#HATJ & RKB Fillings 10.18.17 Pacer Updated

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#HATJ & RKB Fillings 10.18.17 Pacer Updated





Doc 56 – Notice of Correction of Praecipe Doc 54

To download directly click here

Doc 56 - Notice of Correction of Praecipe Doc 54


Doc 57 – Cancellation of Arrest Warrant RKB

To download directly click here

Doc 57 - Cancellation of Arrest Warrant RKB


Pacer Doc History 10-18-17

To download directly click here

Pacer Doc History 10-18-17



11 Responses to “#HATJ & RKB Fillings 10.18.17 Pacer Updated”

  1. Cynthia says : Reply

    Heather said the rest if this would be wrapped up with paper! This looks great! 🙂

  2. Jay J says : Reply

    Thanks for posting. To all: I think that HATJ basically advised the Judge of the CRIS (Court Registry Investment System) but she was likely able to break it down even further than the article did that was posted a while back. I am currently researching this now and if anyone has any further information on this, could you share?

    Imagine that! Every time someone steps into a court, the Federal Reserve (among others, no doubt) is making money! Kinda makes you see why they are so quick to put us in their courts, then put us in prison (The US has the most people incarcerated in the world), and then once you get out of prison you cannot get good work (unless you are connected). That puts us in a really bad situation – combine that with a population that is brainwashed to believe that if you commit a crime (or are just accused and take a plea, because almost everyone takes a plea) then you are a scumbag and deserve a life of hardship it creates a cycle of hardship that can keep us oppressed.

    Fed Res – you had one job! Create our money – you could have just taken what you needed with that power alone, but you got greedy and decided to play god.

    I am missing a major piece here – something is missing.

    One thing I used to say a while back, before I knew about CRIS, because something didn’t seem right with the process as I witnessed it, was “When one person can profit off of another person’s incarceration, that person has a vested interest in keeping you in prison”.

  3. My name is Jon Robberson. I produce one of the largest truth-centric internet radio and video streaming platforms on the net.

    I am open to one-on-one communication from the EIC or Social Media Manager from your site.

    However your generic lambasting tone in the subject line makes it patently apparent that no one on your end is familiar with our content whatsoever.

    Therefore I am open to dialogue and sharing information but will be unsubscribing from the e blast list. To reiterate: your information is both accurate and interesting but I must insist on proper professional communication henceforTh.

    Jon Robberson
    Producer, The Hagmann Report

  4. Joey says : Reply



    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      Brings back an oft used phrase beings would signed off with or chimed into a skype room with, at the very beginning of all of this and getting the word out starting in 2012- IFLYBBOL !

  5. Cynthia says : Reply

    BZ- I absolutely love RKB’s Update on Pacer: Notice!!! Notice of Original Instrument. Voiding. Warrant Returned Executed. So awesome. Go RKB. That is so significant. I love it!!

  6. greetings, is there going to be a court transcript from the hearing on 18th october 2017 ?

  7. Conor says : Reply

    My Case (for those interested). I was stopped on an exit ramp and long story short let off the brakes and bumped a old truck that was being towed. There was no visible damage and the owner was not present at the time. A single officer eventually showed up. I gave my ID but not insurance information because it was at home. He sited me with a rear end-the most common “offence” he claims- He returned with the complain filled out and asked for my signature. I signed my signature and included “all rights reserved, without prejudice, ucc 1-207” The officer said I would need to get my insurance on file by methods indicated on the complaint or after 7 days there would be a bench warrant for my arrest.
    The complaint issued did not require me to attend the court date set to the 30th of this month, however non-attendance will assume guilt in this case.
    I think i need a continuation because I have yet to exhaust my “administrative processes” which will allow me to file any documents I, or anyone informed, deem I need to succeed.
    I’m not sure how to request a court date in the future without consenting to jurisdiction.
    I’m not sure if putting my insurance information on file will consent to jurisdiction.
    Any informed advice is appreciated! Thanks family

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