#HATJ & RKB: Filled Doc # 77. 78. & Doc# 79 – USA Notice Of Expert Witness Testimony

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#HATJ & RKB: Filled Doc # 77. 78. & Doc# 79 – USA Notice Of Expert Witness Testimony






Doc# 79 – USA Notice Of Expert Witness Testimony

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Doc# 79 - USA Notice Of Expert Witness Testimony


Doc# 78 – Motion In Limine To Prohibit Jurisdiction Argument- Overbay

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Doc# 78 - Motion In Limine To Prohibit Jurisdiction Argument- Overbay


Doc# 77 – PreTrial Order

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Doc# 77 - PreTrial Order




41 Responses to “#HATJ & RKB: Filled Doc # 77. 78. & Doc# 79 – USA Notice Of Expert Witness Testimony”

  1. Chris of Masters says : Reply

    USA does not exist. On top of that, I would move to cross examine the plaintiff. Who would appear in the witness stand?
    We the people have to assert our common, unalienable rights in commercial courts.

  2. Lydia says : Reply

    It is very clear that the court is not wanting the TRUTH to come out about how they steal the life force of those who step into their arena. They are swamp creatures that feed on the innocent souls in their presence, as they get additional $ for every guilty plea on top of their salaries that they do not have to pay taxes on. The bigger the crime, the more $ they get to pocket. The courts are Beyond honest – they control their courts by making up their own rules & cover up the truth by claiming their incompentence.
    If Randy and Heather’s crime is for money laundering, when Randy proved the direct account was his, then the crime for money laundering proved by this case is surely the CRMINALS at the top!

  3. Aidan says : Reply

    How much Money Bonds in Stock is this Court Case worth? Is there any off ledger bookkeeping going on? How many files does the Judge carry? The Judge is a Bank Manager he is a Debtor Server there is No Justice it is all about how much Money can they suck from the Birth Certificate Trust. Pirates.

  4. Dan Carpenter says : Reply

    This does not appear to be good news, however it does appear that the court is not accepting UCC commercial law either which in my innerstanding is the ruling regulations here. It seems that the court’s take is to ignore the law. I shall await HATJ’s response. Much love and best wishes to Heather and Randy.

  5. Tallison says : Reply

    So as I read through these documents I saw nothing in regards to the International Emergency Economic Powers Act the President Trump signed 12/20/2017.
    This fraud these actors are perpetrating is in total view. No expert on fraud can make this fraud legit. The EEPA makes this human rights abuse a ruse.
    I doubt this well make it to the court date. Free RKB & HATJ NOW!

    • Tallison says : Reply

      So now that the Bundy trial has ended….over done. Heather and Randy are next to be freed! If this fraud continues up until the 23rd for the court date and they assemble…the only action I see they can take is to DISMISS it.

  6. Hope their “expert” witness can tell the jury how the US can be $13 trillion or whatever it is now in debt if the government prints its own money and if if it does not print its own money as we all know then why are they allowing the Rothschilds/Vatican/Royals etc to lend the US Trillions of NOTHING and then expect the people to pay back the massive debt plus interest on that NOTHING. The government should be printing its own debt and interest FREE money and then they would NOT need to tax the people the way it used to be in the US – let us see how this corrupt FBI guy explains that and why the people are bonded slaves through their Birth Certificates to these bankers/Vatican etc. Will he also be an expert witness to why the courts who are part of this banking scam use fraud and deception re their Admiralty Law/Legalese drivel to scam people and help run this slave system all, this and more will be excellent stuff to be brought out and exposed in front of a jury and keep it simple so they understand.

  7. Gerry says : Reply

    It seems to me that the so-called court never proved any jurisdiction and has no intention of doing so. The so-called court considers jurisdiction “irrelevant.” Then of course we have the United States attempting to block evidence that certainly should be utilized in this case. If that isn’t a clear sign of guilt, I don’t know what is. Just brush everything off that is of importance and block whatever else. Sounds familiar with our non-justice system.

