Updated # HATJ: Everyone’s Awakening Unity & Focus IS the short cut to the New NOW

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# HATJ: Everyone’s Awakening Unity & Focus IS the short cut to the New NOW










Recorded August 7, 2017 8:58 PM EDT.
With Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf and BZ Riger.
The New Choices the Families are making is Because of Everyone Awakening, Unifying! The unification has just blown them out of the water…


Transcript of call recorded August 7, 2017 8:58 PM EDT

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8.7.17- H-B-transcript




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ODDAA DC Filing 080817 a






92 Responses to “Updated # HATJ: Everyone’s Awakening Unity & Focus IS the short cut to the New NOW”

  1. Trespass Unwanted says : Reply

    I wish Heather the best. This is opinion, I don’t teach. I am not a lawyer.
    It seems she has the person again, or is taking the person from the attorney. I have no idea why she would file papers or even talk about cases dismissed. The divine has no charge. The Divine cares nothing about the fiction of man. Man cannot charge the divine, only fiction, a creature / creation of man. I knew the attorney didn’t want the person, but I never thought she’d take it back after the judge gave it to the attorney. Sitting second chair an attorney would not have the person anyway. Judge has jurisdiction over subject matter and the person.
    Oh well. No further comments. Thanks BZ for the update.

    • Rainah Goldfeather says : Reply

      My thoughts exactly! She needs to own her sovereignty! She needs to convene her own court! By being and conducting in their court, she will not win.. they own her.. She needs to Object to this proceeding and bring her own charges against the system that stole her property and identity! She is being a person.. a person belongs to society, a people is Sovereign and has no one above them but God.. and as long as they have done no harm they are free to do as they will!

  2. AJ Witken says : Reply

    Awesome!!!!…. thanks BZ…..thanks Heather…..envisioning it done……so it is

  3. Jonathan says : Reply

    Many blessings to you all. Happy day, shall the Awareness Revolution begin.

  4. Gunther says : Reply

    Hi BZ,

    Thanks for the powerful message. As a foreigner, it is very difficult to understand the english spoken during the call due to the various noise levels on the phone line. Personally, I lost a lot of meaning, and I wish to understand every word and the deeper meaning relayed.

    Is there some-one out there who might make a transcript of this conversion, so it is easier to follow the important message in the conversation?


    • Gunther says : Reply

      Thank you so much for the transcript!! BZ or who did it… its wonderfull!

      Big love and gratitude !!!

      • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

        the transcript for the longer, first video will be finished soon, When complete I will post.

        • sergei vanderwiel says : Reply

          BZ Hey Gunther, Are we dreaming, ? A dream come true and BZ, thank you for the C.C. and the script you have been ,uh, Well, perfect it`s a huge happening, and it all makes sense love blossoms

          • BZ ⒾAM Riger says :

            It would be more apt to say, You have been in a deep slumber All of your life. And you are waking up NOW.
            Many people have been hitting the snooze alarm, and putting the pillow over their head forever.
            The “dots” are all around you hidden in plain sight.
            I’m am sure, that up until a few moments ago, you would have dismissed my Knowings and pulled the pillow back over your head ; -)

          • Gunther says :

            Hey Sergei,
            I believe all of us who chose the red pill are truly beginning to feel the depth and freedom now of awakening in the grid of consciousness, from the sacred space of our heart, outwards.

            It WILL happen and its going to be beautiful.


  5. Barbara says : Reply

    With you Heather. When heard of your plight. PD. 2 bills which were then reversed. Then found gmei.com, put in my ss # for LEI #. It brought up 101 U.S. and international accounts linked to my SS #. WHAT?

    • Bambi says : Reply

      I’d like to copy your steps and see what accounts come up for my name….however, when I put in gmei.com, a Chinese beauty supply site came up.

      • Gina says : Reply

        Interesting.. I would do some research on the Chinese shop and see what you can find. just one is rare but maybe its a big one. 🙂 whatever that means.

