Happy Birth Day HATJ ! Love From ALL (kiss)

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Happy Birth Day HATJ ! Love From ALL (kiss)





I created a Happy Birth Day Poster for Heather. It is 11 x 17 on foam core.

The poster  is a physical and energetic vessel to carry her a wave of Love, Vitality in recharging, and Clarity for 7.31.17.

It carries all of You in the energetic field and it is a Rocking wave of love and support from ALL.


It was to be delivered kindness of Neil Wolfe, to the DC CTF,  this afternoon. Neil arrived with the poster and they told him that, no it had to be mailed. (They changed information from what they gave me on the phone 🙁

It is all good, The Birthday wishes and the energetic signature of all of you entered the building. And the 4 liaisons, all saw the card and experienced it. 🙂


All Ways, Always.  All is perfect and perfectly done.

I love You and I appreciate You.



H-BDAY Card1











60 Responses to “Happy Birth Day HATJ ! Love From ALL (kiss)”

  1. Oceanno says : Reply

    Happy Birthday Heather I get all my Love to You!

    • John S says : Reply

      A Big “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” from down here in good old OZ Heather. Heep’s of Love to you as very few people in this world have the guts that you have shown to us all. May that fighting spirit knock the socks off the PTW’s on Monday.
      Lots of love and best wishes, stay well!
      John S.

  2. Karen says : Reply

    Beautiful BZ! Absolutely brilliant tribute from all to our best girl. Thank you for creating it! And thank you, Neil, for being the courier! The uninformed continue to disregard their own hearts in blocking delivery, but that’s ok, with each doing hearts become more and more open.

    Love you Heather! Your after-birthday celebration is going to be an event to behold!!

  3. JayZ says : Reply

    Happy Birthday HATJ!

  4. Caren says : Reply

    We all love you very much

    • Pam says : Reply

      Happy Birthday to you, Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf…much love, blessings coming to you, we love you and all you have done to free us…Great Spirit be with you, always. Thank you for being, creating, standing up for US All…

  5. Buffy says : Reply

    Birthday wishes to you dear one

    In appreciation for all you do, for the freedom of out Humanity
    Much love and light to you this day

    You are the gift that keeps on giving

  6. Moni says : Reply

    Happy Birthday Heather! You are a Beacon of Light no matter where you are. Please accept our gratitude and our love.
    Thank you BZ for the beautiful card and Neil for being our eyes and ears in DC.

  7. Judy Gilmore says : Reply

    What a beautiful birthday greeting! Light & Love engulf us all! Thank you, Heather. Thank you all who work toward unification and oneness. We are one!

  8. Lucía Díaz Bahamón says : Reply

    happy birthday beautiful Lion!!!!!

  9. Max says : Reply

    Happy birthday Heather. They can imprison your form but not your being. I have been there. Sending love and light. Just know your power and light are increasing due to this.

  10. Maria says : Reply


    H A P P Y * B I R T H D A Y Heather !!!

    Sending you prayers and much love to you. Thank you for fighting for us!

    We L O V E you!


  11. Joe B. says : Reply

    Wishing you a beautiful day ( YOUR Day) in spirit on your Birthday!!
    You are Wonderful!!

    With Love,

  12. Norma k Oliveira says : Reply

    Happy birthday Heather. May you continue to be the shining light that guides the way. Aloha pomaikai ( love and Blessing)

  13. Anna says : Reply

    Bon Anniversaire, nos voeux les plus sincères,
    Que ces quelques fleurs vous apportent le bonheur,
    Que l’année entière vous soit douce et légère
    Et que l’an fini, nous soyons tous réunis
    Pour chanter en choeur :

    Bon Anniversaire !!!

  14. Charles Edwin Cooper says : Reply

    Bless you Heather, HAPPY BIRTH DAY !! I am working as fast as I can to teach and share access…..its even more rewarding than I could have imagined, the fear is almost non existent because of the courage you have shown. LOVE/to infinity….Thank you for the enlightenment To DO…To BE……My prayers are covering you.

