HATJ RKB: An invitation to join Alchemy of the Highest Order: Happy B-Day RKB: Repentence

by / Monday, 25 September 2017 / Published in Eternal Essence Embodied, HATJ

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HATJ RKB: An invitation to join Alchemy of the Highest Order: Happy B-Day RKB: Repentence

By Luna See, published on September 25, 2017




After reading a Birthday message to RKB, I start my flow of ideas about SAYOP and the decision making process. Most are in DE-pendence. To progress, we Re-pend. When that is complete, we are Repent.



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  1. Shirley Z says : Reply

    In Love The world is Sending in form and no form to Randy to Effect/Affect ALL in All ways, Always a return to the Original BEing and DO’ing…….THE UNIVERSE IS WATCHING

  2. Carol says : Reply

    Oh YES, my birthday post card is on it’s way!. The last post card that I sent was returned as “Refused”. Randy did receive my first post card and he even responded. Looking forward to his release and all charges dropped. That is my daily intention as I pray for both he and Heather each day during my meditation. Carol J.(California)

  3. Happy ARRIVAL day to RKB. On another note, it’s sad that “WE” haven’t heard anything more about the TDA’s Heather or anything remotely to what that was all about? Hearts are hurting we are constantly told it’s not just about access to money which by the way has been stolen from us in the first place, whether or no it’s a good thing the “THEY” created it using our names for their own benefits, PEOPLE are hurting financiallt and to be fooled unless, UNLESS HATJ can’t come out and say what the real deal is? Whatever the case maybe,if your hearts are as pure for the MASSES as you claim they are, PLEASE inform us of the REAL!
    The SC.

  4. Patrick says : Reply

    Hats off to you Luna See!
    Great message to Randy, thank you for that, it all makes a difference and I’m sure Randy will appreciate your kind words!

    Subscribes to your channel and look forward to watching your videos and learning more about what you have to say, you have a unique background and I’m sure you’ve done plenty of research also.

    Be well my friend

  5. Doreen says : Reply

    Repentance By Neville Goddard 06-09-1969

    Man thinks that in some strange way he is going to improve this world, but it is a schoolroom and will remain just that. The kingdom of heaven is not interested in improving this world; it is only interested in taking people out of this world by drawing them into itself – which is an entirely different world. But we can change the events in this schoolroom through the act of revision. https://ourgreaterdestiny.wordpress.com/2017/08/29/what-is-repentance-radically-changed-intender/

  6. Michael DePaola says : Reply

    Hi to Heather and Randy,
    I have been keeping my heart open and sending loving thoughts. I watched Luna-See video and it was so nice that he reached out to Randy. I know that all will work out for everyone real soon. I want to send my Love and Gratitude to the two very beautiful beings on the front line taking all the bullets for us. BZ thank you for your work that you do keeping us all connected on your site.

    With Love and Gratitude

  7. Ines E. says : Reply

    Wishing Randy and happy belated birthday, Staying strong and Positive.

  8. Arteestic says : Reply

    Yes it’s on its way. I ‘drew’ a bday cake with words. Hope it gets through. Great post. Thank you Luna See.

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