      • Debra says : Reply

        I got gmei utilities, I did see LEI but they wanted 100.00 to register

      • Bambi says : Reply

        The Global Market Entity Identifier (GMEI) is a federal regulation for companies that trade or are counterparties to OTC derivatives. A GMEI is a unique 20-character code assigned to each entity that trades or is counterparty to OTC (over-the-counter) derivatives. While they are also sometimes referred to as Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI), their official nomenclature is GMEI.
        Companies that frequently trade OTC derivatives include financial institutions such as hedge funds, sovereign funds, private equity funds, real estate developers and real estate investment trusts (REITs).
        However, many other corporations enter into or act as counterparties to derivatives, and they will also need to obtain GMEIs. These companies often include mining and energy companies and other non-financial institutions such as municipal corporate entities, government departments, and other businesses.
        This compliance requirement was created to improve the U.S. federal government’s ability to track entities involved with OTC derivatives. Its goals are to promote transparency and integrity in this area of financial trading.

        • sergei vanderwiel says : Reply

          Bambi?does this mean, that if someone can get into our account, they can manipulate the stocks and bonds being traded, That they could somehow rip our trusts off and make them worthless? just a thought on timing and disclosing personal info, fitting into the delay tactics……I know so little about finances , this whole comment may sound silly, but it`s nagging me…….Powerful love to all life on Earth I really have a hard time with parasites though, to be truthful keep on trucken

          • BZ ⒾAM Riger says :

            No. It means that you are chattel, and they have been trading you since you arrived on the planet.
            Its not about the Money!, the Money is just a few snowflakes on the tip of the Ice burg.
            I am very sure, that you are not good enough at math to be able to compute the representation of value, in money that is in your funds.

    • Deb G says : Reply

      oh holy hell! I just did mine on that site using my ss # with dashes, and OMG! What is that all about?!! It was free to register. https://www.gmeiutility.org

    • Rainah Goldfeather says : Reply

      Don’t click on that link! a virus is linked too it!

  6. Charles Edwin Cooper says : Reply

    Heather, I love all you are and all you do. I have been accessing my value to a degree by paying off collection debts, hospital bills, and tried to pay off credit cards for my family. I even had many confirmation numbers using my social security number to access my Treasury Direct Account. I had reversals on the one account after it gave me a confirmation number, but several bills were paid, and I even received paid in full receipts via U.S. Mail. My computer started acting funny, and my friends all told me my phone was sounding really strange. I wish I could send the recording of the computer because it actually sounded like a digital voice talking to me!!!! Hope it was an Angel : ) I was so happy that I had been noticed by someone up there that I went to try and make a huge donation to Feed the Children, and St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, but every time I clicked the donate button it rerouted me. The routing number for Philadelphia isn’t working anymore, so I know they are taking notice. I am ready to stand up for what I believe in. Randall, I am so proud of You, and I love you!! If I knew how to get Access I would fly to Tennessee and camp out in front with a Free Randall sign. Many people close to me think I have gone crazy, but they cant deny the confirmation numbers, or the receipts, not to mention my credit score has went up : ) I want to GIVE, GIVE, GIVE!!! I LOVE YOU ALL. I STAND WITH YOU ALL> I will keep pushing even though I don’t know what comes next. I think its time THEY come clean and admit they did not have our permission. I LOVE THEM TOO!!! GOD BLESS EVERYONE. I have a hearing taking place soon, but I know GOD is watching over us. I really want to access the funds so I can get busy drilling water wells for free, and building schools, and feeding the hungry. PRAISE BE TO GOD THE FATHER, through HIS SON JESUS CHRIST> I cant wait to see the smiling children playing under the fountains of life giving water that this access will provide!!! GOD IS GOOD> I KNOW HEATHER AND RANDY WILL BE FREE BECAUSE I DECLARED IT AND DECREED IT, COMING IN AGREEMENT IN PRAYER WITH OTHER BELIEVERS!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!LOVE, GIVE, SMILE, HELP AND HEAL……….waterwellsforhumanity@gmail.com I HOPE I GET TO REALLY SEE YOU ALL SOMEDAY : )

    • Merry Valdez says : Reply

      So be it!

