HATJ: Note to YOU! (kiss)

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HATJ: Note to YOU! (kiss)

Delivered from HATJ, to you on eve of 7.28.17, bz























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  1. Jermaine W. says : Reply

    Yes, I am praying, meditating and rallying the troops on my end for you sister soldier. lol
    I tried to tell everyone that you are a special being and you always have a plan of action no matter what the enemy thinks he has done to corner you. We are patiently awaiting your return to our ears and eyes. God bless as we continue to send much heart and light in your direction! JW

    • Freedom Reigns says : Reply


      Sending you Love/Light and Light/Love with Greetings from Our Infinite Creator, Our Infinite Creator, God is with you all. Remember, “All that was…All that is… and All that will be is of One Original Thought. It is God’s will to live our lives in service to others and you are doing. Know that you are not alone. His hand is on your shoulder. Look inward in silent meditation and prayer for Him to Guide you. Love is the Only Truth. Everything else is a distortion or lie.

      • Courage Flickinger says : Reply

        Hello, my brothers and sisters. I am 18 years old and God has given me this oppurtunity to open my eyes and awaken and i have took it. Led hear by god for god, I believe I may need to play a part in this. I have been trying to print off and get notarized the “Original” document. However, if i were to do all of this correctly. Print it off right and everything. I do not know where to go from here. I am not afraid of anything. I am willing to go to prison or jail to make a statement. I am willing to give everything i have to make a statement.I am willing to fight the good battle in knowing that he is by my side through it all. Honestly, I would like to know the steps of using my account. If anyone could help me it would be much appreciated.

      • Courage Flickinger says : Reply

        scratch that i know my purpose with love:) courage

    • Del says : Reply

      I agree and im glad to hear she has a plan cause it startled the crap outta me.lol

  2. Vince says : Reply

    Hell yea. Go HATJ

  3. Jay J says : Reply

    We are praying for you, HATJ as well as Randy – good luck! Thanks for posting!

  4. Neil says : Reply

    What an amazing woman she is , I never doubted her once hatj you rock this world ❤️

    • sergei vanderwiel says : Reply

      I’m/we are with you Neil, Heather rocks for sure……..in fact, we all are a rock en and a rolling It`s a wonderful ,wonderful time to be alive to witness these historical events

  5. Luis says : Reply

    We miss you !!!

  6. Debra says : Reply

    Prayers and good energy. You are a special lady. I’d be right there with you if I knew what I was doing. Lol. Either way you are brilliant!

  7. Jimmie says : Reply

    Heather thank goodness you are alright god bless you and we love you too.

    J. S

  8. Willie Oliver says : Reply

    There are many people who are now aware of your heroism and I won’t go a day without posting information in the group for members who are all praying for u and meditating with positive thoughts to return home safe and with peace and prosperity provided for u. Take care and I am sending love to u on the behalf of all humanity. We love u and appreciate u for what u do

  9. For Us says : Reply

    When I think of how complete and perfectly done it all is, I smile. We continue to send light and love to you sister. We know you are protected by many. Onwards to love,peace and prosperity!

  10. Alex says : Reply

    All our Love is with you – Randy and HATJ and BZ and ALL! Thank you!

  11. Mary says : Reply

    Thank You for what you have gone through and done to make this Earth a better place for all the People on this one Earth we share..

  12. LISA JOY says : Reply

    Thank you for all you do. Praying for you and Randy.

  13. Ramona Campbell says : Reply

    The measure of a woman’s greatness, it not the servants she has but the number of people she serves for the greater good. The energy in your signature is beautiful. Love & Light to HATJ!

  14. Richard Spratt says : Reply

    Sending all my good vibes to you HATJ and BZ. I wish we could help more

  15. Matthew says : Reply


  16. Patrizia says : Reply

    Ti amiamo tutti profondamente Heather, oggi è il tuo compleanno e l’universo conosce perfettamente il dono di LIBERTA’ che stiamo chiedendo tutti per te e per Randy.
    E’ tutto perfettamente fatto perchè tu sei la luce che illumina l’infinito mentre il mondo si sta risvegliando.
    I Love you

  17. Brandi says : Reply

    Seeing you surrounded by light and every space you enter filled with love.

  18. Tish Pfau says : Reply

    Amazing Heather!! Sending you and all others involved Love, Light, Peace, Healing, and an Amazing Success Story ❤☀

  19. AJ Witken says : Reply

    Much love to you awesome Sister…..sending highest blessings……k

  20. Rahiym says : Reply

    Thank you for your service to humanity and your sacrafice. May the Great All of the Universe keep and protect you sis. Peace

  21. CASEY says : Reply

    I am praying for you! And thank you for what you are doing.

