# HATJ Focusing on the BIG, BIG, BIG, Outcome: Conference Call hosted by BZ Riger 8.18.17

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# HATJ Focusing on the BIG, BIG, BIG, Outcome: Conference Call hosted by BZ Riger 8.18.17






Friday, August 18 2017, 6:00 PM PDT

This call will give people who want to focus on the BIG, BIG, BIG, outcome for Creating the New Now, a space to connect and come together in Coordinated Cooperation.

We will talk a bit about your Treasury Direct Deposit accounts. Not a how to call, but the latest information Heather shared in her email (see below). People’s experiences, and DOings.

We will talk about pulling back the curtain and ripping it down.

The main purpose is to gather and connect our energy, in Play with the expansive outcome we have our focus on.

We will ride this expansive energy all the way through the Solar Eclipse on 8.21.17



Or, call in using your phone:

Access code: 953 237- for all




Pulling back the Curtain- Integrating all “that has been perpetrated” – Ripping down the curtain-

Think of any system, any subject that you thought, that you were taught… worked/is/was a certain way—
Religion- Every single, organized religion
Child protection services
Heath care
Professional sports
Music/recording industry/entertainment/holly wood
Marriage license/all Licenses….
History- “known history”
Wars- reasons for them
Energy sources
the list goes on and on…

Now look at everything you are seeing reveled in the judicial system (you really haven’t seen much of all revealed Yet)and equate that with each of the systems/topic up^ in that partial list.
Now think of everything that you were told/learned/experienced… by your peers/parents/teachers/authority… was a make believe idea/science fiction/conspiracy theory/woo woo…
and apply the same kind of dot connecting on that. Everything the “company line” and its agents (teachers, parents, bosses,etc) told you didn’t exist etc and “See” all those lies/blocks/disinformation falling away too.

You are a creator being. The time for feeling/thinking/acting small is over 



Update: 8.16.17 PM [This email did not get sent to me, by the system,  until late last night 8.17.17]


Sent Date: Wednesday, August 16, 2017 8:09 PM

Subject: RE: RE: calling phone minutes and restrictions

To: bzriger@gmail.com

Perfect! thank you!!!

sense is when all is in order and ready for me…i will be in ten

if one reads the perpetuity (2000) filing…they will see that charley duly secured and perfected ownership, title,

and authority of all identifiers (inclusive of bc, ssn, blahdy blah blah), the body, and the being, while

simultaneously excluding them from bankruptcies, etc…the amendments to the perpetuity filing, clearly and duly

stated, secured, and perfected the same for every being in existence…regardless of location/domicile…

Correct…the FT is it, with all the UCC’s, etc., is it…

all is done and has been done for 4.5+ years 🙂

only utilize, utilize, and utilize…lol…all the work required for you to utilize was done years ago…in joy, and enjoy

love you!

—–Riger, Bz on 8/16/2017 5:06 PM wrote:


The pre-paid calls are working. Don’t concern yourself on that.

Email works well.

Any sense of next transport for you?

Question- because of some DOings by others Bob and others [this was the 4 way conversation recently posted ] I want to confirm, my sense and my knowing…

contrary to the info being put out-

People do NOT need to claim/verify their Birth certificate.. blandy blah blah ;-)etc etc.

All they do is the FT personalized to them. To utilize their Treasury Direct Deposit accounts at this current

moment, before unfettered and facilitated access unfolds. Correct?

Love to You. BZ


HEATHER ANN TUCCI-JARRAF on 8/16/2017 3:38:55 PM wrote


300 minutes total a month per inmate…blahdy blah blah

bill, please send youssef, lisa, and bz the funds you have in custody… to reimburse for the collect calls i have

made to them thus far…i will stick to email unless phone call is necessary

love you all!!!!





Update 8.16.17 Email from Heather to Denice.

From Heather: awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The federal reserve bank, i love them…all reversals are being reversed immediately…the fed res knows (rather they just found out) if the fed res doesn’t reverse the reversals, the fed res gets locked out of all the systems globally and the systems self-power, self-automate, self-facilitate, self-validate, and self-correct (reversals of the reversals) per the orders of each Original Depository.

