#HATJ: Pair of ‘Sovereign Citizens’ stand trial in Knox; one sought meeting with Trump

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Pair of ‘Sovereign Citizens’ stand trial in Knox; one sought meeting with Trump

BZ: A fine example of our main stream media- (CIA wing of the#DEEPSTATE) taking the “Company Line” and running with it. Another beautiful example of all unfolding and Unbinding/unwinding for all to see.

You can watch as three women discuss what actually went on in the court room by clicking this link. One of those women,Sheila Corona is pictured in this image of #HATJ (over right shoulder) outside the Eastern Tennessee District Court Tuesday morning 1.23.18








Both are affiliated with the Sovereign Citizens movement, a loose affiliation of citizens who insist the federal government is illegitimate and often use that mantra as a defense to a host of financial crimes, including tax evasion and fraud.

Demanding a White House meeting

Testimony Tuesday in Chief U.S. District Judge Tom Varlan’s courtroom showed Tucci-Jarraf was arrested in July after she showed up outside the White House and demanded U.S. Secret Service agents allow her inside for a meeting with the president.

That same day she posted a YouTube video about Beane’s related arrest in Knoxville. Both are the subject of a Change.org petition by fellow Sovereign Citizens demanding the pair be freed.

Tucci-Jarraf was a licensed lawyer in Oregon who worked for a time as a state prosecutor before she became involved with the Sovereign Citizens movement and soon became a leader in the One People’s Public Trust, a group with similar leanings that claimed it “foreclosed” on all world governments and promised followers they could collect a slice of $10 billion in gold and silver using “collection notices.”

The One People’s Public Trust dissolved a few years ago, but Tucci-Jarraf remained a well-known “legal adviser” for Sovereign Citizens, such as Beane, a veteran of the U.S. Air Force who was working for Advantage Innovations in Knoxville.

Federal prosecutors Cynthia Davidson and Anne-Marie Svolto allege Beane was drowning in debt, having borrowed tens of thousands of dollars from the United Services Automobile Association, an online banking service exclusively catering to current and former military personnel.

Check-kiting for the modern age

They allege Beane concocted a scheme last year to use automatic delays in the banking system of transfers of money from one bank to another – essentially an online method of the old-fashion check-kiting scheme – to buy Certificate of Deposits using the Federal Reserve Bank’s routing number and a fake checking account number, quickly liquidating the CDs and stashing the money in his USAA accounts.

USAA allowed its members to make immediate withdrawals – before the transaction was approved and funded.

“We’re here today because Randall Keith Beane robbed a bank … using just his fingers (and a computer),” Svolto told jurors Tuesday.

Beane allegedly used the scheme to “buy” $30 million in CDs and managed to liquidate nearly $2 million before USAA discovered the deceit.

He used some of the money to pay off debts, bought an $86,000 vehicle and a $500,000 motor home, Svolto said.

FBI Agent Parker Still told jurors his agency learned about the fraud scheme around the same time Beane was making plans to buy the motor home – a palatial recreational vehicle with two bathrooms, marble floors and countertops and pop-out side rooms – from Buddy Gregg Motor Homes in Farragut in July.

“All of a sudden we have information Buddy Gregg was going to turn over this mobile home to him,” Still testified. “I literally jumped up from the computer … and we ran out the door. We were flying down (Interstate) 40 with our lights on.”

When agents arrived, Still said Beane was behind the wheel of the motor home, which was running, as he prepared to leave Buddy Gregg.

The agents repeatedly yelled at Beane to turn off the motor home and come out, Still said, but he refused.

“We immediately grabbed Mr. Beane,” Still said. “He (was) resisting. I told him to stop resisting.”

He didn’t, and two of his friends videoed the fracas with law enforcement that left Beane with a wound to his head, for which Still said he later refused treatment.

“I was provided a piece of paper with the name ‘Heather’ on it … (and told) that this was an attorney (for Beane) you should call,” Still testified.

Sovereign lawyer?

Still did call, and Tucci-Jarraf told him she was an attorney and made reference to a role in “military operations.” She is accused of helping Beane set up a trust to try to hide the motor home purchase.

Still said Tucci-Jarraf was arrested a few days later outside the White House after the FBI got a tip from the U.S. Secret Service that she was demanding a meeting with the president.

Neither Beane nor Tucci-Jarraf made an opening statement in Tuesday’s trial. Tucci-Jarraf asked Still during cross-examination if his agency had or would investigate the Federal Reserve Bank – another government institution Sovereign Citizens insist is illegitimate – for “using unsuspecting American citizens” in a financial scheme she did not explain.

Beane used his questioning of Still to complain about his arrest.

“Do you remember laughing at me, poking at me?” Beane asked, adding that he was in the back of a patrol car at the time.

Still conceded he laughed when Beane was finally wrested to the ground, handcuffed and placed in a patrol car.

“It was a stressful situation,” Still said. “I’m sure there was laughter.”

It’s not clear yet what specific defense to the charges Beane and Tucci-Jarraf intend to mount. In court pleadings, they’ve used traditional Sovereign Citizens tactics, including filing “declarations” challenging the federal government’s authority and legitimacy.

The trial continues Wednesday.




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  1. Oliver says : Reply

    Sovereign citizen affiliate my ass.. and $1,5 million.. what a bunch of horse sh***t.. from USA today!



  2. Bill T. says : Reply

    BZ, you say “Another beautiful example of all unfolding and Unbinding/unwinding for all to see.” I don’t understand much about all this BEing and DOing that you talk about in your other posts. Could you help me understand more about what “unbinding” and “unwinding” means?

