# HATJ: Focus on the Expansive Outcome

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# HATJ: Focus on the Expansive Outcome









Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf and BZ Riger phone conversation recorded 11:31 AM PDT. The importance of focusing on the expansive outcome. Not just the details of this moment.

Transcript of video:

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Phone conversation with HATJ and BZ 8.11.17




Transcript of HATJ hearing on 8.4.17

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DC Court Transcript 04AUG2017



63 Responses to “# HATJ: Focus on the Expansive Outcome”

  1. James and Cherie says : Reply

    Thank you Heather again for everything you are doing! For your knowledge, courage, and wisdom. Very inspiring telephone conversation! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Janine Busald says : Reply

    Why was Heather transferred to Tennessee? Wasn’t there a cancellation of the order to transfer? I thought it was published but I don’t remember where I saw it.

    Please tell Heather that I am including her, Randy, you (BZ) and all others working so hard on this in two powerful protection mantras that I’m doing every night. All will be well . . . and so it is.

  3. Jammer says : Reply

    Thank you Heather !…Glad things are going the perfect way for us all, and hoping yours and Randys release is soon.
    Thanks to you BZ for posting and keeping us up dated with the truth and NOT speculation !

  4. Elaine says : Reply

    BZ, thanks for today’s call with Heather. We have all been so blessed with what you are doing for each and everyone one of us. Heather: you sound so confident in every call, I love your integrity, your knowledge and spiritual connection with the whole process.
    I have been in this BC certificate process for 8 years, paid 1000’s to access what’s rightfully mine and got me know where. So listening to you has changed everything for me and it’s costed not a penny but my time….thank you from my whole heart!! Sending you much love, and prayers for a quick release

  5. Oceanno says : Reply

    Birth is NOT Easy, but knowing the end result makes it a Blessed Event! Visualizing The Glories New Now.

  6. Tina Mason says : Reply

    We love you too HEather, you worked so hard to give us the most important Documents and Trusts we will always honor you . You are our hero who set us free. People are finding Bonds and Accounts in there name and they want access and answers. The Documents do that. A woman named GInger went on TDA and saw Bonds in her SS# interest alone was $300,000 a Banker helped her transfer $100.000 to her Bank account. This is proof its not against the LAw.
    He told her the Birth Certificate is worth even more and he will help her with that too.
    So you and Randy are innocent.
    Other people are getting there money. Without any interference. Please get out of there.

  7. Music Alchemy says : Reply

    I see it, it’s on the bottom..sorry. The Nunc pro tunc is basically saying to correct the courts error in the past. from here on after and from the beginning. Cool!

  8. Anasazi says : Reply

    The email I received from NNRJ:

    Ms. Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf being detained on behalf of the U.S. Marshalls D.C. District. I do not have her record information available. Here is their website were you may be able to contact the U.S. Marshalls to get more information regarding her charges https://www.usmarshals.gov/contacts/index.html: You can send her money, You have three options 1. Money Order with her name on it 2. JailAtm.com 3. We have an ATM here at the jail where you can deposit cash or use credit card. We will take care of all her needs.

    Thank You,

    Sgt. Luna

    Northern Neck Regional Jail

    Family Liaison


    I sent Heather a card and I also signed up at jailatm.com for any canteen or vendor services at the jail.

    Also, I did some “doings” today. Sent my factualized trust and original depository documents plus cover letters (with boat loads of energy) to the Director at FRB, Richmond, Va. and to the grand old lady herself, Ms. Janet Yellen over at the FRB in D.C. Sent more data streams to credit bureaus like Experian. Ok, work, doing, done for the day. Now, just Being. Expressing my gratitude, love…to all.

    • Janis says : Reply

      Enormous love to ALL on all sides of this situation. May Heather again create the wondrous enlightenment of those surrounding her in NNRJ that she did in DC. Virginia judicial system is so in need of exposure and shift on all levels and this will serve a specific purpose, and the broader one as well. Thank you to all of you who are not only spearheading this (ESPECIALLY Heather and her family ABOVE and below) including the entire Morocco group, RANDY, and all those behind the scenes, and you, BZ for giving us this inside connection that fills our spirit!

