#HATJ & RKB: Update on Backroom Knox’s Christian Alexander is covering the Alleged case

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Backroom Knox’s Christian Alexander is covering the Alleged case

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BZ: To offer a look in complete transparency I will share with you that I was contacted by this reporter via email at 5:12 AM time stamp (I am not sure if that is Knox local time). Christian Alexander seems to be a reporter who is interested in looking for the truth and the facts as they are not as they have been manufactured to “sell” a narrative and particular slant or perspective.

I have included the email exchange here.


Hello.  Please see my most recent post on the “sovereign citizen.”  I was told to contact you for the correct verbiage.
I am being told that is an oxy moron.  I am perfectly fine with that.  So I changed it to sovereign movement but apparently that is not the correct word either.
Can you please tell me what this movement is called so I can accurate add that to my post and remove sovereign movement?
If you can please let me know what the movement is called in one sentence that would be great and I can replace that with sovereign movement.
Thank you,
My reply was sent to Christian at 7:15 AM pacific time, as I was having a conversation with my pillow prior to that and then it took me a few minutes to fit All that is unfolding into a “sound bite” … lol there is a morning mind teaser for you.
Hi Christian,

I am on the West Coast, hence the delay in seeing this email.

Thank you for getting in touch.

I realize in the world of media the sound bite it king, at labeling, pushing a perspective… inclusive of or in direct contrast to a story being covered or unfolding narrative, as in this instance this court case.

Especially when that sound bite has not already had extensive “push” from the MSM to seed the public at large’s mind with what they want that sound bite to mean and trigger within them.

Having said all that.

I would say It is the Universal Clean up of long standing acts and practices of corruption and human rights abuse perpetrated against humanity and a Universal Unification for transparency of what has being hiding in plain sight for a very long time. Such as the Deep State.

Thank you for contacting me.

BZ Riger

My phone #



Knox County's Prominent “Sovereign Movement” Case Brings the Federal Reserve Bank of New York To the Knoxville Federal…

Posted by Backroom Knox on Friday, January 26, 2018


Knox County’s Prominent “Sovereign Movement” Case Brings the Federal Reserve Bank of New York To the Knoxville Federal Courthouse.

We, in the media, are told that we are confused about the case, so I wanted to share a statement from one of their followers before moving on: “SOVEREIGN CITIZEN IS A RED HERRING…An oxymoronic term coined by the CIA to obfuscate undermine and confuse the uninformed by slandering patriots with a nonsensical pejorative! Search the legal definition for “Sovereign” and also for “citizen”…THEY CONTRADICT ONE ANOTHER…you cannot be simultaneously self-governing (a king—without subjects) AND a slave! What an outrageous charge!!!”

Will the Federal Reserve be exposed in this trial? Or will they lock up their alleged perps. I hope to find the truth at this trial. As will the jury. And it is up to the Defendant and the Prosecution to give us the straight of it, and I will report on what I see.

The case involves over 300,000+ financial transactions and over $31,000,000, including the purchase of a $500,000 marble floored camper from Buddy Gregg Motor Homes in Farragut. The money was apparently added to Randall Keith Beane’s real bank account by using his social security number as an account number and a bank routing number. He is representing himself.

Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf is also representing herself on charges of conspiracy to commit money laundering in regards to the alleged scheme. She had good composer in the courtroom today as she questioned a Federal Reserve Bank Senior Vice President, Sean O’Malley.

O’Malley stated that banks are part owners of the Federal Reserve, in theory, and that individuals do not have accounts. There are 12 Reserve Banks and they serve about 100 central banks. He also stated that over 100 countries have an account at the Federal Reserve in New York.

The Board Of Governors is a not a Private entity, according to O’Malley, and that the Federal Reserve was created by congress and is owned by the People of the United States.

Mr. O’Malley went on to say that there are no secret accounts at the Federal Reserve, and that out of the 300k+ transitions, Mr Beane’s transaction stuck out the most as it was the only one to execute the fraud successfully.

No hacking was involved. And no, this is not a bitcoin related issue.

The Federal Indictment says that Mr. Beane was part of the scheme to make numerous attempts using a valid routing number and fictitious bank account number to purchase CD (certificates of deposits) until a transfer was complete, and then those CD’s were liquidated. Those proceeds would go to Mr. Beane’s personal bank account.

