the energetics pulsed through the courtroom. Wondering how this trickery is effecting the jury? Do they have a good read on what the jury might be realizing? Thanks for passing that info on. The energies today are amazing everywhere!

    Love to All

  66. Stevan II says : Reply

    I would like to say THANK YOU.

    I was led to you, literally, and not from anything we “usually” see.
    I was drawn to you by Divine Appointment indeed.

    This is all like a dream to me,…………
    ….like the dream “LITERALLY” Deep Within my Heart of Hearts, that I accepted in the past, to never show up,
    and here it IS.

    In my face -no holding back LOVE!

    I have SO MUCH to say! Toooo much for this post indeed.

    Again, THANK YOU Bz, and EveryONE Else indeed!!!
    (by the way -I was led to you ALL at the perfect time Bz, Jan. 21st 2018!)

  67. Tallison says : Reply

    Great video even with the glitches. Yes more Compassion and Empathy. That’s the ticket to where we are headed.
    I love that cover picture with the elephants. “We’re all Just Walking each other Home” .

  68. Tallison says : Reply

    This latest lunch update is so WONDERFUL! I am so GRATEFUL for this Man’s Love of Humanity! What a model he is for Compassion and Empathy! Can’t wait for what’s next hardly! Love you Randy! Love you Heather!

  69. Barbra Thompson says : Reply

    Dang! They are messing with the audio again. Just want to tell Sheila to stay strong for all of us. There will be much time afterwards for all of us to expand in love and gratitude but we need her to be present in heart without falling apart. Don’t let them or your own self unravel you!!! Sending much love and light!!

  70. Rick Edmonson says : Reply

    God bless all that has been involved with this uncovering. A lot of info. has been release and a lot more on the way. I pray this has opened people’s eyes (whether they like it or not) for it is true we all will be effected by the outcome of this trial. I hope to hear the updates tonight. I think the girls need to find a new place to share their thoughts with BZ. The room they are in the internet connection is not very good. (could that be on purpose) 🙂

  71. Steve says : Reply

    When I heard about the initial comments from the trial and what the prosecution was saying, I thought to myself that they must have gone to Harry Potter world and visited Daigon (sp?) Alley to purchase some gobbley gook juice and required the government witnesses to take a swig before getting on the stand. I was shocked when the term gobblie gook actually came up in the trial. I wish I had an idea of what comes next…

  72. Justin says : Reply

    Hey BZ, If you need help cleaning up the audio before you post your videos, I would be happy to assist so the people can get the info. I’m an audio engineer, so I got all the tools to clean up calls like today’s. Spectral repair would clean that up easily. The breaking up of the voice due to wind and other things is unrepairable, though. But I can certainly make all the audio more pleasurable to listen to. Just let me know!

    Much thanks to Heather and Randy, BZ and everyone involved in this. Wish I could have been at this court case. It has been one of the most fascinating and powerful events to witness/read and experience!

    – Justin

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      Thank you Justin, I am not certain you could clean up this audio as there was wind distortion and crackling on the line on Sheila’s end. But I will definitely reach out for others thank you. I appreciate you. BZ

  73. Bek says : Reply

    This is actually my favorite one so far…there are so many!!


  74. Marcia says : Reply

    Dearest BZ,

    I have been playing the “wouldn’t be wonderful if” game and received some amazing fast results
    Opening up a new world of joy,beauty, pure love !! I AM feeling so much more space and heart just writing now.Wow !! Thank You ALL~LOVE

  75. Barbara says : Reply

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Randy and Heather were acquitted — found not guilty with prejudice because the prosecution was found to have no jurisdiction? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if RKB and HATJ were released immediately? Won’t it be wonderful when everyone realizes their true Value?

  76. Bonnie-Lee; Boden says : Reply

    I believe that the ‘swirling’ sensing for Lisa, and the ‘flatness’ and ‘doubt’ that the ladies were feeling, where Heather was giving her closing and such, was the continued effects of Randy’s speech. Because he was heard and he was believed. Therefore it is done! The intended conclusion has been brought about. The message is sent with Perfection <3
    And then it's like a void was created during the incorporation for all of the light energy in the loving truth with full knowing. They expanded as 3D was collapsing. And then being back with the dregs of the event…
    What's left in that space? Such a causation brings about tangible forces.

    It can't be all 'kumba yah' after that because things have changed and an is in play
    It was a 5D win AND there are 3D consequences.The ladies were feeling the effects from the change Randy caused to be locked down with his truth.

    Along with fear of the consequences, there are those whose enlightenment might be fairly painful during the process of full realization. Empathic people would be sensing on all that hard stuff, big time.

