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11 Responses to “#HATJ & RKB: Pacer Doc# 90 – MEMORANDUM OPINION AND ORDER”

  1. Zach says : Reply

    Try hards.. cant wait to see this happen. It possible to be present for the hearing?

  2. Joey says : Reply

    WOW this is just comical now…..again not signed or submitted to the alleged court system…and no energetic signature…here…will be rejected and thus cannot be monetized.

    There was never an ARGUMENT or MOTION over jurisdiction……hahahah…it was an ORDER.

    I am really starting to feel so uncomfortable for this judge…either he is playing his role elegantly or he just doesn’t get it…

    Luv All!

  3. Cynthia says : Reply


  4. Sheila Corona says : Reply

    #ALLBecomesTransparent – WOW! #EO13818

  5. Marcus says : Reply

    This limits evidence and argument at trial only to that which pertains to the alleged offences. Any argument about the jurisdictional power of the court or the UCC documentation that the defendants claim has previously foreclosed the United States as a corporate entity will be excluded.

  6. M. Battaglia says : Reply

    “ORDERED that the defendants are prohibited from offering any evidence…” but can a witness bring up this subject matter? There are plenty of us backing them that are literate enough to discuss these ideas.

  7. Dee Ess Double Ewe says : Reply

    Nice try ass holes! You’re sweating bullets and we can see it! You’re DONE!
    You SHALL NOT win this case based on suppression of rightfully acceptable evidence to prove defendants and the MILLIONS of people of this Country ARE RIGHTEOUS!
    ALL challenges as to your so called AUTHORITY are to be challenged and even if it doesn’t happen in your Kangaroo Court, it will happen elsewhere!
    The United States is a CORPORATION! A business impersonating our TRUE COUNTRY and its title, The United States of America and is therefore INVALID with NO WEIGHT other than the ability to PUT ON a FAKE legitimate Court proceeding!
    We The People of The United States of America are going to kick your criminal power abusing asses!
    End rant!
    GodSpeed HATJ and RKB!

    • mad as hell!! says : Reply

      Call To ACTION: SONS OF LIBERTY; DAUGHTER’S OF LIBERTY; AMERICAN MINUTEMEN; GUARDIANS OF TRUTH; NATIVE BORN NATURAL LIVING MEN AND WOMEN OF THIS SOVEREIGN LAND, THIS REPUBLIC OF SOVEREIGN STATES, ALL UNITED Under 1787 Constitution. I Am Free,, I Am already Sovereign (not Militant, Terrorist, Anay Kind Of Rebel), because I Am my flesh and my bones, as I Aqm my Thoughts, my Mind my Spirit, my Energy, my Light, my Source. In Source am I Source that I Am. In the image of Bod, the Creator, have i been created, in their likeness. No man, woman,otherwise, and especially not some jive ass turkey British King in this sinister plan to subjagate my ancestors,,me or my lineage. You, me and the ones still in darkness of sleep, have but one duty and that is to FIGHT!!! That is what is being done in alignment besides the HATJ AND Randy Case. I know that this might have been a bit more careful because I th I k i fo u d the way. Email me for details Heather Camp to do or If. Please. This is regarding an established method of banking transaction under Common Law, Federal FCC, TITLE 12 U.S..= As well a long list treatise; Acts, all apparent and legal. Those RESPONSIBILITIES THAT DID THIS TO THE IMMM, inhabitants of earth, ojsct, vcdujm, there’s a warrant for the watchers agents and affliates, cast on bounty, for there eternal existences/instances. The Lord of Light, Lord of Host, the King of Kings, the SOURCE superiors l r Supreme. He’s armies are on the move, and if you fall into the class aforementioned the group of organized mafia style Orkder in Secracies, THEY ARE and they are traveling to before to then or there aroun f when and back again. ”
      And,you not going to like it”?

      I l

  8. This has nothing to do with carrying out an orderly administration of this trial or confusing or misleading the jury. This is a corrupt Judge Thomas A Varlan and his Rothschild/Vatican Admiralty Law legal system and government trying to make sure that none of the EVIDENCE can be put forward exposing these corrupt scum and their gangster system. For this corrupt Judge to put out drivel such as this claiming that ordinary folk would not understand any of this or get confused by it all I have news for you – there are millions of us ordinary folk from all over the world watching this and fully understand it and what you are up to and it is only a matter of time before all of you corrupt scum running this corrupt bonded slave system will be the ones on trial.

    It is impossible for outsiders to steal from a bank by withdrawing money by any means. You can only withdraw money from a bank account in your own name, account number etc so these people have committed no crime. The ones committing the crimes are the Bankers/Vatican etc with the conivance of the governments and the totally corrupt legal system – all the very same people carrying out this sham trial. You are all responsible for your own actions and hopefully you will soon be being dealt with for your TREASONOUS actions. The people of the world are waking up and are getting angry about what is going on.

  9. Karen Smith says : Reply

    I don’t understand all this legal stuff but I do understand this, how can you get a fair trial if they control everything. They control what you can say and what evidence you can submit. Question: how can this be a fair trial if you can’t submit your evidence in why you acted upon what you are being accused. Good thing she doesn’t have a lawyer because he/she will need to obey their rules. Since, she is not licensed with the bar, therefore, she doesn’t have to follow their rules I am thinking? By having a bar licensed person has to follow their rules or lose he/she license.

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