#HATJ : Everyone is Transmitting The Fabric of Original

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#HATJ : Everyone is Transmuting The Fabric of Original








HATJ & BZ’ version of Jail House rock 😉

Recorded on August 6, 2017 beginning at 7:38 PM EDT, over a period of several hours.

A conversation with Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf and BZ Riger, about where we are in the final moments of pulling back the curtain and tearing in down.

Creating the NEW.

You/We/ALL Got This !






 Transcript of this call- Much appreciation and Love to Barbara for doing this transcript for All

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All the energy is terrific. So fun to see everyone stepping into the Truth of who they really are and doing what they feel moved to do.

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140 Responses to “#HATJ : Everyone is Transmitting The Fabric of Original”

  1. Nicole Charest says : Reply

    I am so glad to hear that both Heather and Randy will be freed from jail soon!!!! 🙂 What a great gift on this SUNday. 🙂
    Unfeathered, so does that mean we don’t have to get our long form birth certificate and have it notarized and fill in the Factualized Trust and have a Motu Proprio letter. Or can we just access our account with our social security #. I actually have tried to access my account but I obviously don’t know exactly how? From Canada, I really do it right now and help everyone in my community and family. I filled out the OPPT papers when they first came out even though I didn’t understand it all as much as I do now plus I had a lot more fear behind it and no support from friends or family. but now I am ready.

    • Renee says : Reply

      It’s unfettered access.

      • Mark says : Reply

        Hey guys, I’m new to this (one week), so forgive me for my greenness. In my research so far, I’ve confirmed the existence of my acct through my ss#, the # on the back of my as card, AND as a bonus, the EIN for our LLC! I have yet to locate my BC to confirm that way, but I’m already convinced. I see this thing no different than if they lifted my number & opened an account fraudulently.

        I tested the waters with a specific routing number not found thru the original method. I made 2 months payments… cuz I was behind…and it’s been 5 days w/no reversal. It will likely be reversed but I’m hoping it will slip thru the cracks somehow.

        I don’t know much about Heather’s story but I applaud her courage. I’m looking forward to seeing further strides in this development, including a solid process to get access without further resistance from the fraudsters.

      • Mamma G says : Reply

        Hahaha ….. I was thinking the same thing, Renee 😀

      • Joeangel says : Reply

        How do yu post a question?

        • Joeangel says : Reply

          I tried to order some books to see if it would would work,for one whole day it seemed as if it would…this morning i got an email sayin that they cancelled my order becausethey couldnt bill to that adress (that corrisponds with the red letter and routing# on my card) if i wanted to place an order i would have to pay with a credit or debit card…what do i do now?

        • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

          you just did.

    • Gale stevens says : Reply

      Hello I have been a prison rn in the infirmary for pee wee valley in ky and the inmate situation Heather Ann speaks about is right on!!
      Many of the inmates road has been so unfair… go heather❤️

    • ImaJWalker says : Reply

      I too am from Canada.. When u know what we need to do.. would you help a fellow Canadian? lol I know we don’t have /use the UCC here…but we have something else. I can teach others when I can find out.

    • Tim Benz says : Reply

      Hi Nicole; I’m in Saskatchewan and like you, I’m not sure how to do this. Maybe we can get together and figure it out together.
      Love, Light and Abundance to all

      • Kim says : Reply

        I am also trying to figure it out in Alberta I did type the 00006 177 and SS as my account for my cc payment it went through for 4 days then reversed

        • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

          best to put your comments on the utilizing your TDA post, so that it is part of the conversation there, which is focused on TDA doings.

        • Elaine says : Reply

          Hey Kim, you hold a SS or a SIN #? From Alberta I assume it’s a SIN, if so just curious if you contacted treasury direct? From what I gather the paper work has to be completed and sent in to claim your identity/account?!? I could be wrong and if I am please someone correct me lol

        • Santelle John says : Reply

          Do you have a signature card on file with them?

        • peter says : Reply

          Hi Kim, The simple fact that the payment went through means that the account is a viable one with funds in it, if there was no account the transaction would not go through in the first place, you now need to speak/write to them for proof of reversal showing their reason, some times they verify that the transaction has gone through, sometimes their reply should/usually has a two alphabet code which you can then look up showing the reason. Always get a first and second name of who you are dealing with, and send/tell them about Motu Proprio 2013 = They will be held accountable for their actions. Which cc is it it may help others.

