#HATJ : Context on Where We Are

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 #HATJ : Context on Where We Are

This conversation with BZ Riger and Paul Frances McDonald was recorded on 8.2.17 AM PST. This give you some context of All that is currently unfolding. With the One People’s Public Trust 1776, which some refer to as the OPPT filings. The conversation will give you some clarity on the UCC filings, the scope and importance on the filings and what is unraveling right before your eyes.
This is just a short brief overview of some of the points that are This Expansive discussion.
The TDA’s are just the snow flakes on the top of the tip of the iceberg!

Update: 8.2.17

[6:31:56 PM] brian kelly: Comment I made to someone trying to connect the dots to the WH….

When you say what we’re seeing taking place in the white house, what are you referring to exactly?

Message is it’s ALL connected. The big “holy Fu**” development here is that the filings have been officially filed into DC Federal Court. This is HUGE. It simply means that there is now grounds and proper foundation to prove their legitimacy in federal court. If this happens it means full and complete validation that not only is the entire system based in fraud and deception but all international corporations, masquerading as governments, are in point of fact legally and lawfully foreclosed, but also that the accounts are real, valid and undeniable….

What better place for this all to unravel than in the mouth of the beast (Washington DC)…now you see why Heather had to get arrested. It’s all positioning for where we are now. The system has no script to handle this development. There is little chance of back peddling now that the UCC filings are in the court system combined with so much public attention driven by a powerhouse woman who knows the system equal to those who have created it. Liken it to a grizzly bear bitten by a rattle snake…it may run around for a while, powered by its own willpower and adrenaline, but  fateful outcome of thepoison is inevitable.

Now simply replace the poison analogy with the energetic frequency of love and it paints a more accurate representation of what is now unfolding for all to see, in absolute context and perfect precision. This shit can’t be made up. Liberation is knocking at the door. Grab your popcorn because we’re in for a wild ride 😉



8.2.17   NOTICE:  All filings, as filed –



The I UV web portal has all the details of The One People’s Public Trust 1776 filings, It being made public, and refered in short hand to OPPT-

Look at the top Navigation bar of this site. Reading left to right. Left hand comes first, that is OPPT Absolute. Earliest documentation is the lowest sub navigation link. Other top navigation links moving to the right bring you more current.

You may find this page helpful OPPT Goes Public


Links and resources:

Top Secret Banker’s Manual https://i-uv.com/removing-the-veil/the-slavery-system/banking/top-secret-bnakers-manual/

Trust ~ ALL ON!!!           https://i-uv.com/hatj-trust-all-on/

The Speech of The Unknown https://i-uv.com/the-speech-of-the-unknown/




Signed and Sealed Original Factualized Trust

To download directly click here





Disclosure Announcement

To download directly click here




Copy of Warrant that Heather marked with pencil, highlighting the various items that came into focus for her. You can click here to directly download



Declaration of Independence 1776 Original Text

To download directly click here



Cornell definition of UCC Financing statement



VERY Important! Heather’s fillings to the court today 8.2.17 all 287 pages. You can click here to directly download




38 Responses to “#HATJ : Context on Where We Are”

  1. AJ Witken says : Reply

    So…..so…..so brilliant……unrebutted……thankyou Heather…..amazing!!!!!!!

    • AJ Witken says : Reply

      I read and understood the OPPT UCC filings when Heather first filed them and was excited for what I knew they represented ……to see her get them on record in this manner……amazing……thanks Heather….thanks BZ and Paul for the update……increasing my photonic love radiance to D.C. from the amplifier of Mt. Shasta……

  2. lisa says : Reply

    you might be interested in checking out David-Wynn Miller. He wrote some complicated book explaining how words are mathematical or something, i dunno it was way over my head but it sure sounded like what you were eluding too here Bob

  3. Anastasia says : Reply

    You guys are awesome! This is absolutely monumental. Thank you. We are holding the energies for you here in this part of the world. I humbly request each Being reading this hold and anchor the energies where you are on the Planet. It’s time to let the Truth and Light run rampant. Thank you.