    • Anastasia says : Reply

      Anasazi – LOVE your Doings… go girl!

  9. Stella Sunshine says : Reply

    I’m send much, much LOVE AND LIGHT to you, Heather. This will pass and I pray it will be very soon. The energy mass has definitely reached critical mass and growing stronger by the day. Thank you BZ and EVERYBODY for your beautiful contribution of your energies of LOVE to the COLLECTIVE. And So It IS!!!

  10. MJ says : Reply

    MUCH LOVE–Heather, BZ, Randy. It is shifting, I can feel it. I say to these corporate security guards: You are healed and forgiven, lifted and enlightened, healed and forgiven, lifted and enlightened, filled and surrounded by the Source Light and the Source Love and I ask the Beautiful Many to escort you all to your perfect place. Go in Peace.

    Blessings of Light to you Heather, energies to sustain you surround you. The Lion Beings have been sent to clean up.


  11. Hampton Guy says : Reply

    This process seems extremely arduous for Heather and Randy to go through. It’s my understanding that Heather is actually in Virginia and Randy is in Tennessee. Is that correct? Another thing to think about all of this is going on as we are approaching the Great Lunar or Rather Solar Eclipse on August 21st I believe somehow theses situations will connect. Such as a major shift or break in the case during or near that Solar Event. Keep the faith Heather!!! Thank you so much for your enlightenment!!!!

  12. Joe says : Reply

    The fact these people refuse to follow their own laws is proof they are sociopathic in nature and will likely continue on that path of doing whatever they please. That’s how they’ve been able to do what they’ve done for a very long time. They are not interested in following any laws. They are only interested in getting what they want which is complete capitulation from HAT. To do otherwise is complete chaos to them and loss of the control they’ve had all their lives. Do not expect them to give that up. If they’ve ignored the filings for 4 1/2 year already, what’s to stop them ignoring them for another 4 1/2 years? Nothing. See what happens when you’re a sociopath? Nothing matters to them except complete control.

    • Focus Truth says : Reply

      Agree 100%! I suggest that Heather uses whatever leverage she has, if any, against them and fast, to hit them where it hurts and hard. That’s the only language they’ll understand. The bigger picture is that every single day that unfettered access to the TDAs is delayed costs a lot in terms of lost, damaged or brutalized human lives all over the planet. I don’t think there is any realistic win-win resolution to this matter. Human slavery and suffering has to end now, period. Any other consideration misses the point.

    • Franz says : Reply

      it is so sad but u may be right
      However there is hope that things will change
      I think Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf is a strong woman and she will overcome – I pray for her and all of u and all of us ..Human Beings and not slaves.

    • Anastasia says : Reply

      IDK Joe – I agree and disagree. Yes, they are sociopaths and yes they follow their own rules and silliness. But, for someone like me, who is guided by Spirit and is both educated and successful, I have followed Spirit to make some very magical things happen in ‘their’ world, for you can’t put baby in a corner.

      So, it’s like, let them have their sandbox to play in and if they try to drag one of us kicking and screaming into their sandbox, then watch out for the Power of the Creator Being to Emerge.

      I hope that makes sense. I’ve had zero fear stating the truth and facts in their arena and they have no idea what to do when that happens.

      Ignore them and do you own thing. March to the beat of your own drummer.

  13. Juju says : Reply

    Hope you’ll be out soon Heather! <3 I'll be waiting for the next videos of you and the the families that are behind you supporting you and that be the most joyful event yet. And through the holidays are going to be the most beautiful days of our time when things are finally happening = ) stay safe, and I hope your migraines are gone because they suck and I have them too sometimes =) make sure to get good sleep when you're out. Please gather Neil Wolfe and the gang and BZ together to celebrate our victory when you can finally reunite with Randy and the gang…. Happy days is upon us and we are here thinking of you and Randy and the team. = )

  14. Lucy Markey says : Reply

    Isn’t it interesting that the transcript uses upper and lower case names but court filings use only uppercase. Hmm…

    • Anastasia says : Reply

      oh Lucy, it’s even deeper than that. Research ‘person’, ‘individual’, ‘entity’, etc. Study up on the birth, the birth date, the SSN, and all the other identifiers of a ‘person’ they repeatedly refer to in the entire transcript.

