#HATJ- Note Written Before Remanding 2.1.18

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#HATJ- Note Written Before Remanding 2.1.18


BZ: This is a note that Heather wrote at the defense table and handed to her Elbow counsel to give to Bill. Bill gave it to me as Heather wanted it published for All to read.








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  1. Mamma G says : Reply

    ?LOVE? is the answer to EVERY question ?

  2. Gary says : Reply

    Will there be an appeal?

  3. Mamma G says : Reply

    Words are insufficient to express the depth of love, compassion, and admiration that I, and so many others, have towards Heather and Randy for placing themselves on the frontline like they have.
    Even though many are aware that this is all part of what’s necessary to transition our consciousness to a higher, more expansive level, I still marvel at Heather and Randy’s fortitude and courage in the face of what to many ‘outwardly appears’ to be a ‘wrong/bad/uninformed’ decision by the jury.
    Much love to all their family and friends who may not be as consciously aware on an inner plane that all is unfolding as it should ???
    G ❤

    • Anita says : Reply

      Couldn’t have said it better! ❤️

    • the judge, the DA , the JURY all swore an oath to defend the constitution!!! (whether its all real or imagined)…
      LAW…LEGAL… one can sometimes be soooo fooled thinking they are the same??? when you swear an oath to uphold the LAW it doesn’t`t matter what you think is LEGAL!!!! the judge, the JURY violated their OATH!!!!!!
      cute little trick …get everyone concerned with whats legal and guess what……??????
      they all violated their oath !!!! GAME OVER!!!! BUT YOU SEE NOT ONE PERSON UNDERSTANDS OR BELIEVES WHAT I JUST SAID !!!????? so the cartoon characters get to keep playing court ?? if and when a person can stay so focused on the constitution and everyones (doesn’t`t fall for diversionary tricks) but STAYS FOCUSED!!! on constitutional law and those swearing an OATH to defend it!!!!! there can only be (1) outcome!!!! LAW OUTWEIGHS LEGAL!!!!!!! 2 different things!!!!!! STATUTES AND CODES AND ACTS mean (zilch) when its constitutional law… and by that I mean PRE 1849 constitution before the (corporate re-write)!!!!! This showing was so beautiful and honest and had such wonderful intention!!! but when I heard said (I’m not a state national sovereign) and the constitution is just a contract that they didn’t`t sign …I suspected that was the trap….there is so much difference between the “Constitution For the united States) pre 1849 and the (CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES ) INC …. THE charter and the corporation was foreclosed absolutely!!! which left WHAT!!?????? the organic Constitution and the OATH to it!!!!!! cheers ….its all good

  4. Krazy888 says : Reply

    It’s good to hear from you. Thank you so much.

  5. Tallison says : Reply

    “Oneness Excludes Nothing. No Exceptions. Unconditional Love Includes Everything. No Exceptions.”

  6. Oceanno says : Reply

    All is in the right place to make the right steps! Trust in the process! Love You All

  7. Mary says : Reply

    Namaste’ Heather and Randy and All

  8. Jody says : Reply

    I’m not much of a talker “The silent type” you might say. But I been following for a while now …Even before this court case. I feel like I’m not understanding or just completely loss, or just Dumb founded lol.
    Did Heather talk to “POTUS” when she got arrested in Washington? All is Perfect and Perfectly Done. she put in her letter..I know in my heart there is more to this. as people mentioned, in almost like coded words, it’s just the begining.

    Thanks BZ and the 3 wonderful ladies for all the updates
    and to Heather and Randy you truly are an Inspiration Much Luv

    Sorry for the rambling.

  9. Tallison says : Reply

    Something very different/new happened today during my awake time. I experienced a few moments where it was like I traveled ahead in time. Yesterday’s verdict happened along time ago and the world I’m in is all new.The struggle is over and everything is clear…and now I am drifting back and forth so to speak…Love truly is the answer always.

    • Anonymous says : Reply

      Yes! It’s very hard to put into words what i m feeling and describing the sensation that the imminent fear is dissipated. It is done already and has been done. Like i ve warped ahead and no longer living in the past; the past ways of the generation before us, and before them, but living in the moment of now. Where the rules are different, the atmosphere is different, and we are now truly free to DO and create, forging our new path into the unwritten future without the baggage of the past. Much ❤️ love ❤️

  10. Arvel says : Reply

    I’m sorry. Can someone please explain to me how going to prison is perfect? Sounds like wasted time to me. But that’s just my opinion.

    • Neil Wolfe says : Reply

      There is a sequence of events occurring here on Earth right now- HUGE changes on an energetic level that can not only be felt BUT also involves actual astro-physics as our sol system moves into another layer, a higher vibrational layer of our galaxy- think of it as an onion of energy we are moving from a lower vibe denser layer into a higher vibe less dense existence where even the basic laws of physics will change.

