Generations of conscious Hue-beings assemble for the final phase

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Gaia Portal

published on November 14, 2017





Generations of conscious Hue-beings assemble for the final phase.

Illuminative elements prepare the foundation.

Stealth workers soon to be visible.

Descriptives concur with the final phase.










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  1. Jay J says : Reply

    So, driving home from work, I witnessed two people were racing their vehicles on the freeway, each car went around me – the (obvious) friends continued their shenanigans into the night. I paid it almost no mind and just kept my eyes on the road and the lights along the highway that rhythmically passed by me – until one of the “freeway lights” on the road up ahead of me darted off in the opposite direction and disappeared into the clouds. Then I realized that it wasn’t a freeway light.

    My family (at least some of them) will likely think I am crazy when I tell them this story. Some of you all may think this as well. I’m good with that.

    • Jay J says : Reply

      replying to my own post (good morning; sorry for the typos in my first post). Well, I just told my brother – he didn’t believe me. Posting here since some of you here may be the only folks I talk with (besides a few at work) that could shed some light on this. I even explained to my brother that it could have been a UFO or an ARV. No, it was not a reflection from a light on a vehicle in front of me. The only vehicle in front of me was a truck, and its taillights were red.

      • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

        Jay J, you have shift up your frequency, so that you could “see” what has always been in plain sight, but not in the same vibrational bandwidth as the predominant energy vibration you were holding.

        I know you now, have a direct experience of knowing, in what I just described.

        For others,feel into the analogy of tuning into a radio station that has been out of your range on your receiver (radio- car sterio…)and your sound system specialist amplified up your bandwidth and receiver capabilities. (in this experience Jay J is the sound system specialist for himself) and now you can get/see/ecperience that new station that offers much more content than the stations you had always been able to get.

        nice job Jay J. : -)

  2. Anasazi says : Reply

    I never did understand any of these posts from so called, “Gaia Portal.” Never made any sense. I guess some people see something out of it that I don’t. I’ve even read over the years some of the more encrypted, esoteric meaning of a possible future that never happened on a worldwide planetary scale. Maybe in someone’s imagination. I think what’s more important is what we intend and send out to the universe at large rather than some mysterious, unintelligible wording. Much like Cobra’s encrypted garbage.

    It really is important during these tumultuous times to remain centered and to communicate with those around us in a clear, concise, transparent and meaningful language. Otherwise what good is it? So who writes this stuff from Erie Portal? I always trace it back to source because people have a way of muddling things up and then try to look important with something they understand but other people may not. Example: “oh, you just haven’t raised your frequency enough to see the big picture.” aka, new age garbage.

  3. Chianka says : Reply

    Yes..i usually see things like this after 2am. So sureal..i mean so

    • Jay J says : Reply

      I can dig it! To give an update, two of my coworkers witnessed the same thing I had seen the other morning. There is a video floating around on Youtube and some other sites as well about a flash of light in Phoneix recently (either the same time I had witnessed that I had seen or the following night). When you see the orb of light take off – this is EXACTLY what I had seen the other morning. The only difference is that I’m in the midwest and the light darted off towards the left and not the right. My mom says it could have been an angel. I said “could be”. Who knows, You know? There is no media coverage of what I had witnessed here in my state. My two coworkers didn’t seem to affected by it. Me, I have been changed a bit. Made me see a bit of how small we are in the bigger picture of things in this Universe. Even if it was an ARV (Alien Replica Vehicle) that to me signals that our government has energy technology that could supply all of us with free power and they are still forcing us to pay for gasoline and coal (trust me, what I witnessed in the sky didn’t run on gas).

      In another update, my brother who I didn’t think believed me just sent me a text and told me he is finally watching “Unacknowledged”. If you have not seen it, please give it a go. I recommended it to my sister, who couldn’t finish it. She told me something along the lines of “Jay J, I can’t watch this, it’s too real. I don’t need to know all this.”

      To each their own.

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