Ginger’s Show Notes & Partial Transcript The One People Show August 5, 2013

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Ginger’s Show Notes & Partial Transcript The One People Show August 5, 2013




“Things are heating up and rapidly expanding with changes happening so fast, it’s challenging to keep up with it all!” . . . summarizes this show best . . . as we are all in the middle of major global transitions . . . with some light finally showing at end of the decades long tunnels now . . . in our human collective moving out from under the very few “money changers” at the top (of Vatican) in control . . . since the time of Babylon.

First Bob plays a recorded call (click here for audio) with his bank’s vice-president, as Bob’s 2nd knock on the door, not to be missed! . . . essentially the vice-president did not deny that ALL bank loans are fraudulent . . . and was not interested (because 72 hours had already past since Bob made his 1st knock on their door with $3.5 million of his own value . . . too late to monetize it now) . . . with the main point being, he could not claim anything was done incorrectly . . . but he was not interested because they could not make any money off of it.

Bob will be returning for his 3rd knock on the bank doors . . . as within the corporation and in general . . . their court/bank system is not obligated to turn down the first two knocks or askings of . . . however, it is being observed that upon the 3rd knock, is when something different most likely happens. Here are the docs Bob has submitted to access a small portion of his I- Universal Value.


Lisa: So Bob, do you wanna kick things off. People have been very interested in hearing about your story with your bank and after you’ve done that maybe we can, or maybe before, it depends if you, what you think the order of events should be. Should we talk about the three, knocking three times business?

Brian: When are you gonna talk about your Gold Coast experience? Are you gonna do that at some point before the end of the call here or are you gonna save that for tomorrow?

Lisa: No, I will talk about that a bit later.

Chris: You should.

Bob: We’ll talk about the three knocks after.

Lisa: Okay.

Bob: But I did get a phone call today with the Head Vice President, there’s so many of them, of the bank and he called me and I do have a recording of the conversation which I’m going to play. I did post it briefly but I’ve removed the post because there’s phone number(s) and things that I have to take out before I can put that out there but I will let you listen to the conversation and I’ll mute out the parts that you’re not supposed to hear, but you’ll get the gist of the conversation. Just give me one minute to set this up.

Lisa: Okay.

Below is the full transcript of Bob’s recorded conversation with the bank vice-president, followed by the hosts’ discussion afterward (Bank Vice President=VP):

Bob: And you are obligated to accept deposit?

VP: In the negotiable instrument then, we are obligated to accept deposit, you are a hundred percent correct. So we’re looking for a negotiable instrument that you’re planning to deposit.

Bob: The negotiable instrument is the Certificate of Value which qualifies as a documentary draft.

VP: We’re a the collecting bank that’s involved with this.

Bob: I am the bank and the financing statement is there which shows the, we’re the origin of the (inaudible)

VP: Okay then. So when we go out and as you’re aware with bank type of  deposit that is made, the bank acts as a collecting agent. So we in turn collect that money on behalf of the customer which is you.

Bob: I have created the money in the form of a representation of value which you call a negotiable instrument which is the same process that you take for when I go in there for a loan. When I go in there for a loan you deposit the promissory note as cash as per the guidelines for the Federal Reserve. Now that cash that you put into the account, can you show me the proof, title, origin and ownership of those funds?

VP: With any of the loan proceeds that go into your account, ‘cause the collateral or the value behind the cash deposited into your account is the property on which you’re getting the loan whether it be a house or vacant land, whether it be a motorcycle.

Bob: I understand. This isn’t for debate Tom. There’s been a five year investigation on the whole lending procedure: a Paradigm Report which I have also included with you. I’m not gonna play games with you, okay? All loans are fraudulent, because it is the people who are the creditors in every lending transaction. That’s a proven fact. Now it’s a fact that’s been hidden from the majority of the public, I am not one of those majority. I am aware how the banking system works. I understand that I am always the creditor and that all money is backed on my value. That value has been secured in a financing statement. Now you, as a member of the Federal Reserve Board have been issuing Federal Reserve notes which are bank notes, I.O.U.s, promising to pay the people. You cannot promise to pay the people if you have not taken something first. That value is ours. Now I have given you all the proper documentation. If you do not have a lawful reason for dishonouring my instrument, I expect the deposit to be in there. Then you had 72 hours by law to process that transaction which you are well over.