      This is a process that requires a sequence of events to assist in the awakening of humanity. We don’t always know what those events or that sequence will be BUT we know that when we look back that these events and players will have great meaning in achieving the end goal which is enough of us realizing our true self which will then change reality itself- we have that power within and we aren’t far away at all from reaching that critical mass of awareness that will change life as we know it.

      Like many of us- HATJ and RB are not beings that would normally incarnate here on Earth- they are beings that have very specific missions- they are very specialized in what they do and are fully aware of what that mission is when they choose to incarnate here. There are currently millions of us incarnated here on Earth at this time for this very special sequence of events that will liberate this planet once and for all. Many following this case are indeed that sort of being that chose to incarnate here and assist- some have still not fully realized what they truly are and why they are here but they will when the time is right for that to happen.

      Understand that in the end HATJ and RB are experts at what they do and have completed similar missions together many times before in many other places- the prison planet model is not unique to Earth although Earth is the last great battle that will be fought in this galaxy.

      Just know that without question we are winning- looking within and connecting with your true self and realizing what you truly are will help you to feel that beyond a shadow of a doubt regardless of what you interpret as reality here on Earth such as HATJ and TB being incarcerated. This is all in essence a simulation that- Earth is a classroom that is the gameboard for souls to play and evolve. Beings like HATJ and RB aren’t here for the lessons life on this planet has to offer but instead to end the abuse of those who are came here to evolve their energetic frequency/signature.

      Life in this 3-d existence can sometimes feel like trudging through mud up to your knees- that’s because in your natural state you are an energetic being that doesn’t have to deal with the sort of low frequency density that Earth has to offer BUT the challenges inherent to this sort of planet does give souls the opportunity to make great spiritual leaps in a relatively short period of time.

      Please know it won’t be long now before we are celebrating yet another victory as the master ‘system busters’ that we are- we have done this together time and time again and we ALWAYS succeed. The best way in which each of us can help in achieving mission goals is to realize what you truly are- realize the power that YOU have in shaping the ‘reality’ you are experiencing- focus your thoughts and intentions, your prayers, your entire energetic being on feeling the how it will feel when the liberation process here on Earth is complete and it will occur sooner than you think. Even if you don’t feel it right away you fake it until you do- you are a powerful being and your powers, when focused and harnessed, will play a significant role in hastening this victory.

      Love and gratitude to HATJ and TB- as always they serve others and fulfill their mission with honor, dignity, and love for their fellow beings. Hang on there everyone- we’re almost there!

      • Diane says : Reply

        Thank you Neil for the clarification & sharing your inner standing with us! Much love to you.

      • Arteestic says : Reply

        Neil, love what you wrote. Awesome clarification. It is through the UNITY and COMPASSION that we ALL will increase the light that comes to this planet. And soon all will feel what it is to be Truly Who We Are and Free. Hugs and love to you, Heather, Randy and all who DO in this unfolding.

      • matthew says : Reply

        beautiful and inspiring words neil
        love and light to us ALL as the unfolding continues

      • Barbara says : Reply

        Wow! Wolfie– you are GOOOOODDDDD! Wise and wonderful ‘splainin’ and cudoes for saying what you did, when you did!— much needed reminder after we all witnessed what looks like more of the “same old same old” on the surface. I honor you All on the Front lines and those doing the energetic work standing behind the Most Experienced players– your tenacity in holding space for the positive end results. Please don’t give up- keep on keeping on. Initially, I thought. Holy Carp– what next? But after a Heart Check I feel it’s almost over. I can FEEL it. Love to All.

      • Allison says : Reply

        Wow Neil! Thank you!

    • Samantha L Roberts says : Reply

      Ghandi, Mandela.

  11. Kelly says : Reply

    Love you Heather. Love you Randy. Love you all. Infinite thanks!

  12. n saunders says : Reply

    Where can we read Heather’s final summary in Court, has it been published ? I feel really sad today, anyone else feel like that.

  13. Joey says : Reply

    We luv u too!

  14. Judi says : Reply

    Heather & Randy. I am in gratitude & thankful for all u r doing. Unconditional love & blessings to you both.

  15. Jay J says : Reply

    Much Love to you, Heather. I can’t wait to see what happens next. This is not over.

  16. Barbara B. says : Reply

    Tutto è perfetto e perfettamente FATTO … Grazie a Tutto ciò che È. ?AMORE. GRATITUDINE. ADESSO TUTTO SU <3

  17. Bea says : Reply

    Miss you Heather…heart hurts at the stupidness of this planet. None of us are free until we all are free, thanks for fighting for all of us!

  18. lucy says : Reply

    Heather is doing what she needs be DO’ing… Use your imagination… The storm is on… Have courage… The END of slavery is here!

    February 1, 2018, = A DAY for remembering! February 2, 2018, = A DAY for Remembering, = officially Freedom DAY!

  19. hybrid33 says : Reply

    Thank you.