      • Elaine says : Reply

        Hi there Tim, Nicole and all from Canada. I’m from Saskatchewan as well. I’ve listened to 100’s of hours of calls, so grateful to Heather for freeing us, her work is forever in our hearts.
        I just filled out my factualized trust and I did receive a letter from sharen that there’s only one form that needs to be filled out from the treasury direct rather than the 21 page docs.
        I have heard there are a group of Canadians working on this so I hope to connect with some of them.
        Heather stated yesterday that we should all have access to our funds soon.

        • Kim says : Reply

          Hi Elaine if you do connect with them would you please let the rest of us know as well please.

          • Elaine says :

            I sure will Kim, I have sent out numerous emails to several people. I’m waiting for responses as we speak. I must say I went into treasury direct and have tons of bonds with the amounts. So it’s real haha!! Let’s make this happen here guys, we could all use this money…at least til we can exchange or currencies

        • Greg says : Reply

          Hi Elaine,

          Canadian as well (Ontario). Any instruction would be appreciated. I did not receive any info from MP, MPP or Treasury Secretariat offices. Thanks.

          • Elaine says :

            Hi Greg, honestly commercial/bankers/notaries etc don’t seem to know or they aren’t releasing info. When I got my factualized trust signed they were clueless as to the info I shared. So I think it’s on us to investigate ourselves. But the TDA accounts are real even for Canadians, I seen my own and have print offs

        • Tim Benz says : Reply

          Ok thanks Elaine, Please let us know so we can join in on the effort.

          • Elaine says :

            You are welcome Tim although I’m not much help as of yet but I absolutely loved seeing all these responses from Canada. Seems like a lot of focus in with US citizens but hey that’s ok they help us too, and I love them all, we all need to focus on the better for all of us.
            The outlaw call yesterday was amazing if you can listen to it. Ginger was on and blew the socks off everyone’s feet

        • Rev. Julie Bird says : Reply

          Please send me the form.

      • MEME says : Reply

        Hi Tim Benz,
        I see you are from Saskatchewan and I have relatives that live up there and maybe you know them. Their last name is
        Doppler and have you heard the name? Meme

        And isn’t wonderful about Heather and Randy getting out.

        • Tim Benz says : Reply

          Hi Meme, Yes Doppler is familiar to me. I used to play a lot of hockey, so we got all around Saskatchewan. What city or town are they in?

          • MEME says :

            Hi Tim,
            They live next to Lake Lenor, Sask. which is NE of Humbolt, Sask. The Doppler’s came from SE of Burr, Sask. which is South of Humbolt,
            Are you having any luck on accessing your funds?

    • Anna says : Reply

      No ! 😀 😀 “Unfeathered” means without feathers like the chicken you are going to roast ! 😀 😀 !!! Whereas UNFETTERED means “free, unrestrained” 😉

    • priva1 says : Reply

      “Unfettered”- unchained; released from restraint, restriction or inhibition.


    • Evelyn says : Reply

      I too am from Canada and would love to work with someone to find out what we’re supposed to do. I filled out the fractional ization form and sent it in but from there I’m not sure.

    • Don Cummings says : Reply

      I am another Canadian from the Toronto area which sorely lacks the correct tool and processes, if you could help, I will share with other like minded Canadians who have woke up from the “Slumber Party”

      • Elaine says : Reply

        Hi Don, the factualized trust as well as form 5444, is what a source had told me. The trust is on this site and the TREASURY direct has the form 5444, just print it off sign and take to your bank and have them stamp it.

    • Travis Hutchison says : Reply

      Can anyone lay down the birth certificate process and also the best ss method right now? Now that I see s and s together it reminds me of where I have seen those two letters before……symbology the lost communication

  2. Nicole Charest says : Reply

    It is sooooo exciting. Soon we will have free energy. Sasha Stone already has a working model and he says that within a year he will have it made to distribute to the world. It is so freeing all of this. Thank you soooo much for all your being and doing.