      What boggles my mind is that these real live breathing beings can actually participate in such a farce. But, I guess it is no different than an actor on a stage.

      Me, personally, could never participate in laying a trap for anyone to think they are anything other than the Divinity of who they are to ensnare them in my lascivious game. Or, silly game is more like it. It’s so dumb to me at this point in time – 2017 – this still goes on. Seriously, people are still asleep and letting themselves be led to slaughter? Ridiculous!

  15. Oceanno says : Reply

    Joe, the difference is more people are Awake and paying Attention, this makes it spiritually harder for them to maintain control. Awareness Is the key to success! We can see in the world how our awareness is moving the controllers to push Fear even harder, but without us giving into that fear they can’t maintain control.

  16. Angie says : Reply

    I hate that Heather has to go thru this, but I’m thankful for her and Randy. She sounded really tired and not quite herself.

    • Bryan says : Reply

      Me, too Angie. Nobody should have to do this – if the game was already won.
      Nothing is real – but HATJ knew this would happen.
      I have heard she did checkmate them in 2012 – it’s really a game of chess.
      HATJ did allude to the fact that this continued resistance is costing the controllers in some way……
      I have always heard there are divine aspects to the UCC, in terms of enforcement.
      If she and OPPT won the game in 2012-2013, the controllers really should stand down –
      for their own good – that is what I’ve heard. I do not know what will happen next.
      The resistance to free-willed sovereign souls continues.
      This is about much more than just TDAs, of course. It’s about freedom to just be.
      I have heard the ETs are shocked that we must pay to live on our own planet.

  17. In the beginning of this when I started following it, I bought into what she was saying. I’d hoped that this was real. However, I have to question what I am now hearing. Obviously she is still in Jail. It seems to me that if she was truly a threat to the powers that be – old controllers – she would not be allowed to make these telephone calls. She talks in a circular manner, and her energy does not feel entirely genuine. Energy does not lie. People lie. So, I have to wonder what this is really about. Is this a person who has mental problems? It’s starting to sound like that. I am a retired psychologist, and the more I hear from her, the less I feel she is mentally stable. I really do not want to believe this, and I keep an open mind in all of it. I can only hope that I am wrong in my assessment, and what she is doing is real – and as she is presenting. I am certain of one thing, based on the Law of Attraction, what goes out comes back. The Universe will deal with it accordingly – as in all things.

    • Lindsay Hillegas says : Reply

      The study of psychology lacks the spiritual aspects of understanding the human mind and behavior, therefore it is not surprising that you’re returning to doubt. Please note that your perception of another is only you. I’m very intuitive (as many here are) and I know a liar whether they’re directly in front of my face, or 2,000 miles away in another state, and what I can tell you right now is that you’re not feeling her energy, for if you were, you would be feeling immense joy and fearlessness. Remember who you are… once you do you will be of utmost understand of who heather is and what she is doing…. as well as what we are all doing. This is a co creative responsibility. If you don’t trust her, you might not really trust or feel worthy yourself. Blessings ❤️

    • Anastasia says : Reply

      geez Betty, that is very sad to read. Each and Every bit I have heard and read put out by Heather illustrates how she is operating at the Very Highest Levels for ALL.

      yeah, it’s like mental illness. when you know the damn truth, it’s crazy beyond crazy!

  18. kimmi says : Reply

    BZ- can you tell H that I went to a NOW where Factualized trusts ARE and pulled the foundation for a new FLOW structure here. am currently working in harmony FLOW and JOY frequency…much love to everyone!

  19. Sonja says : Reply

    How can meditation help bring abundance to the all?

    Justin – All right, I’m going to go ahead with the first question:

    Is there a way that the wording of a unified meditation could be applicable to multiple groups so that we can jointly increase the participation? Let’s go ahead and direct this to Cobra.