Guess what the primary standing order was from this Original Depository?  See above…LOL 😉

Honey, I will share with all the amazing work and the powerful universal beings that are doing within the prison systems…it is beyond AMAZING…and all are beyond happy and joyous that this money-monster is in its final moments.  My “inmate number” ends in “007”, LOL!!!!!!!!

Details on the global massive “prison-doing”, later.

Please amplify my tones of love and gratitude…

Love to Allllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Denice on 8/16/2017 4:51 PM wrote:

Lots of love flowing your way! let me know what you need me to research and I can paste it here.  I cannot imagine how it is there.. . .you have my complete admiration!

There are so many folks waking up quickly. . .every video is now getting over 10K views over the week.

There have been a few ‘reversals’ of the reversals. S had two yesterday 😉

Lots and lots of love!

I saw -007 and thought. . .hmmm. . .kinda cool!


Please share with missy, my dad, youssef, lisa, and everyone the data i gave you about reversals being reversed

not much longer, honey, before all is unfettered access and facilitation forevermore.

love you
love all




97 Responses to “# HATJ Focusing on the BIG, BIG, BIG, Outcome: Conference Call hosted by BZ Riger 8.18.17”

  1. Arteestic says : Reply

    WOW! It’s all about feeling the OUTCOME. It is Done! Love Joy and Celebration for Everyone! and most of all CLARITY and FUN!!!

  2. EstherBE says : Reply

    Wow, this sounds excellent! I would love to listen in. What time will the 8/18 call be? Thanks.

    • Darline Bazile says : Reply

      6pm PDT
      , call in using your phone:

      United States: +1 605-475-4120

      United States: +1 712-832-8330

      United States: +1 218-339-7800

      United States: +1 605-475-2875

      Access code: 953 2379- for all

  3. Chenelle Stewart says : Reply

    Fantastic!! I can’t wait. I’m sharing it in my groups!! Reminder set for the call.

  4. Sara says : Reply

    Hello sweetly:) this is so beautiful and joyous to hear. We are excited and ready to be the brightest light we can be. You can count on us being there for the conference call on Friday. I do have a question though. What time is the call going to be? I saw everything was there except the time. No worries. I understand that you might not know all the details at the moment. Thank you for all your updates and messages. Sending luv to all.

    P.s. We are super excited about the reversals!!! Yeah!!!!!

  5. Frances in France says : Reply

    An amazing thought came up to me the other day:

    In former times, a man accepted to be put on a cross by PTW to save the world from sin.
    Today, a woman accepted to be put in a jail by PTW to save the world from financial slavery!

  6. Truth_Serum says : Reply

    I’m so excited about this I can’t even sleep. I hang on every word Heather types and speaks. I want to hear every detail from start to finish when she gets out. A book and movie soon after!

  7. D.Harp says : Reply

    Glad you are well Heather! love you too …love everybody!

  8. Neil uk says : Reply

    AWESOME update ,let the BIG SHOW begin , I just love all you guys ❤️❤️❤️

  9. Diane Archuleta says : Reply

    Hi, thanks so much for hosting the call on Friday. Do you have a time?

  10. UmanMike says : Reply

    Pure LOVE for all from this *Original* – sovereign free worker in AndaLusia!!! °♡°☆°♡°

  11. JOSE says : Reply

    I would love to be apart of the movement but since this us all new to me I have no idea where to start. If I can’t offer anything else ady least know I offer my full energy, prayers, and love to all. I really wish Ginger could contact me. I live in the Los Angeles county area.

  12. Dan Lutz says : Reply

    What time and timezone will the call be on Friday?

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      Friday, August 18 2017, 6:00 PM PDT

      • Shyii says : Reply

        Yes!!! I am totally in….doing my chores right now….lol…So, glad to hear that Heather is in great spirits and is so motivated and she totally makes me want to move!!!! How is Randy? Positive energy to all…

  13. Oliver says : Reply

    Awesome.. Bz,

    TY for sharing!

    Hugs Ollie

  14. Anna says : Reply

    😉 Her name is Bond… James Bond 🙂 😀 😀 !!!