    • Debra says : Reply

      How do you get bills paid??? Do you just walk in a FRB give them your ssn. And the. Your account # on your electric bill and say I want to make a payment??? I’m totally not getting it. I spend hours researching and all I get is ( your birth certificate is worth millions) I ve heard 3 different routing numbers. Can someone refer me to a video or website that explains the process or steps please.

    • Ann says : Reply

      Charles, I too have as my main bank Philadelphia. That is supposedly also my main branch. I have used it and all reversed. Now it isn’t even accepted as a valid routing number. I have not accomplished 1 single payment using this routing number and am confused as to why it works for some and not for others. I am one of the others and would like very much to get some tips from anyone. I am currently trying other routing #’s in the hopes I will run across one that will work for paying off credit cards.

      • Brendan says : Reply

        Same story for me, I’ve never had any results with the Philadelphia routing number. It’s all a matter of paperwork and account authorization. Still believe in the movement though.

    • Elaine says : Reply

      Wow! Congratulations on paying some debt. I’m so happy to hear these wonderful stories

  7. ShimmeringOne says : Reply

    Hi, a bit unsure, is the document above something we might want to use as a template for us or is this just what Heather filed? If we are using it for us should we remove the bottom footer about the case being filed and remove Heather’s name and replace it with ours? Thanks! Also still wondering about the Factualized Trust as well, in one video it seemed like we might not need to do that in light of all Heather has done now, so any clarification on that would be great, too!

  8. Oceanno says : Reply

    Sending Pure Love too ALL in PEACE!

  9. Matt says : Reply

    You are a hero Heather. Just saying …

  10. Jim says : Reply

    So is this saying that you won’t be extradited to TN?

  11. Quinn says : Reply

    I am confused as to the purpose of or what this document is used for or what it means. Can someone please enlighten me? Thanks.

    • sergei vanderwiel says : Reply

      Quinn all the info is here on this site with instructions however, it is hard, for me to get right to where I wanted to go but I am computer stupid and one finds out more that way heh heh your here, that’s a big plus so, put on some sounds sit back relax, and enjoy he greatest show…ever

    • Allen says : Reply

      I am a little bit new to all of this, but I believe this is the order to cancel her extradition to a Tennessee court regarding a similar issue. My best quess

    • Patrick says : Reply

      This is just what Heather has filed, she did so in complete transparency for all to see.

  12. Trespass Unwanted says : Reply

    BZ this is my last opinion on this matter, sorry if it is long.
    This is opinion. opinions are protected speech. I am not a lawyer.
    I can only guess Heather is using papers to be free, even to the point of trying to obtain the person if you hold her as the body of the person, but we all know the person is the attorney, even if Heather tries to obtain her free from one who did not put her in jail, and is not deciding to move her anywhere.

    Someone representing the EASTERN DISTRICT OF TENNESSEE made the claim, but it appears no one wants to sign the document to move Heather as the slave. If you have to make your decision in 30 days, then your time is running out, and you know if you move anyone it had better be the attorney, Bos, as he has the person HEATHER ANN TUCCI-JARRAF.

    Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf should be walking free, living free; she is not the legal entity. She is the free people. The divine. The spark of the One.

    The judge, during the identity hearing, assigned the legal entity HEATHER ANN TUCCI-JARRAF, a person, a legal entity, a natural person, to a legal professional, the attorney Bos, to represent.

    Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf is not the same as HEATHER ANN TUCCI-JARRAF. [yes! spelling matters]

    Unequal things cannot be joined together.
    Unequal things cannot be yoked together.

    The people are not the person, the people are not the natural person. The natural person is a legal entity, person is a legal entity per the definition of the US Code.