  15. Jp says : Reply

    Rock that meeting tomorrow – it’s the ‘meeting’ you intended, you just didn’t know how it was going to come to be. Positive Vibration. Onelove Sista! Jp Bumby

  16. Marcus says : Reply

    ALL the best, Heather! The moment is now!
    We send you energy and a big hug!

    Carina and Marcus

  17. Heather I have seen other great beings but without a doubt You are one of the greatest!

    No doubt, the God’s are smiling on You and sending You their Love! 🙂

    In The Highest Frequency of Love I send You a Huge Happy Birthday Heather! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I send You Truth, Peace and Courage, so be it!!!!

  18. AJ Witken says : Reply

    BZ, Heather and ALL…..What an amazing B’day present to Our One’ness in Heather’s form…..that the second coming of Truth takes this form against remnants of Pontius Pilate’s failing essence as a catalyst to humanities’ transcendence…..am dancing and rejoicing in this opportunity to align physical manifestation with the First Source of ALL Creation……Adonai

  19. Elaine says : Reply

    Happy Birthday Heather!

    You are in my heart. Much love.

  20. Tracie Philhower says : Reply

    Happy Birthday Heather we all appreciate everything you are doing for humanity!!! Sending love and energy your way from the Pacific NW. XOXO

  21. Anastasia says : Reply

    Happy Birthday fellow Leo! I woke up this morning thinking of you and sending you the best for tomorrow’s activities….

  22. Dee says : Reply

    Happy Birthday ! You are dearly loved !

  23. Sharon says : Reply

    Happy Birthday HATJ!
    Thinking of you
    Thank you for all that you do.

  24. Madaline says : Reply

    Happy Birthday Heather,
    thank you, thank you for giving humanity your expertise, and showing all of us the way to a peaceful life ahead.

    May you be bless, dear one.

  25. Marilyn says : Reply

    Happy Blessed Birthday, May God continue to surround you the angles of heaven.


  26. Kelly Be says : Reply

    Happy Born Day Anniversary Heather! Huge Hugs, Perfect Love and Amazing Envergy.

  27. VERONICA BURZIO says : Reply

    Happy Birthday to you Heather, sending reinforcements with love and light, thank you for all you are doing for all of us.

  28. Becky Espy says : Reply

    Thank you for your courage and kindness. Thank you for all that you do for us. Happy Birthday, my friend! May all your dreams come true.

  29. Bob says : Reply

    Peace love and light to you HATJ

  30. Bets says:, says : Reply

    All are love to you & thank you for all you do to move this world forward & upwsrd.

  31. rosebud says : Reply

    Happy Happy Circle around the SUN…. From California To YOU.
    Thank You for BEING on the Planet with us.
    Witness your Journey… Holding Sacred Space where
    The Light shines upon The Best Outcome Possible for all.

  32. MEME says : Reply

    Happy Birthday Heather, praying that you’ll be out next week!
    Peace and Love!!

  33. BeeDee says : Reply

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Heather!!!
    Keep strong soul sister!

  34. Golden says : Reply

    Beloved Heather–Holding you in the heart and embrace of the Divine Mother! Thank you for saying YES YES YES to your Mission. You are an inspiration to all of us!

  35. Dearest Heather, wishing YOU a Birth-on-this-Earth-Day that fills you with great HAPPINESS because you are taking ACTION TO MAKE ALL TRANSPARENT and you are so very deeply BLESSED FOR YOUR LOVING ACTION.
    From a loving one who honors you from across the pond.
    Katannya Alven XXXX

  36. Brenda says : Reply

    Happy Birthday Heather!! Many Blessings!!

  37. Kelly says : Reply

    Thank you for doing that!!! Happy Birthday HATJ! Infinite love and gratitude!