  15. Isabelle LeBlanc says : Reply

    Folks, after reading these emails, I have but one response that is worthwhile passing along, one request that you join me in this short Call to bring this matter to its divinely-ordained culmination. If so disposed, please join me:

    I bring all charges against Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf and Randall K. Beane to the Truth, to You, Beloved Jesus, the Christ, Beloved Holy Spirit, as illusions in linear time; and, to Heather, Randall, and anyone affiliated, involved or associated in any way with their cases, I say: Brother, you are Christ, pure, innocent and holy! All is forgiven and released, now!

    P.S. We are hereby bringing their cases to the Highest Possible Court that will NEVER rule against us…bar none!

  16. David Brown says : Reply

    Hi BZ, this has been a most glorioud journey. What time is the conference call? Also, I have something to share with either you or Bob Wright regarding the two energy’s Heather felt during her identity hearing which could be significat. Please contact me privately regarding this when you get a moment. Love in Light

  17. Diane says : Reply

    BZ. What time Friday?

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      Friday, August 18 2017, 6:00 PM PDT

      • carl says : Reply

        hi BZ is there an email address to contact heather please? thanks in advance x

        • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

          No. It’s not email the way you think of it or have. It’s a service we paid to set up for her and she can email her team individually when she can. She is restricted with number of minutes of phone she can use per month. We’ve used most of that up a already so she’s saving that a bit. The email is similar and all monitored but going through right now.
          Send her an energetic email.

  18. Phillip says : Reply

    What is the time of the call, please? Thank you…Blessings

  19. Oceanno says : Reply

    What Time is the call for?

  20. Kris says : Reply

    What time will the call be on 8/18?

  21. Gary says : Reply

    We are at the end of the Book of Genesis. This is the point where all people’s possessions, land, and even their own bodies and livelihoods had been sold to Pharoah in Egypt (the worldly system) in exchange for survival food.

    But the Book of Genesis ends in a coffin, and follows with a resurrection out of Egypt in the Book of Exodus.

  22. Ken Hamel says : Reply

    I am waiting

  23. Cynthia says : Reply

    BZ, THANK YOU!!!

  24. Matthew says : Reply


  25. gary says : Reply

    what time is the 8-18-2017 call????

  26. Irina says : Reply

    WOW!!!! Cannot wait for the call!! Thank you BZ; Much-much love to ALL>
    P.S I love how H said: love you; love all; love me!! Perfect!!

  27. Oceanno says : Reply

    Thank You BE there or be square!

  28. FRANZ says : Reply

    I have no words but infinite admiration and love for this great, magnificent woman. God bless her and u all. Much love from the Austrian Alps to all of u. We r united. Let s pray… and be grateful.

  29. Envision the Outcome, pray on it, meditate on it, send Love to it….KNOW it in your heart as truth and FEEL it…….

    Create thoughts of Peace on Earth, See it in your minds eye, Justice and Freedom for all peoples finally!

    For IT IS DONE!

  30. Aidan says : Reply

    Great News BZ I hope all goes well for them soon & they get fully Released & this Case is dismissed!! Can you Please Post for everyone the recent links found on the International Sort Codes I am also hearing there are more than one & is this the same as the Woman had mentioned when She said her Accounts were found in Alabama area linked Routing to the first number in her SS# Card like ex: 2 is actually 02 the beginning of the Bank Routing Number & she mentioned she used her entire 9 digit Number as her Bank Account Number with no other Number changes ex: 123456789 She

    stated this is our Account she now has full complete access to her said Account she even mentions PayPal fully ‘VERIFIED’ said Account & they now have sent her a World Mastercard Credit Card Directly from PayPal Office it is in

    the Mail now…Last is this Number an International Number or are the UK or Canda or other Countries different than these ones will it work Globally or just within the USA, if not where are the other Numbers for Routing.Sort Codes to be found now?? thanks blesses Love Hope to all 🙂

    • Matthew says : Reply

      Bullshit, everyone I still gettin reversals. Not ONE PERSON has posted PROOF. I want access just as bad as everyone else but there has ben zero proof other then Randal. So gettin skeptical with this.

      • Curiously Pissed mOff says : Reply

        Hey why so angry? Email prv msg me

      • Anna says : Reply

        Proceed with caution. You may be making a mistake somewhere (maybe just). Take it easy. I got no reversal 🙂 … but I got no money either 😀 😀 !!!! I am not yet sure of the right way to go about it. I take it in steps. Be patient.