    (3) the term “person” means—
    (A) any natural person;
    (B) any corporation, partnership, or other legal entity; and
    (C) any organization, association, or group; and (4)….

    HEATHER ANN TUCCI-JARRAF is a legal entity created at birth for purposes of man to charge the life of the One to access our infinite credit, to gain access to the accounts holding the assets for our enjoyment while we live here, to obtain access to the body and the energy of the One.

    The attorney did not want to have the person, name is HEATHER ANN TUCCI-JARRAF, but by law and oath he agreed to represent the person that is legally created by man.

    There is another person, the legal name is the EASTERN DISTRICT OF TENNESSEE it is a legal entity, it has an account.

    The person, the legal entity EASTERN DISTRICT OF TENNESSEE wants access to the person, the legal entity HEATHER ANN TUCCI-JARRAF account to settle a purported debt.

    The attorney Bos, has the person by court order. Bos has control of the legal entity HEATHER ANN TUCCI-JARRAF and the account to settle the purported debt with the person, EASTERN DISTRICT OF TENNESSEE.

    Legal entities exist on paper. They are a corporate body. Their corporate body has a head, arms, body.
    The people are life, sovereign, free.
    Black’s Law fourth edition
    “Life” protected by the Federal Constitution includes all personal rights and their enjoyment of the faculties, acquiring useful knowledge, the right to marry, establish a home, and bring up children, freedom of worship, conscience, contract, occupation, speech, assembly and press.

    Our Heather is kept in involuntary servitude and peonage, she didn’t sign.

    Your deception is to testify to Congress that no one in jail that didn’t agree to be there.

    You state that because we sign ourselves in and sign all the documents they give us when we are taken there. You have used our ignorance, and undisclosed consequences of contracts lacking full disclosure to keep us. Your deception states we agreed to be there by signing ourselves in.

    Read that again.
    The deception states, we are the reason we stay in jail because we signed our self in.
    They offered us to sign in as ‘inmate’ and we agreed signed in as ‘inmate’ and lacking full disclosure that inmates can’t leave when they want to, someone else has to agree to let us leave.

    It’s all contracts. Their contracts lack full disclosure.
    Contracts lacking full disclosure are void.

    Heather is there illegal, if the hearsay is true, that she did not sign.

    The felony is while Heather is under duress, she is asked to agree to not charge those that keep her. The agreement while under duress is void, and it’s the felony to commit the crime and demand the victim release the offender, while still keeping the victim captive, against their free will, so the offender does not suffer the penalties of the crime.

    Heather’s agreement is made under duress, without a meeting of the minds; it is a void agreement, she is still under duress. All legal representatives know that to demand such agreement under these terms of victim and offender is the felony.

    Free Heather.
    Black’s Law Fourth Edition –
    Free – Not subject to legal constraint of another.
    Unconstrained; having power to follow the dictates of his own will. Not subject to the dominion of another. Not compelled to involuntary servitude. Used in this sense as opposed to “slave”.

    The One knows.
    Each victim is the witness.
    Each who access the accounts is a witness to their own activity.
    We all have eyes. We all see what we do to each other. We all see what is done to us.

    The only deception is you have been deceived to think the creation of the person, and our lack of knowledge of it’s creation would allow you to access our free will. You never provided full disclosure. This is a free will planet. There is no agreement when there is no fully informed consent. There is on contract when there is no full disclosure.

    You fail long before Heather exposed you.
    The direction you have taken occurred long before Heather was captured.
    Heather says the people held captive where she is; they know the prison is a bank and they are held as collateral.

    The paper exists that break our contract with you for all eternity.

    Free Heather.
    Face the consequences of your action.

    We have unknowingly, unwillingly, and unintentionally dealt with the consequences of your action for longer than we care to reveal.