  8. TRON says : Reply

    Sounds like the alleged court is gonna rape HATJ & RKB…
    “We have ‘jurisdiction’, we do not have to follow due process (as in providing evidence that the alleged court rules actually are applicable).”

    “We have a monopoly on justice, we don’t care about your stupid UCC filings, foolish little HATJ”.
    “We are even ignoring your stupid little Precipae.”

    “We are going to rape you, and its OK because we are telling you that this is the way (our rules) we are going to rape you”.

    “Our rules apply because we say so, AND we have state sanctioned armed thugs to FORCE you to be raped”.
    Whats stopping a group of people putting on black robes and voting in rules and hiring thugs with guns to enforce “justice” on the just us system ? How good (fair) is a system of justice when its foundation is based on violence and threats of violence ? Is it really fair that a judge is usually a BAR member, and the prosecutor is a BAR member ?

    “We even quote the codes: the codes apply because the codes apply: the codes apply, because we say so.”

    Will this rape be interrupted by anyone ? Maybe the “just us” system will never be stopped? The OPPT fillings didn’t stop them back in 2013…Is an end to the likes of crow_n just a fantasy ?

    Is the ONLY way to stop them now by military intervention?

  9. Michael DePaola says : Reply

    Hi, I see that Zachary resume is quite extensive. But I know Heather will school him and tear him a new one. He is only educated by the Banksters minions. Get him, Heather.

    With Love and Gratitude
    Michael De Paola

  10. james says : Reply

    If this were of any truth then why would we have an account numbers. And when have we ever been paid for our services and resources we the public people inherited and own and produced into useful items from our smarts and labors entrusted to our employees who we hired to sell those items and put those profits equally into our accounts. Myself says who needs the middlemen to sell our inventory when we are capable of doing this also. Fire them all.

  11. james says : Reply

    Fraud upon the lynching for hearsay court.

  12. Meme says : Reply

    As you might notice there are no attorney’s so that means no bonds; that’s what court is all about they need to get those bonds.

  13. Bonnie-Lee; Boden says : Reply

    I was thinking about what’s going on with Trump’s executive order and how they need to be able to halt and round up the Deep-state/cabal/criminal abusers. And they need to halt the money movement/funding that perpetuates these crimes on humanity as well, and all at once. I would think that for America and Americans to move into a new more transparent philosophy of truth and awakening regarding the governing of value, commerce and an accountability of actions/criminal processing, they would first need have those entities, that hugely do not respect humanity or our planet, to be where they cannot interfere with the process…GITMO? This is just my sense on what might be culminating, transient and/or not yet fully evolved to where the Fed Bank is actionable for its crimes against humanity/enslavement of the people.

  14. Joey says : Reply

    Lots going on here

    Dots being connected and a great play in the next phase of the alleged business of the courts.

    Lets ALL take note at some KEY words or phrases here such as (argument) Remember these was no argument,motion,request or anything as such. Praecipe is an ORDER to provide written, duly noted with signature back to prime showing IF the courts have the jurisdiction too move forward with the alleged issue.

    You may also read other words such as but not limited to in the docs above: irrelevant, confusing and
    misleading. Moreover, it is wrong as it directly pertains to UCC.

    The alleged courts (laughing here) as it seems do not understand the TRUTH of what a UCC is…and cannot be rebutted.

    Cannot wait to see H next move (duly rejecting these docs) and actually getting them electronically logged into the alleged court system, as I do not see these are….

    Some of this is frustrating and some of actually funny, however everyone is playing the part very well.

    Thinking(hands on chin) hmm it would be NOT in the best interest of the alleged court to move to trial on this. More humans awaking….that would not be what the old energies want…thats just at thought.


    Luv Joey!

  15. CEC says : Reply

    “Innocent until proven guilty” seems this court & it’s minions are so afraid of being exposed that their only defense is to place blame & conjure lies to hide their crimes against humanity! Sorry.. Times up, WE THE PEOPLE KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE DONE! “ESPAVO” lemurian means ” Thank you for taking your Power”

  16. Toby says : Reply

    Great respect and prayers for HATJ and Randall. Peace and illumination for all involved.

