Geri Jones: “I Have Found My Words to Reach People’s Souls”

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Geri-hGeri Jones: “I Have Found My Words to Reach People’s Souls”
Produced by Jane Arnot Kavanagh, Creative Arts segment, August 2, 2013

Geri’s journey…
Geri was born in Bath, England in 1961. Bath is a spa city and is a city because it has an Abbey, not because it is a large size. Bath was inhabited by both the Romans and the Georgians, and evidence of both is easy to see, especially the Georgian influence as there are many many beautiful Georgian style buildings which are preserved and respected. It is in a beautiful area with country all around.

At age 7, friends who lived over the road, told Geri and her sister that they had been for horse riding lessons. Geri and her sister wanted to go too. After some persuasion, their Mum and Dad agreed. That was the beginning of her career with horses. She never stopped. Geri immediately took to riding, and to this day, she can only remember the first lesson or two, and after that, she says  “I only remember galloping all over the place on ponies, sometimes completely out of control, but never with any fear of anything going wrong. It was just fun, right from the start.” Geri says she would ride all day long if she could.

Only wanting to get a job with horses, Geri left school at age 16; doing a 2 year course at a local Technical College where she earned a few qualifications in both the horse world and in general education. At 18 she took her first job working with horses and has never stopped. Geri spent many years training in Ireland gaining experience in all areas, from training young horses to running horse shows, after 18 years she left that world and moved to the USA in 2000, where she took a job caring for show jumping horses.

Having suffered some ’emotional abuse’ during those long years in Ireland, where Geri did nothing but work, eat, sleep, she realized she needed to find herself again. “Here in the US, I found myself meeting more and more helpful people who guided me to where I needed to go to find the help I really needed. I started my journey to find and heal myself in 2004. I lacked confidence and had zero self worth – apart from when I was working with horses because I knew that I was very proficient in that field.”

After being in the US for four years, Geri found a job where she got respect and appreciation – still with horses, and soon after moved to the job she has now. Geri shares how she has found herself and is immensely enjoying the journey.

“I manage a horse farm for a wonderful family, and I love living and working here, because work is not really like work. I love riding horses and this job is wonderful because of that, and because I get to work on my own agenda. I also am appreciated and loved here and I dearly love the horses I care for.

I love to be in “Free Forward Motion”!! I continue on my journey, and I have learned so much along the way, most notably, the power of forgiveness. I now have a vision for what I am working on creating, which is very exciting. Ultimately, I want to help others find their true selves, and get into Free Forward Motion. ”

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The blossoming of Pomes By Jones In Geri’s own words:

“As a child and teenager, I was not at all good at writing and English, or so it was said by my teachers. I did love to write, but my handwriting was very messy, so I was always discouraged, especially when my teachers criticized me so strongly. Later, in my late teens and early 20’s, friends often commented that they loved to read my letters as they always flowed and my writing would come over as if I were talking to them.

It wasn’t until I was in my early 40’s that my talent emerged. I realized that it was very easy for me to put things into rhyming verse.

After a while friends asked me to write poems for their weddings and birthdays and I successfully created and recited poems for their special events as well as creating poems for them to read to their friends at weddings and birthdays. It was time then to share this with anyone else out there who might like to enjoy this fun way to put over ones feelings.

POMES were created, and PomesbyJones was born.

Later, during a period when I was experiencing my awakening, I started to be inspired to write some deeper messages. Still, I am amazed at the meaningful messages that just flow out of me when I decide on a title, give some intention and put pencil to notebook. I always write by hand with pencil. It feels the most natural way for me. These ‘Pomes’ as I call them, have been put together in to my first published book, “Inspirational Pomes By Jones” which was published in early 2012 by Balboa Press, which is a division of HayHouse, the child of the well known pioneer of the self healing world, Louise L Hay.

Now, since I awoke to my true self and being, I write from my Higher Self. I am inspired by happenings and feelings around me and I put out intention to address the subject, and it just flows forth. I have gone back to using pencil and notebook to write, and my handwriting has now improved!! I have found my words to reach people’s souls and I understand that my message is important. It is fun and easy to create this work, so I continue to do it with a loving and open heart.”

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  1. Geri says : Reply

    Thank you very much for getting this up Jane, I am honoured to be amongst this group of creatives beings.

    Peace n love to all.

  2. Thank you Geri for sharing these lovely words that mean life to everyone. Not everyone can write poems – so you have been given a special gift in this. You have been given wisdom, too. We are here to learn how to LOVE and you are certainly one of the most loving people that I know! I thank Jane, too, for getting Geri’s loving words in print and for my article as well! Love to you both, Kristy.

  3. Thank you for sharing this with me. I loved learning more about you. I’m so glad you walk this earth. You are a gift to us all.

  4. pamela says : Reply

    I love your pomes Geri!!! <3

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