A supporter of the Defendant stated, “It’s not the accounts…this entire case is all about showing the corruption that is going on, not just in this country, but in the world. In a manner in which no one can refute it. No one.”

This writer and millions of others have questions about the Federal Reserve Bank, so any exposure would be helpful. But the defendants have a big hill to climb to get there.

This writer was given a link by one of the Defendant’s supporters to enter a social security number in order to see transactions under my account. I was not convinced, as I could type in random 9 digit numbers and get data.

Local media linked to the Southern Poverty Law Center in regards to helping to define this case.

The SPLC stated, “A number of sovereign citizens engage in fraudulent activity, using paper terrorism to achieve their agendas and commit crimes under the mistaken hope or belief that laws do not apply to them. Some plan or take part in protests against government agencies and institutions, like the ones organized by the Bundy’s in Bunkerville, Nevada and the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Harney County, Oregon. Some have resorted to violence, including acts of domestic terrorism when they felt their freedoms were infringed upon.”

What the Southern Poverty Law Center did not mention when they compare the Bundy’s to the Defendants in this case, was that Bundy’s exposure of the government came to light an exonerated him. The judge in his case scolded the government up and down for lying and corruption.

The defendant’s in this case are also looking to expose the government, just as Bundy and his group did.

This writer is coming into this “movement” as completely ignorant, as most of the readers here will be as well. Using your social security number to pull money out of an account that you supposedly are set up with when you are born is the crux of this case. There will be undertones of the movement. Some of it will be new and strange.

There are so many facets to this movement, and we wont be able to get into them, however it must be noted that the sovereign movement doesn’t have many, if any, cases won.

This case will rest on the shoulders of Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf (HATJ). Let’s see what she does at trial tomorrow.
This is the defendants after the bank made the first recall of the money for the RV, just before the arrests. https://www.youtube.com/watch…

Updates from members of the group who are in the courtroom in support of the Defendants.


28 Responses to “#HATJ & RKB: Update on Backroom Knox’s Christian Alexander is covering the Alleged case”

  1. Susan Kirk says : Reply

    This was an excellent article in referencing the salient facts in this case against these sovereign beings. (no, not citizens/slaves). Thank you for your initial research. I hope you will continue your coverage of this trial. Yes, the Bundy case was dismissed with prejudice due to the dirty works and corruption of the FBI and the BLM, as should be these two cases. The Federal Reserve has enslaved all US “citizens” and now we all should support these people as they seek to bring their (The Federal Reserve) corruption to light on behalf of all of us.

    • Anastasia says : Reply

      Agree with you Susan for the most part. Yes, we are all currently enslaved on this prison planet. But whether it’s directed by the Federal Reserve or by another system or by controllers on this planet or off this planet – that I do not know. I do recall seeing a chart of several different buckets of planetary control – with finances only being one facet.

      So, I share this is to plant the seed to all who see my words to strive towards complete freedom on all levels. For, if we only dissolve the financial piece, the other strongholds are still there.

  2. Tallison says : Reply

    Beautiful and appropriate response BZ!
    “I would say It is the Universal Clean up of long standing acts and practices of corruption and human rights abuse perpetrated against humanity and a Universal Unification for transparency of what has being hiding in plain sight for a very long time. Such as the Deep State.”
    I am grateful that he at least made an attempt to be unbiased!

  3. M Battaglia says : Reply

    Whenever someone references the Soros influenced Southern Poverty Law Center one must understand the Soros agenda as even the word “agenda” was used above … reeking of Soros trying to shut the OPPT down…the item referencing “fictitious banking account numbers” actually is the item describing the all caps printed name on the account confusing as it can also mean story like and not true…perhaps this writer is using a preprinted agenda to write these articles and is not our friend…

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      I do not concur with your categorization that > ” this writer is using a preprinted agenda to write these articles and is not our friend…

      All is Perfect and perfectly done-

      I AM so joyful at the brilliant article and the way Source is flowing through each Original and each is doing their part with specificity and particularity. As All BEAMs light on all that is hidden in plain sight. Not sure I could have scripted the article better myself :- )

      Much love, M Battaglia that you for giving a beautiful illustration highlight to the Soros part and all the rest in the article with your comment.