    From the Judge’s order, I see defiance and a stuttering fear. Which defendant gets ten challenges? Who is “the government”?

    “Under Fed. R. Crim. P. 24(b)(2), the defendant is entitled to ten peremptory challenges and the government is entitled to six.”

    Defeating enemies is the only acceptable outcome for the powers that were. Accept this, make peace and educate with firm patience.

  17. Paul Mc says : Reply

    It will be recalled, that in the very early stages of this DOing, that one of Heather’s oft repeated comments … (which are all ways loaded to the brim … and beyond :-)), was that “this is a political red herring”. It is not beyond the bounds of possibility that an element of what is actually going on here is a sting operation by “military interests” to take down formerly warmongering international private bankers, … specifically those whose current intent it is to persist with those no longer functional practices.

    There is of course a much larger perspective to what is happening here. This is only one aspect for the purposes of making visible what is and allowing those who would like to broaden their own perspective or to get more context than they may currently have..

    It may be that what these “military interests” are seeking to obtain is “prima facie” evidence of human slavery, human trafficking and corruption by the aforementioned international bankers et. al., and which, it would appear, they are well on their way to obtaining. Since there would appear to be an ‘Executive Order 13818’ in place, this would certainly give those “military interests” (within that construct) the necessary powers to conduct “military tribunals”, as a means to ensure that this will never be done again. In that context then it would be of great advantage to them to obtain that evidence. That is not to say that it will happen; for a variety of reasons. One thing I feel certain about though is that absolute context will be made visible to all.

    Such an expert witness as the one mentioned in the above Notice, for those purposes, whose credentials it has to be said are indeed impressive and who may be well acquainted with say True Brown, ‘Director of Financial Crimes Investigation’ at ‘USAA’, a former ‘FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge’, with a history of white collar crimes investigations, in particular in Washington D.C., is an ideal situation … for them. Two “serious heads”, one at the FBI and the other ex-FBI in a controlling position at a complainant Bank for military servicemen and women.

    Furthermore, why would the new alleged ‘District Attorney’ file a purported ‘motion in limine’ seeking to restrict any challenge to the alleged ‘government’s jurisdiction’ or indeed the alleged ‘court’s jurisdiction’ and also the facts contained in the UCC filings, when he knows and has to know that such a ‘motion’ will be denied. Thereby ensuring of course, from his perspective maybe, that such challenge and evidence is guaranteed to be admissable by way of yet another purported ‘court order’. Nothing is what is appears to be and the various particulars involved may not be who they appear to be. We’re ALL doing this TOGETHER, whether we realize it or not. 🙂

    Aside from the above, the deeper and complete significance of the Praecipe which Heather filed cannot be underestimated. An adequate explanation, for the benefit of those who are not familiar with the back story, would probably require a long discussion and may well be forthcoming shortly, Suffice it to say for the moment that if you study the documents for which links are provided below, even if you don’t comprehend the precise ‘legal’ meaning, a slow and diligent reading of those documents will reveal much to you, especially if you know what a ‘UCC-1 Financing Statement’ actually was; because those filings are written in english and not in some “unintelligible” idiom which some would have you believe and which you can see for yourself.

    In plain simple language, the praecipe is a “form”, for want of a better word, which, when executed by all appropriate signatories, it is confirmed for the record, the absolute Reconciliation/Settlement of all outstanding matters concerning the commercial claim that was made against the former Bank for International Settlements, former Federal Reserve Banks, former United States Federal Government and all corporations, amongst many others.

    It could not be described as a “transfer of wealth” (because “transfer” implies the title of the transferor), but more a Reconciliation or Settlement … a record of full, rights, title, ownership, history of funds and origin of funds (for the record) of each and every living creator being on the planet; of any and all value and tangibles, ownership of which was formerly claimed by the aforementioned entities and others, known and unknown. A closing out if you like of a way of conductiong our collective affairs which no longer serves our better interest. Just because you’ve done something one way for thousands of years (if there is such a thing) doen’t mean you have to keep doing it that way, particularly if it is damaging to all living beings.