  3. Mamma G says : Reply

    The ‘slumber party’ is finally coming to an end, and all party-goers are awakening 🙂 What a wonderful, amazing adventure we’ve all been sharing … and we set it up so brilliantly … so many twists and turns!! A true tale of Heroes and Villians, with each fractal of Self giving an outstanding performance. Bravo, family xxx

    Thank you for all you Do and Be, Heather, BZ and All. Awesome updates. ♥ ♥ ♥

    • Anastasia says : Reply

      Mamma, I love that terminology – the slumber party – I get chills writing that! This is exactly what we all came here to experience. The great awakening! Woo hoo.

      • Mamma G says : Reply

        ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ It’s wonderful to be here in this moment of Now, seeing the beauty of what we have all (as One) manifested in this magical world of Name and Form – the magnificent Flower of Love ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    • Elaine says : Reply


  4. AJ Witken says : Reply

    That was/is awesome……thankyou BZ……thankyou Heather……very exciting……much love…..from Mt. Shasta…..

  5. Nicole Charest says : Reply

    A full moon and partial eclipse in my neck of the world and great news to go with it.

  6. Alex says : Reply

    OMGoddess I have no words. Thank you! I love you all!

  7. realview says : Reply

    Great, congratulations. Would rather hear you would sign the “Families” release after you are released not before or conditional on your release. Very great if all true.

  8. What a wonderful blessed day. I am 73 years of age and I have seen a lot. Nothing compares to this. Thank you Heather, and all the people in your group. All of you are awesome.
    Much love….your lights shine bright in the halls of injustice.

  9. Hi every one I’ve only just heard about this today 7/8/2017 in Australia, I can’t grasp what exactly is going on could some one point me in the right direction of where this started and what it’s all about, sounds interesting from what I know so far.
    Thank you

  10. Kristy says : Reply

    I’m so proud and greatful for the changes that are coming and the Authentic…finally!! I have been through so much as most and I’m proud of Heather and all of us for the power we have the Unity and the courage, love and faith! Heather if you ever need an assistant and have any offices opening in Houston call me I will be a fantastic helper!!!

  11. Natalie Lozano says : Reply

    Aww! Heather gave me the warm and fuzzies! Thank you both for these great calls. I’ve got some family and friends who aren’t awake but I’m hoping they will be awake soon. We are all behind you. I’m looking forward to your release.

  12. Alice says : Reply

    Just imagine how much this means to those poor ppl in 3rd world countries and all those being abused! The world can finally thrive in beauty <3

  13. Irina says : Reply

    Thank you Heather, thank you Randy, thank you BZ, thank you everyone…. I have no words…I love you all..Thank you!!!

  14. Alice says : Reply

    Also, I have to say; I’m in awe of Heather; I love her so much <3 Thank you for ALL that you are! And thank you BZ for all that you are <3

  15. BeV says : Reply

    HeartToHeart InGratitude. wooooooooohooooooooo awesome just awesome HeatherRandell All Shine On Shine On TOGETHER

  16. Rebecca says : Reply

    Simpliy beautiful…thank you Heather for taking the lead. I look forward to seeing you very soon!

  17. Blessed..Keep them quessing says : Reply

    Light will always pierce the darkness…Stand in your truth..You courage is a welcome sight..Stay in the light with love

  18. Neil uk says : Reply

    Another AWSOME update bz , listening to that recording has made my day best Monday morning so far , I hope Both randy and heather are released asap ❤️

  19. Futuristic says : Reply

    So great to hear Heathers voice. She sounds good, so that is uplifting in of itself. Thank your for recording these and making them available! It’s much appreciated!

    This video comes to mind…. I know the cheese factor is high but the lyrics and story in the video feels like a message to the families and everyone else holding this up. Even the pissed off cop that comes in… he cant resist a few baton twirls, lol.


  20. Maggie says : Reply

    What an incredible experience this is! My intense appreciation goes to each and every one of you. As Heather said focus on the outcome. I can assure you the path you need to follow will FIND YOU. Let’s PARTY, woo who. Big Hugs.

  21. Ginger E. says : Reply

    I Am so feeling it! such a blissful, powerful energy connecting us all~* All My Love to Us All~*

  22. Jaime B says : Reply

    Awesome great news… but this is only the very beginning 🙂

  23. Malcolm Gibson says : Reply

    BZ Just to make sure I am clear on the way I am understanding what is being said is that due to the paperwork that HATJ has filed when the powers that be release our accounts we will still need to do some paper work process? Thanks to all that have dedicated all of these years to get humanity to this day ❤️ .