VP: Alright. Are you there Robert?

Bob: Yes, I am.

VP: I’m listening.

Bob: So my question to you is are you going to break the law right now and dishonour my instrument or are you going to process the transaction?

VP: We’ve made the statement that we are not going to process your instrument.

Bob: Okay. Can you give me a lawful, and I need to know the reason for which you’re dishonouring my instrument.

VP: Your instrument is not negotiable. You’re depositing a non-negotiable instrument. For us to accept your deposit, we would need to go and collect that money or monies from somewhere. You’re saying that it’s backed by the full faith and credit of Robert L. Wright if I understand it correctly and maybe…

Bob: Well, you’ve got a financing statement there, right? And you, being part of the Federal Reserve system are the debtor, okay? The Bank of International Settlements and the Federal Reserve have been foreclosed on, unrebutted, that value was secured. All the value, I mean basically the people own the bank, we have always been the value. The game is over. The whole Federal Reserve, it’s crumbling, it’s done. It’s over. People are aware of how money works; you create money out of thin air and then ask people to pay it back. One consideration: have you ever given anyone in any (inaudible) transaction…

VP: You’re saying, from a stand point that we just give money away.

Bob: Well, you give money that you don’t have.

VP: (Inaudible) is First National Community Bank.

Bob: Every bank.

VP: I can’t speak of other banks.

Bob: Okay. Well, (inaudible) explain to me like a three-year-old how the fractional reserve system works.

VP: How the Federal Reserve operates is their business.

Bob: Okay.

VP: And the whole (inaudible) for which they are in…

Bob: It is our business Tom. It is our business because we are the creditors. Don’t cut the people out of this. Since 1933 the government’s been bankrupt and I know this. Since the gold seizure there’s been no money in circulation and the only people who have money are The People. The government and the banks have nothing. You have nothing to lend and any lending transaction, can you, and I’ve asked you this several times and I put it in writing, can you show me the proof of ownership, rights and title to any funds that you have ever lent in a lending transaction to anyone? Do you have the rights, title and ownership three generations to any money that you put in anyone’s account in a lending transaction?

VP: Well totally, we have this deed or mortgage for transfer.

Bob: Okay. That is not…

VP: We don’t have to write or give out that deed or mortgage to the property until the loan was satisfied.

Bob: So if I took out a personal loan or an unsecured loan, and that is not the origin of the funds, the funds are not coming from the collateral.

VP: In an unsecured loan, you’re correct.

Bob: Okay. So where does that money come from?

VP: It comes from reserve (inaudible) of the bank.

Bob: No it does not, you do not lend out your reserves. Modern Money Mechanics plainly shows that you exchange promissory notes for cash, for credits (inaudible) account.

VP: Robert, we could certainly go back and forth on the banking industry and the pros and cons of it.

Bob: Okay. First off…

VP: (Inaudible) remains…

Bob: Tom, Tom, right now and I’m going to warn you again: you are working as an individual on behalf of a foreclosed entity that has been convicted of Treason, running a Debt Slavery system and a private money system. Should you choose to uphold a Debt Slavery system, private money system, you are implicating yourself in Treason. Now unless you’re ready to rebut those filings, okay, point for point with particularity and specificity, you are operating (sound drops) by 10 percent, okay, which does meet your reserve requirements, giving you that consideration, okay? 10 percent would go to the bank that you can use as you wish. The rest of it goes into the account for me.

VP: Do you currently have an account, are you an account owner at FNCB?

Bob: I am.