  22. Juju says : Reply

    Come to think of it, we are both Cancers lol.. so that’s where you get your Passionate characteristics….. = ) i get passionate too lol too passionate sometimes because it makes me happy to be one. I hope you’re doing fine and health, i hope you’re getting a good sleep. Hope to see you with the team soon Heather!!! = ) take good cares.


  23. tara mclean says : Reply

    Thank you for the note..for all you do…for being you
    ..bless you
    In love

  24. Fastestone says : Reply

    So much is going thru my head as to what to say, but I have never met you so it is hard to put something together that I know will encourage you and help to keep a smile on your face. So just know that you are cared for by so many people, keep smiling and keep strong. Maybe one day we will meet and get to enjoy a meal together. I would look forward to a time when we can all look back and know we put forth effort to make a change for the good of all, and not just the one.

  25. Mary Ann says : Reply

    Heather and Randy, I love you, And want to thank you two, for all that you are going though for all of us. I know this has got to be done to help us all, so I thank you .I know you are being protected by Creator and other, I know you are in good hands. So I want to send Love to all of Washington and others. I am weighting to hear and see how they get out of this now. Creator is with you on this deal. Love My Sister Be blessed

  26. Eric Thomas says : Reply

    Hello HatJ,
    Just letting you know that my family and I are praying for you and thank you alot for the sacrifices you are making for everyone..God bless you from the Thomas and Page family!!!!!

  27. Anasazi says : Reply

    Sparkling Essence. Thanx for holding the contrast Heather. We are holding our positions…just being. We love you sweetie!!!

  28. Arteestic says : Reply

    They said they wouldn’t give you the flowers I wanted to send, so know that I am pulsing tons and tons of light and love and well-being and all that can be in right action within thousands of starlit petals of love. You go girl!!

  29. We are one! Let’s goooooooo!!!..

  30. Neil says : Reply

    I have already stormed the throne room on your behalf and will do it again and again. I have sent out call to the warriors who know how to Pray.You have no trouble All you need is Faith in GOD.” For I reckon that the present sufferings of this time is not worthy to be compared to the Glory that will be revealed in Us”. “For the king’s heart is in the hand of the LORD to turn it Withsoever HE will”. The ONE who has Earth as his footstool is in charge Heather. You are strong!!!!!

    • Ginger says : Reply

      Hatj there are no words that can thank you enough for what you are doing for all of us. We know this will end up will FULL AND UNFETTERED ACCESS TO ALL TDAs!! You have so many of us on your side, Love wins!!

  31. Suzie says : Reply

    YAY Heather!!! we Love You and Randy too!!! I’m doing my part to hold the Space! Thank you, thank you, Thank You!!!

  32. Dan Lutz says : Reply

    Only light can push back the darkness. We all feel your brilliance shining through.

  33. Mary Lea says : Reply

    HatJ first of all I wish you a most wonderful birthday tomorrow. I thank you for shinning you light of truth to free humanity. You are AWESOME. We are with much love and light my dear sister. Much love to Randy have shed your blood for for billions of us. Thank you with all my heart.

  34. Larry Broun says : Reply

    Thank you HATJ!

  35. Anna says : Reply

    Dear Heather,

    I am Glad all is well with you and that you keep your spirits high!

    “All is done and perfectly done” ! So it is!

    Thank you for playing your God-given part in the Great Scheme of Things so as to make the New Paradigm possible.

    God’s blessings be with you ❤️.

    I keep praying for both you and Randall.

  36. Sophia says : Reply

    Dearest Heather,

    You inspire me in ways no modern woman has ever touched my heart and soul. I see and know you as an archetypal energy of the One. I see you as the Divine Mother Herself and yet I also see you as the Divine Father Himself. There is a divine union happening within your soul as you embrace all aspects of Yin/Yang and the Divine Mother/Father… and Divine Feminine/Masculine… what a gorgeous Universal weaving and integration you are embodying for all of us to observe and be inspired by with a new pattern of Being, that exemplifies androgynous balance and mastery Beyond duality. Certainly you are illumined Beyond time and space, and the veils of illusion have surely been lifted from your Awareness. I see you Abiding as the Universal Self and transcending physicality always and all ways. I love you ~ we love you!

  37. Jan says : Reply

    Because of you Heather and Randy, Our past will not equal our future! You guys rock, we appreciate everything you have done for humanity! Sending love and light your way for a smooth path in court! I know you have a plan and it is unfolding as necessary for you to help clear a path for our beautiful future.
    Much love to you and Randy! Hugs and smiles across the miles!!