  24. OnAnyMouse says : Reply

    The beauty and compassion I heard in that call moved me not only to a face-splitting smile, but to tears – much love :-*

  25. Cheryl says : Reply

    Sooooo exciting. Much love ❤️from Australia to Heather and BZ and all our family of originals. Now let us DREAM the unthinkable into infinity!

  26. John says : Reply

    First of all, thank you, Heather and BZ. I suppose, the realization that so much of what we thought we knew, being exposed for what it is, a prevarication from the truth, will take a while for some of us to wrap our minds around but, in time, I believe a good majority of people have the ability to transcend, if those who already have, will practice patience and the proper degree of tolerance. Kind of like having a horse that has only known doing what horses do naturally, a man shows up and they are immediately into their “fright to flight” mode. That may be where many of us will find ourselves in the beginning of this transition. Of course, we only know what we know and, we don’t know what we don’t know but, there may be some rules (using that term for its familiarity to most) that are universal to life. Call them laws or, better yet, principles that can be proved in nature. Use “Johnny Appleseed” as an example. What kind of seeds did he plant? Well, of course, the legend and story is “apple seeds” and, planting apple seeds, he didn’t expect to come back a year later to find pears or, peaches, did he? He may want a pear or a peach but, he planted an apple seed so, unless he or someone else had planted another kind of fruit tree, guess what’s for supper? Yep…apples.

    My point is, the whole idea if planting apple seeds or, wheat or, corn or, okra, cucumbers, tomatos, etc is something everyone can relate to. The trouble has been, at least for the longest time is, we’ve allowed certain people to play like they had the Divine right to outlaw seed planting and, when you’re actually allowed to plant seeds, it’s only these certain seeds that are “legal.” That same principle had been carried over to include how people interact with each other but, many, if not all of those walls are being or, have been torn down, I believe. Thank you, Heather for, so unselfishly giving in to a Divinely anointed mantel of courage and, refusing to lay it down before you carried it to the appointed moment and time that was its purpose. May all of us who are aware of the sacrifice that you made, honor you in our own lives by carrying our own manrel of love and, take what has been opened up into our lives and, “Do unto others as we would have them to do unto us.”

    In loving gratitude, John.

  27. Oceanno says : Reply

    Wow what a Glorious Morning! Thank You so Much Heather! My Soul is with you with Love

  28. Fabricio says : Reply

    ViVAA …BRAVO ..!!! Heather and Randy freedom….I am glad they be out of jail soon.

  29. Oceanno says : Reply

    We OUR ONE in LOVE and LIGHT

  30. Angie says : Reply

    Just be careful, these families have a history of not keeping their promises. They are masters of lies and deception. I can forgive them but I can’t forget what they have done to us. I love you Heather and thank you from my heart and soul

    • Anna says : Reply

      You are right: we CANNOT trust these people as they are pathological liars.
      Indeed, I think we (that is you lot in America) should keep organizing a SHOW OF FORCE (militias, bikers, Light Warriors et al.) for the next hearing at the court house as there exists the possibility that they will corner us and keep Heather and Randall. We must be ready to prevent their jailing (for good) and arrest whomever is showing INTENT TO HARM.

  31. noel Puch says : Reply

    Well this very exciting news, and i think case will big an enormous leap for humanity ! if they succeed , and they will i’m sure , if someone can do it than its Heather-Anne!!, sending you a lot of light!!! and you will be freed soon , with a great gift for humanity, stay stron, be safe , no fear!!

  32. Cindy says : Reply


  33. Belinda Frank says : Reply

    You and all those who have helped you along the way have changed life on this planet as we know it. Your contribution to human evolution will be written down in history and never forgotten. As a co-creator in this plane, I thank you for what you have accomplished for all of humanity and this magnificient planet we live on. Thank you Heather from the deepest parts of my being.

  34. Sylvia says : Reply

    Hats Off in Gratitude to Divinity HATJ BZ et al 😀

  35. Judy says : Reply

    Thank You All for sharing Love ang Light!!!