VP: Then you’re using the system, the FNCB system currently?

Bob: Yes I am.

VP: Well Robert, you certainly have the ability of opening up an account at another bank and having this negotiated. We are not going to do it. We would appreciate if you would stop the phone calls…

Bob: I would appreciate if you would provide me with a lawful documented reason in writing of why my document is being dishonoured because I’m telling you, and I have explained to you that by doing so you are breaking the law. Now unless you have a lawful reason I’m going to ask you to do your fiduciary duty or process the transaction or give proof of reason not, or be prosecuted.

VP: We are not going to, the proof of reason is that it is non-negotiable. You could certainly have recourse in this situation and you’re more than willing to pursue those options.

Bob: Okay, so are you sending me a letter with a signature explaining?

VP: I am not sending you a letter. If anything, I am telling you right now a certificate of value that you presented affords the bank no opportunity to collect the monies on which you say it’s worth. If you provide that information to me and we can collect that 3.5 million in dollars, we will further look into the matter.

Bob: Okay. 3.5 million dollars, okay, I am giving you of real value, the value is in the document itself. I am the creator of money as I always have been, as every person always has been. That’s what allows you to create funds immediately into a person’s account when they go for a lending transaction because their signature gives them access to their trust fund which you’ve been accessing all along. I understand, right, that the system works, because my value was stolen by the Federal Reserve system in the Birth Registration and the Certificate of Birth, that it’s held as collateral for all my accounting, which you’ve been accessing all along.

VP: To begin with, in First National Community Bank…

Bob: Well probably not you at your level, but several pay levels above you, yes.

VP: Bank Vice President here at the bank.

Bob: I understand, okay, but you also report to Federal Reserve Board.

VP: We do not report to the Federal Reserve Board, we are under the guidelines of the Federal Reserve system.

Bob: Ok, and that Federal Reserve system has access, it has always had access. Explain to me this: if they do not have our value secured, how can they issue people bank notes which are promises to pay?

VP: Robert, you’re gonna have to take this up with the Federal Reserve Bank.

Bob: No, no, you just identified yourself as the Vice President of the bank and if you’re incompetent enough to know how money works, then you’re not a credit to your position. I asked you a very simple question.

VP: You can certainly think that and you’re more than willing to have that…

Bob: How can they issue bank notes if they don’t owe us something, if they haven’t taken something first?

VP: Going forward Robert, are you going to continue to call First National Community Bank saying, inquire regarding this issue?

Bob: No-oo, well I am going to pursue the issue in a Grand Jury if I have to.

VP: There is a (inaudible) recourses that you have available to you. My question is: is this going to continue or are you going to pursue the next level and go to the Attorney General? You don’t have to tell me, the Attorney General what your course is. I need to know if you’re going to continue to call First National Community Bank regarding this issue.

Bob: Are you going to provide me legal reason for dishonouring my instrument in writing?

VP: I am telling you the legal issue is that it is a non-negotiable instrument.

Bob: In writing. Thomas Thomas Thomas, in writing, are you going to dishonour my instrument in writing with a legal reason why?

VP: I am telling you right now and the answer is no.

Bob: No, you’re not, then I will continue to pursue this because you are not operating honourably. You’re not operating transparently and you’re not following the guidelines that are set forth to you. If you want to dishonour my instrument, then do it legally.

VP: Robert, any further action with regards to this should be directed to me.

Bob: Okay. That’s fine.

VP: My number is (muted)

End of recording.

Lisa: Bob, (laughing)

Bob: Okay, I got it.

Brian: Oh Bob.

Bob: Okay. (Bit more recording)

Brian: He’s trying to stop.

Recording resumes.

Bob: You’re not going to send a letter, you’re not going, you’re just going to send my documents back untouched?

VP: Are you saying these are not copies, these are original documents you’ve sent?

Bob: Those are original documents; they’ve got wet ink signatures on them.

VP: Where do you want me to mail these documents Robert?

