#HATJ & RKB: 1-11-18 Service, Scans of Originals, and Proof of Filing, Certified Copies

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#HATJ & RKB: 1-11-18 Service, Scans of Originals, and Proof of Filing, Certified Copies



From: Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf
Sent: Friday, January 12, 2018 1:04 AM
To: fllloydjr@gmail.com; cynthia.davidson@usdoj.gov; lawyer.mcgrath@yahoo.com; anne-marie.svolto@usdoj.gov
Subject: 1-11-18 Service, Scans of Originals, and Proof of Filing, Certified Copies

TO: Francis Lloyd, Cynthia Davidson, Anne-Marie Svolto, and Stephen McGrath, for Randall Keith Beane.



RE:  Scans of Due Rejections and Declaration of C.I.A., Proof of Service, and Proof of Filing.

Annexed Attachments:

  1.  1.11.18 Certified Copy.Filing.Service.pdf (Time/Date Stamp and Certified Copy Stamp Proofs of Service and Filing.)
  2. REJ-PRETRIAL-ORDER-01-11-2018.pdf (Scan of original Due Rejection, without dishonor, for due cause of original document marked as “Document 77”.)
  3. REJ-IN LIMINE 01-11-2018.pdf (Scan of original Due Rejection, without dishonor, for due cause of original document marked as “Document 78”.
  4. REJ-EXPERT-WITNESS-01-11-2018.pdf (Scan of original Due Rejection, without dishonor, for due cause of original document marked as “Document 79”.)
  5. DECL-OF-COMMITMENT 01-11-2018.pdf (Scan of original Declaration of Commitment, Intent, and Action, Without Prejudice, Nunc Pro Tunc, Praeterea Preterea.)


Each annexed attachment above is restated and incorporated by reference, as if set forth in full.

Additional service by email done, for due cause, including specifically and particularly:

  1. Receipt of insufficient service of documents marked 77, 78, 79, and notice of a purported hearing 1-12-18, 2:00 pm est, annexed attachments restated; Said receipt beginning approximately 55 hours ago through 2:00 pm est, 1-11-2018; and,
  2. Historical delays in timely official electronic processing, recording, and service of originals to alleged parties.

Warmest regards always.
Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf



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1.11.18_Certified Copy.Filing.Service


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1.11.18_Certified Copy.Filing.Service





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REJ-IN LIMINE 01-11-2018


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REJ-IN LIMINE 01-11-2018






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16 Responses to “#HATJ & RKB: 1-11-18 Service, Scans of Originals, and Proof of Filing, Certified Copies”

  1. Jay J says : Reply

    Good luck, HATJ and RKB – we are here, sending love your way.

  2. Joey says : Reply

    DAMN I am good…JUST LIKE I SAID!!!


  3. Tallison says : Reply

    This is very interesting. The Court doesn’t have Jurisdiction and they know it. Sending Heather and Randy wave’s of Love and support! I see this alleged court case dismissed with prejudice.

  4. Dan Carpenter says : Reply

    sending love your way Heather and Randy

  5. TRON says : Reply

    WTF!?! Basically they are FORCING HATJ and RKB to attend court by blunt assertions of power.

    No matter how much “Duly rejected, without dishonor, for due cause”, Heather indicates, they continue to violently impose themselves. Heather certainly is insistent on expressing the reality of the situation, I love that!

    Whats it gonna take to stop the abrogation of Heather and Randys free will choice?

  6. FRANZ says : Reply

    I believe in YOU and you are a HEROINE

  7. Tallison says : Reply

    Curious what went down today with this Pre -Trial? Anything you can share BZ?

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      from one perspective- It was a short simple linear pre-trial conference. Laying out how things will flow and logistical steps prior to and including the alleged trial…

      from another perspective- It was an amplification of revealing all that is/was embedded in the alleged judicial system and a federal trial on fraud…

      from another perspective- it was a connection for all beings to come into coherence and to “see” that ALL will be revealed and all is flowing into completion…

  8. Dee Ess Double Ewe says : Reply

    You gottem on the run baby! Lettem have it! WIN! 😉
    GodSpeed you guys!

  9. larry teal says : Reply

    Love, hugs and tomorrow! with you ALL the way’ YA!

  10. Cynthia says : Reply

    Facebook Post Friday 12/12/2018 Judy Vancil Jandora 10 hrs ago: Hi EveryONE!! Heather, Bill and I will be going to an unexpected “Pre-Trial meeting” today. They gave her 72 hour notice online and 24 hour notice by mail. Seems the continued actions of not following their own rules is continuing in an attempt to make this into what they wish. They are attempting to quash the “Jurisdiction” Issue.
    All your calm Love and Light support is honored and accepted <3 Heather is, as always, in Pure Peace knowing SHE IS THE ONLY ONE WRITING HER STORY. BIG LOVE TO ALL .. This case effects us ALL <3 <3 <3 We'll get to see Randy!! Bonus!…. Follow-up Post: Heather feels it went very well.. thanks for all your light and love and support.. More to come. Follow-up Post:The meeting was just a run through for how that court works in a trial.. she really liked the judge and was there to let them lay out what they had to offer.. There were some sensitives sent by 3 letter agncs… still, all went smoothly.. Randy was directed to keep eyes off of us, he looked a bit pale, but we all showered him with regenerative energies and lots of love.. H is very upbeat and excited that we are at this point and has utmost confidence that all will complete as planned. <3 <3 <3. Thank you Judy for the info. & updates.