  36. Eddie Gaddis says : Reply

    I am on hold on the documents. I like to be sure where to go on this.If anying one know what i should do.
    Email me at EddieLaneGaddis@yahoo.com

  37. Janis says : Reply

    Congratulations to ALL of you (us) as this unveils. ‘Been following this for years – family thinks I am nuts, but a knowingness has kept me steadfast. Always sending Love, Light, and GRATITUDE to ALL! Eager to experience this new Energy of Humanity in Love and Joy! Watching every moment with a full heart and eagerness to DO meaningful things for Humanity and Mother Earth! Love, love, love!

  38. WE did it! Yes, all of us…my brothers and sisters, together contributing our Gifts to this in a most amazing way and making it happen for the ALL. As we send much Forgiveness to those who played our opposite remember to spread the word and continue to hold the Joy of what is occurring in this now moment just blast it with more Love and more Love throughout the day and night. Never give up and know we are the Best of the Best and the Miraculous Magical Gifts of the Creator are making there way to us at Lightening Speed! Thank You Heather, Randy and to all those involved.
    Blessings in Light and Love from WPB, FL USA

  39. Jammer says : Reply

    Took a deep breath in the begining of all this…The curtain is ready to fall for the next act…Watch us go…
    Thank You HATJ, hope Randy is fairing good as well.

  40. Diane says : Reply

    Great News!! Thank You Ladies, sending my Love.

  41. Stormy says : Reply

    All coming together in beautiful perfection. A joy to behold. The illusion of fear has gone. Love fills the air. Love you all.

  42. Kendra says : Reply

    So much love! Thank you ♡♡♡

  43. Ann says : Reply

    First I wish to thank you Heather. You are the front runner in a race that is not to be canceled. There will be MANY winners because of your efforts and the help of others to get you there. We are behind you.

  44. Anastasia says : Reply

    Thank you so very much for posting this audio. Thank you. Love Heather saying to focus on the End Result – that gives plenty of wiggle room and leeway on how to achieve the Final Result. I feel in my heart of heart’s this is all finally over too. All of it – the entire struggle we have agreed to experience in this construct to date. It’s now time to fully live the way we are meant to live. What a game this has been, hasn’t it? Gotta go find some party shoes to put on, or I’d really rather dance with bare feet anyway. 🙂

  45. Myrna says : Reply

    What a glorious morning. Heather and “The Team” we are eternally grateful for all you have done and have endured to set humanity free. I stumbled upon your videos about a month ago (not by chance, as I do believe the student was ready

  46. Robert Muller says : Reply

    Hi, from British Columbia, I too, would like to know what will work north of the 49th parallel. I am open to working together here in Kanada, and getting the freedom realized. Rob

  47. Enriko Shakhnazarov says : Reply

    Its hard to believe in fact that they’re going to release funds

  48. Cladon says : Reply

    This is truly “draining the swamp” by Heather Ann’s feminine energy❣️ There will be much work for humanity to do. Accept the responsibility for your role in this transition. This would be STO in every which way. It isn’t about the money, this is all about your energy Knowing and Remembering who you are. Once that sinks in, you will be ready for your inheritance from the Creator. From my Soul to Heather Ann’s Soul, I honor your LOVE.

  49. gary asks says : Reply

    why do we need to sign the factualized trust doc’s IN PURPLE INK??

    • Howard says : Reply

      Purple signify s royalty!!

    • WE do not need to DO anything, nor fill-out/submit any paperwork! It was all done nearly five years ago. Simply DO what you BE; DO your passion/bliss! ALL that was “legal” was foreclosed upon and shut-down. Prime-Source-Creator’s Law is all WE are understanding! WE are ALL equal and as long as WE do not harm/damage to one another WE are in-Law and without liability!

  50. Wilidikati Kawi says : Reply

    Heather, Thank you for all you have done, and thank you for the brave souls that took that leap of faith stepped out of the fear box and attempted to clear their debt. I was one that took that leap of faith, felt the over whelming joy, got the reversal, and now have a renewed hope that I can feel that joy along with everyone else again. I hope I have the pleasure soon to meet you Heather when you come to Atlanta. I believe we have some friends in common. Thank you for your unwavering faith for all of humanity.

    Wilidikati Kawi,

    Let me know how I can help to serve others especially the Native Americans.