    Cobra – Okay, the idea of a unified meditation is actually the basis of what the Light Forces are communicating to me. That is the basic theme that can most effectively unify different groups and also at the same time have the maximum positive effect on the planetary liberation. You need to understand, if you want to be very effective in this process, all groups need to have the same meditation, and it has to be done at the very same moment.

    It is not so important what kind of meditation it is. It is more important that there is a very strong, focused laser-beam, synchronized event that includes . . . this can include various groups regardless of their ideology, regardless of their belief systems. The only thing you need to have is their motivation to unify and their motivation to assist in the planetary liberation. So the wording of such meditation needs to be carefully selected.

    And my suggestion is that we combine so I can have my idea, Prepare for Change can have their ideas, Corey can have his ideas. And I suggest that we make a consensus of those three different ideas – maybe send it to Justin, and then Justin can then moderate those three groups. And then after we reach a consensus, which can be done in a few days, other groups can join us, and they can create their own videos. They can make videos for their own networks, through Facebook, throughwhatever they use, because this is really a very powerful opportunity to unify us, because our unified consciousness is what is needed on the surface of the planet for the Breakthrough, for Disclosure, for The Event, whatever we wish to name that Breakthrough, but this Breakthrough is what we all want, and what we all need.

    Justin – Great answer. Thank you, Cobra.

    Corey – Well, I do think that we can, I guess, create a common topic that people of all ideologies can agree on. I think the thing that is mostly being looked for is a calling out to the One Infinite Creator, you know, from as large a part of the population as possible. Now, I don’t see . . . I don’t see ideology being a problem at all. I do think that we can word it to be more inclusive, but it’s just very important that we are very focused on the same outcome, in my opinion.

    Link: http://prepareforchange.net/cobra-corey-goode-prepare-change-july-2017-interview/

  20. Elaine says : Reply

    It was stated on a live call last night, that if you are a currency holder and you access your TDA account, you will be charged at the time you exchange your currency. His explanation was that we don’t know where the money came from that attached to our BC, it was fraud yes, but we have no proof of where it was stolen from so we will have a hard time proving in court that it was our money to begin with. (Not sure what to believe)
    We heard that about a month ago and at that point I ignored.
    I sure hope Heather is free soon to get this all figured out on the legal side. Sending blessing to Heather!

    • SthTxSam says : Reply

      That is just not true, some people are just fear mongering. Love and light, listen to your higher self. All is perfect.

    • Anastasia says : Reply

      yes, Sam speaks the truth – listen to your Higher Self. It’s yours if you own it; it’s not yours if you have one moment or hesitation over it. Simple as that.

  21. susan says : Reply

    Namaste, Love to HATJ, as I moved thru the download of the hearing on 08/04/2017 I am moved to tears of gratitude for her courage and strength. Divinity works in what seems like strange ways in all of our lives. May all beings be blessed by each and everyone of us. It does not matter how large or small our role seems. We are One. Love to the light and to the dark. We have each played our roles well. Game OVER!

  22. AH says : Reply

    Does Heather have any other outside resources to get her out of. I had expected her to be out by now. I pray she gets the help she needs, requires and strength to persevere through all this. Keep fighting and and watch your back on those who might do you harm and harm this progress. Thank you for all that you’re doing.

  23. Kate says : Reply

    Hear Randall’s voice as he speaks to his friend Angie.


    I think it’s no coincidence that there are riots in Virginia right now. No wonder Heather asked us to send healing and love to not only the prison but the surrounding area. It feels like things are coming together right now.


  24. Arteestic says : Reply

    Please, let’s all send Randall uplifting light and love and words of positivity. He said the conditions were inhumane. He said he doesn’t know what is going on. He was sobbing on the phone. He asked for postcards with uplifting words to help him through this. Randall K. Beane
    ID: 318366
    Blount County Detention Ctr
    920 E Lamar Alexander Pkwy
    Maryville, TN. 37804-5002
    Love and light and visualizing the POSITIVE OUTCOME FOR ALL!

  25. Dearest Heather,
    On behalf of myself and all of Humanity I am sending you deep gratitude from my Heart with appreciation and thanks for what you are doing for Humanity and also for keeping us updated, it helps a lot and keeps us going, makes us stronger with the Prayers, Meditations, Intentions and so fourth for all involved.