  13. Adam says : Reply

    So I’m relatively new to all this, I started following around the time of Randall’s arrest. I’m confused about this “original” that HATJ talks about. What is it? Is it something tangible or a sense on enlightenment? I’m so excited for this transition period, to be able to do what I and my family have always dreamed of and be able to help others without any worry of hindering ourselves. SO SO thankful for everything Heather, BZ, Randall and everyone else have done for us and all of humanity!

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      Original is The Source of ALL that is, the Source of All Creation. If you think of it in a linear perspective Source Created all, each Being in all the multiverses. In physical embodyment vibrations and in non physical realms. You are Original, You are tangible.

  14. Jammer says : Reply

    Sending thoughts of love and your speedy release from your captors…

  15. Joey says : Reply

    Hey BZ

    What does this new document mean in legal terms?

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      Heather’s Newest Filing dissolves the “Judicial – Court System”

      • Daniel says : Reply

        Hold on miss BZ. Dissolves the “Judicial- Court System”?? How so?

      • Frances in France says : Reply

        Amazing, Bz, I thought the “judicial and court system” of the old paradigm had already been forclosed in December 2012? And this forclosure means a dissolution. Why a new dissolution?????

        What I understood from the hearing is that the fact that the CD court stated that Heather in DC is the same “person” than Heather in TN means that she can now be extradited to TN, where she is apparently involved in the case about Randy accused of fraud. And this will be a real trial, and the interesting one because it will bring onto the scene all the OPPT and TDA stuff.

  16. Apollo says : Reply

    This is awesome!!!. Can’t wait till all this is finalized and we have unfeathered access. I recently found out that the Federal Reserve of NY routing number is invalid even though all sources say it is indeed valid. Can someone please explain why its showing as invalid? And will this cause issues with accessing our funds once we are given our unfeathered access??

    • Rene says : Reply

      un-FETTERED…NOT “unfeathered”. People if you don’t understand a term or its context, please don’t repeat it. You sound ridiculous but worse yet, you mislead and confuse others. TY

  17. ImaJWalker says : Reply

    Not being a lawyer or American… can u please enlighten me (and others who are asking me) on ‘what took place?’

    1) Did the courts ‘dismiss’ your charges?
    2) Were you able to keep your RV & the cash?
    3) Were you sworn to ‘secrecy’ on this subject or will you ‘teach’ others on ‘how to access’ their value without getting locked up? In an open & easy to follow format with links for everyone?

    With this entire thing being so new & refreshing for humanity… I’m sure consumerism (stores) are not set up for this and our transactions… do you know Heather, if they will be changing their systems (as you talked about educating them in your phone conversations)… ie.. courts etc.

    Thanking you SO MUCH for all you have done for humanity. There are so many ‘groups’ out there collecting money from those who can’t afford it to become members so these group leaders can hire lawyers etc… can these groups all now be avoided so we may make / do these transactions ourselves?

    PEACE everyone… Once WE know what we’re doing.. let’s educate the poor & illiterate to break away from their slavery.

  18. Irina Greer says : Reply

    Much much love, light, appreciation and gratitude to Heather, Randy, BZ and all of you – thank you thank you thamk you

  19. Tony says : Reply

    Anna could you give us the short version of what Leo, filed and its significance at this point in time, Please,..I just got off the phone with Wells Fargo or Fraudo,..Customer service, i’m pretty sure i just turned 2 people there on the their TDA accts,..And They have no one to send my TRUST to…so its like hopeless,..there,..and i can say that the routing numbers for NEW YORK are still good, but the feds have done something to the acct number or name,…so it doesnt recognise me,,,had Wells Fargo attempt the access,…no go… before.no problem, but not now, somethigs changed………I hope the Families are not screwing with us,..more so…

  20. Tony says : Reply

    Attention BZ,. on my post, what do you or H. think of the fact my SS number is not recognized now, ?

  21. Richard Enrique Ulloa says : Reply

    HATJ, I am sending you all my love. I know this will turn out for our benefit. Love you..