  4. PBSFD says : Reply

    I WOULD Like to join others at the court room for Heathers hearing… If anyone is out there that would like to show support please email me as soon as you can… mjm6448@psu.edu

  5. Tina Mason says : Reply

    Money laundering that’s a blatant lie!!!!!! To accuse someone of a wrong doing they didnt do is an offense. They arrested her on false accusations. This is criminal!!! Heather and us are Beneficiaries of the Trusts! The Public Trust in the US from the gold they stole form our grandparents and The Cestui Vie Trust. Nesara is coming and everyone will get a livable wage. And AMericans wont have to live like a third world Nation anymore. The officer who accused her of this and who arrested Randy needs to be investigated!!!!!!! Get Her out of there.
    Send Trump a message tweet, or hand written letter.

  6. Collin says : Reply

    Heather will go down in history as ah ah, as somebody who literally saved the world.

  7. chayliss says : Reply

    piggyback on this at 3pm eat tomarrow to spread this story

  8. Tony says : Reply

    Should we go ahead and file our UCC-1 and do our Factualized Trust now or wait?

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      you do not need to file any UCC documents. All of that has been done already, that is what we were talking about in this conversation. Fill out, your own FT and use that to send to entities you choose.
      Have a look at this post https://i-uv.com/hatj-lets-show-how-many-free-sovereign-beings-are-on-planet-earth/

      That will give you ideas on your FT.

      • Elie L. says : Reply

        Good morning BZ . I just had a conversation with a T-mobile representative about sending in my factualized Trust infos and she stated that i didn’t need to submit it to them unless there was a problem which required legal actions . My payment went through last night no problem using the original routing matching the letter on the back of SS card .
        Love, Light and wholeness to you all .

      • Elie L. says : Reply

        Hello BZ , it is a pleasure to initiate this interaction with you co-creating this new version or should i say going back to the Original design of Source for this planet .
        I wanted to share a little experience i just had and it kinda left me puzzled . I was going thru my paypal and calling every entity i know would benefit from receiving the factualized document when i had the thought to check on the routing numbers for actual commercial banks that are on the open . So of course i proceeded with trying out Wells Fargo’s routing number first since Harvey Dent’s been posting about them . Low and behold , at the first try, Paypal determined that i had an account with them . Imagine the shock ! so if Heather is taking on the mothership of this system , why not conduct a little experiment on our end with the smaller ones ?

      • Gay says : Reply

        BZ, Heather’s FT is 6 pages long, more detailed. The one posted on the site is only 3 pages long. Which should we use? Thank you for all you are doing.

  9. Colleen says : Reply

    Hi Everyone!!! Such exciting news…but much more than that…such historical work by Heather and her team! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Yet I am still somewhat confused. As a Canadian citizen is this Trust and all the rights here with available to ALL peoples of ALL nations and in particular Canadians, or only for US citizens? Where would the information be found for accessing these Canadian Trusts, my birth certificate is printed on Bond paper, with birth registration, and “for treasury use” numbers. Would I access the Trust through the procedures as if I were a US citizen? I would really appreciate any advice that could be given to help nail down the procedure for Canadians and help spread the news! In Light and Love Colleen

  10. Kevin says : Reply

    Paul sounds just as confused as me, vague rambling.

  11. Hi guys

    All (so called) mainstream media networks Globally have been informed….We await there responce or we await there SILENCE…Either way they will be exposed!!

    Heather is doing just fine and has been busy helping the people around her fill out there Factualized Trust as only Heather can! lol Hang in there folks and get the popcorn and pix ‘n’ mix at the ready because we are about to rock the pop stand that little bit more!!!!……My love to you all <3

  12. Paul says : Reply

    Ha haaa! Kevin, sounds a bit like that alright. Not used to actually discussing these topics at all, or in a very basic way so that people can get some sort of a picture of the background. Not easy to explain that. Let alone doing it ad lib at the same time as being acutely aware of an ongoing court case and an alleged criminal indictment hovering around in the background. I’m sure we’ll expand on it a bit more in the coming weeks and get a bit better at it. All the best for NOW.

  13. Morgan says : Reply

    I paid Verizon bill yesterday with my tda account using the bank info linked to the letter on the back of my SS card, called Verizon to make sure they got received payment and they said yes they have and my account is in good standing with a zero balance! I will reply to this comment if they reverse it.