    When I read what you wrote, it seems to me that you’re saying that this news story is a good thing, but it certainly does not put Heather and Randy in a very good light. A lot of people are going to read this story and think that Heather and Randy are just another pair of bank robbers or common criminals. That doesn’t sound like an example of the old order unwinding and opening up so that the new order can be established. It sounds like the powers that be think the old order is hanging together just fine in this case. And if the establishment isn’t worried, then doesn’t that mean we should be a little bit concerned about how this is going?

    Thank you for your help in understanding what’s going on. I keep trying, so that I can send hope for the right thing to happen, but it’s harder than I thought.

  3. Joey says : Reply

    They neglected to discuss the 27mil he actually received…SO funny comical in fact how they are really trying so hard to spin this as sovereign citizens ….LOL they left out so much information.

    • Anastasia says : Reply

      27M received? I wasn’t aware of that. Though if it’s the case, why the requests for funds to help with the whole situation?

      My heart goes out to all the players – those standing for the light and truth and those holding on so firmly to lies and deceit and eons of oppression they believe to be the truth.

    • Tallison says : Reply

      Yes it’s amazing that no one is asking or saying where the rest of the funds went to!

  4. Patrizia says : Reply

    qualcuno un giorno mi disse: “ parlino bene o parlino male, purché parlino!…. vuol dire che susciti interesse “
    quindi il non caso inizia a suscitare interesse e costruiscono articoli beatfull ? – ricordiamoci che la verità viene sempre a galla ed ORA più che mai ?-
    Grazie di cuore BZ peri l’aggiornamento e l’impegno costante

    • Dan Carpenter says : Reply

      Patrizia says: google translate:
      someone one day said to me: “speak well or speak badly, provided they speak! …. it means that you raise interest “then the non-case begins to arouse interest and build beatutifull articles ? – remember that the truth is always afloat and NOW more than ever
      -Thank you, BZ, for the update and constant effort

  5. Juanita Gutierrez says : Reply

    IT IS THE EYES OF GOD WE LOOK THROUGH WHEN VIEWING ONE ANOTHER. The two Sovereign Citizens are defending the population from the reality we will soon know and some of us already know.”FOR IN TRUTH, YOU ESTABLISHED YOUR GOVERNMENT SO AS NOT TO BE OVERBURDENED BY TAXES. YOU ARE ALL FREE-YOU JUST DO NOT KNOW IT.”-telos.diannerobbins.com…https://www.amazon.com/Juanita-Gutierrez/e/B0791MXZWX/ref=ntt_dp_epbwk_0

  6. matthew says : Reply

    ” … essentially an online method of the old-fashion check-kiting scheme … ” still lol

  7. ojoe442 says : Reply

    People, you’re seeing what goes on in all courts today, the only thing that is different in this trial your seeing it without the vail or the stuff that they are hiding or not telling you. With the vail lifted you now see how corrupt they really are. What they are really doing is making you think one thing while meaning something else. They are the ones using fraud to run the court. YOU WILL SEE

  8. Official Original says : Reply

    They also conveniently claim “Fake Account number” rather than the truth: real account using your social security number. Every member of the Jury has several of these accounts in their name being manipulated by the FED.
    The “Sovereign Citizens” ploy is also a common “Dog Whistle” tactic used by the Feds to undermine their credibility with the Jurors. This is used much like the brain washing tactic of “Conspiracy Theorists” which media has programmed the masses to automatically think of “Tin Hat” wearing fools.
    HATJ and RB will expose the Truth and hopefully unveil the entire scam of debt slavery from Birth to Death that is being perpetrated upon humanity by the privately held Federal Reserve, which is NOT Federal; nor does it have any reserves other than funds stolen from “Average Americans”

  9. Tallison says : Reply

    None of this news story surprises me at all. The so called media has it’s playbook to follow and that’s what they do right now. That is shifting too. Heather and Randy have stated multiple times that they aren’t sovereign citizens. But that is where the court wants them to be seen. #fulltransparencynow

  10. MATTHEW JONES says : Reply

    What a misrepresentation! The article states, “using the Federal Reserve Bank’s routing number and a fake checking account number, quickly liquidating the CDs and stashing the money in his USAA accounts.” Why not write the truth? HE USED HIS SOCIAL SECURITY ACCOUNT NUMBER… I have been doing it for 6 months and am up thousands, or down thousands in bad debt(depending how one views this). THE GOV AND BANKS ARE FRAUDS.

  11. Dee Ess Double Ewe says : Reply

    Love it!

  12. Lisa says : Reply

    LOL.. well ok.. MSM so bad.. everywhere sheesh…

  13. Rene says : Reply

    SOVEREIGN CITIZEN IS A RED HERRING…An oxymoronic term coined by the CIA to obfuscate undermine and confuse the uninformed by slandering patriots with a nonsensical pejorative! Search the legal definition for “Sovereign” and also for “citizen”…THEY CONTRADICT ONE ANOTHER…you cannot be simultaneously self-governing (a king—without subjects) AND a slave! What an outrageous charge!!!

  14. Virgil PHELPS says : Reply

    Your Birth Certificate has been made into a Bond which is traded by the Government on the Stock Exchange – HATJ – Heather and Randal have never identified themselves as ‘Sovereign Citizens’ that is a LIE perpetuated by the News Media. The TDA Accounts or “Treasury Direct Accounts” are better explained here by April LaJune – https://youtu.be/eZxBtMt0C_U

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