Bob: Well, I don’t want you to mail them anything, I want you to process them. I’ve made that very clear to you.

(Lisa giggling)

VP: Robert, where would you like them sent to Robert?

Bob: If you’re going to send them to me, they’re going to have to be sent with a letter signed by you explaining the legal reason for dishonouring my document. If not…

VP: Very good Robert.

Bob: Very good. Otherwise if you choose to keep it…

VP: (inaudible) to 10 days.

Bob: Huh? Well actually being that you’ve had the document in your possession, that counts as acceptance of the document. Okay? You have accepted the document, you had 72 hours with which to process that document according to the rules in the UCC – you are already in dishonour.

VP: Then you have recourse to pursue with regards to that.

Bob: Okay, and I do intend to do so.

VP: Okay. Thank you Robert for your time.

Bob: Thank you.

End of recording.


Lisa: Hey Bob, have I told you I love you today?

Brian: Get up.


Chris: That was awesome Bob, actually.

Lisa: Oh my lord.

Chris: Really. Really, you held that space so well. Mind you, he’s a very very well trained functionary within the bank, he wasn’t gonna give anything away, but I do absolutely note that when you told him all loans are fraudulent he didn’t deny it, didn’t even attempt to.

Lisa: Is that when he said ‘Hmm moving forward’?

(Bob laughs)

Chris: I don’t know, I don’t think he said anything at all to it. I think the conversation just moved on but he did not, if you went to a banker and said ‘All your loans are fraudulent’ what do you think they’re gonna say? They’re gonna go bananas. You know, that’s a direct attack on their integrity at every level and he said nothing, didn’t even bring it up, didn’t even say ‘Well how can you say all our loans are fraudulent? We’re following…’ He didn’t even try to defend it in any way shape or form.

Bob: I think at that point he knew he really was, he was painted, he’s in a corner because he was already past the 72 hours and he knew it and he knew that I knew it. He’s already accepted the instrument, so now he’s forced in a position where either he has to pay it or he has to dishonour it. My point was if he’s gonna dishonour it, he’s gonna do it the right way.

Brian: Yes.

Lisa: So the big sticking point was that it was not negotiable, meaning they couldn’t turn around and monetize it in their usual fashion.

Bob: Exactly.

Lisa: They were just gonna have to settle for the 10 percent transaction fee.

Bob: I could get the three and a half million dollars, all I have to do is simply make the document negotiable.

Chris: Yeah.

Bob: But if I make the document negotiable I will not only be underwriting that document, I will be underwriting the hundreds of millions of dollars in sales and resales of that document as well.

Chris: Which is, that’s the smoke and mirrors.

Bob: Exactly.

Chris: And every time he said, you notice the number of times he said ‘If your documents don’t afford the bank the opportunity to collect the money from elsewhere’ being we can’t sell it. That’s what that statement means.

Bob: Yeah, there is…

Brian: So Bob, if they made that, if you made the document a negotiable instrument, they turned around and they resold it and did their fractional reserve thing they do, does that mean, does that change it to where you would be obligated to pay it back like a loan?

Bob: No, I wouldn’t be obligated to pay it back as a loan, but what they would do is they would bundle that into some sort of retail package that they would sell off. They would keep the document and bundle it with a bunch of mortgages or other debt that they would sell.

Lisa: Still contributing to the fraud, except Bob would have a piece of the pie.

Brian: I’m just curious to see if they would actually, I mean three and a half million dollars, I’m just curious to see if they would, that would still be ground breaking if you created your own documentation to go get three and a half million dollars out from a bank that you don’t have to pay back, just for experimenting purposes I’m thinking. Shoot, it might be worth a try, just go in there and do that considering, it’d be funny because he, there’s a reason why he didn’t want to give you a written response because he knows that you know that he knows, that sounds confusing I know, but that if you could, if he puts that in writing, you’re gonna tear that thing apart.

Lisa: Oh he’s screwed.