      • TRON says : Reply

        I like the reporters (mostly) unbiased reporting, and curiosity about the Fed banksters. Nice he counters the “Poverty Law” talking heads with the Bundy case results. Not so nice he inlcudes them as a “source” for data…

        The “Southern Poverty Law Center” reeks of pro CORPO RAT govern mental influence. Not the best source to ask for an un biased opinion.
        Me thinks that Southern Poverty Law Center which claims you are “evil” for thinking government based on violence is not needed is likely a “Soros” or other *not so nice people* {funded} type spin operation.
        You are an “extreme antigovernment” group IF you fall into this terrible way of looking at the world:
        “Generally, such groups define themselves as opposed to the “New World Order,” engage in groundless conspiracy theorizing, or advocate or adhere to extreme antigovernment doctrines.” ~ quoted from the “Southern Poverty Law Center” web site. The site goes on to say that not all groups are violent. Just “extreme” if you oppose the SPLC thought police I guess.
        The “Southern Poverty Law Center” also has a “hate map” https://www.splcenter.org/hate-map I guess we all need more hate ?
        The “Southern Poverty Law Center” also welcomes interesting donation demon ations:
        https://www.splcenter.org/gifts-stock-and-securities ~Interesting given the treasury accounts being discussed in the HATJ vs CORPO RATS case. lol

        It will be most wonderful to read the concluding article that Backroom Knox’s Christian Alexander will publish on this ongoing revelation of the reality of the ‘trust” accounts.

        Is it true that 2.6 billion people lack adequate sanitation – one in three? 1.1 billion people lack access to safe drinking water? 1.8 million people die every year from diarrhoeal diseases, including 90 % of children under 5 ?
        And the banksters are whining about equalizing the playing field by allowing the general population access to funds created out of thin air!

        I hope this alleged court case ends well for all people on earth. Wish there was a ‘hurry up’ button…

    • I referenced local media using SPCL (USA Today/Knox News which are one in the same), so I had to say where Sovereign Citizen was coming from (The media, not from heather or hr co defendant). During the trial that I have watch, I heard no evidence of sovereign citizens engaging in this act. It was brought up one time via a cross question from Heather, to the Fed Reserve VP. He mentioned he knew the word, but the State objected anyone talking about Sovereign citizens and the Judge agreed. So there was no more questioning regarding Sovereign Citizens. I missed day one and day 2 of the trial, unfortunately. And I was there for two other days. 50% sucks but what are ya gonna do. Since this is a new audience, Ill mention to you that I do not use a “pre printed” agenda. That’s funny by the way. 🙂

      • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

        If you look on right hand Nav you will see links to some helpful reference material. History of Banking among others.
        There are many more reference materials on the IUV, these are just a few I highlighted.

        Also on the top Nav you can find bachround material on all the UCC fillings and Factualized Trust etc.

  4. Anasazi says : Reply

    Thanx for the updates BZ.

  5. Carisma says : Reply

    Following this with great interest from the Alps in Europe. There was a swiss lady Eva Spatz she sent money to her account BIZ in Switzerland These accounts exist ! She was threatened and disappeared for three days and so did the videos … there is one left in german https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-B_wA5LytA

    Thank you all God Bless you and let s pray for Heather and hope that truth comes out

  6. Selina Gabriel says : Reply

    This is a great test of integrity for Christian Alexander. I await with baited breath to see how he plays out this opportunity, one that *could* be momentously illusion shattering for…well, dare I say, for humanity?!

  7. Oti says : Reply

    Christian wrote: “Local media linked to the Southern Poverty Law Center in regards to helping to define this case.” That local media linked to the Southern Poverty Law Center does not surprise me. BOTH the Southern Poverty Law Center, and what appears to be a ‘sister’ or ‘connected’ organization, the Anti-Defamation League, are NOTORIOUS for making totally UNSUBSTANTIATED claims about individuals and purported “sovereign citizens movement,” “patriot movement,” and such. I have read material put out by both of these organizations, and I could NOT find one single substantiating reference to any law, code, rule, or case precedent (appellate / supreme court case decisions) in support of their claims / allegations. “Law,” as referenced above, in part being The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution — organic law / common law — which recognizes individual’s PRIVATE, UNalienable, inherent, Creator-endowed rights, see the four (4) Organic Laws which are posted on uscode.house.gov website: http://uscode.house.gov/download/annualhistoricalarchives/pdf/OrganicLaws2012/index.html –; US Code or state code (which is ‘statutory laws’ — which apply ONLY to corporations / when one is operating in “commerce,” as opposed to “free enterprise.” Statutory laws are being maliciously MISapplied or wrongfully applied to people who are acting in their personal, private capacities. The corruption in all branches of government, and brainwashing of the American people, is extremely wide and deep.