    Blessings in Light and Love

  26. Nicole Charest says : Reply

    The Starseed Initiation (August 21st Total Eclipse of the Sun)
    Thank you all, as the old is crumbling the birth of the new is here.
    As you said Heather it is a birthing.

  27. Nicole Charest says : Reply

    I so connected with what Heather was saying in this call. I had an experience a week ago where I was sharing about Heather and IUV and the whole of what it means with a tourist I just met waiting for a plane. At the end I told her that I felt that we were giving birth to something new and right now we are in the birth canal and as we were both women it totally resonated for both of us. I just in the last month connected with Magenta Pixie and Sandra Walter and feel that I now inner stand Heather’s message so much better. Yes there is the 3d work being done through the old but as she says lets concentrate on the bigger outcome of it all. We are all on this journey and thank you again to Heather, Randy, BZ and all of you for your love, courage and commitment to birthing the New Earth. I can only imagine how difficult it is for both Heather and Randy knowing the higher consciousness they are coming from to do this for all.

  28. Goddd says : Reply

    What is Heather charges

  29. Belinda Frank says : Reply

    Isn’t this hearing to prove Heather is who she says she is? It’s playing out like she is saying she isn’t the person they are talking about but if this court proclaims she is Heather Anne etc, then that makes her alive person so her claim to her account is legally backed? Is this what is really happening here?

    • Anastasia says : Reply

      oh Belinda – ‘person’ = fictional entity, pawn piece of paper that can be ‘charged’. The real Heather cannot be charged or held under anyone’s thumb.

      it’s like the silliest stupidest game in the whole world.

      i’m so bored of it by now.

  30. Bonnie-Lee; Boden says : Reply

    I can’t seem to find where it says who exactly Alex and Valerie happen to be. Please could someone tell me who exactly they are? How did they come to be with Randy at the motorhome? Are they related to him? I have not heard anything more from them.

  31. LYNETTE says : Reply

    She is in Virginia

  32. LYNETTE says : Reply

    WE WILL RISE~By A Living Person

    Why did they USE us? It so breaks my heart
    Blood has spilled on the lands, to give us a start
    We gave them our trust, they promised us all
    To give us Liberty and Justice, to rise and not fall
    Hope for all Man, Woman, and Child
    Freedom to live in a Country Unwild
    Instead they have taken our Forefather’s Dream
    To take us from Brutal Ruling of King or Queen
    And turned it into deceit, and slavery untold
    It’s making me angry to watch it unfold
    So We, The People now gather and Rise
    We will uncover their treason, acts based on Lies
    Let what is true speak to us all
    Together We Stand, and We Will Not Fall
    Much Love and Good Vibes We Send The Ones
    Who Bear All The Weight, To Undo What Was Done
    We Will Stand Strong In Numbers for sure You Will See
    Until We Have WON! And all is Returned to You and Me
    May Our Creator Be With Us on the Journey Ahead
    May a New Way Be Born, The Old Way Be Dead!


  33. LYNETTE says : Reply


    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      its basically removing the agreement to repay up to a certain amount after a Bail In. A Bail In, is something that you agreed to when you signed your banking documents to open up an account. When there is insolvency, or some other Need they have, the banks can take all funds deposited in their institution. Because after all its there money. Again something you agreed to when you opened your account.

      • NOEL says : Reply

        I was reading that the last G8 or G20 meeting in Brisbane Australia, that money deposited in your bank accounts from then on, were no longer called deposits, they are now investments, therefore if the banks go down like in 2008,they will no longer be BAILED out. And all investors { YOU } will lose everything in your accounts.

  34. Nicole Charest says : Reply

    What is your view on this BZ?
    How to help free Heather (HATJ) and all those like her

  35. Kate says : Reply

    To keep the momentum going please feel free for everyone to join this meditation on Monday 21st August, on the day of the Solar Eclipse for our liberation. The big, big, big picture!!


    Times of meditation are just before instructions as a clickable link. You can
    meditate in your own way, no right or wrong way. It’s about us all joining hands
    and coming together.

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