  14. Elie L. says : Reply

    TDA UPDATE !!!!!!
    I just spoke with people from my school loan service agency (Not sure if that’s the proper way to call them 🙂 )and i stated that i have proof of factualized trust which holds my TDA and i don’t understand why they would not want to process my payment under the guise that i’m using a Fed routing number .
    The lady stated that there was many fraudulent attempted transaction using the Fed routing , if i want to pay using ACH , try to transfer the funds from the TDA to another regular bank account and pay them .
    It’s almost as if certain people don’t want to transact in that way even though they know the accounts exists and are absolutely accessible .
    Love and Light to all .
    I thought i’d share that with you . Namaste

  15. troy says : Reply

    I made a few purchases, they will keep it now for themselves, this is the whole SCAM people, also i have a good intuition telling me they are selling our signatures too with the medallion seals, I demanded back my property, lets see if they send me back my signatures,

  16. troy says : Reply

    HERES YOUR United States of America;
    [THE],UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION, [INC], File #s 2025923, 2193946, 4525682, registered agent[s] in delaware, home office owned by UNITED STATES OF AMERICA LIMITED Located in Scotland ! The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is a Britishcorporation based in Edinburgh, Scotland. It is the parent-company of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA sub-corporations in America under various names (which it changes on ongoing basis by re-incorporating them), The company was first incorporated within America in 1868 in the state of Delaware as a PRIVATE company and seized control of the District of Columbia when Congress passed the District of Columbia Act of 1871

  17. Jon says : Reply

    So, does this mean we use the original Fed routing number? And also, when using the ss# as the acct #, do we just use the 9-digit only or place a zero in front and/or a 22 or 32 behind it?

  18. Money? Is this all that people can think about? You are all ORIGINAL so please act like it!! lol….. If none of you actually understands what that means then perhaps most have not fully paid attention….Something amazing is about to take place yet people are still squabbling over the scraps left over from there former masters tables?…..Please wake up guys

  19. Frances in France says : Reply

    During the last days, a thought came up several times in my mind saying: why don’t we have our own bank, The New Paradigm Bank? You can easily imagine what it implies regarding the collateral or TDA accounts. As we still need money, couldn’t this be a solution to our problems?
    And by the way, do you know the Swedish JAK bank which gives credits based on the money received as savings? https://jak.se/international

    • Anna says : Reply

      It is an excellent idea which Michael Tellinger has widely talked about (the People’s Bank) and I do like the name of your bank “The New Paradigm Bank”. Lovely. Would it operate using the SWIFT system of exchange (unlikely…) or some dedicated blockchains? And what would you call the new currency?

    • Frances in France says : Reply

      When I was asked about the name, I remembered the Robin, this social currency for which Marc Flament in Belgium was the creator, but which had no chance to be born, now I know why with all these PTW and slaves around who are not aware that they are slaves. Then the name SEED came up to my mind, or SID to habe a more global name.

      But the main question is not the name but under which system to operate it. As an observer of societies I have witnessed the growing gap between rich and poor, politicians and people, folks who know and folks who don’t. And I don’t like this at all like many other people I assume. So creating another digital gap between young and old does not seem to be a good idea. I see the NP Bank as an interface between the TDA and the classic banks we still have, still need, so still use. So we could have a smooth move from the old system to the new paradigm. And with slowly growing velocity of change, nothing brutal.

      So a bank linked to the TDA accounts on one hand and to the people’s account in their specific bank on the other side working under common law as Paul John Hansen (http://www.pauljjhansen.com/?s=common+law) explains it on his sites. So the people would not have to access their TDA account directly and get their accounts closed. The NP Bank would be a cooperative with the amount of money required in the old system in order to be able to work with the old system but it would also be like a worldwide shopwindow and an advocate for the new paradigm. The outcome of the Factualized Trusts is still uncertain in my view, above all now that HATJ cannot help us, so we need to go on with things we can do.
      In the first documents I could read about OPPT, there was an indication that we would soon have CVACs. This word soon in many areas is almost extensible endlessly and becomes thus quite ridiculous.
      Not to be published
      I have to find a purple pencil now somewhere in town!

      • Anna says : Reply

        @ Frances in France [August 5, 2017 at 4:40 am]

        Sorry, I misplaced this reply, so here it is again :

        FEBEA could be the “missing link” you are looking for : http://www.febea.org/content/home. What with the starting capital… I would not know where to get it — maybe out of some one’s TDA 😀 😀 !!!