  22. Dani Angel says : Reply

    Wow, what a powerful unfolding narrative. I’m certainly affected deep in my core. I am keenly awaiting Heather’s release and future interview translating all of this into lay-speech! Thank you BZ, Angie, Heather, Randall, and anyone else shining their light for high vibrations. This is Ascension.

  23. Simon Charles says : Reply

    Interesting Post Ms. Barbara! ….. not sure what is the LEI #, though!

  24. MusicLuv to ALL eyes that see read and hear this. With Much Love Respect and Energy Spirit Wishes, I ask that you ALL keep doing what you do. Sadly most have been condictioned without knowing and even sadder, they sometimes still refuse to believe TRUTH that you are freely giving by way of kind hearts.
    Waiting to meet you ALL personally.
    In Love We Stand!

    The Silver Conductor

  25. John Best says : Reply

    Does this mean Heather is getting out of jail?
    Does it mean we can fill out some forms and get cash somehow? If so, how?

  26. lisa says : Reply

    Heather …. i too am a drama queen, i am the one who got kicked out of the courtroom… it allowed me to speak in depth to a bailiff who was curious what the hell was going on in there…i am certain was a very good thing because he was very happy with all i told him, and you know how news spreads among employees… i had no idea why i felt compelled to go because i avoid all authority at all costs, i fly as little as possible, and though i can afford to fly i chose to drive the 24 trip instead… and so after i got to talk to the bailiff i thought… oh that is why my rebellious ass was motivated to go… i had a tiny role to play…. i doubt heather remembers me, but i was the one who looks like i could be her sister smiling my ass off at her… heather looked at me several times like, who the fuck are you and why are you smiling like an idiot…. hahahaha it was such a great adventure! i am so excited with this doing… we al seriously need to gather for a party somewhere!

    • Joel says : Reply

      I saw you with Neil Lisa and you are wonderful. Thanks for being there and being you. U rocks sister….✌

    • Barbara says : Reply

      Lisa, thank you for going to be with Heather and the Team. You were awesome on the video telling us what you knew. Am so grateful to you for being there!

    • Arteestic says : Reply

      Right on Lisa. I am one of many who enjoyed your commentary on Neil’s phone. Thanks so much for your live in-person support. Wish I could have been there. You ROCK!!!!!

  27. Folks, I fully appreciate all this alluding to “Original”.

    For the sake of clarification, I would like to throw into the mix, the teaching of One I consider a very reliable source, Jesus, the Christ, what He has to say on the subject:

    The body was NOT created by God, the Father. It is but a projection by “split mind”, or a fragment thereof. God, the Father, can only create what is eternal, perfect and unchanging. Thus, He did not create the universe of time and space either.

    “Split mind” is a hologram of Christ Mind, a hologram asleep and dreaming, in Heaven. “Split mind”, in turn, upon identifying with the Ego (the thought of separation from Heaven) and not identifying with the Holy Spirit, fragmented into what Christianity calls “souls”; I like to call these fragments “starry sparks I am”.

    This fragment is the only part of you that is real, and does NOT occupy the body. It resides beyond time and space. If this fragment’s awareness identifies with the Ego, we experience “consciousness” and the egoic mind.

    It is the Ego that has the body as its abode. The only exercise of freewill we truly have is with whom we choose to identify as “starry spark I am”, the Ego or the Holy Spirit. I shall quit here for now…

    P.S. A short definition of “hologram” is: the part is in the whole, and the whole is in the part. Thus, “split mind” and “starry spark I am” have all the attributes of Christ Mind. That is the only reason why you and I are potentially so powerful, i.e., whenever we elect to identify with either Jesus, the Christ, or the Holy Spirit…and not the Ego. So be it.

  28. Welll 2500 years ago Jesus flipped the tables on the bankers and now Heather is doing the same. Amazing! No words! You are a miraculous women Heather-Ann!