    • Angela Teeter says : Reply

      Do you know how to get past the PayPal verification that they do with the 2 small deposits? We have no way to verify the amount of those deposits so they must have figured out a different way to verify accounts? Thank you.

      • Anna says : Reply

        Paypal knows before us whether or not the tiny amounts have been paid.
        If you pay money into someone’s account, you will know before them that it was successfully paid in (or not).

    • Mary says : Reply

      How does paypal signing her up for a CREDIT CARD indicate that any funds were transferred or available? They just want her to pay the annual fee and interest – the Opposite of having access to the funds.

  31. BeV says : Reply

    So mote It Be, It Is Done

    • Ra says : Reply

      What has Heather written about undisclosed contracts?
      I have quoted this from your link:

      “If I had to support my family growing up instead of having time to code, if I didn’t know I’d be fine if Facebook didn’t work out, I wouldn’t be standing here today,” says Zuckerberg. The tech titan grew up financially secure thanks to his dad’s career as a dentist. “Now it’s our time to define a NEW SOCIAL CONTRACT for our generation. We should explore ideas like universal basic income to give everyone a cushion to try new things.”
      “He and other leaders talked about the idea of universal basic income at a meeting of The Elders in Finland this year, he says. The Elders is a group of distinguished thought leaders including Jimmy Carter and Kofi Annan. (which also includes the head of the UN, Ban Ki-Moon): http://www.theelders.org/

      On the conference call they talk about the Elders:

      Perhaps, I am missing something in this whole adventure…………?

      • Anna says : Reply

        😀 😀 😀 !!! “thanks to his dad’s career as a dentist” !!

        Mark Zuckerberg’s real name is Jacob Greenberg and he is David Rockerfeller’s grandson. The financial security did not come from a dentist’s wages.

  32. Wonderful Bz re the call. UK time it starts at 2am… I will be with you all in my sleep state and I know you will be recording the call what a time this run up to the Total Solar Eclipse on Monday 21 August is proving to be.
    I love you all and love me too … What a WONDERFUL time for us all to be alive and awake.
    Hugs and love expands across the shores of Britain to all involved in this magnificent happening for Humanity every where, now and to come for ever….xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  33. Stella Sunshine says : Reply

    I AM present at the conference call with the intention of UNITY and CO-CREATING THIS BEAUTIFUL OUTCOME for ALL SOULS on Gaia!! AND SO IT IS!! I send much, much LOVE AND GRATITUDE for ALL OF US!!

  34. i’m just attempting to comprehend the entirety of the present situation….

    i pray that Randal and Heather are okay and that Divine Protection is upon them!

    How can there be an arraignment? The arrest warrants are defective on its face? Is everyone ‘in the bag’ and is everyone a goddamn goon and thug’?

    Why is not fbi Agent Parker ‘Still/Stiell’ under arrest?

    Is anyone aware of the effective date on worldwide corporations of the ‘aligned nations’ , of the moto proprio July 7th, 2017?

    Why was Heather taken to an ‘Administrative Facility’ a 1000 miles away in Oklahoma City for an alleged ‘code violation’ IN THE EASTERN DISTRICT OF TENNESSEE?

    And any explanation as to ‘immediate access’ to accounts? Is that a relative ‘immediate access’?

    This whole thing is mind boggling!

    Peace and Blessings to all

    rober-paul: carr
    The Pennsylvania common wealth

  35. Jaime B says : Reply

    She is called (Jarraf) Girraffe because she sticks her neck way out for humanity… thought it was cute.. 🙂

  36. Dee Ess Double Ewe says : Reply

    OUT with the Old, IN with the NEW!

  37. Nicole Charest says : Reply

    So nice to hear from Heather and know that she is just FINE! 🙂 Will follow the call on Friday at 6pm PST. Just thought I would save you another notice BZ lol. Lots of Love to you all.

  38. Darlene G Butler says : Reply

    THANK YOU Heather and everyone else who has helped!!!! … Godspeed and God bless!!! AMORE is the key to life!

  39. Stormy says : Reply

    We will be there. TY BZ!

