Ginger’s Summary Notes The Collective Imagination Show July 2, 2013

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Ginger’s Summary Notes The Collective Imagination Show July 2, 2013


Hosts: Lisa, Bob, Chris, Brian
This show was a great follow up to the interview with Heather aired July 1st/2nd. Here is a transcript of this interview that is about Phase 2 launching – Click here


Heather is 99% done with completing the first document . . .


1st doc, is most important to read first . . . because you need to understand all whys and hows clearly, BEFORE using the second doc/new system . . . of the Original Value system (before it was turned into a debt and slavery system).


2nd doc, is a DECLARATION template . . . is already done, and is brilliant in reflecting the New Value system (parallels Original Value system).


What was highly stressed by D, is for everyone to fully understand, that it’s critical each of us go into our banks by ourselves. Because each of us is the Value in setting up new agreements with our bank . . . and need to take full responsibility for all of it . . . as you will be the one to fully negotiate with your bank in how you want to work with them, on your terms only.


While we can form community groups to help prepare each other for going into our banks, if a group goes into a bank together, the whole point of each our individual Value is completely lost!


We need to fully educate ourselves so we can walk in most confident, as creditors and underwriters . . . Brian has stated he will create some simple role playing videos that will help . . . and especially around diffusing the authority-figure fears many of us still have.


And to remember that currently there are now about 10-15,000 million who have been exposed to what OPPT has done, therefore, the potential momentum to shift everything fast is very high now.


Lisa suggested one could more easily understand our Value by first, equating your time with how much what you want to buy value and true value of your time . . . is a good place to start . . . and that TOP is now taking this to a whole new level.


Caleb is needing more time refining Project XIII and the IUV Exchange apps, before launching.



This is well worth listening to! . . . Hopegirl has created a platform or playground for us all . . . to realize each our dreams from beginning to end . . . that is practical and will be ready to launch in a couple of weeks . . . already she has attracted donations, investors, 37 countries, and soul groups to work together . . . how to manage an entire project from beginning plans, marketing, budget, to doing business and managing your money . . . and she has already seen soul groups come together from different continents (before formally launching!) . . . and how Hopegirl has put this all together is very inspiring! Go to Brian’s blog (in case they try to take down her site and video movie again) –


More and more plans are growing exponentially globally, building soul group communities . . . in quantum fields together . . . so are accelerating quickly . . . but note . . . there are still quantum field disturbances happening you will need to clear out . . . via distractions, technical challenges, anger, confusion, mis-communications.




Here is a new TOP Global Awareness Events face book page –


To tune into “In-Joy” show Wednesday/Thursday with Brian, this week w/Bob Wright and Julien Wells (4-6PST) –


For Courtesy Notices assistance and adding your story to –


Lisa still needs an administrator for face book page, contact her –


LAST BUT HARDLY LEAST! – Bob barely uses his chair anymore, still painful, but still happening . . . . GO BOB!


Over and out, GingerSnap! –



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