  38. Sheron says : Reply

    Sending Highest Love and Highest Light

  39. Charles Edwin Cooper says : Reply

    Heather, because of your love for us, there are families with debts paid off, you should see their smiles!! I was so proud to be able to tell them about how loving and selfless you are and all you do for humanity! It was so wonderful to hear my friends tell me about how they were able to purchase things they had wanted their whole life only to realize it wasn’t about the stuff but rather what they could give. We have teams going to Mexico to give to the needy, and heal the sick. You have made the world a happy safer place. The Great I AM is well pleased. Can we please all stand up and take some action for Randy. Unity….we are one…..give us directions….HE IS A HERO TOO…….HOPE , LOVE, POWER AND PEACE UPON YOU. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

  40. Neil says : Reply

    I do believe it’s HATJ birthday today so sending all my love for this special lady and wish her the best of luck ❤️

  41. ShimmeringOne says : Reply

    Absolutely confirms what I already “knew” to be so. And yes!!! it all is perfect and perfectly done!! <3

    Continually sending you positive thoughts, love and inspiration for all you're doing on the front lines of all this.

    <3 Love and Light to All!!! <3

  42. aaron says : Reply

    Happy Loveday to you , Heather … may all your dreams come true.

  43. Mama Green says : Reply

    Habakkuk 2:3 – For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay.
    “The Universe Is Conspiring in Our Favor” and so it is and so be it. With Unconditional

  44. Kathy says : Reply

    Happy Birthday Heather … thank you so much for all that your doing … big hug and love sent to you <3

  45. This comes to mind: When Heather sneezes (hatsji) … the system unfreezes 😉

  46. Oliver says : Reply


    Bless you and TY from the bottom of my essence and heart… also HAPPY BIRTHDAY FEATHER.. LOVE YOU SOO MUCH.. <3

    Hugs Ollie

  47. fitz says : Reply

    Well, if nothing else, this will be a Birthday you’ll never forget. Happy Birthday Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf. You think they’ll give you a cupcake in there?

  48. Stacey says : Reply

    Thank you for your service to humanity, Heather. So many are watching this event unfold. Sending you love and light.

  49. Some of the best history is being made right here today. Many blessings to each one of you and to yours.

  50. Shirley Z says : Reply

    Our heart is with you a gentle, lovely, loving soul, my family and friends are BE’ing & DO’ing with you in joy and in celebration !!!!!!! Your Birthday is Our Birthday and we know that Our Birthday is your Birthday …We Stand in Joy with you Love and Kisses back 😀 <3 <3 <3

  51. Frances in France says : Reply

    Best greetings from France and we all hope to see you soon among us.

    Happy Birthday from Sonia and me:

  52. Pamela says : Reply

    No, I don’t think you have Heather. Thank you, I love you, HUGS

  53. Claudia Hendrix says : Reply

    Thank you for loving all of US;
    sending positive energy full of AGAPE Love

  54. Thomasina Hinds /Mistee Love says : Reply

    Hi HATJ,
    I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday! Hope to hear from you soon and you’re a Blessing and the ultimate sacrifice to all. We all Love and miss you very much over here. Stay encouraged and keep fihting the fight, It will all be worth it for us all including yourself of course. Never ending story!!
    Peace, Love & happiness~

  55. Dee says : Reply

    Happy Birthday HATJ Sending L♡VE & LIGHT♡ You Are Dearly Loved♡

  56. Diane says : Reply

    A huge Thank You! Heather you have a great reward awaiting you! You are a hero! Much Love.

  57. Oceanno says : Reply

    Collective Love is all round Heather and Randy, soul Freedom is already ours. Smiles and Joy

  58. thank you heather for being so stong may you be free shortly!

  59. Leo says: says : Reply

    God bless, I pray for you that all things must be done and you are in safe place.

  60. JonaTRON says : Reply

    We are very interested in hearing how the interaction between Heather and the “Just Us” system is “proceeding”.

    I would LOVE to read transcripts of the interactions Heat Her has when BEing brought from the steel cages to the “bench/altar” of the men/women in Satanic like robes.

    Heather seems to have a “Source Flow” about her (accept the cig smoking part, smokescreen can stop soon?) and within her.

    Almost there Heather! Thanks for your “doing”, from the billions !!!!

  61. Norma k Oliveira says : Reply

    Mahalo Nui Loa (thank you very much) I have just started learning everything. I send my prayers and healing energy of love to shield and watch over you.with love and Light.. from Hawaii.

  62. Cindy says : Reply

    YES-Happy Birthday to a courage warrior!

  63. Tracie Philhower says : Reply

    Heather the world is on your side, no fear only love and positivity!!! We are all watching, let this be known powers that shouldn’t be. You can work with us to free humanity or you can go down in flames and disappear with never another thought in your direction. You must know we win this no matter where you try to take us. You are but beholden to us no matter how much you refuse to see it. Relent quietly and join us or disappear in irrelevance!!!