  11. Colin says : Reply

    In 2017 alone for civil cases and criminal defendants in the U.S. district courts, there were a total of 367,937 filings. You will discover that this no special case – just one of a vast multitude.

  12. Mary Ann says : Reply

    I want to send love and light ..bless all it is looking great. God is with Us, Be at peace.

  13. Paul Mc says : Reply

    In pure love and eternal gratitiude to and for every one; and ALL,

    Okay, let’s break it down shall we?

    In the first instance, it must be made clear that this comment is duly made specifically and particularly in relation to a former and alleged “court case”, with percieved identifiers of ‘UNITED STATES OF AMERICA v. RANDALL KEITH BEANE AND HEATHER ANN TUCCI-JARRAF’ and ‘No. 3:17-CR-82′ and ‘UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT’ and ‘EASTERN DISTRICT OF TENNESSEE AT KNOXVILLE’.

    Furthermore, it is made only and specifically in relation to the duly identified and recorded Original FACTUALIZED TRUST(s) with Reference Names: Randall Keith Beane and Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf. Being a significant, specific detail in relation to the following. Therefore it only applies, in particular, to this former, alleged and percieved “court case” as described above. Direct links are provided for reference.

    Original Due Declaration and Notice of Factualized Trust for:
    Heather – https://tinyurl.com/y9785jg7
    Randy – https://tinyurl.com/yc6kztms

    In order to comprehend in its entirety the true nature of any particular cause or matter of law it is necessary to go back to the beginning. For our purposes then, the specific and originating document at issue is a percieved, former and void ‘indictment’ as above entitled. For reference, the following direct links are provided:

    Heather: https://i-uv.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/48-Pacer-Cancel-for-Due-Cause-HATJ-10-13-17.pdf
    Randy: https://tinyurl.com/yaeusqqy

    In the indictment, as originally issued, the very first words appearing are ‘UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT’.

    So it is claiming to be from a ‘DISTRICT COURT’ of some legal person or entity in the name of ‘UNITED STATES’.

    We know that ‘UNITED STATES’ is an artificial person and legal fiction as it is certainly not a living being.

    An artificial person and legal fiction cannot speak for itself, it can only speak through an authorised officer.

    No such person or officer can be found and or is refusing to identify themselves, as a matter of record.
    See: Doc. #54. Praecipe, Final Due Notice, Declaration of Due Cause, Articles I-VIII. – https://tinyurl.com/yd33qw6k

    Nobody is willing or able to stand over it, speak for it and prove its legal existence, status or authority.

    The legal existence, status or authority of ‘UNITED STATES’ therefore is entirely absent.

    Such ‘court’ therefore is NOT and cannot be in existence.

    As a matter of law, and in law, such ‘court’ does not legally exist.

    You cannot have a ‘trial’ in circumstances where there is no court in existence.

    It will AUTOMATICALLY fail.

    It is IMPOSSIBLE therefore, as a matter of law, for there to be any ‘trial’.

    It will collapse of its own accord as a mathematical certainty, one way or the other.

    It is such a certainty because law is and must be certain. In law either it is or it is not … it cannot be both.

    Nobody can predict exactly how this will happen, except that it is the only thing that can happen.

    Otherwise it is not law; it is something other than law.

    Anything and everything else, on that basis then, is force, which is not valid in law as it defeats its very purpose.

    Such force then amounts to and is the equivalent of slavery.

    Anyone who persists with such force therefore is confirmed to be aiding and abetting a foreclosed slavery system.

    The foregoing is unrebuttable, a matter of eternal record and a matter of law; if there is such a thing as law.

    Therefore the entire endeavour, IS, in actuality, an illusion.

    And that IS the whole point of these particular circumstances.

    To make visible the illusion for exactly what it is … to ALL.

    Nobody can see the illusion for you.

    You only see it for yourself and realize it for yourself.

    Yes, it is really, really convincing. It certainly looks entirely real doesn’t it?

    Happily, nothing could be further from the truth.

    You are the sole authority in your existence and you can prove it. It is proven, as described above.

    You will know when you have made this realization. The immediate direct consequence is laughter.

    Laughter is the harmonized factualization of pure love and pure joy. The Original purpose of our physical existence.

    NOW … absolute context is visible to ALL. Absolute, as in … not one bit of data missing.

    all the best for NOW,
    eternally, gratefully,
    love :-*

  14. Barbara says : Reply

    CLEARLY: It is time to place another Clarion Call for a Co-Creation Meditation with the focus on the end result– seeing RKB and HATJ released safely and swiftly without further stressors to endure– with prejudice. If you choose, please Join us wherever you are at 12:00 PST Jan 16– auspicious day astrologically– to visualize and create Our Family’s immediate freedom with the Magic of Love– do it with pure White Loving Light and dissolve any construct and paradigm of enslavement. If we do it for One we do this for All. So let’s wake up that One that’s needed to Make it happen. I include a lovely message that I received from RKB’s family member, Patricia. Randy’s gratitude needs to be shared with you.

    “Hi, Barbara – this is Patricia Crawford, Randy’s family. I wanted to send a message thanking you for all you are doing to assist, you are a blessing to all. There was a pre-trial hearing yesterday and it appears this will go to trial on January 23rd. Randy is hopeful that one juror will be awake, be educated, and believe! They only need one juror out of the 12 to set them free. This is Randy’s message that he asked me to share with all that has supported and donated to him – to please express his gratitude and appreciation – he has been in jail since July 11th and without your support he would not be mentally ready for this trial. Your support has helped beyond words and we are forever grateful. Much Love. Patricia Crawford ”

    Sending you all Love, Light and Gratitude

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