  8. Dan Carpenter says : Reply

    Quote: “The Board Of Governors is a not a Private entity, according to O’Malley, and that the Federal Reserve was created by congress and is owned by the People of the United States.” SPLC appears supportive of Deep State by the narrative they provided.

    It is my innerstanding that Congress contracted the Federal Reserve for the money supply and that it is a Privately Owned Corporation and not owned by the People of the United States. Please correct this Canadian if I am wrong here.

    Is the Board of Governors not a mix of individuals of which there are appointees from Congress? Of this I am curious.

    • Anastasia says : Reply

      Oh you are absolutely correct Dan Carpenter.

      By Robert Gover in the book: Time and Money

      “In the 1920’s, Congress asked one Fed member (Donald J. Winn, Assistant to the Board of Governors) if the Fed wasn’t in fact a private corporation. Winn replied, “The Federal Reserve System was established by an act of Congress and is not a private corporation.” He went on to explain: “The stock of Federal Reserve Banks is held entirely by commercial banks that are members of the Federal Reserve System.”

      Say what” How can it NOT be privately held corporation when its stock is privately held by a few bankers? If some homeless guy said he didn’t rob that convenience store, he merely gave it a credit advance, he’d be declared reigning clown of the criminal realm”.

  9. Mark Gregg says : Reply

    Fabulous !!!

  10. kellybe says : Reply

    Beane – the money counter. LOL loving this, it is perfect!

  11. Bill T. says : Reply

    Well, this sure sounds like better press than the big Knoxville paper. So maybe the stuff you talked about in your video reply to my questions the other days is working about sending positive vibrations. I sure hope so. It sounds like Randy did a great job on his opening statement, and maybe we will get to see some magic from Heather next week when she does her opening statement. So if the government is done, and they just have to put on a defense, that’s less work than doing the prosecution’s case, I guess. Do you think that means the trial will be over and they get to go free in a couple of days?

  12. Official Original says : Reply

    Christian, Great article. The Federal Reserve is not Federal; nor, does it have any reserves. The Fed is a privately held bank with 52% of its ownership by the Rothschild family or foreigners to America.

    They set up a strawman account at birth in the form of a commercial bond that is traded. Monies are held in these commercial account in the STRAWMAN name in ALL CAPS. The account number is the social security number that matches that given to the person born and assumed to be lost at sea. There is a lot to this web of corruption and deceit but it boils down to this. In 1862 we went from slavery to enslavement of all on this debtors colony controlled by the City of London. They control the credit rating system, the banks and the money supply. They charge 6% interest (Usury) to the people for funding our Government with money that the US Treasury could do interest free. We are and remain free-range debt-slaves. Look on the Federal Reserve “DEBT NOTES” and read it for yourself. It is not backed by anything. When JFK issued EO 11110 (six months prior to his murder) that EO ordered the Treasury to issue silver backed dollars. After his killing….those silver certificates were halted and taken out of circulation. Connect the dots. There has to be a balance sheet. If the US Government has over $25T in debt…then where is the money? The funds are in accounts in the Federal Reserve tied to the Strawman accounts tied to individuals SSN’s. There are multiple accounts matching each SSN. When an individual dies. Those accounts are used to clear any remaining debts due those companies exposed to this losses that support this scam. Most likely, the remaining funds are split among the 13 member crime families that run this scam on humanity and think they own this planet.

    The economic system is designed to control the masses by keeping people living paycheck to paycheck just barely enough to get by. They try to keep people working, frustrated and confused as they toil on the proverbial hamster wheel of life and career and so brain washed to never have a chance to figure out what’s happening. This concept is not new. Reference Bernard Mandeville, a Mercantilist in the 1600’s that wrote “The Fable of the Bees”.

