# HATJ: “A dream come true”

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“A dream come true”


To the highest law enforcer of the land, and Commander In Chief, Donald J. Trump, for consciously choosing to “step in” and “clean up”, especially when the others chose not to…I thank you.

To ALL, that imagineered these moments of completion and new beginnings…I thank you.

To the beautiful hearticulars within all UNITED STATES departments, agencies, and operations “doing” the “cleanup” WITH ALL…I thank you.

To the families and foreign interests who established the fed res, and used your former domestic agents [former US Secretary of Treasurer Andrew Mellon and Hoover] to create and implement the global banking enforcement arm known today as the FBI, and compromised the majority of the beings formerly filling all UNITED STATES offices and employments…to those same families and foreign interests, that underestimated ALL…and assisted in making visible the power of consciousness, fortitude, unity, and commitment of the hearticulars that would one day FILL AND FLOW from ALL being…I thank you.

My complete gratitude, love, support, and continued cooperation, as well as that of ALL SOURCE FOURCE (“the unicorn squad”…lol) in immediately making visible the complete context of the few remaining “bits” of covert data that have been “hidden in plain sight”…the completion that has already been done…

…”the future proves the past”…and now complete context of that statement is made visible…

…hearticulars, ALL celebrations may begin and be experienced NOW by ALL.

In love, gratitude, and service to every one, all ways always.



Two hours later- link


To all foreign actors and interests that had their agents in US Congress “legalize” false reporting in 2014: I thank you for leaving such DEEP footprints…and thank you for identifying your foreign agents you strategically placed within the abused and used US Millitary forces for their immediate removal. Enjoy the beauty and wonder, as the hearticulars within those same forces “clean house” and make visible their original intent and commitment to doing the job they thought they signed up for…

…all corruption has always all ways been known and recorded…for the universal “tipping point” application done now…

Launch was successful…”US” payload successful…just not under the foreign actors/ interests’ control as they intended… ❤️



17 Responses to “# HATJ: “A dream come true””

  1. Jeff says : Reply

    Cool. Who’s satellite was it?

  2. Anasazi says : Reply

    zerohedge claims it’s an Ellon Musk-Lockheed rocket-sat., connected via Pentagon, MIC.


  3. Christine says : Reply

    What does this all.mean for us small citizens?

    • Ann says : Reply

      I am not small and neither are you Christine, therefore; we need to be more pro active. These nations are the people’s not corrupt foreign governments. We must stop being slaves to this corruption.

  4. Christine says : Reply

    Elon Musk is an agent of the dark, let him fool only himself !

  5. Simon Whitefeather says : Reply

    It is so beautiful how everything is fitting in place with the increased energies and set intentions! We are as a unity moving mountains as no other time in history has seen! It is a wonderful time to be alive and to experience all of this!
    Love to all!

  6. Aidan says : Reply

    That Satellite is not gone they are keeping this a Secret saying that it was lost I doubt this very much

  7. Tallison says : Reply

    The very first hit when I heard this news it had been destroyed i knew it was false. Thanks for the validation Heather!

    • Jeanne Marie says : Reply

      Ahhhh HA! I had the same inclination… AND there is an unusual “slowdown” in the Alt media… the last 24 hours or so? Good to see this info. Stay safe, CELEBRATE and live everyday as if this IS heaven on EARTH. Thanks to HATJ for confirmation. Thank YOU to ALL involved, for their commitment and integrity.

  8. Bek says : Reply

    If mission was not in the best interest of all, vehicle would have been destroyed on the pad, as on September 1, 2016.


  9. Doreen says : Reply

    Today, I was reminded about the Law of Polarity after a friend shared the following:

    A woman, an African Shaman, during Sangoma or ritual ceremony became extremely intense. Her frenzied dance and movements, grimacing facial expressions, breathlessness, chilling eyes, loss of all control of her body, and extreme vocalization escalated into her disrobing, and calling out over and over as if possessed by evil spirits. “What do you want from me?” “What do you want from me?” “What do you want from me?” Eventually an answer followed, “All we want is to be understood.” END

    When we acknowledge without fear and judgment those who harm, the Law of Polarity empowers transformation. In other words, a shift from negative to no judgment, and courage, stops feeding the darkness, and allows that which is like unto itself to be drawn. http://www.mind-your-reality.com/seven_universal_laws.html

  10. Mexican Amigo says : Reply

    Ay ay ay canta y no llores… beautiful time to celebrate. Thanks Heather

  11. Carol says : Reply

    I heard this song in the 80’s and it gave me goose bumps.


    I love you all dearly, from Aspentree

  12. Pamela says : Reply

    Cool 🙂

  13. Mary says : Reply

    Thanks to all who made this possible. A dream becomes reality. Much Love Guys.

  14. Donna says : Reply

    Hi HATJ, I have appreciated all you do since I first met you in Olympia. You taught me how to live in my heart and much more. You have given much of your life for wellbeing of humanity all over the world. The macabre play is winding down, so many gave their lives and we thank and revere all of them.
    I will always love you, Thank You!

  15. Hugh Jass says : Reply

    What am I missing here? You’re all acting like the entire house of rothschild was on that rocket. What’s going on between the lines please?

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