    It is not so much that the entire system is shut down. The systems and networks are still in place, it is just that any fraud, corruption, unlawful claims of ownership and human slavery have been removed. So yes, the praceipe will have to be executed … and we ain’t takin’ no for an answer this time … get it? Thank you all for doing such an amazing job. Beautiful!

    Praecipe and Declaration of Facts
    [direct link] – https://i-uv.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Pacer-Recorded-09-29-17-Praecipe-HATJ.pdf

    Praecipe – Final Due Notice
    [direct link] – https://i-uv.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/praecipe-final-due-notice1.pdf

    Declaration of Statement of Assesments, Reconciliations and Settlements
    [direct link] – https://i-uv.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/notice-and-declaration-of-statement-of-assessments-reconciliations-and-settlements.pdf

    The Perpetuity (the very first UCC filing know as “The Perpetuity”)

    Definitiion UCC-1 Financing Statement


    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      ; -) (heart) Paul!

    • Paul Mc says : Reply

      For clarity and in relation to the 3rd paragraph of my above comment and for those to whom it may be of importance:

      The Praecipe and Declaration of Facts, as filed (Doc..#43) and referenced above with links, IS the absolute, on its face (“prima facie”) unrebuttable eternal record that there is, nor was there ever, any identification, authority, authorization, or indorsement of any and all the alleged “parties” mentioned therein.

      Therefore, the alleged ‘Pretrial Order’, the alleged ‘Motion in Limine’ and the alleged ‘Notice of Expert Witness Testimony’, the subject of this article and annexed thereto, IS the absolute eternal record, formerly “prima facie evidence” of human slavery, human trafficking, corruption, subversion and deceptive acts and practices.

      Therefore, it IS an unrebuttable matter of eternal record that there is, nor was there ever, any “case” here. That it IS OVER AND DONE. What happens now IS truly amazing!!!

      In pure love and gratitude for ALL,

      • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

        What Unfolds now IS Truly Amazing!!!

        You All Rock!

        I Love YOU!

        • Cynthia says : Reply

          BZ, Now that is an uplifting post full of “HOPE!” I have never met you BZ, but I most definitely love you and all that you are and do for “ALL” You are an amazing example of a” human being” You have had a positive impact on my life. You made my night after a dreadful day. Thank you! 🙂

      • Jeffrey says : Reply

        The praecipe filed by Heather was already rebutted by both judges. Randy’s continued reliance on Heathers paperwork will only result in him spending a long time in jail.

        • Paul Mc says : Reply

          Neither of those particulars are judges and no they did not rebut the Praecipe. The alleged recommendation and order in questions are void and therefore no valid “sentence” can ever be issued.

          • Jeffrey says :

            Both judges have gone through the required process, they are judges.

            The order and recommendation is not void nor has it been voided. The order remains in effect and even if voided the content of the order is still a factual rebuttal of Heathers claims. None of Heathers paperwork can be relied upon by someone facing criminal charges such as Randy for that reason.

    • Joey says : Reply

      Paul Mc


      Thank you!

  18. Caren says : Reply

    This sounds good audit should indicate something . Heather will be able to connect dots :)?? Yes

  19. Red says : Reply

    This is starting to smell like fish…..nice resume format. It is exactly mine!!! Furthermore, don’t mistake innocence for weakness. Any perceived advantage of opportunity is defaulted to the Angel on High, to Source, to Lord of Host, the MOLD, in THE ALL. .DECLARATION READS AND DULY NOTED. DEBASE WARPED MATTER resonance streaming light trail of Dark Energy, leading to the origin. Leading to the ones responsible. Leading to the core root cause. Descending in mighty resounding force upon the ones guilty in committing such atrocity upon human experiences, collectives, and in MOTION fear to make themselves enriched. You lost sight you risked family you hated truth. Sounding fury of vengence says the matter, the energy of less Light. By your denial to Love shall The Judgement extend to you in measure smite for the Elite, Rulers, Powers of Dominion of disdain in slavery your are made fame, and WOE WOE WOE TO THEE OF THESE FAMILIES IN ALL 13.