Chris: Yeah, it’s also a second aspect to this, and don’t forget these people are very nefarious and sneaky, he did not ever mention anywhere in the conversation that there was any kind of technical error with your documentation. He never said ‘This is fraud’, he never said ‘You’re trying to get money by deception, none of that stuff, okay?’ And I suspect the same applies to what Kiri did in theory, except that the police then turned around and started laying charges on Kiri. Now if he writes back to Bob and says ‘We decline this instrument, we won’t put it through because it’s not negotiable’ they’re not accusing him of fraud, how could they then play games with Bob’s (over talking)

Bob: Well the problem with Kiri was that she used…

Brian: That cheque.

Bob: She used a cheque of a closed account and that’s their document, it’s not hers and they did not authorize her to use the document in that fashion.

Lisa: One of the things that we’ve been saying is that it has to be original, which is what yours was.

Chris: Yeah. My point is that he never once mentioned that this was in any way, what you were doing was in any way wrong, it’s just that they couldn’t collect on it. That was my point, that what you’ve done is actually what needs to be done. They’re declining to process it in this fashion because they can’t unjustly enrich themselves from it.

Bob: Right.

Chris: Yes, and they don’t want to set a precedent, because it’s the slippery slope they don’t want to be on.

Bob: But it does, one of the things that I found, that I took away from the whole experience is how much the conversation between banker and customer has changed because I was clearly in the position of power. He didn’t argue the foreclosure. He didn’t argue the fact that they were committing treason. He didn’t argue, he didn’t argue anything. As a matter of fact, the few times he did answer the question, he agreed. You’re absolutely right.

Chris: And when he ran out of questions, when he ran out of, completely ran out of anything and when you’re actually putting the Federal Reserve’s activities right in front of him, he says ‘Well we could go back and forth about banking forever’ blah blah blah. He didn’t engage at all, couldn’t.

Brian: I legitimately, based on the tone of that guy’s voice, I seriously think that there’s not a whole lot more about the intricacies of how banking really operates that he didn’t share there. I imagine that there’s probably a little bit more that he understands as pertaining to fractional reserve lending as a vice president of a bank that has multiple branches, I don’t think he could get that job without having that information. Shoot, maybe you can, who knows, maybe he was the bank janitor that they just promoted to V.P. To me it sounds like there’s seriously a number of concepts there where you literally stumped him. You pinned him for sharing everything that he knew and there wasn’t any more that he had so he basically diverted course to ‘Ok, well you have your options now what you can do with this information’. That’s a diversionary tactic and it announced itself. ‘Ok, well I guess take this information and do what you want with it, I’ll see you in court.’ And that’s unfortunately what so many bankers can do because they know that it’s gonna be a lot of time and resources on your part based on what you submitted in order to try to bring that to the Attorney General’s office or what have you.

Lisa: And also to the people listening, if you wanna hear another conversation along these lines with a banker, Bob and Brian have both put a post up on their blogs with a banker that was taken in a pub and he’s sitting in there somewhat anonymously but it was a great conversation and he admits in that conversation that it is actually against the law for them not to accept…

And here is the interview with an insider banker speaking out privately in a pub.

Then there is a wonderful discussion around what is going on now with things that have never happened before . . .  as HSBC is having a tough time staying out the news now . . . and apparently many embassies are closing globally.


What HSBC owns . . . and how every bank affilitated with HSBC must use a swift code in order to belong. (note: I personally lost $10K when about $133K transferred from Westpac to Bank of Hawai’i . . . via their swift codes a few years ago . . . resulted in about $10K unaccounted for, in other words, VANISHED! . . . after all bank fees and rate of exchange was accounted for . . . so where does one begin to claim back this kind of direct blatant stealing??? . . . and Deryl in Canada has been watching them do this for years . . . outrageous!) . . . “but if HSBC decides to pull the plug on a whole bunch of banking, and no one else will take it up, there will be a large part of the system that will just go “POOF” into thin air” – (from chat room thanks).