  29. Simon Charles says : Reply

    Sorry……….!, I.L, … to say that God the Father, is not the creator, only shows that you Knows nothing about God the Father, nor, His Son Jesus, the Christ! and I do not mean that in an unkind way.

  30. Raellen Te Nahu says : Reply

    Thank you Heather, Randy and your team for the awesome revelations that you have brought forth as a catalyst to setting humanity free. I come from New Zealand and am basically new to all of this and really don’t know how we begin to access anything from our neck of the woods so to speak. However, no doubt all will be revealed in time. Blessings to you, your team and humanity and may light, love, laughter, peace and goodwill follow everyone for the rest of the days of our lives.

  31. Cynthia says : Reply

    I have invested at least 240 hours of study in the last six weeks, while keeping my company running. I am sleep deprived and loved every minute of it. I have at least 10 close friends that are participatin, as I mentioned, I have literally spent at least 40 hours a week of reading, study and researching all of Heather and teams hard work. I tried at least 10-12 accounts all reversed and had a $9,500 line of credit permanently closed by Capital One, credit that I have taken 7 years to build. My best friend just had $40,000 (3 Chase credit cards permanently closed, there was only a total of $2,500 that was attempted to be paid, all reversed). Both of us have always paid them off monthly and never been late. Crazy! Neither one of us regret it! My question is? Will you please ask Heather if she will require these creditors to reverse all the manual reversals they have done and re-open closed accounts? AND pay treble damages for reversing our accounts per the Electronic Funds Act? It is the principle of the matter. It is wrong what they are doing, if it was a chronic problem, sure a one time REVERSAL ridiculous. Thank you for all you do and your kind consideration. ~Cynthia

  32. So is there any papers that need to be filled,while we wait.

  33. Ginger Snap! says : Reply

    … unwaivering focus from my heart … always, Ginger, Kona

  34. DANA NAULT says : Reply

    All missions granduously successful- accomplished with flying colors..
    We are here on our frontlines part of it with you.
    Congratulations in being a last critical and critical key in the releasement of humanity- that we have all been waiting for, and working on for milleniums.
    Kudos to you Sister of the Light,
    Most Lovingly,
    Dana 144.
    Thankyou, throughout infinity.

  35. Avau says : Reply

    Hi BZ! Hi Heather! Hi Everyone! Thank you for the info Heather appreciate you. I want to post this email here sent to me by whoneedslight.com of what Arch-angel Michael said 8/8/17 quote, “Never on Earth, even in past golden ages, have energies such as these been present. Never anywhere before this fresh and current now has such bright Light collided with such intense layers of density and dross. This transition is possible because of you. You are transducing the Light, so that it may be possible for others, currently mired in the muck of density, to reclaim and soak in God’s warmth, once again. You are transmuting what no longer serves in this runaway dream. You are the ones consciously and lovingly choosing your way through the minefields of miscreation, homeward bound.” Unquote. We are lighting up the grid light ever, hallelujah! Let’s do what we do best, let’s light up some more, let’s love them and love them even more, LOL! Much love and light to you.

  36. Ann says : Reply

    Much love to you and yours Heather. http://www.OneLovePrints.com

  37. Ann says : Reply

    So many comments her. I remember reading one about the Philadelphia routing #. That is supposedly also my main branch. I have used it and all reversed. Now it isn’t even accepted as a valid routing number. I have not accomplished 1 single payment using this routing number and am confused as to why it works for some and not for others. I am one of the others and would like very much to get some tips from anyone. I am currently trying other routing #’s in the hopes I will run across one that will work for paying off credit cards. Anyone?

