Freedom Story: Warren Crawford

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A Freedom Story from Warren Crawford from New Smyrna Beach, Florida
A lady who claimed she was from the (alleged)IRS wanted me to send documentation
about my (alleged)2010 tax returns and I sent Layne Carver, Operations Manager a
courtesy notice and terms and conditions.

CN1a.march.4.2013 CN1b.march.4.2013

Letter sent June 14, 2013, I sent this second courtesy notice
to Layne Carver from the alleged Department of the Treasury

CN2nd.a.june.14.2013 CN2nd.b.june.14.2013

The date on the letter was June 26, 2013, I received it 7.2.2013 Here are photos of the letter I just received from the IRS after sending a courtesy
notice and then an invoice with a follow up courtesy notice. I referenced to the IRS the law that proved I owed no Federal Income Tax, since I do not work for the federal government.

I showed the exact code IRS TAX Code: 26 uSC 6331-(a) that states the tax applies only to employees of the federal government, (hence the name federal income tax).



She stated my arguments were frivolous but she sends a generic flyer that does not address any of the arguments that she said are frivolous. There are no articles of law on this flyer that apply to me the human being. There are no article of law references that apply to me the human being.

I stand as a human being, not a legal person, and there is no article of law that can be used to force me into being a legal person, which means in legalese, fictitious legal or corporation.

None of this applies anyway because the IRS corporate charter has been foreclosed upon. This is a documented fact and not frivolous.

I would be happy to comply with you as soon as you can show me your authority to even be able to demand to produce it. Where is your authority? What law are you operating under? Arbitrary law requires consent, and you can be brought to civil court for Excessive jurisdiction. Flyers Layne sent to me. You can read the propaganda for yourself.
irsletter1g-7.2.2013 irsletter1f-7.2.2013

irsletter1ha-7.2.2013 irsletter1h-7.2.2013

This is the third response I sent:

I know you think you have the administrative power to approach me and make a demand. Your statute or regulation only applies to a person. I am Not a person, but a man.

If you are trying to make a demand on me, then you are arbitrarily interfering with me. There is no article of law that gives you the right to come and interfere with me as a human being. I stand in my position as a human being, as a man. There is no article of law that you can use to force me to take recognition into that legal person.

The universal declaration of human rights article 6 states everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law. I have the right to choose to enter into recognition as a legal person. I also have another fundamental right to refuse to take recognition as a legal person.

I am a human being and I’m standing as a human being.

And what you are doing is arbitrarily interfering with me, by making demands upon me.

By what rights do you have?

Your rights, your laws, your enactments, your statutes, your codes; they apply to a legal person, a character that has been assigned to me, the human being, which I possess and can use when I choose. And I’m not choosing right now. And what power do you have to force me to choose?

Habeas Corpus is the medium to challenge any jurisdiction as a human being.

Everyone has the right on arrest or detention to have validity of the detention determined by way of Habeas Corpus and to be released if it’s determined that the detention or arrest is not lawful. I have the right to challenge.

My claim is that:
Your enactment does not have any application upon a man and there is an excess of jurisdiction going on right here and it should be rendered null or no affect upon me.

Remember! A judge’s Order is only enforceable if you accept it. The name of the game is “Offer and Acceptance”: Do you accept what someone is Offering?

A pretended law made in excess of power is not and never has been a law at all. Anybody in the country is entitled to disregard it… Chief Justice Latham

It is my duty to challenge your jurisdiction over me, because you do not have my consent to do so, and you have the burden of proof under penalty of perjury to prove otherwise.

Are you making a legal claim that I am a legal person
please produce your proof of claim, that I was working for the federal government and collecting federal income. Where is your proof that I am a public servant, so I should have a paycheck. So please produce your paycheck records for a record of pay that I was a public servant.

I have a lawful excuse,
Your powers to exercise, to govern me, is Defacto. It comes through my agreement and consent to this. I do not consent. There fore I established lawful excuse for exemption. I am not a person, I am a man with my rights and freedoms. I will continue to stand. To stand against tyranny and to promote and protect Human rights and freedoms here in the United States. Here is my answer to the IRS!!! “I do not accept this offer to contract and I do not consent to these proceedings”.


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  1. Max Taylor says : Reply


    If you look under the Public Notices site you will find that you are not the only one dealing with Layne Carver. I too have sent a Courtesy Notice to this individual (not sure really if man or women by the name alone). Your invoice for 3,000 ounces of silver far and away exceeds any amount they may claim against you.

    For what it’s worth the threatening of a $5,000.00 frivolous penalty does not apply because it only applies to anyone who has “a Duty” under corporate law and never to individuals.

    If I also hear from this person again they will be getting another Invoice right along with yours. My cover letter laid things out for them just as your did. Your was quite nice too. Maybe they will be more careful about putting their signature on things. UCC 1-103 (Principle Agent) fully applies here so they have been forewarned that even computer generated documentation will trigger and Invoice. Pretty soon maybe they will begin to see the wisdom of the error of their ways. After all the whole objective here is for them to wake up and smell the roses. We can only hope that is sooner and not later.

  2. noel says : Reply

    To Warren Crawford & Max Taylor, Thanks guy’s for sharing your story it will hopefully inspire others, please keep us informed of any continuation. Good luck to the both of you & Cheers.

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