    • Frances in France says : Reply

      @ Anna
      A bank from within the old system can not be a link between the TDA accounts and us, have you seen their partners, the EU? It is absolutely necessary that the NP Bank is created under common law with people who know who Heather is, what she did and what the OPPT and CVAC are, a bank under control of people from the new paradigm. It would start with a home page whose name and hostage would be bought at a cooperative. As we would be out of American and European jurisdiction with this bank, it would have an address like this one from: Paul John Hansen, 1548 N 19th St., Omaha, Nebraska 68110, without the United States, mailing location only, not a resident address. So nobody would expect an office with people there. Usual new banks in France do need 3 to 5 million euros at creation time, depending on what they do. To appear serious to other people, we should gather 2 to 3 million dollars I think, of course not from TDA accounts as it does not work presently as it is supposed to do but from everybody’s savings or earnings, $200 per head.

  20. troy says : Reply

    who or what entity is here for us that keeps the Treasury Direct in line, they closed my account for the reason i am using a federal reserve routing number,

  21. troy says : Reply

    now today treasury direct threatened me for the second time with charges, I didnt do anything wrong

    Re: Your Treasury Direct account
    antiquefineartt to Hardlockshow details

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Hardlock
    To: antiquefineartt
    Sent: Sat, Aug 5, 2017 1:16 pm
    Subject: Your Treasury Direct account

    It is noted from the form you submitted and the Treasury Direct Account you created using Federal Reserve bank Routing number that you are attempting to receive payments that you feel you are entitled through a sovereign citizen or birthright scheme. There are no such funds available, and due to it’s illegal nature, no relief for such a request will be granted by this, or any other agency. Further, continuing to pursue such illegal actions may result in fraud charges. We have locked your account and suggest that you cease your communications with this office immediately.

  22. sergei vanderwiel says : Reply

    Troy, this might help people send it right https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTpJ6aCbmok

  23. Naima Akida says : Reply

    I’m sorry, please forgive me for whatever it is in me that thinks that there is an “us” and a “them”, I love you, thank you.

    I’m sorry please forgive me for whatever it is in me that is not love & purity of heart. Thank you, I love you.

    I’m sorry, please forgive me for whatever it is in me that contributes to or creates my experience of captivity. I love you, Thank you.

    I’m sorry, please forgive me for whatever it is in me that is not experiencing the FREEDOM that is always present the FREEDOM that lies within me. I love you, thank you.

    I’m sorry please forgive me for whatever it is in me that feels the need to think and intellectualize. Thank you, I love you.

    I’m sorry please forgive me for whatever it is in me that contributes to or creates the need to struggle or fight against anyone or anything. I love you Thank you.

    I’m sorry please forgive me for whatever it is in me that creates or contributes to my experience of government, and rule over another man. I love you, Thank you.

    I’m sorry, please forgive me for whatever it is in me that feels the need to consume information from books, websites, television, and videos rather than listen to the only TRUE information that exists…which comes through me as inspiration and directly from divinity…Which is the only information that is right and perfect for EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. I love you, thank you.

  24. BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply


    ******** Update 8.6.17 **********


    Beginning at beginning at 7:38 PM EDT, over a period of several hours.




    ******** Update 8.6.17 **********

  25. BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply


    All the energy is terrific. So fun to see everyone stepping into the Truth of who they really are and doing what they feel moved to do.

    When you are making a comment please consider framing your comment so it expands the conversation, and takes to heart Each person is Original, regardless of your current perspective.
    If your comment/question is about TDA’s, how to fill out paperwork, or other specific focus.


    VERY important put your comment on the post that has a focus on what your comment/question is.
    There are so many of you here, being part of the conversation and the comment sections are growing exponentially every day.
    Please keep your comment short!
    The system will not let extra long comments through with the current volume. For the longer ones, perhaps your own blog post or video would be the way to go and then make a comment relevant to conversation and share your link.

    On the right hand navigation, you will see:

    Updates: [under that a cliclable link ]

    Current updates HATJ

    Utilizing your treasury direct accounts

    Documents for proof of ownership


    Recent BEings & DOings: [under that a cliclable link ]


    This gives you a way to look at posts that are helpful with awakening to what is unfolding and looking behind the curtain and tearing it down.

    Lets Do This : -)



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