# HATJ : Lets show how many FREE Sovereign Beings are on Planet Earth

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# HATJ : Lets show how many FREE Sovereign Beings are on Planet Earth


Its time to come together and make a Joyful Noise En mass- Planet wide!


Are you a sovereign being? Do you have a good heart, love your family, friends, standing up for truth and being able to live life on your own terms…


Then if you feel moved to play:                                                                                                      LET’S DO THIS !


Play action # 1:

Melissa, HATJ’s sister, put a post on Heather’s FB page after the court hearing today, 7.31.17. And within 5 minutes Face Book and the FBI who are censoring her account took it down.

For those who are moved to share that post on their FB group, FB timeline, blog, pinterest account…  etc all over the place.

Please do and make what Mr. Parker alphabet man did not want to up on HATJ’s FB Page,  go viral all over the planet.




M-post of Heather- FB


#2 & 3 are great for people outside of the USA, who were having trouble figuring out the routing number sequencing…


Play Action # 2

For those who want to access their TDA accounts, want to be part of pulling back the curtain and ripping it down. But are not sure how to access them or not confident to try…

If you feel moved to do so-

Let your voice do the accessing, by bringing it to the attention of every utility, bank, paypal, amazon, every place where you Would Have taken action by setting up your TDA account with the routing number and your ss #.


Pic up the phone, let the good friendly person you are shine through, and ask the rep on the phone how would you connect your TDA account to the account you have with them. The whole thing would be to get as many people aware of it in a friendly manner as possible. To infuse the millions of people calling to ASK, how would it be done into the system and make the system very aware that WE ARE NOT GOING BACK TO SLEEP!
You are asking a question and revealing hidden accounts at the same time. No FBI offense here.


Play action # 3

Fill out Your Factualized trust, and send it to each institution, bank, utility, shopping place, you have an account with. Just send it to them, thank them for their great business and to have a nice day.

Again, millions of people all over the planet flooding this awareness of hidden accounts all over the planet will let the PTW, know the JIG is up and its time to end the False Construct.


Have fun! and share your fun





49 Responses to “# HATJ : Lets show how many FREE Sovereign Beings are on Planet Earth”

  1. Denice says : Reply

    Beautiful! Thank you!

  2. Patrizia Doris says : Reply

    La verità trionfa!!!!
    Tutti in piedi con Hatj!!!
    T R A S P A R E N ZA
    Immensa gratitudine da tutti gli Italiani che vi seguono ❤️

  3. seth says : Reply

    how am i protected from asking about the truth if i do access these accounts been on the movement for a week and i haven’t tired but id like my wealth and be happy and share it with my fam and no longer live in poverty

  4. Karen says : Reply

    Fantastic, BZ and Melissa! Thank you!

  5. EstherBE says : Reply


    Let’s Come Together And Evolve Our Planet To The Next Level!
    Love You All! We Can Do This.

  6. Anastasia says : Reply

    yes, love these ideas. very constructive and positive.

  7. Tallison says : Reply

    Done posted,,,,OK let’s have fun with this

  8. Elie Lapointe says : Reply

    Hosana hosana !! I’ll be doing mine tomorrow early in the morning . Just about to post Melissa’s screenshot now !

  9. Elie Lapointe says : Reply

    Posted ! #hatj

  10. Rowan says : Reply

    I can’t find Melissa’s facebook profile. Weird.

  11. Maya james says : Reply

    Blessings of Divine Love to you.. this is just AWESOMENESS!! Yes I will share it far n wide n also sending thro heart n energy. This is why I’m here n have known for ever it seems. You all Rock the cosmos with your warrior hearts n loving ways n we are honored to join you in ushering in prosperity n truth.. PRAYER VIGILS DAILY AT 3 n 6 n 9… Let us rise together loves..
    Gratitude Honor n Love Divinely to you all.. Mwaaaa

  12. Paolo says : Reply

    Grandissima Heather, hai aperto il vaso di pandora, amore senza fine

  13. claudio says : Reply

    Finalmente si aprirà la cosi detta rivelazione che le genti si aprano alla verità pace ed armonia.

  14. DeLIGHtful.. yes time to PLAY with the SourceForce <3

  15. Avau says : Reply

    Thank you Melisa, that is beautiful! I just finished post mine. The Galactic family and the Company of Heaven are with Heather in human form. She is bless! This is for you Melisa, http://www.blogtalkradio.com/zorraofhollowearth/2017/07/30/quick-zorra-updates-today-july-29th Sending you and Heather unconditional love.

  16. francesco says : Reply

    grazie . per tutto . un abbraccio fraterno , …

  17. Randy Sharp says : Reply

    I think one of the best things we can do for Heather is to not only project our love and strength to her but also to those that oppress her. Just sayin

  18. Member on Earth says : Reply

    Love to you 4 standing Strong!
    I want to try this, but am scared we’ll end up on a list to be done with.
    How can I be sure that down the yellow brick road, I won’t be rounded up?

  19. Mickey says : Reply

    Mike Obrien is now on SteemIt with latest news on TDAs https://steemit.com/@mikeobrien

  20. Chrstine says : Reply

    Thank you Melissa, you are a special sister. We have the message. It is about time we are freed to live in a manner free of slavery. We are love, joy and peace. Our group downunder are working to bring this matter to the attention of everyone. We are all sending pure love energy to Heather, you and all those that are keeping us informed. Heather thank you for showing your courage, strength we stand behind you we have been following your case and know what you are doing will set the precedence for the rest of the world’s people. We love you. You are not alone.