  20. Paul L. Nally says : Reply

    Partial argument to Motion In Limine to preclude jurisdiction arguments

    6th Cir Cases on judges first examining their jurisdiction

    Association of Seat Lift Mfrs. v. Bowen, 858 F. 2d 308, 317 (Ct of Appeals, 6th Circuit, 1988), (“the district court must examine its jurisdiction over each claim on remand, as its jurisdiction depends on whether the claim lay outside the jurisdiction of the [Carrier] hearing officer.” 804 F.2d at 39. Accordingly, the existence of a hearing in the instant case significantly undercuts any argument for federal court jurisdiction.”)

    In re Allegheny Intern., Inc., 107 BR 518 521(Dist. Ct, WD Pennsylvania, 1989), (“As a preliminary matter, this Court must examine its jurisdiction over these appeals.) And, later, restated at Ib., 117 BR 171, 174 (Dist. Crt, WD Pennsylvania, 1990)

    American Ambulance Service of PA. v. Sullivan, 716 F. Supp. 861, 869 (Dist. Ct, ED Pennsylvania, 1989) (“”district court must examine its jurisdiction over each claim [asserted by plaintiff], as its jurisdiction depends on whether the claim lay outside the jurisdiction of the hearing officer.”)

    Not only must a judge first assure himself of his jurisdiction as to each issue raised, but such examination must be exposed, when necessary, to a thorough and sifting examination, and if necessary, to a hearing, and that hearing at a meaningful time and in a meaningful manner. Nothing less is mandated by the Unreasonable clause. See Matthews v. Eldridge [cites omitted]

    Of course, it is, due to Brady v. Maryland, 373 US 83, 94 (1963), ( … “in the final analysis the jury are the judges of both the law and the facts, and the verdict in this case is entirely the jury’s responsibility.” (Emphasis added.)), understandable why the Prosecution doesn’t want a jury making a decision of this magnitude. Hell, this Corporation can’t have a fully informed jury setting the American People free!

    Hope this helps.

  21. Zach says : Reply

    I would love to be a “juror” on this one!

  22. Carol says : Reply

    I send loving energies to Heather and Randy everyday. This legalese is so much to digest. All I know is this is a farce. They are innocent and yet must endure for ALL. For that I am beyond grateful. Such selflessness.My inner knowing tells me that WE shall prevail!

  23. Gary says : Reply

    When are the next court dates, please?

  24. Jeannie says : Reply

    I love it when I read something that seems like bad news and then instantly read comments that change my entire perspective on what may be happening. You guys are amazing.

    • Joey says : Reply

      Hi Jeannie

      I totally understand. It helps with all the humans chiming in, we all have pieces of understand here as it pertains to the TIMING of said events.

      It’s all very positive…once you let go of the old energies and see what the connections are

  25. Bobby Calandra says : Reply

    `although the USA UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INC is closed I do not feel it was wise for Hatj to deny constitution and state she never signed it ?? we as state Nationals still had our ORGANIC constitution FOR the United states of America which wields all the power anyone using it needs to stop any action taken in defiance of taking an oath to defend it!!!!! the Corporations gone…..NOT US none of us signed it either yet it is all powerful and protects us period…

    • Bobby Calandra says : Reply

      during the “reconstruction act” after the war of northern aggression all states opted (ILLEGALLY) for statehood and thats when the “CORPORATIONS WITH THEIR CORPORATE CONSTITUTIONS Were created! they re-wrote OUR constitution! However if anyone cares to read it and check …our PRE 1849 Constitution holds primary Jurisdiction over the second corporate re-write and that has gone no-where ! so it is very much STILL THERE and very valid!

  26. james-osbourne says : Reply

    The court is a subsidiary of a bankrupt corporation.
    It is a federal crime for the prosecution to represent a bankrupt entity without specific authorization from the bankruptcy court.

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