  38. Stormy says : Reply

    Happy Birthday Heather! Love always All Ways

  39. julio c says : Reply

    love to Heather and Randall ,Victory of the light

  40. Chad says : Reply

    Love you and the family is waiting for your release immediately. What’s taking you so long…

  41. Chad says : Reply

    They can lock up the body but not your soul
    All this time God has been in control…..


  42. Rokenyeran says : Reply

    Yes! we all love you Heather and we do appreciate the work you have well done for the planet. I’m with you.

  43. derek says : Reply

    Happy reincarnation day!! I see it’s everything you’ve always wanted within this now moment!! Happy birthday lady!

  44. TRUTHSEEKER TOO says : Reply


  45. SAMUEL SALCIDO says : Reply

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Heather We Ate All Here For You.

  46. Juju says : Reply

    Happy Birthday! =)

  47. Richard says : Reply

    Happy Birthday Heather!! Make several special wishes. God is with you and loves you very much. Let your divine light shine and darkness will disappear.

  48. Maia says : Reply

    BRAVO…Heather ALL LOVE TO YOU. HAPPY SOLAR RETURN… may ALL of life meet you and guide you with the HIGHEST BENEVOLENT BEING AND DOING~ bleSSiNgs~

  49. Claudia Hendrix says : Reply


  50. sergei vanderwiel says : Reply

    With all this love……THEY SAY ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY,…. WELL HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU …..All You Need Is Love –
    and a little help from your friends I haven’t felt this much love, since,….The hippy days and the beetles, of course

  51. Avau says : Reply

    Happy Birthday Heather! Love, Hugs and kisses and many more to come. Not so sure if you know that Zorra said today during our Sunday Call that Prime Creator has being there with you and She will be continue to be with you until you are released. You’ve gotten the Galactic Beings girl protecting you. Zorra said you and Randy had let the cat out of the bag ref. to the TDA and it exposed to so many people around the world, and all eyes are at Washington DC to see how this episode develops. Zorra said, the only reason why you were arrested in DC because DC is not part of America even though our nation capital is there. DC is an independence estate-city-state of United States Inc., and runs by the “Federal Government of the United States (FEDs)” and own by the Globalist Bankers & the Crown of England under the umbrella of the Vatican. That is why they cannot arrest you any where else, but DC; they had a chance to detain you to scare the masses. There are so many people behind you. I talked, called, posted, text so many news/tv channels about you. I have such an overwhelming respond. Hopefully some of them will show up in DC. Love Love Love is sending your way. Happy Birthday again! And thanks for everything. Much love/light to you. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/zorraofhollowearth/2017/07/30/quick-zorra-updates-today-july-29th

  52. Peter V. says : Reply

    Love to you, Heather for all you are DOing for EVERY ONE.

  53. BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

    If You Feel Moved to Do:
    Send HATJ a postcard or card. Infuse it with Love and mail it to the address below.
    They are not allowing HATJ, to have anything sent to her, or brought in, not even pen and paper!!!
    No worries. Its all good. Send your Love infused postcards and cards to the address below and flood the facility with Love. Heather will feel them arrive, and the facility will have a Mountain of Love energized love cards to deal with (heart)

    Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, 360745
    Correctional Treatment Facility
    1901 E St. SE
    Washington, DC 20003

  54. Happy birthday beautiful Warrior of Love

  55. BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

    # HATJ : Lets show how many FREE Sovereign Beings are on Planet Earth


  56. Julia says : Reply

    You are an inspiration!! Happy Birthday our spirits stand together, we love you! You are a blessed BEing and we BE with you. Thank you, thank you.

  57. BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

    ******** UPDATE ******

    Things are Moving VERY FAST NOW

    I will be making constant updates (much more frequently before, and that was frequent lol.

    This is the post to check


    Hit hard refresh- read what it says were updates are put on page.

    Now is the Time to Make a Joyful Noise and BRING DOWN THE CURTAIN!

    I Love You and I appreciate You

    ******** UPDATE ******

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