  21. Antonio says : Reply

    I do not understand some of the questions for the form 5446, if there is somebody to clarify my doubts, I’ll appreciate your help.
    I have another question: I’m living in Mexico and I see some lines where they ask for a court verification identity and an official signature in a bank; so I understand that I must be in the States in order to fill up this form.
    What can you say to me?
    I thank you for your time and energy for this matter.
    Light, Peace and Love.

    • Cathy Carter says : Reply

      Antonio, this may not be any help but in the post at the top it says #2 and #3 are helpful if you live outside the US. From what I understand, it IS worldwide, everyone has an account. Since you, in fact, are doing nothing wrong or illegal, I would call them & explain your situation. Everyone thus far has said the reps were polite & helpful by phone. You don’t have anything to lose & everything to gain. I think we ALL should start calling with every question we have. Who better to advise us than those making these rules. Be sure to document everything, date, time, names & any other pertinent info.

  22. SuperKenn says : Reply

    Shared! Thanks for everything that Heather and All are DOing for all of us! Much love for a quick, transparent and favorable resolution for Heather and all involved. This affects each and every BEing on Earth. In Gratitude, –SK

  23. Sandra says : Reply

    Where do I get a copy of the Factualized Trust? And is an UCC-1 required? I went to Lansing and hand delivered my UCC-1 application only to have it returned in the mail marked Denied! The Michigan people are very evil!

  24. CCL says : Reply

    Love and strong energy to Heather and Randy. Just a thought, would it make sense for those outside of the US and UK who do not have the necessary identifying numbers to access these TDA”$, to fill in all the necessary paperwork for the factualized trust and send it to the pope? After all he is in charge of the overseeing of all these agencies and law and justice operations. Then sending something to the world court because I feel that they are determined to hold the world in perpetual slavery by denying access to what is rightfully ours. As I said its just a thought.

  25. Richard Albright says : Reply

    Beautiful !!! It is done….

  26. William Hardin says : Reply


  27. Eddie Gaddis says : Reply

    The blank Doc,need to be unlock to put my info.

  28. MEME says : Reply

    Hello, I have used the 113000049 and the 466 routing numbers and they were accepted on four bills however, in 5 days they came back; then I when and had all the emails notarized and sent the creditor’s A copy of acceptance and only heard back from one which was the property Tax and they have email with a phone message to contact them; but waiting for a presentment so I can send a copy of the FT and a short cover letter asking questions why-why..
    Also had an incident that the county when into my banking account without notice to me and with drawl from my account and the bank also took a chunk out and they call it a LEVY from the STATE DEPT. REV.
    So if you think you don’t need to Secure yourself think again! I am opening a new account and securing it with a levy from third-party levy; And covering myself with the UCC. “Why do you think Heather has a UCC”?

  29. Tony says : Reply

    TELL people,…make their day,..tell a stranger,…Ive told the lady at the post office, the lady at the bank, the tech support person for Microsoft,.and many others.TELL them,..they have an account at the fed reserve bank,….due to the Identity Frauds committed, by the bankers, Tell them i show them proof, and ask them ,,,you got a SS CARD,….Yeah,..they say,..well they have an acct worth alot of money, tell them to investigate, it, Ive been telling and showing people for many years, NOW i have direct evidence, that its all true, tell folks, You TUBE this or that,, give them the I-UV.com website,…spread the word,.more the better,…its time we wake our neighbors, friends, family or anyone who will listen,..urge everyone to just speak up ! Our opportunity to change the planet is before us people, Truth is on our side,…Let the powers that were,… HEAR FROM YOU…! Be FEARLESS , Truth will set us free !

  30. BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

    ******** UPDATE ******

    Things are Moving VERY FAST NOW

    I will be making constant updates (much more frequently before, and that was frequent lol.

    This is the post to check


    Hit hard refresh- read what it says were updates are put on page.

    Now is the Time to Make a Joyful Noise and BRING DOWN THE CURTAIN!

    I Love You and I appreciate You

    ******** UPDATE ******

  31. Member on Earth says : Reply

    Heather & Randy you have our sincere love and support. I will share this information to those who want freedom.

  32. Chudo says : Reply

    For sure, for sure. Lots of love and energy to such an incredible person for all she has done and all she is doing.

  33. Chudo says : Reply

    Hi and Love to All.

    Has anyone filled out the TreasuryDirect® Offline Transaction Request form # 5446? It is located here: https://www.treasurydirect.gov/forms/sav5446.pdf
    I haven’t been able to find a filled out one and there are so many boxes etc. Sure would appreciate any information any one might be kind enough to extend to me. Thanks in Advance. Love and Light Chudo

  34. Agi Hilberth says : Reply

    You are true love. With you always and all ways.
    Happy Birthday ❤️❤️❤️

  35. Jaron says : Reply

    Heather your the best I got your back no matter what all for one one for all love always

  36. Waldemar says : Reply

    This is the trail of freedom!!!

  37. Anthony says : Reply

    Sending love and best wishes: To all involved in this path.

  38. Ginger E. says : Reply

    So exciting! “their house of cards” is about to fall. All my prayers & positive energy to Heather & us All~*

  39. Gail Anne says : Reply

    The light always overcomes the dark. I send them love for bringing us together. We all are evolving in different space and time and I honor that <3

  40. Jaime B says : Reply

    lets get it done!

  41. SERVINA MOLINA says : Reply

    Thank you Bz for your love and compassion of our human beingness. My prayers go out to all involved. To The powerful, tenacious, confident Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf who walks in Faith and shall not faint at all cost. You are Amazing!! May your every steps and words body mind and soul be blessed and be guided by our higher power Yahweh. I My son’s and daughter are All in we have united and have been doing. Thank you!! We will be in the process of our factualization paperwork. Randy Beane walk in faith. I will keep you in my prayers.

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