    There are primarily 3 nation state actors behind this scheme. A nation state, is a sovereign nation within another sovereign nation. The 3 are as follows: Washington D.C. (Muscle/Military); City of London (Finance); and The Vatican (Religious Control/Gold Vault). The birth certificate scam was initiated by the Catholic Church in the 1300’s, before America was even born. As Britain founded the 13 original colonies they brought the system here as well. They use maritime law in all of their deceit. BAR stands for British Accreditation Registry and those taking the BAR sign an oath to the Queen. Birth Certificates are bonds (traded on the market for your value) as required by the church. Fast forward to Circa 2012, Pope Francis then issues a MOTU PROPIO that ended the Strawman companies and demanded to allow the people to access their wealth to end poverty in the world. This is the change which allowed people to then begin to access these STRAWMAN accounts tied to the social security number matching the NAME of the birth certificates.

    In July of 2017 hundreds of thousands of Energy Beings began paying off debts using these accounts. The accounts are real. They are commercial accounts assigned to our social security numbers. They do not want us getting our funds so they can steal them as they planned all along.

    These evil doers use mass media to mind control the public to prevent everyone from finding out our true identity. They also use the “divide and conquer” technique to keep people at odds in order to mass control the “free-range slaves” living on the debtors colony. In actuality we are living energy Creator beings meant by God, Our Infinite Creator, to be free and to Live and Love and help one another.

    It is time to end this. Free humanity once and for all.

    • Anastasia says : Reply

      Amen Original! Amen.

      The only thing I would add is to not limit your KNOWING to the monies being held only in the ALL CAP NAME. It’s held and traded and hypothecated and securitized in every single NAME variation you can imagine. All Cap. ALL Cap. all CAP. AlL CaP….get the point.

      Start noticing the bills that come to you and the different ways your name is spelled. They aren’t typos. It’s all very specific and planned. But, remember the poor clerks and random people working in the companies, generally have no clue. The knowledge is very compartmentalized and hidden. A hidden structure perfect for plausible deniability.

  13. Pamela says : Reply

    I confess to not reading much if this, but I get the idea. They got this in place in 2012 in preparation. Sent to me by a loved one to show me I am crazy for “buying into this crap”. https://www.canlii.org/en/ab/abqb/doc/2012/2012abqb571/2012abqb571. BZ my heart is with you and your brother, I also just “lost” someone very important to my heart and your note to your brother was very helpful, thank you

  14. Pamela says : Reply

    Im sorry BZ the link gives a 404 message here. Its some huge explanation regarding a case called Meade vs Meade.. seems they covered all the bases here, hahaha :)…….. Introduction to Organized Pseudolegal Commercial Argument [OPCA

  15. Dee Ess Double Ewe says : Reply

    Please don’t take this wrong.. It’s not a make wrong. Simply a request to correct your pronounciation of Praecipe. It’s pronounced the same as recipe – ress-eh-pee not pray-seh-pay! 😉
    Please see this link… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YvD3YhByFs

    Great work you guys! Love what you’re doing oh fellow great beings!
    The end and a new beginning is near!
    GodSpeed HATJ and RKB! YOU GUYS ROCK!

  16. Danae says : Reply

    For a good history lesson and context of the fraud, and it was all fraud from its inception, see SECRETS OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE by Eustace Mullins. At least read Chapter 2, pages 10-15.


  17. Oti says : Reply

    Carl Miller on Dollars, 1995 (he covers the below referenced ‘coffee bean’ case)
    a very famous case,
    Montgomery Wards vs Eugene Glascher
    Case Number: 82-002087
    52nd District Court, 3rd Division, Michigan
    Judge James P. Sheehy

    Judge James P. Sheehy made a legal determination that the substance of the money of the account of the United States Government was coffee beans. Defendant agreed to judgment and paid judgment in the amount of 1,148 coffee beans. Montgomery Ward v. Glaysher, 82-002087 (52nd District Court of Michigan, October 8, 1982). Montgomery Ward accepted the ‘payment’ of coffee beans and never objected, and never appealed. There’s a HUGE reason for MW’s silence on this subject . . . an enormous financial fraud that the banksters have perpetrated against the American people. The banksters are running a criminal monopoly on counterfeiting, called Federal Reserve Notes, and have enslaved the American people (and other people’s of the world) through unlawful so-called ‘debt,’ which is void from the beginning. Iceland became pro-active with regard to the banksters and their unlawful phoney debt…research what Iceland did about the banksters.

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