  51. Suzie says : Reply


  52. Andrea says : Reply

    Thank you, Heather, for your glowing light that you have propelled all around us, all around and through humanity. I believe an analogy of what you have done, Heather, is the hibiscus flower. The Hibiscus flower starts out with a very tight bloom .All Its pedals stay tightly together and then when just the right amount of light envelops it, it opens in all of its glowing splendor of color. I have followed you and what you have accomplished over the years and your tenacity is nothing short of amazing. We are all unified in your endeavors for us. It’s been a long road for many of the Lightworkers, but your road has been the longest. I know I speak for all of humanity when I express the unwavering gratitude for all you have done!
    We all lift you up in the Creator’s care !

  53. Dani Angel says : Reply

    Thank you Grace and Angels for all the motivation, effort, and results you’ve brought forth. I co-affirm a natural abundance for all souls in a space of peace and “happen-ness.” I’m just becoming aware of HATJ and the truth around UCC codified slavery. I have some catching up to do. I wonder if anyone here has a link to some form of media that is a good synopsis or place for me to start. This is exciting!


  54. Kay says : Reply

    Question will accessing TDA’s work for people in WAR TORN SYRIA? my husband has Sons and daughters there??? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    A thumbs up, hug and kisses for Heather, BZ and every one else that has worked hard to get this done.

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      everyone one on planet earth

    • Anna says : Reply

      It is “United States, Inc.” that is warring against your country, therefore chances are that the Rothschild empire has already recovered your husband trust account as that of all Syrians, and I bet these are kept in the USA as Syria, indeed, is war-torn… Just like the Australian TDAs are kept in the US Federal Reserve, it could well be that the Syrians’ are too.

  55. Caren says : Reply

    Sending love to you all let’s get the party started. Thank you Heather

  56. MARSHA says : Reply

    I just checked the PACER system and it appears the last entry was an Order to release her into the Custody of TENNESSEE – not “free” to TN for “their warrant”. I couldn’t get into the Case File – it appears locked. So “whatever” the TN case was about – THAT’s what they are holding her on, and will probably “transport” her to TN (or lose her in the System) under…just sayin. Here’s the CASE LOCKED from Public access per the “public records”
    Tucci-Jarraf, Heather Ann (dft) tnedce 3:2017-cr-00082

  57. Hans says : Reply

    Hi there,
    Does anyone know how I can acces my account in Holland?
    All the information I can find is for the US.


  58. Avau says : Reply

    You rock family, all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you too, Heather and Randy! I have you both in my prayers and meditation this week. Thank you BZ and Heather for the recording, appreciate it. Nice to hear your voice Heather, and I have one question Heather, did the Federal Jail got converted to Holiday Inn? You sounded so feisty, spunky, courageous, and spirited on this call, ha ha ha! I think the only reason why they’re letting you out sooner, because they are afraid they may not any more humans to control. You’re converting everyone and waking every one of those slumber souls! That’s our Heather, Go Heather!!!!! I love you Heather, and thank you for your service and your light shinning in many dark corners. Sending you unconditional love. Much love and light to you.

  59. I AM Just loving this call. thank you so much Heather and BZ….. to some it would seem sooooo bizar but to those of us who have arrived at the frequency level of understanding the thrill of the Process of Co Creating on this planet……………….. yes the Feeeeeeeing is delicious and amazing……………WOW! we are ALL part of THIS …… even the ones who Don’t know what is going on………. BUT they WILL and as they begin to open their peepers and see with real eyes they will go WOW !
    As ever ‘I AM’ Happy Dancing singing Katannya xxxxx

  60. Yolanda says : Reply

    Heather you are an amazing and remarkable woman! You have stood in the gap for those of us who are tired and worn from economic slavery working for meaningless wages trying to make ends meet! Well you have made ends meet for us and with a strength that will Never tire! I can truly say you are our RV in so many ways, you have given us the terminology of A Rewarding Valuable asset that will continue to repeat itself till no one is left behind in this endeavour of financial blessings, in other words “Thank You” so kindly Heather, Brave Warrior !

  61. Blanche Rutherford says : Reply

    Yes, Us people in Canada are anxious to be schooled in accessing our TDA accounts. Once I find out I will certainly spread the wealth. Please advise a Canadian citizen in southern Alberta.
    Love you all. Blessings galore!!

  62. Suzanne says : Reply

    Thank you for all you have done and are continuing to BE Heather and everyone. A total inspiration, showing our natural heritage on Earth. Divine Beings totally free, loving all our family even those that have forgotten themselves!