    • Arteestic says : Reply

      Ann, just hang on. All 4 of my charges have reversed, and Paypal has suspended my account just for setting up the new Fed Res account, and not even using it!!! I even deleted all the data and they still won’t release my account. So just be patient, read the data on the site and familiarize yourself with the STRAWMAN, and any of the other links. This will all happen when it is supposed to. It’s already DONE. We just have to be open to receiving it. If anything, the latest posting by Sonia Love called As We Shift, It Is Done has a 4-min video at the end of the script and Wow! IT IS EXACTLY WHAT HEATHER IS TALKING ABOUT – realizing YOUR VALUE. It’s NOT about the money. It’s about YOU recognizing YOUR VALUE! Enjoy and Watch the Video!!!

  38. Chad says : Reply

    Go Heather Feather we love you
    What’s taking you so long…..

    Love and peace to all….

  39. Anna says : Reply

    BOB WRIGHT – ACCESSING YOUR VALUE Part 5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJB2U7dkUsA

  40. Arteestic says : Reply

    PLEASE Everyone, READ the documents posted on this site on the Righthand side. READ them. Take the time. This is about a SHIFT in thinking. A PARADIGM shift. One-liners to answer your questions won’t do it. Start with the STRAWMAN, for example, which is in layman’s terms. Don’t expect someone to give you a one line answer. This is not a game show. This is not a quick fix. EDUCATE YOURSELF. Thank God we still have that freedom left to EDUCATE OURSELVES. READ, then READ MORE, search for the unknowns on this great thing called the internet. It’s ALL THERE in plain sight. SHIFT your thinking. It’s all going to change whether you do or not, so take advantage of this time now to UNDERSTAND, not Stand Under.

  41. Wild Bill says : Reply

    Has Heather been released??? Still Kidnapped?? Any word?

  42. Steve hope says : Reply

    I came across a YouTube clip today about a UCC code with case by case report that was published in the Ohio State Law Journal back in 1978 that I think may help Heather. It is Titled :

    Tender of Payment Under U.C.C. Section 3-604: A Forgotten Defense ?

    Ohio State Law Journal, vol. 39, no 4 (1978) , 833-854

    Downloaded from the Knoledge Bank, The Ohio State University’s institutional repository

    I have a printout of this it is about 26 pages long and loaded very slow.
    I think this would be of great help to Heather because it has references to other cases that could be of some use.

    Good for her in what both her and Randy are doing. I’m not sure if eat her of them are aware of what this means.
    I can assure you one thing, it will be Historic.

    I pray for both of them often in hopes that this has a great outcome.

    Best to both of them and all during fight for what is rite.

  43. Arteestic says : Reply

    EVERYONE: WATCH the 4-min video in Sonia Love’s latest posting on this site called As We Shift It Is Done. The script is fabulous but the video IS EXACTLY WHAT HEATHER IS TALKING ABOUT. VERY WELL DONE. WATCH IT and celebrate yourself!

  44. Joan Farley says : Reply

    I appreciate you, Heather. I just came in a week ago and I am already impressed by your veracity and steadfastness. There is no dollar value for what you have done for us. You are priceless. Thank you, so much.

  45. Trena says : Reply

    Has anyone come across and/or read the latest info on the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System? It is very informative and has a great detailed pdf to read. https://www.federalreserve.gov/newsevents/pressreleases/other20170809a.htm

    • JayZ says : Reply

      Trena… looks like an interesting post at the Federal Reserve. I’m still reading it but what was your take on the post?

  46. Eddie says : Reply


  47. Eddie says : Reply


  48. Jammer says : Reply

    The bottom line here is please keep Heather and Randy in your positive thoughts to see this situation resolved, with the best possible outcome for their well being…they are us and we are them, together we are one…BZ, I salute your efforts for keeping us posted on Heather !…Keep the positive energy flowing peeps !

  49. Eddie says : Reply

    BREAKING UPDATES FOR HEATHER ANN TUCCI JARRAF AND MORE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pPx3NNgRmQ

  50. Eddie says : Reply

    HATJ- A Call For Directed Healing Energy – please share ,Big update coming up.08.11.2017

  51. Eddie says : Reply

    Here the big updte HATJ update Aug 11- please share

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