#HATJ- Court Wrap Up and The Big Picture Unfolding For ALL 10.18.17

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#HATJ- Court Wrap Up and The Big Picture Unfolding For ALL 10.18.17

This phone conversation was recorded with Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf and BZ Riger at 6 AM PDT, on October 19, 2017. HATJ and BZ discuss the court hearing held on 10.18.19 and the big picture unfolding for ALL.










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  1. FRANZ says : Reply

    I was waiitng for NEWS Thank u so much !
    Great Heather ! Magnificent Being u r … Bless U.

  2. Oceanno says : Reply

    Wow just the quickest 50:24 of my life and Love every nanosecond of it! Thank You Heather and BZ! I could not even clean the house I had to set and listen with all my being.

  3. Gern Blanston says : Reply

    Much love to both of you!

  4. David Bemis says : Reply

    Dear BJ, and Heather,
    I do not want to appear stupid, but you lost me. I have been a follower for about 6 months.I believe in what you are doing!!! Something had to give, and I see that now.I understand court proceedings, but this this is a trip comming up from the rabbit hole.. Did I understand right that the Judge has 30 days and has to make a decision???I have tried all the ways to get my account to work. Kicks it out as soon as I try to pay something using my ssn and account routing #
    could someone clarify what I am doing wrong..?? I love all the projections that I feel I have my Fractualized trust ready.I want to be a big part in this movement towards Good. Am really looking forward getting rid of all the crap these big wigs have done to us for 200 years.I am on disability and really could like you use some relief .Love your way Gods speed

    Lots of Love to both of you..

  5. Gern Blanston says : Reply

    Is there any way to get a transcript of this conversation? It’s a bit garbled.

  6. Norma Luster Stevens says : Reply

    That was an amazing wrap up, there was a lot that came through in the tone of a Heather voice that makes us so grateful for her and those like her that fight so tireless for us all!! Thank you Heather and a Randy!!
    And the team for your commitment!!
    Be blessed!!!!

  7. noel says : Reply

    I hope Heather writes a book about the whole experience, so the layman could understand. I would be the first to buy it. It would be a Bigger seller than the Bible. Thank you Heather for the last 20 yrs that you have worked for us. Cheers

  8. John says : Reply

    Great Work !!

  9. myaraine says : Reply

    from the depths of my heart, deep gratitude for ALL your Doings Heather and circle of dear ones, for assisting all to Know they are free. Would so love confirmation on Randall’s release. Blessings to all, Namaste

  10. Roger Sirringer says : Reply

    Thank you for update.

    Neat info about Equifax ownership.

    I’m surprised it is not HQ’ed at 120 Broadway (The Equitable Building)

  11. Tallison says : Reply

    I am so grateful for all Heather has accomplished. Nothing short of a miracle. Thanks BZ!

  12. Mary says : Reply

    When is her sentencing?

    • Reuben Bailey says : Reply

      What sentencing? While the court did not immediately follow Heather’s orders (praecipe), the judge also did not move against them. Much shifting going on within.

  13. Dan says : Reply

    You still didn’t say what the judge’s verdict was. Is Heather released & free right now? How many times can you say it is all complete & done? I’ve been following since 2012 & I’ve heard this talk all before…

  14. Jay J says : Reply

    Wow. You got the interview started at 6 am so you could have it released to us as soon as possible – thanks. What can I do to continue to help the OPPT? Let me guess – “Whatever I feel led to DO and BE”.

    I think I get it now.

    I am so glad I left my horses in this stable and I am ashamed for the moment when I doubted you all. Please forgive my error in judgement.

  15. Caren says : Reply

    I am hoping Heather will come out with a rebuttal to the MSM nonsense that has been circulated that is very slanderous and relates this case to federal reserve and Sovereign citizen . This has to get straightened out. The masses are confused enough. We don’t need more dis info.

  16. egghead says : Reply

    GOD BLESS US ALL sure hope HEATHER AN RANDALLE gets set free soon

  17. Mrs Guy says : Reply

    Hello thank you so much Heather and Randy for all that you have done in regards to this movement I think that what is being done here it’s truly amazing but my question is for BZ I really need positive energy flowing my way I’m battling with the utility company on the payments although all the paperwork has been provided also with the courtesy notice the utility company Duke Energy is refusing to honor the paperwork and are continuing to threaten disconnection I just became a part of the movement recently and I’ve done everything that I could do I just need positive energy and maybe some insight to what is it that I need to do next I have children and I am trying so hard for them to understand who they are as an original as for myself I am unlearning and relearning my natural being and all that is with somebody anybody tell me another form of effectiveness in regards to my situation I will be greatly appreciated I really would like all the positive energy and all that is to flow in my direction thank you and I’m sending a lot of love a lot of positive energy and positive power in the direction of Heather and Randy once again thank you

    • Dan says : Reply

      Pay your bills, take care of your kids! You can’t wait on the system to change! I put myself in a predicament with bills & IRS in 2012 over all this stuff.

  18. Quentin M Holt says : Reply

    I listed to this for about five minutes or so before giving up. The person being interviewed tended to run her words together and was as difficult as a lot of foreigners to understand. I have no idea what HATJ means or what the court case is about.