  63. Chenelle says : Reply

    THANK you Heather and everyone else!!!! BZ, have there been any updates so far today other than the amazing jail calls that you posted today in the early a.m.?

  64. troy says : Reply

    extreme gratitude for heather,,,aka living soul, [and all others] we all need to stand up and show truth, i dont know about the rest of you all , but my ss card plainly states the card is thiers and the number is MINE, MY PROPERTY, and i am to notify the federal trade commission for misuse of my ss number which GMEIUTILITY IS DOING WITH 116 INVESTORS trading and doing business with my number, ill keep it short for now, but TD is gone silent with me and doesnt respond to my questions and refuses to give back my property of two beautiful blue ink signatures with medallion seals, they say the account is hardlocked but refuse to respond with clarity and relevence, rescind the contract, and return my property, i dont know about you folks but i dont put up with shenanigens,

  65. BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply


    All the energy is terrific. So fun to see everyone stepping into the Truth of who they really are and doing what they feel moved to do.

    When you are making a comment please consider framing your comment so it expands the conversation, and takes to heart Each person is Original, regardless of your current perspective.
    If your comment/question is about TDA’s, how to fill out paperwork, or other specific focus.


    VERY important put your comment on the post that has a focus on what your comment/question is.
    There are so many of you here, being part of the conversation and the comment sections are growing exponentially every day.
    Please keep your comment short!
    The system will not let extra long comments through with the current volume. For the longer ones, perhaps your own blog post or video would be the way to go and then make a comment relevant to conversation and share your link.

    On the right hand navigation, you will see:

    Updates: [under that a cliclable link ]

    Current updates HATJ

    Utilizing your treasury direct accounts

    Documents for proof of ownership


    Recent BEings & DOings: [under that a cliclable link ]


    This gives you a way to look at posts that are helpful with awakening to what is unfolding and looking behind the curtain and tearing it down.

    Lets Do This : -)



  66. Chrstine says : Reply

    Heather, you are a champion, we thank for using yourself as the instrument to put the spotlight on the old paradigm’s truth. I personally experienced this and could not believe I had no rights in my own birth place. You explained the old way and thank god this new way, where cause and effect are instantaneous has arrived. I am very privileged that the Angels made me hang on so I could be in this moment. Heather your face is on my phone to keep your/our cause alive every time I use it. I am glad our collective energy has brought this to a head and exposed the system for what is was. We love you and Randy may your releases be imminent and may the release of all those unlawfully imprisoned be immenent. Thank you to the opposing side to finally see that we are all from one source, one people, one world one future of Love, light, peace, joy and prosperity for everyone. Thank you to Hearher’s ground crew for keeping us in the loop you guys are amazing too.

  67. Tina Mason says : Reply


  68. troy says : Reply


    Fall 2009
    A Beneficiary as Trust Owner: Decoding Section
    Jonathan G. Blattmachr

    great information here

  69. Nicola says : Reply

    Thank you, all around…too many to thank individually. The unseen above included…the same unseen ones in the ship, semi hidden in the dark skuds above Jesus in the fishermens’ boat… the ships’ tractor beam lifting a school of fish towards the surface…and too the beam allowing Jesus to walk onto the water…turn and command the fishermen to cast their nets….yes those ones , too. God bless you all and I pray you all have a pleasant Life. Nicola

  70. Tony says : Reply

    seems to be very little info on whats happening today, whether H. is to be released or moved to Tenn or not, I think that Anna has the right idea, in that we should not trust these families, known liars, they are, Every move they make is to deceive or buy time to deceive, Planning ahead for their betrayal is probably wise,…as much as i believe in Positive energy to accomplish things, a show of people prepared to make a public aware, scares them, and If necessary we may have to arrest a judge,..using the power that is given us , to make a public arrest,…common law..i think, but do able,.. lets not start putting on our dancing shoes just yet, lets plan for what may come our way….this is a very important chess game, we need to be smart and make the right move, ahead of them.