  40. Heather,
    U R definitely one of the hottest hero of the 21st century, for sure


  41. Chrstine says : Reply

    We love you, we admire you, you are 007. Nothing is too complicated, for 007. You fill us with compassion, admiration, joy, love. We are with you every step of the way. More people are waking, when they see how full of light and love you are. Heather you have my attention. I am spreading your light. It’s amazing out here. People are coming together from all around the world. I am in awe how many are on this path with us. Love you, amazing times just around the corner. Thank you for the great work you and your fellow helpers are doing by keeping us in the loop.

  42. Gary says : Reply

    Is Heather being transferred to Knoxville? I live in Knoxville and would love to be in the court room to provide support and to possibly film the process! Does anyone know?

  43. Oceanno says : Reply

    I will be there with bells on my toes!

  44. Jon says : Reply

    can we record the calls and post them for those of us who are unable to attend the call

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      yes, I will record the call and post it as a video.

      • Cindy says : Reply

        Hi BZ:
        Would it be possible for someone ( with legal background) to prepare a generic Signature Card for the TDA Accounts?
        In other words, a signature card that will cover any and all types of accounts, securities etc, that may be existing in our names?
        I think this is a major factor that is missing at this point….
        I’m getting my documents together this week and want to include a signature card with them.
        Can you let me know what you think about this and if we can implement it to go with the other documents you have put on line?
        Many, many thanks,

  45. Jammer says : Reply

    Protection and love energies sent to you Heather and Randy…Everything seems to be moving in a positive direction…We are all in this together and together we are ONE…Look @ us Go !…Thanks BZ for keeping us up dated with the truth, love to you.

  46. Franz Mayer says : Reply

    I want to notify all of you that there is a petition on change.org called „FREE HEATHER ANN TUCCI JARRAF AND RANDALL BEENE FOR THEIR UNLAWFUL IMPRISONMENT”.

    The spirit within me salutes the spirit in you. We, eternal essence embodied, are the living and acting fragments of the all that is, made from the same divine source.

  47. Judy says : Reply

    Hi, ANy news about how Canadians can access their TDA accounts and renew their passports to become Sovereign Nationals instead of Canadian citizens? THanks heaps!

  48. David Torres says : Reply

    @David Brown we would all like to know who was the 2 energies that heather felt in her identity hearing.

  49. Lori says : Reply

    I am deeply humbled and truly in awe of what I AM witnessing unfold. I do not always have mental clarity about exactly What is going on, how to explain it, if you will, however, I do not need to – because the heart sense and knowing is what matters. I extend infinite gratitude and whole hearted appreciation and love to Heather, Randall, BZ, and to all. As Sophia Love so warmly relates—We are the ones we have been waiting for. Let’s DO this!

  50. BeV says : Reply

    What a Journey! what an Honour, what a Privilege Here to Be, to Be awesome standing, watching .. outside looking in, Together in Heart Spirit Soul All ways IN always OriginAll s
    i m just blown away Heather, Randall, Neil, Bz, everyOne, there are no words that can express my Gratitude

  51. OSUN RIVERS says : Reply


  52. SUSAN BRANDT says : Reply

    Looking forward to listening in on the conference call tonight!!! have shared on my facebook page sending you Heather Ann Tucci and Randall bean protection and love and light

  53. Tony says : Reply

    Anyone gonna have this call live on you tube?

  54. Elie L. says : Reply

    The call went down ! I just learned it from Neil’s periscope report . WE ORIGINALS ARE WINNING !!!!
    Love and Light

  55. Music Alchemy says : Reply

    I think the call was sabotaged …at the top I saw almost 900 people …

  56. linmic says : Reply

    Please record phonecon with HATJ and post it to YouTube channel. There are hundreds of people wanting to listen to the conference call tonight (8-18) but we can’t seem to get it going.

  57. Pam says : Reply

    I was on the conf. call at 6:00 pm PST and nothing was going on much… A bunch of folks chating back and forward about thier experiences with the call connection… I had technical diffculties with the connection and staying connected also… I saw there were over 800 participants… When it kicked me off for the third time, I stayed off…

    Much Pure Qi Luv
    Pam B.

  58. Avau says : Reply

    Thank you BZ, thank you Heather! The unison of energy and love are so strong here. Love you all.