Great big-picture discussions around the Vatican chopping off support by Sept 1st “Vatican Declared a Criminal Body” . . . the United States actually being a religious non-profit corporation and who owns it (Queen of England owns Washington, District of Columbia for example) . . . the Commonwealth of Australia corporate docs are scattered across the US . . . as a massive inter connected complex (hard to trace) web of money laundering and energy sucking system


– Here are some clues “Somethin’ Funny Goin’ On”.

– And here is an awesome easy to see big picture chart “Worth Millions”.

– “ITCCS Update: Catholic Church declared Transnational Criminal . . .”


It’s important to understand that as we begin to see bigger events reported, that those few at the top will begin to sacrifice more and more of it’s own, spinning the news, creating desperate fear-based distractions . . . (like someone in critical-condition . . . in order to not die, say from severe hypothermia . . . now having to start cutting off each of their limbs one at a time . . . no more looking after their own ruthless acts of survival now)


And in general conclusion, there is an energy the hosts have never seen before . . .

as Source itself is IN-forcing this shift”. . . more obviously now.




– Lisa was blown away by the One People Gold Coast meetup (about 1hr 13mins into show) . . . a must hear all about! . . . and here is a link to all their awesome doings to date – “The One People Now, Where To Now In These Transitional Times?” . . . that can also be used as another resource site.


The Opal Global Villages Event in Australia mid-August inaugural info . . . vision of a One People’s demonstration center focus on sustainable, visionary enlightened living . . . more info here.


– Hopegirl would like to make it down to Australia for this Opal event and to work with everyone, and so would deeply appreciate donations towards assisting her traveling there.


– Randy is holding a major one people event Labor Day weekend in Asheboro, N Carolina . . . to find out more, contact Linda –


– Kiri in New Zealand is out of jail recovering (from some very nasty stories) and now with family . . . will follow up court case in October . . . it’s become very convoluted and complicated . . . she is still resting . . . more updates soon.


–    Mel Ve interview with Heather & D – August 1st . . . regarding Mr Sino is not in “density”  . . . is/was a Javanese elder that controls the collateral accounts . . . the whole story has yet to be told . . . still a lot of smoke and mirrors . . . NOTE to SWISS INDO delegation . . . you can only represent yourselves, not the one people (all of us on planet) . . . Lisa expects Heather’s docs this week and more info in regards to Sept 1st . . . because the events Heather was waiting for to happen has now . . . (listen about 1hr 43mins into show)


Below is full transcript of updates from Heather relayed by Lisa:


Lisa: Now the chat room is wondering about whether there is any updates form Heather. The answer to that is…ah…kinda? (laughs) Typical Heather-speak. I was involved in a conversation with Heather and D a couple of nights ago.

Bob: You say that like it was an accident…I was involved in an accident. I was involved in a conversation with Heather.

(general laughter)

Brian: They don’t have them.

Lisa: (laughing) I didn’t make it sound (inaudible). Yes, there is documentation coming out. Well, I expect it this week. There will be more information in that in regards to the September 1st date, which is interesting. I’m really, really pleased to hear that the gathering that is happening at Randy’s place is also happening that weekend is also September 1st. It’s significant guys. That’s kind of all I can say at this point, because I really don’t have much more than that other than that Heather has been working on a range of documents. They will be starting to come out this week, is what I understand. Did you guys get any more out of that conversation that you think you can share?

Bob: Hmmm. I was wondering how you were going to share anything.

(general laughter)

Bob: Heather was especially cryptic in that conversation.

(general laughter)

Lisa: (laughing) She was in fine esoteric form.