    • noel says : Reply

      Quentin M Holt, It sounds as if you have only just come on to this site about 5 minutes ago, everyone needs to learn what was done by Heather Through OPPT so they can all understand what is going on. Start by going to the top of the page and click on OPPT ABSOLUTE there you will find everything you need to know. You won’t know what the movie is about when you walk in 10 minutes before it’s finished. Most of us have been here since it started. cheers.

    • noel says : Reply

      The person been interviewed was Heather, HATJ is her initials.

    • Helen Walker says : Reply

      I think she has a cold.. She is usually a little clearer… it gets easier to distinguish as you listen, your ears will become accustomed to whats being said… your ears will adapt. ALL LOVE. x

  19. Neil uk says : Reply

    Awesome update , just love what Heather and co have done and been doing ,it’s like the greatest show on earth is about to start , I can feel it in my bones ♥️

  20. Christy Love says : Reply

    So wonderful to hear your beautiful voice again Heather! <3
    Amongst all the distractions, we're still DOing & BEing 🙂
    Sometimes it's been difficult not to allow anger (fear) to take over, but then I remind myself how hard you're working, what Randy is going through, and what WE as ONE love are doing.
    I don't reprimand myself, I just forgive myself; I praise myself for steering right back in the direction I need to be in.
    Brightest Blessings Family!

  21. larry teal says : Reply

    THANK YOU ALL FOR SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs, LOVE YOU!!

  22. Carol says : Reply

    My love and thanks to you dear Heather and Randy as well. I tried unsuccessfully to send cards to you Heather during your hotel tour. I sent 5 cards to Randy and 4 were returned as “Refused” or “undeliverable” You are included in my daily intentions. Love and Light to all. Thank you BZ.

  23. Sue says : Reply

    Sorry, but very difficult to understand, very muffled and drawn out tones. Perhaps it’s the American accent???

  24. There is nothing more real than “walking by faith, not sight”. We need to keep our dreams close to our hearts, keep faith in our whole BEing add hope and love with a good measure of focUS as we traverse our narrow walk through life. I am thankful for the brave ones that have done so and stayed the course! BElief is a powerful motivator! Much love to those fighting for truth!

    “All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible.”
    ~ T.E. Lawrence~

  25. Charles Gilbert Wright says : Reply

    Thank you

  26. Jay J says : Reply

    Hello. I have listened to this interview well more than ten times as of today. Yesterday, I had a chance to watch this at a loved ones home. We had a conversation:

    Loved one: Jay J, why do you keep watching this video? ( this loved one has seen me watch this video at least twice)
    Me: There’s a lot of information in it. I keep finding different things layered in it.
    Loved one: (sigh) Ok, if you say so.


    Early this morning, I read an article that reported that Samuel Tang purchased a gold bar (sealed, with proper mint stamping) from the Royal Bank of Canada that showed it contained no gold at all when it was tested. The mint, nor the RBC would take the bar back. Doing a bit more research, I am finding that there was a Tungsten bar passed off as gold in NY – they then found more of these fake gold bars (This was in 2012).

    As well, early this morning, I read that the Federal Government added 200 billion to the national debt in the month of October 2017 (quietly – I have not seen any TV news report on this, but we all know how reliable they are – lol). I think our government is funded until 12/08/2017 and they need a new budget in place by then, or they will squabble and name call each other until someone yells “uncle”.

    There is a video on Youtube from a guy named “V the guerrilla economist” which he says he talked with a four star general that told him that the dollar would be dead by the end of 2017 (the video contained a lot of scary “happenings”). I think the video was created in 2014 – we’ll see what happens.

    Something is going on. Regardless, I am praying for the best – freedom, health and love for the people – an end to these senseless wars.

  27. Merry Hempsta says : Reply

    Heather is giving words the the visions I’ve been having for 15 years now, of the system just suddenly being “seen through”, and everyone realizing they were playing a role, or a game, and now it’s time for a new game.. maybe only a few can “see” this now, but as she says, it is every “ones” game, and we are all here to participate in what I would say is most aptly termed “the New Earth”

  28. Tamia says : Reply

    I am thankful that Heather and Randy have been released. It has been almost a month since Heather’s release and things seem to be moving slowly along. Trump is on his tour through Asia and the pedophiles have been coming out of the closet. On the surface, it is business as usual. What I am hearing Heather say is that this whole thing has been staged. The court proceeding’s she felt went well. The digital ledger/crypto-currency/universal ledger/natural ledger is a copy of the universal ledger that all go through.The BIS was the entrance and exit point for the ledgering here, on this planet it was a mirror system, and then everything would get ledgered up. Its like ledgering on a screen but not going in and collecting from someone it will raise questions and people will want to know why. So they used the mirror system, have everyone as registered keepers or tenants so that the illusion is they own something and have power but the mirror system is fraudulent and is not the original and that is what came out in the court. All the FRAUDULENT MIRRORED SYSTEMS are crumbling! The Universal System is going to start to happen and DC is in a panic since July. China and Russia have already put out their portion. USA has to find a way to let everyone know what has happened because they have covered up a lot. I am in a wait mode and I applaud all of your efforts with this great work. Thank you!!!

  29. Cynthia says : Reply

    Just a few more days until the 18th. 🙂

  30. Joey says : Reply


    It’s been almost 30 days…is lunch over yet??


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