  59. BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

    Update: 8.18.17 The Conference call tonight had over 900 people. And the energy was building to be amazing. The call was hijacked, the Moderator controls were hijacked.
    Great fun was had by all…!

    We were able to move quickly and put together a ZOOM call and as soon as I have the video file will post for all to see.
    As this was happening, my texts, my phones, my skypes were alerting that HATJ had arrived at her new hotel and I needed to set up her phone services. lol

    I got that done too! So H has phone service and you have a call to listen to.
    I Love You all, You are Brilliant!! BZ

    Update: 8.18.19 HATJ is now at her new hotel

    Irwin County Detention Center
    132 Cotton Drive, Ocilla, GA 31774
    Telephone: 229-468-4121

    • Joey says : Reply

      Thanks for the update BZ

      I could not get on I was so bummed however I was there in my energetic self…and feeling all the energy and love.

      On a side note…they are really playing a fun logistical game with H…they just dont want here in TN do they HAHAH…to late…she is already on her way and will be present for RKB…xoxo much luv

  60. Rev. Enrique RUBIO says : Reply

    I work with the Spanish community. Primarily and I’m very interested to help the Spanish community with all of this. They are an isolated & exploited people and in need of compassion and helped and I want to do all I can to help them. Please we need a recording of the conference call BZ thanks

  61. Cyntia says : Reply

    007 You are a Warrior of Love, Light and Truth. Thank you for shinning so Bright that others are awakening to our Divine Multidimensional Light Being. Moving forward to our New Earth.

  62. BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply


    UPDATE: Donations for HATJ and RKB

    For the avoidance of any doubt, the Current and Only PayPal email address for any and all Donations to assist Randall Keith Beane with his expenses is :-

    rkbfund@gmail.com Managed by Patricia, Randy’s cousin

    Donations for the assistance of Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf with her expenses may be sent via PayPal to the following email address :-


    Please put a note in the Paypal message box ‘for Heather’

    Can you all please update any links, web pages or contacts that you may have accordingly. Very much appreciated. (heart)


  63. Elie L says : Reply

    Nevermind my first comment . I just listened to the call on youtube . Thank you to all of you

  64. Elie L says : Reply

    Greetings BZ,
    Recently i was trying to discover how many accounts were under my name using the paypal link tool . I chose a few random routing numbers off of google and matching it to my SSN . To my surprise , many of them revealed that in private banks , there were accounts matching my name .

    I was wondering if you heard about this before or maybe if Heather was aware of such things and if yes , how she would proceed to adress this issue .

    Please keep in mind that i see, understand and innerstand the BIG BIG picture and the money isn’t my main priority but in having access to this , a lot could be done in my homeland HAITI .
    This is my goal as there are many many people in the dark both spiritually and literally .
    Thank you to all of you .
    Love and Light

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      Yes, you have many, many different accounts. In different places on the planet not just where you are located.

      H is addressing it all at the same time because unfettered access means UNFETTERED access and implantation means tools and the path to utilize.

      So loosen up your fingers, practice counting zeros and commas, and focus on the BIG, BIG, BIG Outcome of what you want to create for You and with coordinated cooperation create for ALL.

      The time between unfettered access and implementation with your fingers, brain and creative powers flagging from working with so many zeros and commas (how many of those in infinite?)
      The time where money is not needed/not used/ a place holder in the cosmic history teachings of Gaia… will be Very SHORT!

      • Elie L says : Reply

        Thank you so much . Wholeness, expansion , love and light to You ALL.
        I have a picture of H with which i meditate to focus the most positive enegy towards her success and the BIG BIG BIG PICTURE !
        We are ORIGINALS ! We are WINNING ! Namaste

  65. Rev. Enrique RUBIO says : Reply

    ” be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another” (EPH4.32KJV)

    “Love your enemies, do good to them which hate you”
    ( LK6.27KJV )

  66. Christie says : Reply

    “A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one for another.” JOHN 13:34-35 (KJV)
    posted on my FB page August 20, 2017 @11:29pm (seems we were all on the same accord that 24 hr period) BZ, Heather I truly appreciate all that you guys have done and are doing to continue to bring awareness! I’m IN!!

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