# HATJ: Court Transcript 8.4.17 and Release of Court Files

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# HATJ: Court Transcript 8.4.17 and Release of Court Files

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BZ:This is the originally released transcript with words omitted.  To view and download the Official corrected court transcript look here

Update 8. 21.17 DC District Court Releases Corrected Complete Transcript of HATJ 8.4.17 Hearing




Transcript of HATJ hearing on 8.4.17

To directly download Click here


DC Court Transcript 04AUG2017




Parker Still Testimony Grand Jury Knoxville

Click here to download directly

Parker Still Testimony - Grand Jury - Knoxville TN


HATJ Documents and Research

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HATJ Docs and Research


Release of all Case Documents for HATJ

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15 Responses to “# HATJ: Court Transcript 8.4.17 and Release of Court Files”

  1. Frances in France says : Reply

    Hi Heather, it is just gorgeous to be able to read what you said in court, what others said. Every now and then, I have to check a word, but I can understand almost everything and I think of all those people who think that understanding foreign languages is not important in their lives…
    I will now go on reading the file and wish you all my best to get out quickly of that place in DC and come again working with us in freedom.

  2. Jay J says : Reply

    Thank you for posting. I will be reading this in its entirety shortly.

  3. Janis says : Reply

    Having just read read the August 4th identity hearing record I would like to give kudos to all those of the team who periodically updated us during that event. It read word for word exactly as we were told each time. I feel like I had been present, as in my heart and mind I was, on pins and needles waiting for the desired outcome. Heather’s message to us that all went as desired was such a relief since the proceedings seems predetermined from onset, evidenced more so by these records. Thank you Heather and Team for ALL that you/we DO and BE! We are blessed be witness to these happenings! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to ALL of you!

  4. Eddie says : Reply

    #HATJ Update- Being Released Today? (Aug 9)

  5. Anastasia says : Reply

    Love that all these files have been made public. Absolutely love it! What a momentous time in our Evolution. Thank you for all who continue to hold space for the unfoldment.


  6. Derek says : Reply

    Everyone please make sure to show unity by signing the petition Mike O’Brien put up for Heather and Randall.


  7. Kris says : Reply

    I’m not sure if this means anything, but in the two transcripts, Parker Still is spelled differently, under oath by the person himself. In the DC transcript it’s PARKER STEILL and in the Knoxville Grand Jury it’s PARKER STILL. It doesn’t seem like the court reporter in DC would add a letter. Again, might not mean anything, it seems odd.

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      His correct name spelling it Still.

      all is not what it seems and glaring mistakes, seem to be one of the ways, Originals make things visible. It is an “official” purported court hearing for star witness against-and his name was entered incorrectly into the court record, transcriber, just transcribed what the official line was.

  8. Oceanno says : Reply

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Sending out PEACE and LOVE

  9. Frances says : Reply

    Parker Still statement on the Federal Reserve BAnk:

    “It’s commonly referred to as the bank of the United States government.”

    I think he is insulting the intelligence of the grand jury.

  10. Florida Guy says : Reply


    I too am glad that all of these documents have been made public,I see a major problem. If you note on page 7 of the Parker Still Testimony Grand Jury Knoxville PAGE 6 OF 77 LINES 4-14 are going to be an issue for randy and Heather if it turns out to be true. Lines 12 and 13 state that randy had one number wrong on the transaction. If this is true, this case is lost. I just wanted to point that out before we all assume that this case will be precedence on accessing our accounts.

    • Frances says : Reply

      Yes the one number wrong on his social was odd, but on 2nd thought, maybe he has had 2 different SS#’s. Does that ever happen? …the SS admin. issuing a 2nd # with one number different by mistake? Then he would have 2 SS#’s because of their mistake. OR maybe he added the 22 to the end of one transaction and the 32 to the end of another. Regardless, those 2 numbers are still attached to his name at the Fed Reserve Bank or the transaction couldn’t have gone through.

      Interesting that at the Grand Jury none of them asked to see the records from Mr. Bean’s account at the Fed. Reserve Bank. Only one juror asked how it was possible for those 40 transactions to go through and $1.5million to be “mistakenly” transferred to USAA for the purchase of CD’s. The whole premise of the rogue government’s case is that the Federal Reserve account was not Mr. Beane’s.

      Mr. Still seems to be suggesting to the Grand Jury that the “app” used by Randy magically caused millions of $$’s to be transferred from the Fed R. to USAA through the ACH process. What a joke! At least one juror had a brain, but was shut down by the rogue gov….unbelievable!!

  11. Clive says : Reply

    The sly bar-stewards, Heather said she did not waived any of her rights which was twisted to mean even her right to have an attorney, so this judge used it to force Heather to have Mr Bos, the judge made sure that everyone got that because she kept repeating the narrative, slippery as an eel that Judge.

  12. Avau says : Reply

    Hi BZ, Hello Heather, Hello Everyone! I want to leave this with you all from http://ronahead.com/author/ronaldwp/ Quote, “You are clearing, testing, and experimenting as you discover emotional new you. Allow that to be during the next few days for the energies floating about are different from what you have experienced. Even though the current energies are love energies, they are dedicated emotional love energies so that from this time forward you can tap into roles that are you – not the roles of your neighbors, family, or co-workers – finding your comfort zone as you declare your emotional self-love. So be it. Amen.” Unquote. Much love to you all light beings, keep on keeping on! Love you Heather, Randy and all, thank you for your service to humanity. Let’s continue to lift up ourselves and our planet by Be-ing of who we are, Do-ing of what we came here to do (to unlock this yokes around our necks and all mankind from slaving to the old cabal system that do not serve humanity no more and the highest good, and finally…Have-ing our blissful planet back to the Original what was created for “Paradise Earth”, with all the inhabitants’ birthright returned as was ordained to be. Sending blessing, love and light to you all. “I am my I am presence in one with your I am presence and all I am presence of humanity.” We are One Consciousness different bodies standing tall for the truth, Love/Light of our One Source Creator. Hallelujah! So be it!

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