    And 'doubt' would have been coming from the black hat team as they felt the jury swallow the Red Pill.
    I love you guys! I love you all so much and am so grateful for all your being and doing, blessings be to all.

  77. The whole jury pool is contaminated by people with Reptilian souls, there are no Humans in the jury. It’s very unlikely you can get a fair decision from them, my guides tell me. I’m told that you are set up to lose. I’ll pray for you.

    • Bill T. says : Reply

      This is the first time I have heard anything about the idea of people with reptillian souls. Are they just people whose soul is taken over by something dark, or are you talking about some sort of alien beings? How can you tell if somebody has been taken over by this kind of lizard force? Is there some sort of medical test that they can do at the hospital or do you have to have some sort of inner ability that only some people have? And if it’s that, how do you know that you’re right? Is there something I could read or a video that would help me figure this out? Thank you in advance for any more infromation.

      • Anonymous says : Reply

        Vaccines can change your DNA and other genetic makeup. Monkeys, sheep, bugs(insects), cows, pigs, and other humans’ DNA from aborted fetal tissue are currently being used. Is why we kept our placenta, and all other genetic material possible from our baby’s nativity. We do not consent!
        ❤️ love ❤️

  78. Justice says : Reply

    Unfortunately both were found guilty. Taken into custody.

  79. Dan Carpenter says : Reply

    The verdict doesn’t surprise me. This case is no different than the Bundy or Hammond cases where the over reach of the nefarious is showing its hand in the corruption. It does show in my mind another piece of the huge puzzle that allows those awakening to see the bigger picture of how the corruption and enslavement is revealing itself. Much love and hugs to Randy and Heather. It was interesting to hear yesterday that the UCC filings were allowed into evidence. There was no way the jury would have had time to read and digest them within the linear time it took them to come up with the verdict. Perhaps as an afterthought, they will take the time to try to understand them and realize the truth.

  80. Kate says : Reply

    The irony wasn’t lost on me that today is Freedom Day in the US. Sorry that Randy and Heather are victims of a corrupt system. They have been brave and selfless in what they are doing for us. I want to thank them both and Bz, American Kabuki and team for all they are doing. I have faith that the good guys will turn things around in humanity’s favour. I haven’t given up hope. Love to all involved.

  81. Jud!th says : Reply

    Verdict in : Guilty. Both of them. Is anybody surprised?

  82. Tallison says : Reply

    A sad but not surprising verdict. My heart goes out to all of you that were there in the court room and have witnessed first hand the corruption and fraud operating in the disguise of justice. And Love and Big Hugs to all my Sisters and Brothers that have been observing from their own Heart space. I was doing my best at remote viewing as the jury was deliberating the outcome. What I felt/saw was an extreme amount of pressure and intimidation on the jurists to find them guilty which they did. I see a direct correspondence to the Bundy trial. With holding/not allowing crucial evidence for the so called defendants. This is temporary. This will not pass. So much more to be revealed, exposed and healed.Randy’s final statement has been released into the ether. Now to travel and do it’s MAGIC on all who hold and transmit it’s HEART opening message. MUCH much more work to do folks.

  83. Joey says : Reply

    Hello All,

    As strange as it may seem, I was not at all supersized about the verdict in this alleged case. For the story and players to continue and for more awareness and expansiveness to happen, the next part of the onion is peeled away. Close to the core. There is much more visibility into the disclosure of this case and why it must continue on many levels. You heard some key words with the last conversation with the ladies(protective custody) for H and R and that the prosecution had everything already written down(which means this was correctly played) and it was beautiful. Some may see this as tragic and very very upset, and some may be laughing at all of this and saying H and R are scammers and deserve this. I ask ALL that feel or ask any question good, bad or ugly, ‘Look into yourself and ask WHY are you so upset, why are you so inclinded to judge and to send hate or be so very sad or even happy” YOU must answer those questions. As BZ would say step out of head, and connect….be in silence…and those answers answers will come.

    For those who are very liner beings but are awake. We must go to the top to collapse the bottom. Orders still unanswered
    1. The order of the Original Preceipe(Jurisdiction) this has still not been establised. What does this mean?
    2. UCC filings now on record….what does this mean?
    3. When going to the top you must appeal to the higher alleged players in this case.

    I will let the rest of you take it from there and go with it,even the ones who are still sending hate….I say this…WE love you, and YOU will be FREE too!

    Hugs Joey!

  84. Gerry says : Reply

    I think words have powerful meanings and influence in our universe. In my mind Randy and Heather are INNOCENT. They are INNOCENT and should be set free.

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