  71. Nicola says : Reply

    I agree Tony…The US INC. has one more chance to kick the can down the road the end of Sept. when the US INC.”DEBT” is due…..they’ve done it so many times now they are good at this deception….They are going to lie and give us some crumbs(TDAs) and promise more later then after they sneak another debt rollover by us on the 30th of Sept….well, then they can just give us the finger, and dig their heels in all over again……better to not let our guard down …They are not called “Slimy reptilians” for nothing… I say “NO QUARTER”…just my own opinion…..Nicola

  72. Nicola says : Reply

    Oh, and one more thing….I think every elected official in the new “REPUBLIC” should have “The Art of War, by SUNSU(SP) as mandatory reading…and kept out on top of their desks! Just sayin’… Nicola

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      Nicola, do you feel moved to envision The New Now, without the old constructs of “elected officials” “republic” “government”… have you not played with those restrictive constructs long enough?

  73. james says : Reply

    It has nothing but positive feel for the positive right to all lives to be fulfilled, their is nothing but good from this point on.

  74. Paul says : Reply

    Thank You, Heather, for All of it! We are eternal essence embodied. Happy to hear you are well. <3

  75. wayne relf says : Reply

    I agree may god help you hatj it best not to let your guard . they are going to lie god is white you please keep me in the loop wayne relf

  76. GT says : Reply

    Heather from 9000 miles away from you and Randy, a big thank you to you and ALL others helping bring Truth, Peace, Love and Harmony as this will help people in every country.

  77. GT says : Reply

    Whoever working with Heather from experience in Federal court make sure you have as many copies of each video, audio and written sent to as many friends as possible for our case the judge dismissed the case yet ALL three copies JUST VANISHED after they freeze ones bank accounts so a person/entity has NO money. In our case it was over one million dollars small them it wasn’t the money it was the technology they wanted to STOP which they until ???????? Please protect the work ALL have done with many back ups hard copies plus whatever. Thank you ALL again!

  78. Olinda says : Reply

    Does anyone from India know how this is done? Love to share it with as many as I can. How do we inIndia go about this? My gratitude to Heather for waking us up to our natural abundance.

  79. Bonnie Beck says : Reply

    Sending light and love . May the force be with you . Thank you so much . You go girl

  80. Rebecca Porter says : Reply


    Heather Ann Tucci-Jaraffe
    August 8, 2017
    NOTE: I am The Unlikely Channeler. The transcript of the following Channeling regards Heather Ann Tucci-Jaraffe (sp). As I enter into posting this channeling . . . I need to tell you that it is unusual to post a personal channel. It is being done because we have been asked to make the post by our client. The content is in no way a recommendation. My process is conscious channeling with automatic writing. I have a group of personal Guides and we tap into Universal Guides, for many reasons, this channel is one. The Universal Guide that came through here, gives its vibrational sound in name form. The Salon Le Spiritual website (as archaic as it is) is a place where people can gather, under one roof, to receive inspiration within the metaphysical and spiritual genre. We will attempt to make the original pages of writing available in the “photos” section – if not then you can request a copy at http://www.SalonLeSpiritual@gmail.com. If there are follow up Channels, we will get permission to send them to you. Thank you R. Porter for transcribing the Channel.

  81. Anna says : Reply

    Harvey Dent & Heather Ann Tucci are not in a Scam https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1ZEk-W1H1M

  82. I AM says : Reply

    I Am, Aware, Limitless, Eternal, Eternal Peace, Eternal Love, Eternal Choosing Doing and Being,
    I Am Doing Limitless Love & Peace to Healther Ann.
    I Am Doing Limitless Love & Peace to All in this Experience, together.

  83. JAMES says : Reply

    What a great time for us all Universal blessings….

  84. DANA NAULT says : Reply

    Thankyou Heather!!! ❤❤❤
    We are here with you bringing this new glorious reality.
    Thank you for you diligent brilliances, once again- in the ultimate upliftment of humanity, therefore throughout all universes.
    With the Utmost love,
    Dana 144.

  85. Gunther says : Reply

    Dearest BZ,

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the transscripts. this helps a lot people with weak english skills AND makes it possible for others to translate these communication in other languages such as Spanish, French and German.

    I’m full of awe of the process you’re doing, and look very much forward to the new paradigm with un-restricted access to our “value”.

    Much love,

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      Please spread both transcripts far and wide.
      Connect with all your friends to get them translated in as many different languages as possible. Just like we did 4 1/2 years ago.
      Once people start sending me the translations, I will make a section and people can read in their own language.
      For now, though poor quality as it is, people can use google translate.
      Sending you a Cosmic sized hug and Waves of Love.

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