  64. Angie Sinclair says : Reply

    Sending you and abundance of loving wishes on this day…your beautiful soul was birth onto the earth for such a time as this. As we all stand unified as one “LOVE”.

  65. Darline Bazile says : Reply

    Divine soul God will continue to protect and bless you and around you. See you soon

  66. Djacquuleen says : Reply

    Thank you Heather for all that you are and all that you do.
    Birthday celebrations are due to you very soon which will be spectacular!
    Sending psychedelic love and light from the isle of Britain
    Holding especially you and Randy in my heart, along with all

  67. LATOYIA says : Reply

    God bless you. Prayers and blessings to you!

  68. Thank you so much stay strong..

  69. ed says : Reply

    Quantum Raydiance
    Acquiescence Dances
    Tsunami Of LOVE
    Beauty H

    = GloryKu…..from The NOW Moment … ~esl ( Heather )

    …and just in ‘case’….lol….


  70. ALL HUMANITY says : Reply

    Your Birthday was Grand! UK/US/CA/AU awareness is raising vibrations, lifting the veil, restoring happiness to hopeless, joy to jobless and healing to humanity. We embrace your sacrifice for All, there is no greater Love. We receiprocate your beautiful gift, of priceless freedom! From All Humanity, Happy Birthday Heather!

  71. Luc says : Reply

    I send love and good energy to Heather as well as all human beings who are mobilizing for the freedom of mankind.
    Luc from France

  72. Bill says : Reply

    Thank you for being an inspiration to us all! You’ll be in my prayers. Also, has this process worked for anyone else?
    I will like to know what are the very first steps that I will need to take. Thank you.


      Bill, so many resources for you. Start searching , YouTube for “TDA or hidden treasury acct or harvey dent” or Heather Ann’s website you are on for process and videos” to get started. The journey of life is to seek answers to your questions not questions for everyone to answer. Be Blessed

  73. Kmanago says : Reply

    Happy Birthday and I’m praying for you HATJ!!!

  74. Cyntia says : Reply

    You are protected in Divine Love and Light from ALL.

  75. Sirius Gordy says : Reply

    Keep your head held high HATJ…I respect what it is you’re fighting for & I appreciate you even more.

  76. Cathy Carter says : Reply

    We are ALL standing in the light thanks to your unprecedented bravery & divine knowledge. As you are in the lion’s den as I write this, know that we are sending light & love for you to slay this beast that has made slaves of us all.

  77. BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

    If You Feel Moved to Do:
    Send HATJ a postcard or card. Infuse it with Love and mail it to the address below.
    They are not allowing HATJ, to have anything sent to her, or brought in, not even pen and paper!!!
    No worries. Its all good. Send your Love infused postcards and cards to the address below and flood the facility with Love. Heather will feel them arrive, and the facility will have a Mountain of Love energized love cards to deal with (heart)

    Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, 360745
    Correctional Treatment Facility
    1901 E St. SE
    Washington, DC 20003

  78. Namaste, I send you energy of gratitude. We are with you❤️
    Light, Love&Gratitude✨

  79. BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

    # HATJ : Lets show how many FREE Sovereign Beings are on Planet Earth


  80. Elie Lapointe says : Reply

    Love and light to you HATJ . I send you my most powerful beam of positive energy

  81. SuperKenn says : Reply

    Thanks for the note, Heather! You’re the one in the crazy situation, and you’re reassuring us. That’s very thoughtful, and honestly it was a relief to see some sort of communication from you. May this matter resolve quickly, and to your liking and for the benefit all of humanity to freely experience Earth as we were intended. The oppression and deception have gone on for too long. I just finished filling out my Factualized Trust, and I’m going to get it notarized. My kids each drew a card for you to send you love while you’re waiting — I’ll get them in the mail to you right away. Gratitude! –SK

  82. Valerie says : Reply

    What a beautiful and serene feeling I have when I see this. My heart fills with love for you. Thank you for all you do.

  83. BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

    ******** UPDATE ******

    Things are Moving VERY FAST NOW

    I will be making constant updates (much more frequently before, and that was frequent lol.

    This is the post to check


    Hit hard refresh- read what it says were updates are put on page.

    Now is the Time to Make a Joyful Noise and BRING DOWN THE CURTAIN!

    I Love You and I appreciate You

    ******** UPDATE ******

  84. khadejiah hugley says : Reply

    Could someone please help me with the next step khugley23@gmail.com

  85. Caren says : Reply

    I did receive a return letter. I had sent to Heather. Early on before notification . It was not a postcard. I will resend it when she can get mail in real time
    How much love do we send in a sack of mail 🙂

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