Brian: Yeah, I was going to say the exact same thing. I think you put it perfectly. What made me the most excited was hearing Heather talk about: A. the significance of the September 1st date and B. the fact that she’s banging away on documents. I hate that … everybody … there’s a phobia around dates now, because we’ve gone around this so many times now. All information is leading us to believe that within the next week or so, give or take, that the events that Heather has been waiting for to transpire … because it’s not a timing thing … she said it’s an event-driven thing. She needs certain events to take place in order to set the stage for the documents to be released. It sounds like most of those have happened and the last couple are going to take place in the next week or so. But everything is subject to change, but based on the tone of conversation, it sounded like it’s very promising. That’s my take.

Lisa: For those who are asking in the chat room, what’s the significance of the 1st of September?  There have been a few events. We’ve got the Pope’s “Motu Proprio”, basically it’s coming into effect on September 1st, which removes the protection from prosecution for anybody under Roman Curia law, which the whole corporate structure is. So it leaves the politicians and the bankers and judges and anybody else open to prosecution.

Brian: So you have Bernanke who’s submitted his resignation for September 1st. You have Department of …

Bob: Homeland Security Department, Janet Napolitano.

Brian: Yeah, Napolitano for September 1st. Now you have all this other HSBC stuff coming out.

Lisa: You have that Federal Reserve Board member, she’s resigned September 1st.

Brian: Yep and people are asking what events needed to take place? I’d say that a lot of what we’re talking about now are those events and there’s probably others as well. You have to remember, everybody, the background that Heather has is in the top tier level of bank, trade, and finance. Rubbing shoulders with all of the … when Bob made that comment to Thomas (bank VP) and he said, “couple of pay grades above you”? Well, Heather’s rubbed shoulders with the pay grades all the way up the top. So she’s got her feelers out, her little contacts in all these arenas that she was able to keep when she left bank, trade, and finance that are feeding her all sorts of information, of I’m sure a ridiculous amount of events that are taking place that are outside of mainstream media, much of which she doesn’t even share with us. It’s just for her own personal, her data of sequence of events that she chooses to do things.

But I think as far as visibility is concerned, we’re seeing a lot of those events take place right now. So, who knows exactly which ones needed to transpire before the documents are ready. As I said before, I trust Heather knows what she is doing as far as the sequencing of events are concerned, ‘cuz look at everything she’s done in perfect sequence already with all the filings.

Lisa: Also in regards to September 1st, there’s a lot of talk in RV land and new financial system land that they’re going to introduce the new financial system on September 1st.

Chris: Is D still working on the second part of that excellent article she was putting out?

Lisa: She’s constantly working on something.

Bob: Also, another September 1st date is, according to the Basel III and the gold standard, all banks are supposed to be in compliance by September 1st.

Lisa: And also, the banker that you spoke to, the vice president, the last female, let slip in that conversation that September 1st will be here before we know it.

Brian: Yep, that’s a good one too.

Chris: Yep, that was probably what she was referring to, because she’s kind of mainstream banking, senior management. That would be something that she would be aware of.

Brian: And anybody who didn’t listen to that call, that was one of the other vice presidents of Bob’s bank when he first went into the bank to submit his documentation. She made a comment, “Well, September 1st will be here before…”. Kind of slip it in it sounded like.


– Chris is expanding in creating more shows to assist mainstream folks . . . as what is really going on begins to break more and more into mainstream news with great velocity, he sees an info need (for newbies). So, from now on, he will only pop into this show and The Collective Imagination show occasionally. His new show will called One People’s Oneness . . . more that soon and on site.


– We will be needing more and more folks to step up and speak their truth,

             in helping mainstream folks understand very soon.


– Intentional Communities here – Fellowship for Intentional Community


– Important parts of this show will be transcribed, so keep checking Removing The Shackles site for it to be posted.


Tomorrow’s The Collective Imagination show . . . will be it’s 1st year anniversary! . . . a Big Congrats!


– In today’s show, Brian was referring to this documentary based on true story – “Fruitvale Station” . . . not easy to watch, but this sort of hideous corporate police & court system scenario has to stop!


Some comic relief here.


Thank you to all those in show chat rooms dropping in all those extra show-related links!



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