  20. Christopher Byrne Sr says : Reply

    I was late joining this group and I couldn’t understand why I was immediately drawn to Heather finding myself listening intently to her and trying to understand what it was inside myself which caused me to feel this way. I have worked for the FDIC in closing banks, selling assets, commercial underwriting, domestic and international finance so I could fully understand many of the banking subjects matters Heather explained. I verified through check verification that a $10 million check with my social security number would be cleared. I left the banking industry because as I have grown older and self reflected, I have found that I’m an em-path and it became extremely difficult for me to be in the same room as these ugly toxic individuals. I find it difficult to express myself at this time as I am deeply saddened that Heather & Randy had to sacrifice themselves to these corrupt parasites (and actors) who have now taken them and will subject them to ongoing abuse. I often find myself thinking about them and wondering what can be done to free them. I miss hearing from Heather. I know our consciousness creates our reality and our collective consciousness is even more powerful. I understand humanities consciousness is awakening, but these sheeples are so damn slow in awakening I have become very frustrated with those who have no clue.

    • Allison says : Reply

      Nice to hear validation from someone who KNOWS the truth.
      Thank you!

    • Tallison says : Reply

      Your story resonates with me. I am an em path too. Heather’s language and words have resonated deeply with me since I first heard her speak in December of 2012. What Heather and Randy have done has been their personnel choice.A part of their soul contract. A huge sacrifice for the Universal clean up. The fraud and corruption needed to be spotlighted. More is happening in each and every moment. Have faith and trust that “all is perfectly done”. Please focus your energy on what you want to create in this new world. It is hear now. One must only realize and embrace it. Send some letters to Heather and Randy and share your story. They continue to be beacons of light for all to witness. See them free as soon they will be.

  21. Ted says : Reply

    “Darsalam” means Abode in Peace, and may it be so for all.

    All are my Dear Love Ones, hold and focus the frequency, the feeling that Heather and Randy help us to feel! and Remember!


  22. Mariela Tage son says : Reply

    Thank you heather for everything this come from deep in my heart I wish all the people be awake and see what they done to us …
    And I know own my soul,
    I am sad but the same time I am happy because I know the truth now millions of people out there know the truth about this secret account and everything disclosure full disclosure we all needed to bring down all the evil those that call themself owner of the planet, of the whole galaxy .disclosure needs to be the next thing I don’t know how long it’s going to take for the whole human population can wake up and see the truth without no question,
    I am sad for my brothers and sister I wish they can just wake up..

    Thank you heather… much love to you and the whole family The Awakening it need to happen it’s soon if possible before too late..
    With all those account was each individual account it is unbelievable unbelievable…
    How they create human commodity account behind secrets**

    They use us and they trade us like animals without no compassion..
    Dead or alive it don’t matter they sell us
    Is so disgusting so evil this has to end they have to end I cannot continue like this..?

    To you Heather what’s going to happen to you? are you okay? are you safe? much love to you………………..? thank you..

  23. Christine says : Reply

    I am feeling much gratitude and for Heather and Randy. They are my hero’s. I read a lot of the previous comments and must those too for bring clarity to the one that are still learning to understand what’s going on. We need to keep focusing loving energy to Heather and Randy. They need us to stay with them along to the end of this journey. Just as we did for the hearing focus on them keep their names alive. They are setting the whole HU-man race free from the slavery we have been locked into. Feel love no matter what, raise the vibrations on this earth and please do not fear, hate, get angered over this and any other thing. The dark need negative energy to survive. This is how we as a collective group kill the dragon with love as they cannot exist in a 5D environment. We are one, we are all made from the same source, we can do this. For us and especially for Heather and Randy. Something as simple as LOVE can change everything. Love to you all thank you BZ, Sheila, Lisa, Katie for the daily commentary throughout the case. May the angels fly with you on your journey back home. ❤️❤️❤️

  24. Henry Mayhew says : Reply

    A verdict is nothing more than a contract offer.

    Accept for value
    Exempt from levy
    Reduce Balance to zero
    Charge to US TREASURY

    All life is a contract
    All crimes are commercial

  25. Ren Odell says : Reply

    BZ, Thank you for posting the actual note and not just retyping the words.Don’t know what it was about her note, but it got my tears flowing uncontrollably. Tears of overwhelming joy and knowingness that this is already done and we are now experiencing it.

  26. Judy Gilmore says : Reply

    It would be just too tragic if I believed this to be the end of the story. I don’t! We’re at the threshold of a whole new BEGINNING!!!!

    From my heart, thank you for your service to Humanity and to Randy during these crazy, tumultuous times, Heather. You are not alone. Neither is Randy. We’re all in this together. We’ll celebrate the victory of the Light together in the unfolding new age. I look forward to it.

    Many blessings, my friend and sister.

  27. Joel says : Reply

    Love back at you Heather. Thanks…..✌?❤️?

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